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>General's Handbook pdf!DxRGmTZL!x_L0eobCjr4qrF7enhVlZ2DffTtRa3hdDrc5RctcAbE

>army builder

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>These Are Just Guidelines
Based Vetock.







Barak-Urbaz best city port

Final one

Yeah I just wanted to know about the keywords, so it would work. We always plan to play atleast 4-5 days like 5-6 times a year, we bring alot of lists, in WHFB and 40k and now AoS. Day 1 will be setting up and play 1k lists, and the next days we do 2k and pick 3 lists, Lore/Fluff, 2v2/3v3 and lastly a pure powergaming faggot list for tourney, loser has to pay for the food that night.

I speak German, so If you wanna take a pic for me that would be awesome! Just gonna use it for one game and don't really want to buy the book for it.

Pay close attention where it says that you can make the fleet from one of the major skyports "simply by painting it" in the colours of that skyport.

So its in the rules if it's not painted as Barak Nar it's not Barak Nar, and so on.

No more "pick your rules based on your opponent", if you wear the colours of a skyport, you come from that skyport, no arguments.

The Gunhauler is in no way worth 220 when a frigate costs 280. 60pts for transport capacity, more guns, better special rules and more wounds is a bargain.
>but the monster table
The frigate barely decays at all, even when on its last leg it looses a measly 2" Movement, two shots from its secondary guns and two melee attacks it has no business ever needing.

Yeah, the gunhauler is basically unusable at 220. That being said everything else seems well costed.
Edrinriggers are fucking godlike

pffff please i will paint them in my colour and will choose what i want even in Tournaments and everybody will agree with that because thoes are my models and i can paint them like i want

>tfw the south coast GT is this weekend and like 15 mins from my house
>tfw cant go because ticket only and sold out

Knock yourself out. Please excuse the potato quality of the photo, my tablet camera is really fucking shitty.
Dom, is that you?

It more or less exists to soak up wounds for the other ships.

Not according to what's written down. You get rewarded for painting them a certain way

The other ships that have more wounds, can selfheal and house more repairmen? For fucking 220pts? Yeah, no thanks.
That only makes sense if the escort is either significantly cheaper (since I can get a second frigate for barely more or a ironclad for the price of two gunhaulers) or can take hits like a champ, which the Gunhauler with its lacking armor and healing can't.

>abhorrant ghoul king
>gore-slick talons and fangs
>move wounds bravery save
Wow, germans are FUCKING cucks, even more than expected.

My dads 10 year old beastmen army that's mostly unpainted and some parts are broken off.

Proper minotaurs

>Khemists Supreme

Jesus fucking Christ.

For the price of 500 points, you can get a Khemist and two units of 10 Thunderers with Mortars. That is 40 shots at 36" , 4+/3+ that each do D3 wounds every turn.

If you are going to buy enough sets to build 20 thunderers with mortars, I suggest you see a therapist.

just quickly, what are the rough power-level rankings for the following armies- if you had to rate them from best to worst?

stormcast eternals
demons+mortals of nurgle
mixed ogres

It's exactly as you listed them

Who says in order to be a follower of Nurgle you must be fat and grotesque? Who says you can't be jaundiced and get mad gains? Well pretty much any law of health, but I'm ignoring all that for these guys! The Veeky Forums side of Nurgle. They don't get swollen, they just get swole.

These are starter set blood warriors converted into my counts-as Chaos Marauders with mark of Nurgle. Shields are Ogor gutplates.

That order is spot on, though it could be argued that the last two spots are roughly equal.

Just throw those Thunderers into one unit and go Mhornar. Same output, but with rerolls to hit.

Why did you crush my dreams user.

For real though, GW needs to start providing enough weapons to outfit a unit in every legal way. Even if it means opening up a bit shop.

>Who says in order to be a follower of Tzeentch you must be a skinny nerd? Who says you can't be jaundiced and get mad gains?

>bare bases
1/10 wouldn't play with

They're not done yet. I plan on doing a rotting pirate ship theme with my army, but I'm going to get them all painted up first.

Khemist stack up to 20 in a unit anyway, full cheese is pumping the one unit with five chemist and getting 120 shots.

I have literally never seen a single person with a based army. Hell I'm lucky if people here paint/undercoat their armies.

Are bases really this important to people?

Where do you live?

