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Reminder that the Skubtimes are not canon and will not be discussed in this thread.

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Peasant pride world wide.

>Squires Edition

oops fucked up the edition name

Does anyone have any stray information on the unreleased Battle of Black Fire Pass book? It was supposed to be released in 2013 but probably got permanently shelved for reasons. Art, models, and written story were made to some extent already, but I'm wondering if we could contact someone who worked on it to see if this information can be retrieved.

He done fucked up the entire OP, AoS shill confirmed.

Hmm, I remember early on the FW Empire command set was called an Averland command set and you can see the banner still has the sun emblem on it. Probably related to this but was reused when it wasn't released.

Does anyone have a link to the WFRP 2e career paths supplement? I didn't even know such a thing existed but ready an archived WFRP thread and it's referred to as a supplement to fix the poor pathing of the FFG Career Compendium book.

And please do not tell me to check the resource pastebins, I made those.

Looks like some older version of the general at least. Last version was a lot shorter.

> Resources (Crunch, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Role-play)
WFB: pastebin.com/8rnyAa1S
WFRP: pastebin.com/0e6RuQux
Novels: mega.nz/#F!9Lw1WIRZ!eKxkOlAQwuZO3_8pHOK-EQ

> We're looking for these novels for the archive

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Bloodbowl 2: store.steampowered.com/app/236690/
Man O' War: store.steampowered.com/app/344240/
Return of Reckoning: returnofreckoning.com/



Weird new skaven army guy here from last thread. Can anyone identify what the fuck these are for? This guy tried some fucking weird as abomination for a warp lightning cannon that consisted of alot of chains and plastic sprus that fell apart in shipping.

Sides for the 5th edition Screaming Bell.


Well shit. Thanks. I think I can actually salvage another screaming bell out of these parts now that you mention it. Though everything needs a simple green bath for the next week.

>Knight Errant (KotG 98) Entries: Knight, Noble, Squire Exits: Herrimault, Knight of the Realm

>Squire (Core 54) Entries: Cadet, Cult Attendant, Herald, Noble, Temple
Guardian, Valet
Exits: Black Guard, Cadet, Horse Master, Knight, Knight Errant, Knight of
the Blazing Sun, Knight Panther, Noble, Outlaw, Sergeant, Veteran
>Knight Errant

2 minutes 36 seconds to identify obscure parts from a 20 year old kit

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. The KE entry list has Squire listed. The Squire exit list includes KE. Is it a fluff objection because Bretonnia doesn't have squires?

but Bretonnia has squires in fluff too. that last thread was full of faggots claiming that they didnt

im just rubbing salt in the wound so they hopefully shut the fuck up forever


Where are they mentioned in the fluff? Not even being antagonistic, I haven't seen it at all. I've only heard second hand mentions of it in Black Library books, and I've never seen any of them myself. I'd like to get a source on this stuff.

And remember, the Squires thing might just be a thing of crunch, not of fluff. It'd be hard to make rules for the Bretonnian system as is, which is basically 'once a noble kid is old enough he becomes a Knight Errant.' It wouldn't work well for the RPG. I think if they had wanted to seriously include squires, they would have included them more in the fluff of the RPG - not just in the career compendium, but in Knights of the Grail itself.

That last thread was pretty shitty either way. I don't know why squires vs. not squires is becoming such a big issue now all of a sudden.

Thoughts on Cubicle 7 potentially resurrecting WHFRP? What would you like to see from a new edition?

As far as I know there is nothing "potential" about it. Word is that they bought the rights already and that FFG ceased support at the end of February. I was expecting an official press release from Cubicle 7 on March 1st but obviously that didn't happen, so I am a bit confused frankly.

Though I haven't played any of their games I hear The One Ring is excellent.

well this was in last thread. it confirms squires in 3 places and claims they dont have them a third. the short story is all about a squire becoming a knight

also the newest canon source in existence for Bretonnia has squires and there is also older lore with squires too

its only a big issues because one or two anons are being so obstinate about it

squires were in 5th edition for sure and i dont think they were ever retconned, just ignored

pic related are old squires

also CA specifically said they took the foot squires from 5th edition so they could fill out the roster for bretonnia

Wasn't Squires just the term they used to use for Yeomen? There was a more hopeful note that they could become a knight themselves with good service, instead of the newer fluff where that's a pipe dream, but otherwise not much has changed - they're still all commoners.

>Yeomen are a completely different thing, and are described as such. They are some sort of elite man-at-arms contingent, who get invested with scouting duties. Nothing like the personal servants of the knights being given weapon and asked to follow their masters on the battlefield.

