Why does this game get so much hate here?

Why does this game get so much hate here?

It doesn't, it has a constant general. It just stays in it's fucking general unlike 40k. It's niche, nothing more.

But if you want meme answers

Praise be to the Emperor.

I thought it was the cringey "You gotta play like you gotta pair" page from the rulebook.

I think it does summarize what they are going for well (Tough competitive play over forging the narrative or whatever), but I can't help but realize how much shit that page would start if they still used it. Also I find it ironic that they are so hung up on metal figures in their description, even though they have used some of the crapiest restic models conceived at this point.

Horrible model quality for pretty much double GW prices, 75% of the model range is unplayable trash, sperglords and unpainted armies galore.

Then there's the company that made a lot of terrible decisions over the past year pretty much destroying everything they built over time. It's a mess and they're making the same bad moves GW made like 7 years ago.

Not hating on it, just that miniature game with the WoW looking robots I generally ignore.

Hyper-competitive games ruin everything. What's the fun in a game where the majority of all models aren't even worth looking at?

God I am so glad they got rid of that

The majority of models not being worth using thing isn't true though. The majority of models can be used, but are optimal in certain set ups. It's almost as if it is like every game ever where some models are better choices for the situation than others.

Then, as an example, please provide me with a time someone would ever pick Hammerfall Gun Corps.

They keep consistently making units so bad that nobody even wants to consider them and waste money making the models that people won't even buy. And people just keep eating it up cause muh competitiveness. There is no room for creativity in that game just netlist or bust.

You can run them with Ossrum as a diversion from gun bunnies. Theme lists are certainly being encouraged. Regardless not being able to spam one unit hardly means 50%+ of the game is not worth looking at. Even if that was true it is leaps and bounds ahead of 40K.

there are several things wrong with the game.

> 1. models are made for specific warcasters within there faction

rather than making models the can work for different scenerio or types of game, models are made to specifically work with certain casters/locks. meaning they emphasis building toward a list archetype much like card game deck builds. this means taking model outside of their "optimal" list makes them waay worse then taking another unit that is designed for the caster/lock you want to play.

> 2.1 Model range

Because the models are made for specific caster/locks this has made the model range for each of the normal factions extremely bloated. each warmachine caster has 19 to 21 fucking leaders.18-25 fucking warjacks and each caster has jacks that are designed to work specifically better with certain casters... it's a fucking mess. at one point it was overall cheaper to play warmachine than 40k and that is no longer the case. Also, they recent models have gone full league of legends cartoonish compared to the Dota 2/proportioned models of other companies. they make models too big for their base size meaning all the models have insane overhang. this make storing model a pain and they just don't look good

> 2.2 Models rules

too many fucking rules to remember for all the models within your factions range... let alone trying to understand what you opponent's models do. the overall rules have been simplied but with so many caster/locks and jacks/beasts with so many rules it becomes not worth playing.


I'll keep this short.

> 3. game is to list dependent
again, because they gear models toward list archetypes, a lot of game become rock paper scissor before a dice is even thrown. honest, like 60-70% of game are likely decided from lists alone.

> 4. Community
There is almost no flexibility within the community. the majority of players for the game are WAAC. Even PP knows this, to the point that they removed tradition discussion for each faction in their forums because of the negativity generated when people wanted to talk about "sub-optimal" units.


>too many fucking rules to remember for all the models within your factions range
That's why you use the cards?
I don't understand this complaint.

Which also brings up another point I missed. The amount of accessories needed to "optimally" play the game is disgusting.

> Cards
> Card sleeves
> Several 3, 4 , 5 inch round templates
> Tokens that can compete with the base Arkham horror game
Oh and let's not forget
> Line of sight lasers.
> Pictures of terrain instead of terrain

I've played the game for all three editions in ~9 years and as the game gotten older it become a mess from top to bottom. The very few things that are good are also turning sour. The fluff and organized play is pretty good. Too bad the game is dying

>Pictures of terrain instead of terrain
I know that this is a smaller point, but that along with the aformentioned price is what has stopped me from getting into it. It just looks so lackluster, using felt cutouts rather than actual terrain like every other game. Even the X-Wing dudes have the decency to put up 3D asteroids.

I am personally not surprised that the game is dying. Charging that much for models that look like, and sometimes are, from 2002 is not encouraging.

Let me sum up my adventure into warmahordes in my local area and my experience with the game in general.

>Look up warmahordes
>Cool models seemingly cool universe
>Wanna know more about the lore
>Buy hordes and warmachine rulebooks because I'm a fucking idiot that impulse buys
>Really fall in love with Circle Oroboros
>Buy 2 player battlebox to play with buddy
>We really like how killy the game is
>Seek out local Warmahordes group
>Introduce myself and immediately introduced to competitive local "meta"
>Typical group. Macho Faggot with his hanger ons, new guy before me, regular dudes, quiet guys
>Can't make Warmahorde Wednesdays due to work
>Slowly grow apart from group
>Say the game isn't really for me due to how competitive the local scene is
>Get asked what game if anything I'd leave for
>Leaving for nice local frostgrave group
>Immediately get a "My condolences that game fucking sucks" from the macho faggot

And so... fuck this game.

It's not just the stats and common special ruled. It's how the rules snowball together from a bunch of interactions from the leader on down.

Then you have to keep in mind the comboes of you opponent so you don't find yourself falling right into their trap.