>tzeentch is a faction full of birds and birdmen
>dont even have the best bird in the game

Lmao what a shit faction

>best bird in the game
>can only fly because it is propelled by a stream of its own shit

aetherstrike literally shitting all over every other list

>So its in the rules if it's not painted as Barak Nar it's not Barak Nar, and so on

I didn't believe you so I read the rules. You are correct.

Fucking Paint-to-Win rules.

>These ones are gold
>They are also in the sky


on the one hand I am concerned about this because I don't always want to paint things the way they are painted in official books.

on the other hand it will for sure encourage people to actually paint their shit if they cant get the bonus without doing it.

>artyle that lets every hero unbind
>footnote that once per game each hero can unbind 2 spells each
>barak-nar ability to add 1 to unbinding rolls
>aethersight loupe lets 1 hero unbind on 3d6
Damn thats legit

how do i make bretonnia good?

Grail knights, 16 man units of knights of the realm, peasant archers, hurricanums. King Louen.

Hi. New player. Just finished my first army and wanted to try some local tournament play. There's 4 FLGSs in my city and a lot of support for AoS, but over half the armies here aren't painted. They just put the models together. A couple of these guys are playing with just "counts as" bases. Is this normal everywhere else?

Alright guys, question time. Might be a stupid question, but how do you go to the game store to play? Do you pack all your minis and head to the store, and ask a random stranger if they want a game? Or just sit around twiddling your fingers until somebody asks to play a game? Or do you always have to go with a friend?

Well I play at a GW. When me and my buddies got started, we went up together, but as we got busier and less time to play, I started playing against the usuals. This is usually done in two ways. I either talk with the manager and ask if anyone was looking for the game I want. He will ask the store in a call out. Or I start to learn who plays the game I want and if I see them, ask if they brought their models. If yes, and they want to play, we discuss point values. i usually bring about 2k worth of points for any size game, and since I'm ironjawz, I really don't have to change my list up cause we went to like... 1.5k, its pretty much taking a few more units and calling it a day.

I just moved to a new city and here's what I did

>Find local GW and FLGS
>visit them, speak with managers and customers to see if anyone plays AOS there
>ask if they have a specific night set up for AOS. if not, try to set one up
>find relevant normiebook groups
>slowly build up regular gaming group
>look up tournaments and participate

GW stores are the best place to go if youre new, there are almost always people there willing to play

its pretty common to see unpainted/just built armies in the AOS scene because lots of people are just getting into it

>"counts as" bases
That's unacceptable. At least put a model on the table and tell us it represents something else, a base is not enough


Great question. I knew a guy who got mad about this.

>Do you pack all your minis and head to the store,

Some players see "all the minis" as cheesy and WAAC. I don't. But some do.

>ask a random stranger if they want a game?

If you see them with minis out, this can work, because they're sometimes there waiting for someone to ask them. Other times, they're waiting for their opponent for a game they previously scheduled via text or whatever.

- Take initiative; don't wait for others to do it for you.

- Schedule meets ahead of time.



>its pretty common to see unpainted/just built armies in the AOS scene because lots of people are just getting into it

Which is easy to exploit. Simply switch out netlists ad infinitum on ebay or craigslist until you get your big winnar and then whine that you're "just getting into it" when called out on the carpet.

No painting necessary. After all, "I'm just not talented, and it's too hard anyway, so why bother?"

Should I use these for Age of Sigmar or Kings of War? What system has the better rules?

Youre in the AOS thread, what do you think we'll say?

Are you just looking for confirmation bias or what

>confirmation bias
Not at all, to be honest I assumed it was much like the 40k general where people openly admit their game system is shit and easily abused/broken.

Dear Troll,

AoS is not a wargame.


Legitimately not trolling. I'm not familiar with AoS, what would be best to use those as count as? With monstrous human-like infantry

well im super biased so take this as you will

i love aos, its my favourite wargame to play casually and competitively

the models are great

its really easy to learn the rules but theres a TON of depth to the game

it doesnt cost much to get started

each new release is making the game better and better

the community is the best ive ever experienced, theres very few WAACfags and the few out there are still very chill


If you don't mind helping me out, what would you suggest for this question? Could I just load up my round based minis on movement trays and play Kings of War as well?

The shape of the bases don't matter for AoS. You can stick each roman on their own individual square base for AoS, then you can line them up in formation for Kings of War.

Aren't non shooting focused armies really bad now?

What does Soulblight need to be a good faction?

