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Probably my favorite Gish build desu famalam

I.e., a Druid that's terrified of nature because he knows exactly how dangerous it is. Like someone who's stayed up all night reading about Australian wildlife.

"Nature is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence."

But really, anyone who's ever made a drow character will have an identical middle panel.

Not really. I played a drow wizard who was nothing like Drizzt: he definitely didn't have the winning personality and was far more shy and introverted than that.


He literally turned into a bird man.

Well, are you strong as ten regular men, definitely? Faced the galloping hordes and/or a hundred bad guys with swords? Just sending those goons to their lords would do it, to be honest.

Don't know much about Exalted but anyone who ends up playing Based CaoCao is alright in my book.

And my character was nothing like Drizzt either. That doesn't change that most DMs tend to see "Drizzt" when they see any drow.

Just an age for the thread because I love this stuff.


Why isn't the first picture just Lina from DotA.

I made a brain-damaged Drow crusader who was comic relief. Then he teamkilled twice in the final battle, wasn't so funny anymore.

>No template

>durr I can't erase the pictures from one of the posts and make my own

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Yeah after I'm done with Veeky Forums for the day. Thank you for posting the template, I'll save it. Gotten enough faggots from Veeky Forums from this week, I'll just go back to lurking till all the angry people calm down. Have fun Veeky Forums.

You're such a bitch it's actually impressive.

Druids are ghey

5th ed Barbarian/Druid, he was a friend to the people and teacher for the children.

I'm really having fun with this character so far.


Maybe it's a pyromancer who sings? In that case, fire!Elsa would be a better fit than Lina.

Can confirm.

I had tons of fun tho.

Felt bad that I wasted what become a fascinating character in a shitty setting with a middling DM.

Found one for NPCs, in case any Forever GMs want in.


Always fun when your medic character ends up being one of the party's serious asskickers.

soooooooo I fucked off and completely forgot about this thread lol

Oh man... Just... oh man... lol

STR 8 lol... I'm from [difficult to pin down fantasy middle eastern country] though, and took a homebrewed background of "opportunistic urchin" with some thieves guild ties, so I kinda do see where he gets Aladdin from... only finally hit me the other day though, it was completely unintentional.

UH OH THAT LOOKS FAMILIAR. Don't suppose you had a pet mouse that has outlived the character by an impressive amount?

Because I don't actually play DotA... but yeah that prob would have made a better fit. Actually a tiefling Phoenix Sorceress (archetype from Unearthed Arcana) but couldn't really find a good image so figured fire Elsa would get the point across in a way that wouldn't require much explanation.

I mean... it does take like 2 seconds to Google, it's a pretty easy to find template

Ya whatever, druid in my other campaign is about to start spamming Disney sidekicks everywhere... Awaken has entered my daily prep lineup lol. Intelligent warhorses who understand tactics and can talk ftw... maybe I'll even make Groot.

Hah. Excellent.

O my...

lololol yeah I'm kinda getting that vibe from the character I posted... hence the unnecessary bikini pyro... really sums it up. Bard's kinda acting like a fucktard so far so someone's gotta do damage control ;)


Posting this in a separate post so the image is relevant... one of my DMs made a green slaad who really wanted to be human... and he had been collecting human artifacts for some time and everything... he essentially had a cave of thingamabobs... we either all saw the character as The Little Slaad, or just the DM wearing a frog suit



Calm your tits, jackass.

I don't even know where to start.

Traditionally, with the leftmost panel.




And how'd that turn out for you?


You are a terrible human being


You were unnecessary?



Quite well

Though slightly useless

I mean, I rather liked Chappie.

Was a fun campaign all in all

>I've become the gundam.jpg

Was the skelly a helper that followed the party around?

witches are fun


Over 20000 hours in paint


I love it when a cleric player is capable of doing this.

What the hell? Has there suddenly been a renaissance in What I Made threads? Most of these actually make sense, and some are even straight up funny.

This is the best one.

Why is the third panel just a menu screen?