>The fact that 6th edition doesn't explicitly talk about Squires does in no way make them automatically retconned. 6th edition was one where all armies saw their rosters drastically reduced in choices. Empire didn't have playable Steam tanks in 6th edition; that didn't mean Steam tanks had been retconned out of Empire lore for the time being, it just meant they were playable.

Posting my homebrew again. Would you play it? Do you want me to stat the various war machines?

But Squires didn't come back after 6th edition, whereas the Steam Tank did. And while no one replaced their role as archers or skirmishers, their role as light cavalry was replaced by Mounted Yeomen. Arguing that Squires still exist in such a manner is like arguing that Bretonnia still gets access to gunpowder weapons. In fluff terms, while Squires seem to be treated as personal servants of knights, they don't seem too dissimilar from the elite Men-at-Arms that Yeomen are - notice that Squires are 'the fittest and youngest of his retinue,' while in the Men-at-Arms fluff it says 'every Knight must maintain a retinue' referring to the Men-at-Arms. The main difference seems to be that Squires are more equipped for hunting and skirmishing, where Yeomen aren't said to be involved in those duties.

And what's with the greentext? Are you quoting an article written by someone, or was that just an accident?

>Man O' War
how is this game?

Not sure but I'm about to find out. If you already own Total War Warhammer you get a 40% off coupon automatically. I'm totally willing to pay $17.99 to find out

>12 pages
Look, user, gonna be upfront with you, no way in hell am I reading this. It's pages and pages of stats. Can you summarize for us? What are you adding?

>If you already own Total War Warhammer you get a 40% off coupon automatically
I have TWW but I'm not seeing a discount in steam, just a 10% off that I think everyone gets

Check your email. I got an email from the game itself somehow with the offer inside. You have to be a Total War Access member but that's free and fast. I signed up because it gave me a 1 day headstart on Bretonnia, and now you get the 40% coupon.

Full shill mode

Ah I see now. Thanks user

The reasoning behind several of my changes is at the bottom.

I convinced my brother to dust off his high elves for a 2 person campaign in the near future. I have both other kinds of elves, rat men, and gobbos. Does anyone have any suggestions on campaigns we might play out? Something original? Or historical? I've downloaded pic related and am thinking of running that, but am open to suggestions.

Okay, first thing I noticed about Man'o'War is that the default player character is a woman, and second option is a black man.

Not going full /pol/ here but this seems like an odd series of choices for a game set in the Old World

Is former WCW champion David Arquette not an option anymore, or do you just have to scroll through to get him?

Bumpin' I suppose

Any idea who the primary author was? Or anyone who did major contributions? Simple enough to tweet at them. After all it worked for clarifying WFRP 2e questions.

I believe it was Talima Fox who was writing the story

Can you think of anyone else? She hasn't used Twitter in two years and her other social media is likely hit-or-miss. I doubt she would appreciate a message on LinkedIn or a Facebook blind invite.

Just curious, have any of you tried file related before? It addresses a very serious problem with WFRP 2e but it does so in such an intrusive way that I'm really on the fence about utilizing it

Talima Fox and someone named Keith are the only two names I could dig up. There were supposedly an artist assigned to each of the three featured races in the book as well, but no names are given for them.

I finished painting and assembling my rape wagon today.

that base is splendid, was it something you made or ordered user?

It's real damn good user, well done.

>I don't know why squires vs. not squires is becoming such a big issue
it's a fundamental detail of Bretonnian Culture.

That looks fantastic - that bit of river or swamp is especially beautiful, but you did a great job overall. Good enough to display, simple enough to actually play.

I find it interesting how the lore of the Black Coach gives the vampires a sort of immortality - as long as they have a body, they could be revived with enough Dark Magic. So it's probably not actually that big a deal for a vampire to come back from the dead.

It's a fundamental detail that no one seemed to argue about until last thread. Seems weird to me. Better than AoS arguments though.

Eh, if there are going to be Southlanders in the Old World, having them as sailors makes the most sense.

My group started using it but mostly reverted to the Old World Armoury prices, even though they're worse. Mainly because that price list isn't that well geared towards the equipment featured in the rules. For instance, a career might require 'medium armour' in the trappings, but that becomes mostly interpretation.

WFRP really needs a total economic overhaul. I've tried doing it a couple of times, but it's a big job and remarkably complex. Hopefully WFRP 4e does the job from the ground up.