In my opinion, I think they're desperate for (a) Plastic Bloodknights and (b) a cheaper Battleline. For the Battleline, something of a Liberator/Blood Warrior level perhaps, like young Vampires that fight on foot. A unit like that with fit well in all of Death since there's only really Grave Guard that holds the role of "elite infantry".

Plastic bats would be neat too, but I'm not holding my breath.

No some shooting armies are top tier but they aren't the only viable armies even competitively.

Casually it's not an issue at all

Thoughts on self recasted bits?

Watch out for cancer

which overrules the other, this ability, of the rule of one stating no extra attacks may generate further extra attacks? the wording on this seems to mean it takes cancels out the rule of one.

Rule of 1

what do you think?

I understand the rule of one, but why would he even have this ability if the rule of one cancels it?
if it were published before the rule of one was established, shouldnt it have been updated to reflect it?

oh shit i didnt realise the ripperdactyl was actually the example. my bad.

Because in narrative and open play Voracious Appetite et al, can generate infinite attacks potentially. Only in matched play is it limited.
>in b4 waaaaaa noone ever plays openz!!!!!11oneoneeleven

don't feel bad. at least once every couple weeks someone asks exactly the same question about exactly the same unit and gets exactly the same answer every time.

that's actually why I made that pic.

Is out there anyway to make Fyreslayers competitive?

Quick questions about the Free Guild.

Can Freeguild Guards take shields along with halberds or militia weapons?

Does Shadow over Hammerhel contain any more fluff regarding the Freeguard? Has anyone uploaded the fluff book for it yet?

If the Freeguild are the fantasy police, is there a Sam Vimes?

use the new points costs for them


Thank you so much!

this is better for KoW for a number of reasons my historical bro.
1. it's not meant for skirmishes
2. there are approximations for Romans in KoW and they have their own historical book
3. kings o war allows you to play with whatever models you want.
4. you don't need to remove models in KoW when a unit breaks it just breaks.
also AoS is a skirmish game it just doesn't fit

Any unit of free guard can have shields except ones with militia weapons

Remember halberdiers and spearmen could have shields in fantasy too

skeleton ashigaru/samurai or slimes done up like this with clear green colored resin?

Its never going to be fleshed out. Its just a microfaction for old models that will eventually be phased out

Don't tell me things like this user. I'll hold out hope.

On a serious note, have they phased out any old armies since the start of AoS? GW killed off Tomb Kings and Brets, but I think they're done with executions now.

Im painting it now!

>Never heard of Space Marines

It says you CAN organize your KOs by painting them to the corresponding Sky Port, not that you MUST. There is a fucking difference. Don't be a TFG and argue semantics when you aren't even right. People can paint their KOs however the fuck they want and pick w/e sky port they please or make their own at any time.

Fucking this. Thankyou for saying it.

It's just like fucking space marine chapters. You can make your own 'your dudes' chapter and call if an ultramarines successor if you want, then use the ultramarines chapter tactics.

Fuck, you can make it a black templars successor and use ultramarines chapter tactics if you want. Really the only thing that matters is you are consistent with it, like at a tournament or some shit.


Except that in the chapter tactics rules it doesn't mention how you paint the models AT ALL, and has a specific section about Successor Chapters and how the rules apply. This Kharadron book has now set a precedent even mentioning painting as a qualifier to obtain certain rules. I'm super happy if it gets enforced as it reduces WAACfaggotry, as opposed to me being a TFG.

>implying a duardin, even one as removed as an overlord, would appreciate change to the extent that WAAC netlists do in reaction to the meta

In fact, the ONLY qualifier mentioned for the 6 big skyfleets is the painting. They don't have any required units or warscrolls, unlike the other Battalions from other recent battletomes. The major skyports don't even cost points, which again is unprecedented for AoS. And the theme so far is you don't get something for nothing with this game, so the cost for selecting the big 6 is that you have to put the effort into painting them as such.

The shit you get from picking one of the skyports is the Kharadron's allegiance benefits though, so it's more like you give up on some bonuses in return for being able to choose your own code if you don't use one of the main six.

True, but the cost you've paid to get Allegience benefit is just picking from that battletome, which is the same as any other. What is different is that this specifically calls out painting as the qualifier to get these rules.

Since Chaos Lord has been replaced by Lord of Chaos, can you play Chaos Warband formation anymore?

AoS is not skirmish game, it just doesn't force your units into even ranks. You still move units as cohesive units, making it a battle game.