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Keeping this shit alive Edition

Old Thread Here.

>Post about your planeswalker snowflake in the thread.
>Post/plan/collaborate stories.
>Avoid shitposting.
>Discuss Lore

Question of the day: Fashion. What does your flake like to wear no matter what plane they're on?

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Updated the character sheet to look more neat. Can get the old one if people want.

Also, posting Venn's Ignition Story.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Grandamin and Ashlyn seem like they'd get along. Or be rivals.

Keep this thing alive to the weekend and I'll post my arsenal

Iron Chef, Snowflake style?

That'd be pretty funny. Although I think the moment cooking is involved then Gradamin would mop the floor with Ashlyn. Maybe that's a skill she could learn though, if ever made to appreciate it.

Honestly, I'm just pondering whom Venn could partner up with now since I'm not sure Serena's gonna be joining this storm.

Obvious groups that I can see at this point are:
>The Association of Planeswalkers with a Fondness for Birds, of which Onek, Itai, Tsukiyo and Venn are members.
>The X-Men, populated by Aodhana, Akmogenos and Ushiwaka.
>Practitioners of the Culinary Arts, of which Ashlyn and Grandamin are members.
>Guild of Unappreciated Artisans, of which Kalana, Pascobar and Vosmir are members.

>Not a member of underappreciated artisans.

Either works.

I don't understand the appeal of this sort of nonsense.

You're either too autistic or not autistic enough.

I take my styling tips from Jace; they wear the same iconic outfit but layer it with a coat native to whatever plane they're on.

I just want to say Kalana Ravan is neat and the best planeswalker.

>tfw when people say nice things about your OC planeswalker.

Why do you think so?

UB is my favorite color combination so I'm a little bit biased. Never not liked a UB character.
But Kalana is fun, I like her unrestrained approach to invention and combining metal and undead is neat.

You should see if you can get art of her in drawthread or something.

I've been thinking about doing that, but I almost feel dirty going and getting art for a character I'm not actually gonna play.

I wouldn't.
I mean it is still Veeky Forums related and you never know.
You could end up playing that D&D-Kaladesh thing sometime and already have a character for it.

Yeah fuck it. I'll make up a reference image tonight and see what happens.

Anyway, general lore question, does anyone know the origins of demons of Kaladesh? They seem really out of place.

Aren't demons the manifestation of black mana, in the same way angels are the manifestation of white mana? They presumably exist on every plane that black mana exists on.

Demons on Kaladesh are made by infernalists according to the art book. Something involving the Dark Schematic, possibly to recreate an extinct creature. Does warn that most demons eventually turn on their summoner.

Good luck, I've been trying to get stuff drawn for my walker for a while no but to no avail.

Updated the card to have "up to" on the +1, so she's not totally useless if the opponent is on control, and to unify the templating between the 0 and the -2.

It's easier to just find good art and go off of that, in my opinion. I've had characters drawn really well, not drawn at all, or drawn really horribly by drawthread. It's a bunch of people anonymously drawing stuff, they're gonna be kind of inconsistent.

>Boros colored Blacksmith

Fuck, I wanted to do this.

Yeah, but I had an idea for a character and now I'm really attached to it. Shit's rough. I'm probably gonna troll around my vast archives of fantasy art and see if any catch my eye for a second Walker though.

Reposting updated Caerys for anyone who missed it.

I feel like this could be fleshed out a bit more; maybe actually give her a home plane so that way you can develop her some more.
But I will admit I'm beginning to like her a little bit.

posting in the new thread for whenever the grid user comes by for updates.

Thing is, I'm having trouble pinning down where's she's actually from. Probably gonna end up going with a snow-plane.

There was a UB walker last storm who was a Dimir artificer. Basically just went sneaking around from place to place and stole artifacts.

I stand behind the use of a made up plane. Having heaping handfuls of planeswalkers coming from this one cluster of planes feels sorta dumb.

Both things are fine. Some flakes never have their home plane revealed especially if it doesn't matter or the character can't remember.