I ordered a custom 150x50mm MDF base from Back2Base-IX:


The rest of it was all me. I came up with a special technique for casting the water, by hot-gluing some chunks of old CD case to the base and cork to form the mold. Once the epoxy was set I peeled away the hot glue and sanded it all down with wet sand paper technique and fine grit paper (I also painted a bit of 'Ardcoat over the edges to give them a clear, polished appearance). The bridge is dowel rods and popsicle sticks, and the stones on the road are sculpted from Apoxie Sculpt.

No one argued because everyone went with it as they preferred, but now that people have gotten so divisive about it, it won't ever be settled.

If you like Squires, let your Knights have Squires, if not, then don't.

Bretonnia 8th edition army book:


"Every Knight always has several Squires. Mounted and on foot, in his retinue. These are chosen from the best of the men-at-arms and bowmen or may even be the Knight's own sons."

"Battle pilgrims also have a host of mundane roles in their Grail Knight’s service, such as ordering the breaking or making of camp, acting as a knight’s aide or squire as needed..."

In 3rd and 4th edition Brets had "retainers", in 5th these were names Squires, in 6th Yeomen replaced but stats were were nigh identical to Squires (though 6th was very heavy handed on the no-peasant shall become a knight thing), and in 8th while there is no unit of Squires there is repeated mention of Squires so it's fairly safe to assume they fight alongside the rest of the knights retinue in whatever role they are best at be it with the men-at-arms, archers, skirmishers or scout cavalry.

Which to be honest makes a lot more sense than just grouping all the Squires together into one unit.

Battle report incoming, 3k game Skaven vs Ogre Kindoms, played with EU tourney limitations

Skaven list:

Grey Seer with Talisman of Preservation 285 (into a clanrat unit)

Warlord on Rat Ogre with Blade of Corruption, Dragonhelm, shield 203 (with rogres)

Warlord on Ratogre with weeping blade, trickster helm shield and dragon gem 243 (with the rogres)


Engeneer with Brass Orb 65 (into a slave unit)

Engeneer (1° level) with dispel (into the other clanrat unit)

Cheiftain with BSB and shield, +1 cr resolution banner 310 (into the stormvermins)


20 clanrats with warpflame thrower 150

20 clanrats with warpflame thrower 150

40 slaves with musician 82

40 slaves with musician 82

30 stormvermin with shields, musician, standard bearer, banner of clan superiority 340


4 Rat Ogres with champion, master moulder and 3 additional packmaster 232

6 gutter runners with slings and poisoned attacks 108

6 gutter runners with slings and poisoned attacks 108


3 warplightining cannons 270

1 HPA 235



Ogre Kindoms list (not so sure what he exactly played since we do it with blind lists)

1 4th level slaughtermaster (great mae lore) with ironfist, dispel scroll and 5++ save

1 bruiser with the +1 discipline banner

1 firebelly with hellheart

12 ogre with command and ironfists

6 ironguts with commands and +1 movement banner

7 leadbelchers

7 leadbelchers

1 Gorger

1 Gorger

3 mournfang calary with heavy armor, ironfists, command and the dragonhide banner

1 Stonehorn

It seems the best way to reconcile the conflict is to say that squires do exist, but the role is not that of a junior knight but instead merely a servile one, although young nobles may serve in the role before they are of age.

The game goes off rather unremarkably. Despite finishing deploying far, far later than the ogre, skaven win the dice and go first.

HPA rolls 17 on his movement and ends up rather close to the mournfang cavalry

Unremarkable magic phase.

Shooting phase take a couple of leadbelchers and plain ogres out (plus 2 clanrats from ZZAAP)

Ogres turn he charges into the HPA with the mournfangs. The stonetusk fails frenzy and charges into the (non hero-manned) slaves, which resist terror and receive a charge to the face.

Bulls try and fail to charge the DOOMWHEEL (needed a 9 and ended out with a 6)

Magic phase goes quite plain, except he gets through the panic test on one the cannons, which it promptly fails.

One unit of Leadbelchers causes some casualities to the slave unit with the engeneer, not enough to test.

I forgot to write he also had an Ironblaster. One cannonball takes out 2 rogres. Ouch.

Combat goes as planned for the slaves (12 casualities, steadfast helds them there).

The HPA goes terribly unlucky, as it fail 3 reg saves from impact hits, fails to kill any of the mournfangs, and then rolls a 12 to not break from combat. It actually doesn't get caught and flees off the battleground.


Second turn.

The DOOMWHEEL charges into the bulls. The Rogres fail to charge the leadbelchers.

