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We talked about power levels, lots of them. How Sevatar's rules suck despite being in Siggy tier, which termies deserve 2W, the plethora of sins comitted in Inferno, especially the TS's and SW scythe thievery. We helped fluff unconventional alliances, which I personally love to do even if I don't always get (You)s. All Primarchs dress like shit, which is a shame because we'd like better bits for our Consul self-inserts, but apparently FW hates both money and sensible rules.
All of that and more in the previous thread, which was actually quite comfy, let's keep it up. -> >READ MOTHERFUCKER READ

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (Updated January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

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XV did nothing wrong. Wolves are hypocrites.

Perturabo is better then Magnus

re-reading rules for legion megazord stat


Well at least BL seems to agree with you on that.

Deep Striking Terminators; ineffective? Too dangerous? When do you use them?

>t. Graham McNeill

Is Magnus: Master of Prospero worth reading if you enjoyed A Thousand Sons? I know there's a lot of IW wanking but I can stomach that.

How can manlet Russ even compete?

Also more of a WIP question, but should I accent my Thousand Sons with Silver or Gold? Forgeworld seems to flip flop on their choice.

to bubble-wrap Horus when they deep strike into the middle of the opposing army

Blazeladius when?

Effective if they have good shooting weapons. Do it with Cataphractii so maybe they don't get wiped out by return fire. But I'd only do it with one, maybe two squads. That IF RoW that allows more teleporting Termies means putting too much stuff in reserve.

White and gold, no silver.

Well if you can also stomach things like Ahriman using anything but Divination powers, go ahead. But there is a lot of Thousand Sons bashing to make the IW look good.

But enjoying A Thousand Sons probably means you won't enjoy Master of Prospero, because the latter has things that go against what is established in the first.

Are Castellax automata any good?

Surprise meltaguns arriving near the enemy artillery, perhaps.

Magnus doesn't stand so tall with a broken spine :^)

Gold trim for standard legionaries and silver/white trim for veterans.

Ehhhh, I mean, I presume you have it for free and it's not long, so it's not really an effort to read.

The thing is, it kind of shits all over the characterisation and legion info from A Thousand Sons, it's really weird. Every TS in it except Ahriman is an asshole, Ahriman isn't but is instead completely useless and a bit of a pussy.
Oh and the 'rules' of the TS that ATS established are kind of ignored.

It's like an opposite day version of the feel of ATS. I didn't rate it.
It's recommended for Iron Warriors fans in all seriousness, they're amazing in it.

How the fuck did he grab him and break his back?

When do we get a model for the Khan?

He tripped on him.

A) He's strong enough to lift him and get the leverage, Primarchs are retard strong, and Magnus was off-balance due to just being blinded.
B) The version of events we 'saw' in the fight was just people's perception of what was actually happening with all the warp and magic shit going down and Russ won in a different manner that manifested in viewing perception as magnus having his back broken.

After Sanguinius and Lion El'my Johnson

>custodes don't fight as a team but individuals to highlight their assassin and bodyguard training
>get tanks anyway

FW custodes were a mistake.

>Still earlier that Dorn and Alpharius


How are those two things contradictory?

holy shit a painted version of pic

>Microscopic version of "Oh just kiss already"

There's even a loyalist version

The Caladius pilot is a very accomplished assassin and bodyguard, clearly. Nothing says assassination like a fast skimmer with heavy guns.

Speaking of Caladiuses, I just finished building mine today and noticed it's -extremely- front-heavy. How do I stop it from slumping forwards on it's stand?

Am I the only one not digging the Magnus model? The proportions are weird, the magic effect is just dumb, no nipple horns, and the pose is super tame.

Glue it to the stand ?

FACT: Custodes were supposed to be a spear unit, a sword & shield unit, a termie unit, a boxnought and a contemptor as dreads, Bullock Jetbikes (instead of gyrfalcon buggies), Grav Rhinos and GOLDEN LAND's RAIDERS, not that fucking ELDAR-looking buillshit that makes the Mechanicum feel envy.

>no nipple horns
that's a plus, you fucking pumperschneidenhauf

Yes, you're the only one. Whenever you think you're the only one, you are. Nobody else agrees with your non-controversial opinion at all.

Far from it, it seems like around half of the people who've seen it think the proportions are weird, miss the nipple horns (HERESY) or both.

>It does save me a lot of money, now I don't want to buy the model :^)

shit taste desu senpai

So, i'm starting a Blood Angels army because i want to get into 30k, but I'm going to base my army list in 40k and I was wondering what kind of things i could do with them based on what I'm going to collect for 40k

I'm not beyond picking up extra models purely for a 30k list so if you have some suggestions feel free

My basic collection will be 30 tac marines a chaplain, two contemptors, two drop pods, 3 rhinos, 3 squads of tataros termies and a bike squad, and It's like this for the demi company/termie decurion detachment in Angel's Blade

Would i need to change much to the base army to get started with 30k? I'm not sure if Baal preds are a thing but I'd like to get some because they sound pretty cool

>>no nipple horns
>that's a plus
I want to combi-power fist you

Played a game proxying two of the turrets last night. Shit is brutal.