What did you play?

you're supposed to put a picture in the last panel

>What I played, what the GM saw, what nobody saw


When you say "wizards.jpg" do you mean "What the fuck am I casting?", "Obscene Cosmic Powers" or the correct choice?
Which is this of course

Nah, although your correct choice is more like our warlock.

No sense of right and wrong.

That's a hell of a wizard trick.

This was a good game


I know. Isn't it great?
I'll be even happier if they find some way to prevent her turn to the dark side.

Here, take this, use it well.

In my case, it was the same for the first two, but the last panel would be Tyrion Lannister.

Halfway through lvl 1, my dwarven lay-cleric was seduced by a cult of hedonism. By level 10 he was Primate of the First Temple to Delanus the Debauched.

1800's coc

DM ran a homebrewed Evil Genius campaign.




Middle was actually close to the original intention but the campaign got more serious than I think any of us expected.

Go to bed Hawk

this is the best one.

I'm and no. Here's what I did. I made a goblin unleashed rogue knife master archetype/assassin
The GM thought i'd be playing an edgelord full of cringe.
What I ended up doing was going on a thieving spree, stealing anything worth more than 10 gold that could fit in a large bag of holding.

The campaign was an evil one, so all my actions were in line with the party. One of our raids was on a mansion owned by some merchant lord. We split the party in two, me alone and the rest throwing as much of a commotion they could

Being a goblin, I picked the trait that gave me climb speed. So I walk crawled the outer wall and then the mansion, got into a vent shaft and navigated my way to the treasury room. Lost myself a few times in the shafts getting there because my character had little to no map reading experience and poor rolls. I had stolen the blueprints to the house prior to the raid.
I ended up stealing about half the treasure they had, took the choicest bits thanks to maxed ranks in appraise. The party actually had a fight with the guards, nothing serious, they used non-lethal weapons and they had payed a few homeless people to come help with the fight.

I waited until night to crawl out of the mansion, just to make sure the guards wouldn't spot me even though I had about +25 in stealth

>What I Made: A Trandosian Marauder. I used a Random Star Wars Name Generator to get the name "Kel Voidrider". Because of the name, Kel, I gave him an affinity for orange soda.
>What the DM Saw: A scaly tank that's just a Kel stand-in.
>What I Played: UNSTOPPABLE LIZARD MAN (also Sweat Loaf by Butthole Surfers would play in my head during combat.)

>Vampire with Trailer Park Boys sprinkled on it
I need to know a little bit more about this. I live in Nova Scotia, so the Trailer Park Boys have always been big locally, but it's the outside perspective that we always find most interesting.

Made a medieval fantasy setting where the big bad wizard jackass managed to destroy the world and most of its inhabitants, leaving nothing but armies of undead thralls, magically mutated creatures, ruins of assorted countries and what few survivors had managed to continue existing. Essentially a magical version of nuclear Armageddon. Nobody wanted to even consider making a character.

Two years later another guy in the group brings up the same setting but with time travel and only elves, humans, and dwarves. Everyone jumps on it.


Sucks. It happens though, sadly. Players are fickle.

>vampires+jackass+ trailer park boys
if you're still here id really like to her the story of this one

I made a scientist with some magical ability that is primarily used to boost skill checks and rapidly craft. He used salvaged bodies and clones for the bulk of his crafting material and to make undead and drones.

And here I thought the Tecnobarbarians where extinct.

Needless to say my character wasn't a static character.


>. I live in Nova Scotia
So do I

So rest assured: the plotline followed a Daeva pimp (a pc) with 1 dot in Int attempting to gain more power and money via ridiculous and illegal means, who would misuse or mispronounce words, and who relied heavily on a socially awkward but intelligent Gangrel with a penchant for gadgets and a slightly stunned and morally shaky Ventrue, set against the backdrop of Baton Rouge shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Things were blundered, people accidentally hurt in ridiculous fashions, stuff got broken and relationships strained.

I'm trying to remember the pcs names. I believe the Daeva's name was "Murphy", the Gangrel was "Theo". I can't remember the Ventrue's named off the top of my head.



Impeccable taste user


Hey Rakash, you better be ready for the new game.

What are you talking about? I made an old wise man. They saw an old crazy animal-sacrificing Viking priest- I played a wrestler.