Magic phase he uses the Dispel Scroll on a cracks call amed at his stonetusk, howling warpgale gets thorugh, as does death frenzy on the slaves.

Shooting phase the DOOMWHEEL obliterates 3 bulls. One lucky cannon shot kills the Ironblaster, another not so lucky cannon shot causes 2 wounds on a single ogre.
Warpfire throwers start to shine. One eats up a couple of leadbelchers, the other kills a mournfang, the third one misses. Gutter runners fire at the Stonehorn, to no avail.

Close combat: even a rather tame stonehorn turn, slaves unfortunately fail (twice) their LD9 test. Stonehorn in charge position on my stormvermin flak. The DOOMWHEEL obliterates the remaining 4 bulls, killing 2 by sheer impact hits. Mows down the last one by pursuing near the leadbelchers.

Ogre turns starts with a combined front + flank charge from the ogres + the stonehorn on my stormvermin. As this actually puts them all together in a row, I hold my ground hoping to mow them down with cannons next turn.

He also reveals his ambushers, but fails on both rolls.

Mournfang fail a Ld test and are limited to reform themselves.

Magic phase he gets trough regeneration on the ogres. Ouch.

Shooting phase the Leadbelcher fire against the doomwheel (causing 2 wounds) and against the Rogres (to no avail)

Close combat is a slaughter, the stormvermin units gets obliterated along with my bsb. However the pursues are quite bad for him.


Third turn

The DOOMWHEEL hits the leadbelchers into the face, while Rogres charge the second leadbelcher unit.

I detatch my Grey Seer from his unit (which is in front of the ogres and stonetusk), and put him on the side

Magic phase goes just as planned as he fails to dispel my Crack's Call, which eats away 3 ogres and the Stonetusk.

Shooting phase the brass orb gets another 2 ogres, two of the WLC chew the remaining ones. The unit at this point is composed of 2 ogre, his general and the BSB.

One cannon has a meltdown, another hits the mournfang at 0 strenght and the third actually has no target tho shoot at.
Gutter runners get into position to fire at gorgers.

Close combat is another glorious DOOMWHEEL slaughter, as it mows down the leadbelchers. It overruns...into the Gutter runners. Ups. Kills half of the unit, and they predictably fail their ld test.
Rogres with the 2 lords reduce to rablle the leadbelchers, but are forced to overrun.

On his third turn both gorgers show up. He charges clanrats which stay and try to weather it down. they won't

Mournfang cavalry is getting back into the actual "hot zone". At this points he has only mournfangs, 2 gorgers and his 2 heroes left, I have a nearly-full slave unit, one units of clanrats, 2 units of Grunners, the rat ogres and two cannons.

On his magic phase he gets through the panic test on my lone seer, which runs away a spectaculat 13 inches and off the board. The mournfangs' breath weapon banner kills a arpfire thrower.

Combat is rather short, he mows down clanrats as if they were slaves, and chooses to reform himself to face the DOOMWHEEL.


On my turn 4, I charge the ogres with the Doomwheel. One cannon manages to move out of sight from the gorgers, one does not.

My magic phase is non-existant.

On my shooting phase, disaster struck as the DOOMWHEEL suffers a misfire and explodes. Same fate goes for BOTH remaining warpfire throwers. The cannon who did not move tries to snipe at least one hero but fails. Gutter runners do not manage to kill gorgers.

From this onward, just a quick recap since it was very late and we became sloppy:

One cannon died in combat with a gorger, one gorger was killed by Grunners, mournfangs mowed down by Rogres.

We ended up me with a surviving skavenslave unit, and engeneer, half ratogres, two lords and a surviving gutter runner unit.

He had a gorger, both his heroes. However he got both my BSB and my general, so we were around even in points

Where was the link with all the WD? I can't find 231 in Google.

Okay I found it. Posting it if anyone is interested: mediafire.com/folder/tx4hcy4u487pv/WD#tx4hcy4u487pv

wow user, cheers for the info. I've never based water and your method ended up looking damn good. Have you done more models?

>the doomwheel overuns into the gutter runners and kills half the unit

classic skaven tactics there man thing. I hope in the upcoming total war skaven friendly fire shenanigans will be explored upon.

Neat battle report though

i GM warhammer 2ed and i have to admitt, its pretty impressive
im gonna talk it through with other GM and maybe we will apply some of your changes, thx alot for posting it


Well, total friendly fire was quite low for this game. 4 gutter runners dead from the wheel, 3 slaves killed by a cannon.

It's actually my first time doing a battle report.