That's a Blood Raven marine, m8
>Bolt down everything.

What is wrong with Imperial buggies :^)

But yeah FW should have made the vehicles of Emperor's Talons more similiar to marine and guard tanks, they just don't look like Imperial vehicles.

Sure you don't mean Blood Ravens?

Had my first game in our escalation league (500pts, 1 HQ, 1 Troop) with my Custodes against TS. Turns out a Praetor with Iron Arm and Endurance up is really fucking hard to kill. These two ended up punching each other fruitlessly for four turns before he PotW'd himself out of existence. I lost, though, because his Cataphracti just murdered my Guardian squad. Still, good times.
Looking forward to Saturday, two more games planned for then. Word Bearers (notorious horde-army player) and Alpha Legion (possibly veteran focus?) as well as picking up another box of custodes. It's also nice to play on an actual table and not a mat once again, since the owner is finally back from his vacation.

Yeah, i know. the only other version of that image i got was a berserker

The Death is pretty much THE go-to legion if you want lots of termies, perhaps alongside the IW. It only helps they have two kinds of termies in a single legion, and Deathshroud are on the top tier. Not the best of them all, but still damn top tier.

>all red and gold TS officer

Your custodian's cloak is really nice.

I love the dimensions of the leviathan dread. What models have you guys been surprised by, and why?

Have a spooky version.
NLs, I don't know why I DON'T dislike you, since you kinda are a shitty legion. But I don't dislike you.

>What models have you guys been surprised by, and why?
The Magnus model
For its lack of nipple horns
I never thought FW would fall so low

I only have book 7, what does the "Machine Spirit" rule do?

Here you go, who am I to deny a man the right to suck on an other man's titties. Go on and suck em dry boy, you've earned it.

Probably get the Khan and Dorn for the siege of Terra

What was the emperors plan for the cult mechanicus if he hadnt got horused? Would he disbanded them or forced them into atheism via gradual change, or even left them alone?

You may not like it, but that's what peak performance looks like

id suck on that third titty horn between his legs

The Caladius because it's roughly the size of Alaska.

I heard the Coronus takes it to ludicrous extremes, but I can't see a single solitary reason why you'd ever want a Coronus on the tabletop, so.

i feel like kinda a pleb, i can't see what makes them like *top* tier. i picked them mostly for having kick ass models.

>What is wrong with Imperial buggies :^)
Quite a few things.
Don't get me wrong, most of those issues stem from the fact that we were expecting Bullock-like Jetbikes. You know, like the ones almost EVERY piece of art depicts them riding.
But the bit that irked me the most was that, on the army that loves melee-ranged combination weapons, their lances are mere power lances. On the squad that has both Split fire and Sweeping Fire.

Don't you have the 7th edition rulebook ? It's a must if you want to understand anything really. Should be in of the links in OP

Basically if a vehicles doesn't flat out or use smoke launchers it can fire one more weapons at normal BS then what would normally be allowed. This weapon may even be fired at a different unit than the rest of the guns.


The accelerator Cannon is better by almost every measure- S7 isn't quite as good, but universal AP2 is better for wiping up TEQs, no jink is always bueno, and heliothermic det. means you're always AP1 and you've got a better chance of removing those pesky multiwound models we keep talking about.

S10 is nice, and sure exoshock is helpful, but end of the day accellereator cannons are just all-around better

I know what power of the machine spirit is, I'm asking what "Machine Spirit" is.

>Magnus' titty horns sagged and fell to his knees
Magnus being a 60 year old woman confirmed.

Blaze has four shots, lovely for erasing anything not 2+ and the S10 alt fire mode is just ranch dressing.

>Bullock Jetbikes

These don't look like Bullocks to me.

Personally I can't get over how stupid the custodes on the jetbike has to hold the powerlance.

If you try to poke anything holding a lance like that the best you can hope for is a strained wrist.

They defeat anything with 1W, don't need charge shenanigans like Phoenix termies, and since they attack at I3 the usual counter for 2W termies, powerfists, does not apply to them.
Plus they can Look Out Sir each other because they're a squad of characters (like the Command Squad should be) and can still kill blobs because of their flamer templates.
They do struggle against 2W termies, but you have regular powerfists for those, whose weapons are all unwieldy.
But DG are a termie legion mainly because they have two legion specific kinds of them, pretty much that.

>all that red and gold
Yeah, that's unheard of.

