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are druids gay?

>smaller than the fucking horse
>still needs a horse
St. George is clearly a pussy. Any ten schmucks with crossbows coulda taken that fucker out; fewer if they were actually trained, like professional soldiers.

They're pansexuals, fucking trees n'shit

The skills for feats UA is actually pretty good, kudos Wizards.

All druids are transbians.

He and the horse were Enlarged, the dragon was Reduced

The bigger pussies are all the guys who converted to Christianity because this guy promised to kill a three foot tall lizard which was ALREADY WOUNDED AND SHACKLED. Anyone coulda walked up with a fuckin' rock and ended that dragon.

Fuck's sake, Christianity, at least try to make your stories believable.

A girdle is not a shackle.

When you play a religious character, whom is your fave deity?

I'm partial to Wee Jas personally.

The idea of a death goddess that doesn't actively want to kill people, but guide them to self improve through death and life seems really unique.

If it makes a supposedly ferocious dragon docile enough to be led around by the waif of a girl he was just about to eat, it's a fucking shackle.

What's the best level 14 totem barbarian choice to take? Eagle seems fun but elk seems strong

It wasn't the girdle that did that, it was George. Imagine being too fucking stupid for a Christian fairytale.

So, how about the following stats?STR 28, DEX 25, CON 29, INT 26, WIS 24, CHA 30.

The one useful monk.

>I'm magic enough to render a dragon helpless, but you gotta take your belt off first, little lady

what is this, a 3.5 stat block?

I see you rolled the standard 8d6 for your stats.

>a wedding girdle is a belt
>implying he couldn't used a fucking sword as a leash
Do you get off on being wrong and embarrassing yourself or something?

It's Eagle

Finally, a good ranger statline.

>Whenever a character scores a critical hit, their theme song plays
Best houserule or best houserule?
What would be your character's theme song?

>Heh, I could take a dragon, no problem. Stupid Xtians.

pathfinder players...

In an earlier thread I asked about ideas for my time mage concept, I described it as such: controlling space and time by stopping, slowing, accelerating, reversing time, manipulating gravity in various ways, can create black holes, drop meteors, and also has force magic. Obviously the inherit design behind a time mage is outrageously powerful but forget about all that, can you guys throw some ideas at me for some interesting spells/abilitys that would fit my character, obviously I don't care if its over powered. And obviously this would be complete homebrew.

For example in the last thread someone gave me a great idea, a spell that would reverse time on an ally, the spell would essentially return the target back to their original state from their previous turn. Meaning their health would go back to what it was then, their spell would get refunded as well if one was cast, any ammunition or consumables would return, pretty much any debuff would no longer be present like a poison or stun for example. This ability would also bring back someone from death.

It's flavorful ideas like that which I'm looking for, fitting the theme of my time mage.

arcana cleric or divination wizard for an astrologist?


>Guys i want to be OP from lvl 1
Not happening.


>a sword as a leash
Is it three feet long and made out of fucking rubber?

underrared post

He does it for his kids. AND HE'S BLACK.

Typo. *could've

I was mocking the person who was shocked that something flexible was required to tie the dragon.

Have you seen this "dragon"? A bear would be scarier.

It's not like that, I would just appreciate ideas that would fit my theme. My campaign is quite unique and we have balance through pretty out there means. Its just how my group runs shit and it would take forever to explain.

>not using your own cape or your horse's reins
>making some terrified teenaged sacrifice undress

Uh, you can just refluff most spells to fit with your idea of being a time mage.

>hold person, haste, reverse gravity, blink, etc. etc.
It's pretty easy.

As for school of magic? Divination fits well and you want to be powerful.
Fluff your portent rolls as "redos" for whatever roll you're going for. Take lucky for literal redos.
Be a halfling for more redos.

rate this homebrew.

Definitely divination wizard over arcana cleric

Consider checking out the Seeker patron for the warlock in UA The Faithful, but personally I think wizard is the best class for an astronomer

We get it. You don't know what a wedding girdle is, but it's time to stop posting.

We had enough of this last thread. I was hoping we could move on.

You got your (You)s last thread, move along

everyone must know.

You'd be pleasantly surprised.

>a girdle isn't an article of dress
>removing it isn't undressing
All those guys back then were fucking pervs, military men especially. And George was Greek, which is even worse. He was ogling that hot little tot through her hip-hugging dress as she slipped out of that girdle and you know it.

1. The dragon is intelligent and can fly and breathe fire, which makes it scarier than a bear.

2. This may not be obvious from your computer chair, but bears are scary.

Keep embarrassing yourself.

There's no way St. George's dragon is scarier than a bear. Bears are super scary and all of St. George's dragons look like little pieces of baby shit.

That's because Christian art had to depict evil as being weak and craven, the downside of which being that the slaying of that evil doesn't seem very impressive

You literally can't have those in 5e.

Honestly, from a player perspective, we're just hyped to play at all. I look forward to my sessions every week and get sad when we don't play.

>implying that wouldn't be terrifying to some peasant who's only seen normal-looking animals
This is like fodder for level 3s in 5E.

This looks like a really bad rip-off of Incarnum in my mind. Flat bonuses are fucking terrible, use advantage or d4/d6 bonuses instead. The telekinesis stuff will either be exploited by a creative player to be a jackass and break the campaign, or will be completely useless as boring utility. Telekinesis abilities are awful to balance and just suck in general. Also the 20th level ability is pure garbage, getting immunity to some obscure shit for 1d4 rounds? What?

Please put some serious thought into scrapping this class and starting over. Ask yourself: does my shitty class need to exist? The answer is no, 90% of the time.