For the record: if you want your card to work the way you want it to, make the middle ability '0: Discard any number of cards. For each creature or artifact card discarded this way, put a loyalty counter on ~ and create a 2/2 black Zombie artifact creature token.'
Also the +1 looks odd from a balance standpoint but I'm not entirely sure there...if not for the ultimate. The ultimate is all kinds of broke due to how cheap it is and how cheap SHE is - UB is not a ramp color pair and it sure as hell should not be cheating out whatever the hell it wants guaranteed on turn 4

Yes. It was my first flake.


This is from the last storm, yes?

Is my waifu.

Nothing wrong with posting or discussing stuff from previous iterations. New content doesn't need to rule every aspect of the storm.

It's been saved. You won't need to keep reposting it.

Yeah, looking back at it, it's broke as fuck. I'm not very good at making custom cards anyway.

Being of extreme godlike power is conveniently wounded and up and decides to give said godlike power to some random one of Serra's creations (because it's GOTTA be a Serra Angel, can't be an angel from any other plane, one that DIDN'T get imploded premending).
What was this guy's name? Who cares.

>Expecting something elaborated on a snowflake thread
this threads are not for quality

I wasn't putting it down, just pointing it out. Someone in the thread's compiling a new flake sheet, so I thought that it might be useful to note which flakes are from the olden days.

Don't worry. It is known.

What do yall think of updating old flakes?

Doing a revised version might be a good way to make up for something you didn't feel worked with the original version, but I think it's probably good to look forward rather than back.

So are treefolk unable to be grown with sparks?
I kind of liked the idea of a lorwyn tree pre-awakening planeswalking away in response to danger. Then it awakens on a plane that doesn't naturally have treefolk. It seems like a fun "who/what am I?" type of situation.

Source for a tree using its spark before being awakened:

I was thinking of continuing their story since the flake started off as a mtg doomguy but grew beyond that in my writefagging.

Editing/improving things is always good.

More than one person has made a treefolk with the assumption that treefolk are able to house sparks.

Provided that treefolk are produced in a natural fashion rather than artificially created and begin their lives as sapeint beings, it's perfectly acceptable.

There are some people that seem to be interested in revisiting or updating old flakes.

I'm not one of them, but It's alright. That being said, anybody who wants to use my old flakes in writefagging is welcome to, but I won't re-post their sheets here.

I always wanted to writefag my last flake, but never got around to it

If you'd rather have that art be used for Kalana, just say.

Any Ravnican foundry type stuff is appropriate. The Boros Legion needs so many weapons, shields, and just tons of armor.

I would too. If the guy who's in charge of the snowstorm could do that I'd appreciate it.

Here's her sheet as proof I'm the OP, flimsy though that is.

Also, I'm considering re-doing her as Grixis. I feel like it kinda fits her character more. She's got a fire of invention and a passion to push beyond the bounds of the conventional. She's self-interested and curious, but she's also got a whole "They said it couldn't be done, so I did it" thing going on.

I kinda want her and Venn to cross paths. His story has him arriving at the Inventors Fair on Kaladesh

You should be hangin' out on Steam, I think.

Are you two going to do some aaaarr pee?

What's the point of threads if a clique just runs off to do everything off-site?

I imagine they might actually get along, so long as they avoid, uh, political talk. They might even work together to figure out who fucked up their favorite/home plane.

The steam group is still a thing?

Do you really want them to do their lewd snowflake wankery here?

Trying to avoid that for the time being. I'm not actually doing anything off site right now.

What typically happened the last few storms is they ran off, did their tee-hees, turned it into a story and posted that here.

That way we don't have hundreds of RP posts in the thread.

Though a lot of the general chat is fine for here.

It's always been something that bugged me. It only really happened towards the end of these threads life cycles though, when most of the passing folks boil off and leaves the discussing wanky sludge at the bottom of the pot.

Because writing collabs is a bitch to do in-thread.

Get your mind out of the gutter. It's fucking eldritch down there.

But what's the point of snowflakes if they're not all going to fuck each other senseless?

Y'know, that sounds like a pretty good beginning of a new snowflake!

Can Chainer come back?

I always did like Chainer...

Not only are you not the first one to think of it, but it wasn't a good even by flake standards. There are much better ways to apply shenanigans to a flake; just let the chaos flow.

I have a queer question.
user, what is the COMFIEST plane? I mean, not just for in general but for you personally, somewhere that feels right? somewhere YOU'D want to be?