Listed under the special rules at the end of the AoD legion armylist.

It give the vehicle that has it Power of the Machine Spirit.

>Yes FW named it different just because reasons.

I haven't seen one in such a while I'm even forgetting how they look like, besides "they float and have some kind of eagle bit". It only furthers the argument that FW not releasing them was a mistake.

Exactly.ahriman has blue

That's my second biggest gripe about that model, with the biggest being how boring and inflexible the pose is. I mean, would have been dynamic poses like the stormcast gryphon riders been too much to ask for?
The fact that it's a fucking powerlance for the only unit in the army that can reasonably and without a huge hassle set up a charge to benefit from guardian spears is just the icing on the cake of stupid.
Oh, and Sweeping Fire for a unit with one gun.

>he thinks the store schemes are canon
>matte red armour
Even more disgusting.

Hey now, gotta have something to release once the dickbikes and shit don't sell anymore. People want jetbikes, so give them jetbikes. Then, later, give them THE jetbikes.

it all makes sense now.
thanks user

Yes, very. But I wouldn't kit them out for melee.

>and It's like this for the demi company/termie decurion detachment in Angel's Blade
We don't use that kind of language in here, pal.

But more seriously, you might find more differences between the two systems than you expect. Tactical squads don't get special or heavy weapons; veteran squads are the ones that look more like 40k tac squads. Regular drop pods aren't normally available, you have to take certain Rites of War to get access to them and those rites usually require that everything be in a Drop Pod or have some other way of Deep Striking.

In a year or so, Blood Angels will get a FW book with more rules. For now, the most common way to run them is with a lot of assault marines. Blood Angels can run Predators with assault cannons but you may have to swap or remove the sponsons.

>Sell people jetbikes
>Once sales are too low, sell people the jetbikes they've always wanted

Why didn't I realize this before

>People want jetbikes, so give them jetbikes. Then, later, give them THE jetbikes.
FW, you diabolical monster.

Civil war, imo. The Cult Mechanicus was slowing down human progress and would've had to go.

Though it's interesting that you don't hear too much about their faith leading to Chaos.

Thank you. I painted that fucking thing like six times to get it look halfway decent and the embroidery still irks me.
That said, I kinda liked the TS. The dark pteruges and cloak break up the bright red/gold enough to keep it from overwhelming the model.

Hard to poke anything when the lance is only a couple inches longer than the bike.

That's because cult mech leads to C'tan worship.

Or, GW already called dibs on those designs and are holding onto them, so FW had to make OC donut steel. Those new Eldar jetbikes were first shown a decade before their release. GW can sit on designs for ages.

I agree with you, anons. Besides, lances are supposed to be used under the arm, on the inner side of the elbow, aren't they? But the model couldn't fit it.
And having a Custodian poleweapon without a ranged weapon! Such a missed opportunity.
They could have combined Alexandrite Companion Cavalry (Hetairoi) with Polish Winged Hussars, but no. Yet another missed opportunity

>plastic bullock pattern jetbikes

Oh yes pls.

>only for 40k DA
>plastered with 40k DA symbols and purity seals on very detailed bits
>all the riders have MkVI legs and they're cast onto the bike hulls

Perhaps Agamatus are the heavy version of Custard jetbikes, like how Attack bikes are to Outrider squads? I mean they do carry heavy weapons.


I've converted worse. As long as they're not cast in metal I can work something out.

Anything is better than dickbikes.

I'm currently in the process of making a Corvex fit to house a custodian. I doubt it could be as bad.
...Fucking plasma cannon.

Are the power lances REALLY that bad?

I mean, this is a 2W T6 2+/5+ jetbike unit that's got a Heavy-Heavy Bolter and can take a godamn S9 AP2 potential 3-shot ray of death.

3-4 (depending on whatever the fuck a misericorodia is) S6 AP3 attacks on the charge, followed by (assuming the mis. is a power knife) continual AP3 isn't bad.

I play Custodes, but FFS everything doesn't have to be balls-to-wall broken

>Grey Slayers can't even wipe out a tactical squad without taking a few casualties !

>Leman Russ has almost no buffs for the army he's in !

Why is the White Scar scratching?

Itch complicated. Try scratching while wearing power armour.

What else could he be doing with a pose like that. How mongolian is it to scratch your buttcheek though ?

What makes more sense being AP2, a glaive wielded by a dude running or a lance wielded by a guy on a jetbike?

...have you looked at the other weapons custodes get? Just saying, they are supposed to have the best gear ever and there's this stick in their arsenal that's pretty much meant for charging attacks.
Also, it's probably safest for now to assume a Misericordia is nothing at all.

Mostly it's the fluff and model we're complaining on. Sure, bikes are the best point for point model in the army but yes.