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Have any of your characters changed their skin tone during a campaign? Maybe they got a tan?

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My white male human fighter character was turned into a sassy black woman by the GM. It's his fetish.

I'm not usually vocal about the anime is shit thing, but this is super shit.

At least TRY to make it related to pathfinder, op, fuck.

You could have at least tried.

Where the fuck are my logs, Vult?!

Hello, friend! I noticed that you called an image of the new Touhou game - Hidden Star in Four Seasons - an anime thing! Touhou is actually a danmaku (bullet hell) game, totally unrelated from anime, and hand animated by legendary beer connoisseur Zun.

The more you know!

Ask your mother.

> an anime image isn't anime

Wrong. Also, it's still shit.

Never gets old, I swear.



While she was mortal, one of my PCs had a ton of polymorph-based disguises for every situation.

After becoming an angel, her skin permanently shifted to a bleached alabaster, and the disguises stopped working, so she mostly used illusions.

>writing app for Overlewd
>make a rightfully angry healsnek
>her goal is to escape and kill anyone who tries to stop her
>no real villain potential without riding on someone elses coattails

What are some amazing treasures you or your party have acquired over the years, /pfg/? Any interesting stories behind them?

>Overlewds hasn't even been up a week
>already 30+ apps
This. Cannot. Continue.

Go the Tetsuo Route. Make her bitter about being small and weak and having to rely on others. So when she actually does get power, she starts to go off the deep end.

What do you think the next /pfg/ lewd game will be like?

I guess you'll just have to make up your own game then.

I'm waiting for the next 'regular' game.

Some lewd is fine, but I prefer it as a spice, not a main course.

>TFW you realize that Valeriya actually is a virgin, but the Vilderavn isn't

Waiting on the avowed changes myself.

Don't worry Vult! I know you can do it! You'll crack the case and win the lawsuit!

A Fluffy Tale 3

>takes two months to pick people
>dm doesn't bother showing
>more than half the applications were jokes anyway

How would that even work, user?

Why wouldn't it work? It's not like they're the same person, right?

You have brought shame to this board.

Anyone have good stats for generic guns like pistols, smgs, and the like? I need it for a setting I'm putting together.

Like said, there's a psyche split between Valeriya and the Vilderavn. The Vilderavn part of her was responsible for the rebellious streak and thus any sexual relationships she had before the split.

Wait for Starfinder to release


y'know, I always did find futa on /ss/ to be a fun genre

>PLD Update:
The bell has tolled for another.
After a close but ultimately lost fight, a manticore has escaped carrying one of the party members.

Wait, I'm pretty sure Emilia is a virgin just going off this quote in the app "Emilia is also a very inexperienced girl, even when it comes to relationships and sex due to her sheltered past, but her strong curiosity eggs her on to try out and experience new things. She very much has a lot to learn about the ways of a succubus."

It's great, as long as it's tender loving.

But manticores don't even have grab or Improved Grapple.

Who was it?

Unconscious sacks of meat are easy to carry, especially when they're the daintiest sack of meat available.

I'm pretty sure Valeriya post-Vilderavn was still having sex. Maybe not as wild and kinky, but still sex.


RIP papa-san.

I'm starting to regret making this image.

He lies, it was actually Cashmere.

But manticores deal tons of lethal damage and have no way of healing people they knock out.

Anyone they carry is just going to bleed out.


They're both liars. It was actually ____Vult

Nightwalkers are immune to bleeding out. I think it was also another beast refluffed as a manticore

Not actually Sigmund.

Dude, it's a monsterfucking setting. Do you think that monsters wouldn't be changed? Are you some scrub that just takes monsters wholesale from the bestiary without modifying them?

Everyone's lying.

PLD was cancelled today cause Vult's having his gender reassignment surgery tomorrow.

They have Wolverine powers, remember? The template designed to make sure they always stabilize and seldom die, so they can get raped with ease.

Giving Rory attention is like feeding the plant from the little shop of horrors.

"after this nosejob, no one will think to call you bitch"

I would have preferred it be Sigmund, honestly...

Still, waiting for logs like whoa.

Vulta is cute! CUTE!

More like "giving anything related to Rory attention will trigger false-flaggers galore"

Both are true.

CASHMERE confirmed taken by the Manticore for it's own hideous amusement!

Is she kill?


What's worse then having to put the character sheet into the graveyard and make a whole new one?

Having to think up 22 manticore kid names to put on your sheet.

The manticore isn't carrying her off to be eaten.

>Rory is a dick
>Rory is a sweetheart
>Rory is a piece of shit
>Rory is a dork
>Rory wears a collar
>Rory is a stud
>Rory is a furry
>Rory isn't a furry
>Rory just wants to be left alone
>Rory craves attention
>Rory is Canadian
>Rory is a redneck
>Rory self-shills
>Rory doesn't self-shill

Who the fuck is this man and why is the information on him so inconsistent. WHO IS HE


Aside from two magic magic weapons and the rest of the big six, what sort of magic items will be particularly useful or important to your typical TWFing ranger?

Not him. What is /pfg/'s obsession with this man. It's befuddling


Rory is everyone, and Rory is no one. I'm Rory. You're Rory. That girl you see walking to the bus stop every morning at 7 is Rory. The guy who takes your order at McDonalds is Rory. Moot is Rory. God is Rory. Rory is the Devil.

That's just because we're looking forward to his next stupidly enormous blunder.

Well, kittens are nice.

1/3/5/7/10/13 are correct.
The others are probably by rory.

t. Rory false-flag

rory isnt even a interesting player in any sort of way

please stop forcing him

t. Rory

What's the strongest gimmick/meme build you can come up with?


t. Rory

>tfw Gloriana will Literally Never get raped

Is that what happens when you put it in the backstory?

/pfg/ is there any way I could pitch a 'lower power' game without being decried as a shitter?

I have a thing that I really want to run but rampant magic would ruin it.

Bonbon's been defiled, and now Cashmere.

Place your bets, people! Who's next? Who will stand the test of time?


I think there are a fair number of people who would be interested, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I mean you won't get 50 apps like Overlewd will, but do you want 50 anyway?

There was an E8 game that worked out, wasn't there?

It's power level probably makes PC's equivalent to level 12's though.

Define lower power. What char gen rules.
Before banning classes whole sale, consider just banning certain spell effects.

I always count on gold. Lysander is next!

Lysander or Sigmund.

Gloriana will somehow survive the entire game not being monstered once.

I don't have anything concrete. Just lower magic in general.

People always complain about casters, but then balk at the notion of constraining them. I don't have a good sense of the happy medium between the two.

The people complaining about casters are just repeating a now stale meme. If you're playing with the PF Bestiary, Initiators with feat tax rules, which PFG always uses, are way more disruptive to game balance.

Direct from the GMs mouth. He wants silly apps, not serious ones. If you made a serious app you basically just throw away your chances at getting picked.

>Implying Sigmund won't get defiled by a PC first

What are you trying to run?

> Initiators

I feel stupid, but what are those?

>implying Cashmere won't go full-BDSM on his ass


Why is it even when I don't think 2hu is wrong some part of me recoils from his builds?

PoW classes



Wrong, boyo.

Being funny, and hoping that it's a genuine effort *while* being funny, don't mean it's an automatic acceptance.

What is the fastest way to get Reduce Person?

Just something fairly grounded. I'm not huge on the gestalt 25 point thing, but I do like running immersive narratives with simple rules and characters. 15 point single class would be a lot easier for me to work with as a GM, working towards something big in the long run, but humble at first.