But also Which plane was your FIRST, the proper first plane you were apart of when you began playing? Why not want to live there?

My first plane was Dominaria during planeshift, so fuck that.

damn haven't seen one of these threads in months

are y'all hyped for amonkhet actually being dominaria

Since vampires can be walkers can my snowflake be a pillar man or a stand user from jojo?


Let's not start this.

Shandalar is the most comfy. It has a kicken rad game too. Even though I knew about magic since forever, I only really got into playing it and doing stuff with the cards around the time of return to Ravnica. So the guide are my first taste of magic lore.

I don't believe this.

ugh, what interesting character/class can be a walker?? it's all just mage and warriors.

There's a Scout, Rouge, Assassin, Shaman, Knight, Druid, Monk, Adviser and a few Artificers.
That's a lot more than just Wizards and Warriors.

How does one choose to travel about the plane they're in? Obviously it's too tiring just to keep jumping in and out all over the place, mounts? a caravan?

Can Aetherborn become planeswalkers? Can they even survive outside of Kaladesh? A friend of mine proposed an idea where we all make planeswalker characters in 5e and basically run mini campaigns where the DM rotates after each one.

Whatever the normal mode of travel is for the plane.

The people who make it through the trials are killed and sent through the gates of the afterlife to Bolas and I'm pretty sure he eats them.

Aetherborn are a created race and can't become planeswalkers.

>MFW karn is a planeswalker


yaaaas we need more mexican appropriation in MTG desu

That might run counter to his stated intentions of making an immortal undead army of the baddest motherfuckers his own personal plane has to offer.

Did everyone forget what crazy stuff had to happen for him to gain a spark in the first place?
Because lots of people seem to want things that can't be planeswalkers to be planeswalkers.

Could a hive-mind creature become a planeswalker?

doesn't change the fact that 'created' races can be planeswalkers. Nigger that's the whole plot of mirrodin 1.0

Would another artificer planeswalker be redundant at this point? I have some ideas and some free time, so I thought I might give this a go.

But no created race becomes a planeswalker in Mirrodin.

>Mirrodin 1
>Memnarch, a golem, creates a machine that sucks life energy out of a planes' worth of people and converts it into a spark
>he would've gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids

yeah it's hard, but it's possible and that's the point you goof

So he didn't become a planeswalker?
Does this mean I was right?

>inb4 hurr but h-he's the mirari!

Aetherborn are weird.

>Aetherborn came into being spontaneously as a byproduct of the aether refinement process. Their bodies are in constant flux, as the aether residue they're made of gradually dissolves and is reclaimed by the aethersphere.

We are told that they are created as a byproduct of aether refinement but all of the other lore refers to them as being made out of aether. So the byproduct of aether refinement is aether? If this is the case, why didn't any aetherborn exist before the widespread usage of aether, why aren't they naturally occurring elementals? The only theory I have is that the refining process isn't very efficient. The following is head canon

Crude aether is gathered and processed into refined aether, which can safely be used to power the artifice of Kaladesh. This process is not perfect and creates a byproduct, which I will refer to as aether residue. Aether residue, for whatever reason, has properties different to that of crude or refined vapor, making it inappropriate for fueling artifice and impossible to refine. Over time however, it is 'reclaimed by the aethersphere,' which makes it sound like it reverts back to crude aether. The aetherborn themselves form like stars; clouds of aether residue that achieve a particular density collapse in on themselves, becoming condensed, solid bodies of aether residue that gain new properties. Namely, sapience. Over time however, the aether residue that makes them up reverts back to crude aether which is incompatible with the aetherborn's form and is released back into the aethersphere. Perfumes infused with aether residue are used to sustain the aetherborn for a time but it's never enough. Eventually, they dissolve into crude aether and reunite with the aethersphere.

There are three types of aether but for some reason, the creative team just constantly refer to it as 'aether' without saying what sort it is.

>Didn't =/= can't
>'Murican logic

I never said he couldn't, I said he didn't.
It's possible and very hard so hard that we only know one and it took the joining of two sparks and possibly the strongest collection of mana in know history.

MaRo has answered this question before.

The answer is "maybe, but it's a bad idea."