Thanks for sharing that battle report

>the DOOMWHEEL suffers a misfire and explodes. Same fate goes for BOTH remaining warpfire throwers
>Skaven "engineering"

>hey guys lets be civil and just agree that my way is the right way and youre all wrong ok?

there is lore and rules that squires become knights. the end.

you are fine to do something else in your games if you want but stop pushing your shitty headcanon onto others. by definition a squire is something that becomes a knight. you may as well be arguing that bretonnian archers dont use bows and arrows and all mention of it in lore and rules are just mistakes ;^)

>there is lore and rules that squires become knights. the end.
And there's also evidence of the opposite. Which is why there's an argument, matey.

Given that conflict, you can either choose whichever one you want to think is true (which was the case anyway), or you can try to reconcile the differences.
Even the 5th edition book mentions that Bretonnian squires are commoners, not nobles. See

>reconciling the difference in a one sided way

of course you can choose whatever you want for your game but my point was that was a shitty compromise. a better way to do it is to say there are multiple paths to knighthood, with nobles getting it instantly most of the time and poorer nobles or peasants (or maybe the middle class thats sometimes talked about) having to be squires which is pretty much how it was in real life anyway

also in other places it mentions that even the Knights sons may be his squires. i think that comes after 6th edition and its hardon for no peasants getting to be nobles

gotta love ebay

I got a vampire counts battalion from ebay a year back and the kid had completely misassembled the corpse cart and melted away all the detail on the models by drowning them in plastic glue. There was also a Cold One rider included for some reason and with one of the arms replaced with what looked like a Lizardman's

apparently it still isn't finished

really really great

What's the market like nowadays for older models? I have a ton of wood elves and Beastmen, and finding games is impossible. I've been thinking it's time to let it all go.

well, there's DOOM in its name. What did you expect it to do?

Go get some Waystones. Mini Monsters makes good ones.


Hippogryphs or griffons? Which is better, cooler, more aesthetic?

Seems pretty exciting, I don't do much role-play but new source books etc. are always welcome. People say Cubicle 7 are pretty good.

I don't know the ins and outs but apparently if you buy digital versions of WFRP they have C7 in the code now, suggesting they've taken over the rights.

Both in different armies.

Question: why no Dwarf cavalry?

too short to ride

Bretonnia didn't get an armybook or an update after 6th edition.

Probably because they've got good, if slow, infantry and missile troops already. And I can also imagine big fights on if they should ride boars, goats, or mountain ponies.

Holy crap. Why does Malekeith look so badass in the concept art, but in the TWW 2 trailer he looks like a child molester?

> 3 Warpfire Cannons...


Because he is a child molester?

Well they're too short the really ride anything other than a pony and when they spend 90% of their time underground and the other 10% in mountainous terrain they don't really have a use for them.

Well, that's not wrong, but it's not a central theme or a main motivation to him or anything, just one of the many deviations - I mean with the amount of the other degeneracy going on he barely gets any child molesting done

He prefers the term 'age fluid'.

xe/fi/wu are his pronouns.

I thought he was just an incestuous, whiny shit lord?

I have a lore question. After their death/destruction, can standard Tomb Kings skeleton warriors be raised by another necromancer? Or are they somehow bound to Nehekhara, their priests and their magic?

I am making VC zombies/skeletons from various factions and I'm wondering if putting there some spare skellies from the warsphinx set makes sense.

GW retconned the incest and the illegitimate claim in 8e and made him the one true king and a child molester.

Although since he fathered most of every generation of Dark Elves generation after generation its still incest, just with his daughters instead of his mother.

They crumble to dust and rise again in their homeland.

Unless they don't. Like when trophies get taken or Ogres eat them.

Its another asmanyelvesastheplotdemands thing.

that is the dumbest piece of lore I've ever read
why am I even surprised
>elective monarchy
>one true heir
gw going full retard with the skub

8th edition isnt canon so who cares

It just said that every Dark Elf can trace their line back to him, not that he fucked them while they were children. However, all that incest is still utterly disgusting.

why would all the delfs even be related to hin? there were dozens of great houses who revolted for him. Not everyone was related or even Nagarithy.

Because he canonically used his regal authority to cuckold every generation of Dark Elves.

If ET hadn't ended in the end of the setting and he died, rulership of the Elves would basically be any Dark Elf and the race would tear itself apart.

How many times a day does Malekith have to have sex to sustain Dark Elf population?

that's really dumb and unnecessary. Goes to show how hamfist 8ed and End Times shit is.