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/ysg/- Yog-Sothothery General
This thread is meant to inspire Lovecraftian Veeky Forums (like Delta Green and CoC) and discuss Lovecraft's works for inspiration along with anything else that fits into this genre or takes place in the Yog-Sothothery.
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>Thread Question 1: What is your favorite Mythos Monster and why?
>Thread Question 2: What is the best non-Lovecraft Mythos Monster and why?

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dropbox.com/s/6vc7fuxg5n5jyfd/Delta Green Need to Know.pdf?dl=1


Everyone needs to fucking leave the gugs alone.

what are sand dwellers? What FUN ways can they fuck with my players if said players aren't in the desert but in a city?

I'm planning on running a horror game (probably in GURPS or another universal system) were the gimmick is I'm not going to let on whether or not there is anything supernatural going on unless the players dig very, very deep. I'm planning on using the Cthulhu mythos in some variation or another for it.

I'm building the small 1930's New England town the game will be taking place in right now. What essential elements should it have? So far It's got a small logging operation, a failing commercial fishery, a spooky old mansion at the edge of town (the owners were murdered during the civil war - some say it was due to secret support for the southern states. Others say it was a mad cult), and a fairly robust immigrant quarter left over from the roaring 20's.

Also, does anyone have any ideas on what kind of plot hooks I could use without making anything to overtly supernatural? I want to do something cult-related but that's as far as I've gotten and I'm stumped on what direction to take it.

Missing persons are a staple hook for supernatural mysteries. I used one in my most recent CoC game.

>Thread Question 1: What is your favorite Mythos Monster and why?
I know this will sound basic as fuck, but Cthulhu. Back in my /x/ days I did some crazy ritualistic stuff that made me hallucinate seeing Cthulhu for several days on and off and it was probably the closest I'll ever get to going full Lovecraft irl.

Not even roleplaying here, I just used massive placebo affect.
>Thread Question 2: What is the best non-Lovecraft Mythos Monster and why?
Probably The King in Yellow, I just reread the book by Chambers and it's fucking amazing.

Has anyone here run Pulp Cthulhu? After one of my players on CoC got killed due to a double fumble from another investigator shooting, I think the next game should be a little more light hearted.

>Recommend things to put in the next OP

If I've told you once I've told you a thousand times

>Delta Green

>Old DG

>New DG
>Need to Know
dropbox.com/s/6vc7fuxg5n5jyfd/Delta Green Need to Know.pdf?dl=1
>Agent's Handbook

Hey speaking of Delta Green, here's some shit I stole from Detweiler's Patreon.

Don't worry Dennis, it's just preview stuff you've put in from the new rulebook.

How about "condensed rules lookup that should have been in the Agent's Fucking Handbook"?

How about "shit that should be in the Agent's Handbook or at least the Case Officer's Handbook and not buried in the appendix of a random mission doc"?

please do not bully the devs

How about a list of 7e monsters converted to use the DG rules?

Right away

>Dark young are of non-Earthly material and make-up, so that any successful hit with a firearm attack does only 1 point of damage per bullet.

New Delta Green combat doesn't track individual bullets. These clearly have not been converted to use the DG rules

Aren't you glad *you* didn't pay a dollar a month for this?

Are you sure that's from the patreon? I remember someone here working on a 'conversion' of the 7e monster manual and having this exact same conversation with him

My DG content is organized in folders, and I have a folder of shit I ripped from the patreon. Looks like I saved this to the wrong folder.

Here's the one I was looking for when I found that.

>What has not been discovered is a confirmation of the world’s religions—heaven, hell or an afterlife. There have been cases of non human intelligences impersonating religious or historical figures, and there have been reports of humans using alien techniques to separate mind from body. But so far, no aspect of spiritualism has revealed the affirmations and comforts of a human religion to be true.


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Anyone ever used ghouls in their campaign?




yes... Ghouls are quite fun and not always oposed to the PCs. Just make the creepy and unpleasant to work with...

Empty ship drifting to shore
Brutal, gory murders
Insane preacher

Sand dwellers really wouldn't be in a city to begin with unless someones captured one and taken them there, it's like saying "how can my players encounter a fish in the mountains?" aside from being brought to that location there's absolutely no reason for them to be there. They are kinda cute tho

I've read a shotgun scenario where in one of the desert wars soldiers captured a sanddweller, thought it's some kind of mutant, captured it tried to waterboard but the sand dweller died. Before that though it vomeited on them so they constantly stink and every sand dweller from a fuckton of miles can sense their presence and know that they killed one of their own.
Slowly they will kill said soldiers when the opportunity rise and that s what the players would investigate.
Sadly, I know fuckall about sand dwellers, I just liked the scenario

currently running one with the De Monte Clan, it got a rocky start with a double cop killing and various petty theft but slowly my players start to fear their life while they still don't realize the extent of the danger