Mkiii was a disaster and there were many screechings from the autists that left the game.

Also the fanbase that remained are either fucking battered housewives who can't leave or sycophantic dicksuckers.

MKIII is great in that it drove off Warmahordes players, and got them to try better games. Warmahordes gets about 5 guys on a weekly basis at the nearest store now, while Malifaux brings in over a dozen, and Flames even more.

my experience was somewhat similar i suppose. i think the main thing that sucks about Warmahordes is that you have to play it with other Warmahordes players

>see Warmachine stuff at my LGS
>looks interesting, look into it online
>end up picking up some Mercenaries stuff because the Talion Charter looks badass
>main draw to the game is that it's mainly a skirmish game with somewhat low model count
>paint up some minis, have a pretty fun time with it
>go to play at my LGS
>super competitive tryhards all over the place
>minmaxed as fuck lists
>most of them only want to play high point games with tons of models
>get bored with it after about a month and never look back

Still got all my models since I like the look of them but I got burned out on playing it way too fast. Part of me still wants to pick up some Farrow models because I liked the look of the pig men but i know I'd never get around to actually using them

I really do like some of the models. It is a case where I grab some to paint for fun occasionally.

40K is to Warmahordes as Magic is to yugioh.

at least when it comes to fanbases

Do Warmahordes players steal others' models?

Not really. I think it is more that the hygiene standards are down a bit.

highly disagree. The 40k guys at my LGS are much more hygienic. The Warmahorde guys are much more insufferable though. Most all of the 40k guys are older and pretty chill. All the Warmahordes players are younger, loud as fuck and super bitchy/sore losers

Yea, you should have seen the LVO.

Thank god the 40k players had their own convention hall, the fucking smell was the worst.

I enjoyed them when I played during Mk2, don't know anything about Mk3.

I lost interest though, because my interest in most fantasy is narrative and setting. I really love Immoren and the factions/characters, with there being quite a bit of detail added in the Iron Kingdoms RPG, but of try roughly dozen Warmahordes players I've me, not a single one gave two shits about the lore.

Which is fine of course, but when it comes to, say, Warhammer, discussing lore is practically half the fun for me. Without that aspect I lose interest.

Because this board might aswell get renamed to /40k/ already.

Age of Sigmar is better.

The game has some of the best rulesets. It requires you to use your brain instead of just throwing buckets of dice like in 40k.
Using brain hurts. blaargh! Me want my Space marines because they super stronk. 40k is best game !!!!! blaargh!!

- Rules are clear and every time there is something weird it gets clarified.
- Updates on regular schedule to buff or nerf existing models instead of waiting for years until a new codex arrives
- Can be played with low model count again, since mk3 encourages you to use more Jacks and Beasts instead of infantry creep.

- GW models often looks better
- Prices for models/units have reached and probably surpassed GW level

If your looking for a beer&pretzels game, warmachine won't fit for you. 40k gamers often see their game as a tournament one. It is cleary not designed for that. They envy Warmachine for it's design for competitive play. But since Warmachine/Hordes requires thinking, and 40k players don't want to think, they babble bad about a game they don't understand.

I don't hate it per say, but the only guy I ever knew who played it was an unholy autismo who bragged about his uber-optimized list. He kept trying to get me to buy in so he could stomp me too, it was like being friends with a Cutco salesman/hit man.

Wow, I bet failhammer players feel bad after this.

Honestly, theme lists were the real worst thing to happen to this game. Spam. Spam everywhere in Mk. 3.

>- Prices for models/units have reached and probably surpassed GW level

not quite. while a unit can cost between 45-60 usd you get all the options now in the box. no having to pay 50 usd for a 5 man unit because you want a weapon 1 man in that unit has.

Why was MKIII a disaster?

It's a pretty boring game, without a lot of player choice once the game starts. Can get very blobby ala AoS.

Models are bland, fluff is terrible.

Its one claim to fame is its a better game than GW, which is like saying it is a better game than getting kicked in the nuts.

It is dead in my area now, everyone plays Infinity, Armada or Guild Ball.

Completely incompetent playtesters, as well as not fixing the things that make the game suck, like caster kills and scenarios.

Compairing it against 40k is like comparing the a steak dinner against a piles of shit.

Warmachines negatives are shit models, fluff, and min/max players. Also insane overpriced stuff for shit tier level design. It isn't even the steampunk aspect, the models are just mantic level design quality for GW prices.

It positives are good rules set that has some solid balance (still disrupted by WAACs). It is a great competitive game. Anyone that wants to buy in should know this going forward.

I am surprised they don't just go to cheap pre-painted plastic because no one buys their shit for the models.

Change for the sake of change

Bad playtesting and awful balance

Terrible build up to it.

Lies, lies, and more lies

They fell short of everything they had promised and we had hoped for.


The fluff is good though. I don't see why people say otherwise.

>It is a great competitive game.
There are many better competitive game though. I don't see anything that makes WM special.

If I am an autistic retard who hates money I'll go the GW route.

If I want an interesting, engaging game to enjoy with friends I'll play Infinity, Malifaux or Guild Ball.

Have you read it?? The battle fluff is laughable, and nothing really happens because the authors want to protect their shitty characters.

>In a game that features:

Main issue with the game is how snow-bally it is, and not in a good way. The first player to get a half-decent turn wins the majority of the time, with no ability from the player on the receiving end to recover.