Chaplain thread

Anons, Chaplains are perhaps the coolest part of 40k to me. 7 foot tall supersoldiers with skull masks and helmets and maces inspiring their fellow giant supersoldiers while looking like total bosses is the best. I really like the Dark Angel Interrogator Chaplains for how scary they are in-universe, and how cool they look with robes and skull helms!

Post chaplains!
Models, art, stories, it's all cool with me, just post what you got!

Look how menacing that dude looks! And this guy's posed really well, and the model looks great.


Heck yeah, Chaplains are the coolest!

I wish there were more options, I love chaplians as beatsticks but 2W is kinda subpar for a warlord.

Best Chaplain coming through!.

>tfw play DA
>have glorious Fear causing Interrogator Chaplains with Captain statline
Can't hear you over the sound of WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W3 I5 A3 Ld10 3+!


No, this is the best Chaplain. He has BRAZIERS ON HIS BACK!

I love Chaplains. The religious zealot filled with hate is the perfect avatar of the Imperium.




They really need to make a model for this guy.

They really need to make a model for this guy.

This guy needs his model updated, it's too cool.

This is beautiful.

Never liked Chaplain maces because they look less like weapons and more like a scepter. Just extend the wingspan of the Aquila and make it a stylized thunder hammer.


Screw you, they're maces.


str 6 + A4 charging with re-rolls. Chappy isn't there to 1v1 ICs now, he's there to guarantee some wounds on whatever you charged.
Or, like mine today, beat scouts and vindicares to death.

>str 6 + A4 charging with re-rolls

And then you charge something like Eldar and watch them cry.

t. Eldar player who got his Farseer's head smashed in by a Crozius last night.

I hope Dawn of War 3 doesn't forget about them. Even tough I know there is aboslutley no way that the voice can be as good as it was in the original.

>tfw bringing 10 man squad assaults with 2 flamers, Company master with relic blade and Chaplain in a drop pod with DA

They are not a deathstar by any means but they rape beautifully if the target is well picked.

>not just giving them all jump packs

Diomedes is a chaplain in dow3

playing 2 demicompanies for free vehicles, no points left

Yeah - sometimes I think the religious aspect of the marines is under-emphasized, for saying they're warrior-monks who are also directly connected to the god-emperor - it seems only occasionally that people remember they're meant to be the very literal Angels of Death, and they often take a nightmarish aspect to fight the enemies of mankind with terror and fury. They are the Emperor's very own monsters, and few show this as well as the skull-faced and sable-armoured chaplains - who, lest it be forgotten, are the ones who lead their brothers in faith and how they and their chapter are connected to their god-and-sire.

Also, agree with , the DA in particular are great for this with all the religious imagery and things, starting with the quote that named them that, when Luther saw them descending on jump packs 'And the angels of darkness descended upon pinions of fire and light...the great and terrible dark angels.'

When an animefag gets ignored like this is when I know there is still justice in this world.

Did someone dump you today?

Hey! Chaplainposting only.

Carry on.

>he is STILL mad he got ignored like he deserved

Really dig the jump pack chaplains. I him with my assault squad painted in IF executioners colors (black armor, yellow pauldrons).

They're paddles.


Grimdark as fuck, love those guys. Will add one to my 30k DG soon. I might use a NL head, those are pretty cool.

>Repent, for tomorrow you die!

You pups are cute.


Have you read the short story with the DG Chaplain?


Yes, I like it.

>Tighter than Dorn's ass cheeks.


>that domed, Gabriel Angelos Tartaros-esque top of the armor
>that awesome chestplate and ab cable
>that non-retarded skull helmet
>those hanging decorations with skulls, skulls everywhere


>non-retarded skull helmet
What are you saying, heretic?

Looks like Belial mixed with a Chaplain. But it has a distinct "Deathwing Knight" look almost. Hmm. Time to convert my Belial into one of these.

>skull masks

What if it wasn't a mask?

>It would been extremely painful to look like that




Then its a badge of honor.

This is the Chaplain from Damnation Crusade, say something nice about him.

You're a Big Boss

Man, Chaplains are the best thing about SM. A shame this thread isn't as popular as it should be.

What would a Methodist or Lutheran type Chaplain look like? You know a non-catholic type situation? Protestants. Where the third sacrament is the potluck.


>Methodist Chaplain

Currently in the process of converting the Betrayal at Calth chaplain into a Dark Angels Interrogator.
He will be my third chaplain, and I've never even bought a proper chaplain miniature.

>say something nice about him

Well... At least it's not as bad as Cassius.

I'm a big fan of this guy

I actually like Ulrik's new model. The crozius really looks good with a chill pose. Just wish he has a real skull helmet.

Yeah, the helmet should have been an optional head for him. Then people could have put it on their 30k Russ models.

Wasn't that story basically just BL saying "Buy Destroyers from Forge World"?

Yeah, true enough.

Fellow chaplanons, is a chaplain dreadnought ok? Because sweet fuck! Two great tastes, one great place!

Yes, though they did all die

Even in death he lead his brothers in faith - pretty cool, could do with a bit more of a reliquary look if you ask me, but then I like it when marines go heavy on their religious aspect

Yes, though they did all die

Even in death he lead his brothers in faith - pretty cool

It's a fantastic model, even though I don't play Marines I've always wanted to get one. You could just use it as an Ironclad.

Quaker marines. No chaplains. Every day the squad gathers together to read a specific passage of the Codex or sacred text and discuss. Three main questions being what was important about the text, relate it to the day/training/battle, what was unclear or of the most interest?

Large holy days involve as much of the company as possible assembling in squads, discussing, and reassembling to discuss with different squads.

Sounds dope. They're going to fall/get purged eventually for sure, but it seems like a neat idea.

Chaplain dread are awesome

New Chaplain models when?

Needs Storm bolter drilled and isn't highlighted yet, very far from finished, but I friggin love this thing.

Related photoshop

How much you pay for him? I'm thinking of buying one.

I have an interrogator chaplain with a jump pack who instant death-ed like 15 farseers in 6th ed. They always forget the instant death lol. Used him to lead a 10 man assault marine squad, and I gave him the assault 3 ap4 storm bolter. shit was cash.

thats badass, I have a master of marches converted into a chaos sorcerer with imps holding his chaos scroll aloft

>chaos scroll

You can't just take Imperial things and call them Chaos!

>Chaos Predator
>Chaos Vindicator
>Chaos Space Marine

By the Emperor...

I have a master of marches for a pompous 30k prator. It's a real hard mode to cut up, it's full blown finecast, complete with tons of strange gates all over it, not just connecting the frame.

Real cool tho. Go for it!