> gurps in god tier


That pic is a test to see if you can finish reading before posting.

Dread in cancer tier, d20 Modern in OK tier.
That image is cancer.

Max 5e stat is a 20.

Because it's one of the best RPGs out there. It's okay, though, it has a lot of rules so it's probably too much for your tiny pea brain.

This list seems rather accurate. I'd move 5e up one, WRM up to ok and stick Ironclaw in the ok tier though.

Who's saying that's a PC?

>hey guys I had a cool idea: using a jenga tower for a horror RPG!
>let's make a whole book out of it and sell it for 29.99!


That list is literal shit.

Are there any good homebrews for Gnolls? I saw one an idea for one last thread that gave them Rampage but that seems quite powerful.

>RPG with an actual 1d6 mechanic mixed with skills that give you a +2 bonus, and stats ranging 1 to 6.
>doesn't use 2d6 for some reason
>armor adds to defense instead of working as DR even though the game has exploding dice for damage

I'm sorry, how has no-one noticed fucking FATAL in "ok tier".

>Not having a daily fatal game with your slave boy

Shit, it's like you didn't meet your boyfriend on Veeky Forums.

What do you want?
More gnolls?
A template?
PC race?

This got me wondering, is there a serious system tier list anywhere?

No it's not.

You have no idea what Dread is or what horror rpgs are or what building atmosphere or tension or suspense is.
Don't blame the system for retards being literally brain dead.
Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

PC race.

You deserve a high five!
To the face with multiple chairs.

Tyr if playing a good character
Cyric if evil

> When the gno ll reduces a creature to 0 hit points with a melee attack on its turn, the gnoll can take a bonus action to move up to half its speed and make a bite attack.

I don't see how Rampage couldn't be worked into a PC class honestly. It's OK at best, definitely not broken.

If you take Lizardfolks, you could just replace Cunning Artisan & Natural Armor with this feature and you'd have a slightly worse version of Lizardfolks.

Dragon Wyrmlings (such as what this obviously is) go from CR 1-4

A brown bear would be equal challenge to a copper or brass wyrmling.

same tier as 3.5

That is a serious list, though.

Nice """""""""""""argument""""""""""

Talos is awesome. Pure destruction and chaos with healthy dose of Lightning Bolts.

Though Tempus is a close second.

Retards "creating a list" shouldn't be taken seriously.

Actually that's a good idea. Would +2 STR, +1 WIS or +2 STR, +1 DEX work better for their stats?

>You have no idea what Dread is or what horror rpgs are or what building atmosphere or tension or suspense is.

Except I do. I've run games like that. I ran a space horror game that gave people literal nightmares. And I did absolutely none of it with the aid of Dread or it's shitty rules.

Right, and I know how to cure cancer.

That assumes you actually have friends or anyone actually wants to play with you.

How do I play a Lizardfolk Ranger while not just acting like a scaly human? Are there any cool things you've seen Lizardfolk do in your games?

Is it a good idea to snuggle the party for warmth

Why are you so butthurt over it? Apparently it hits home somewhere.

Is it the realization that D&D 5e actually isn't a very good game? And that when the best thing you can say about an RPG is that it isn't as shitty as the previous three incarnations of it, and that you have to keep in certain mechanics that have been proven objectively shit (like alignment for example) to preserve the game's identity, perhaps it is a shit game? Perhaps when the devs make it rules light because they are too lazy to make an actual system, and everyone lauds it for being easy to homebrew while ignoring the fact that the OGL has been raped despite this being one of the few times an OGL would help the game, instead the Jews who run wizards make you join the fucking DM's guild, or submit to their copyright shit, maybe it is not a good game? D&D 5e's surging sales are definitely because it is a good RPG, and not because of unparalleled advertising dollars, shilling by multiple companies, and appearance of the game on several popular sitcoms (Big Bang Theory and Stranger Tides, the latter of which wasn't really a comedy but it might as well have been given how awful the plot was) have nothing to do with it.

You know your party better than we do, user.

Be cool and calm in all situations. Positively cold-blooded.

>he disagrees with me therefore he has no friends
>implying you even need to be friends with the people you play with
Good for you, man! You should put that knowledge to work and save some lives! Perhaps even mine, from the cancer I got reading your post.

Also, ignore her.

It's a shit list and anyone taking it seriously are braindead retards.

But you went full autist with your screeching response so good for you, I guess.

Remember that gnolls have darkvision 60ft according to the Monsters Manual, which is not the case of Lizardfolks.

Ability Score bonuses are theoretically interchangeable I think. I guess you could just ask yourself what classes a Gnoll should be able to excel at, and choose from that. I believe from their statblocks that Wisdom should be their best intellectual stat, but they're super-strong (like orcs are supposed to) nor super-agile.
I guess I'd go +2 STR +1 WIS if I had to. Or maybe +1 STR +1 DEX +1 WIS. I dunno.

So you admit you have no have friends.

Share how you made your players have nightmares, oh great DM.

Get a life, man. You're making tier lists for the sole sake of shitposting, reevaluate your decisions and become a more positive person.

Is it worth picking up the new Silver Tongued feat on a Halfling Dual-Wielding Ranger or should I get the real Dual-Wielder feat?

No, I made the list to express my opinion. I am sorry if that offends you.

I meant they're not* super strong like orcs

It seems not only one person shares the opinion your list is shit tier.

>bears are scary
Polar bears are, but brown, black and grizzlies are scared of pots and pans mate.
Signed : Someone who worked in the Rocky's as a provincial park ranger

The +1 to all three actually sounds good. I don't feel like they're doing that enough on races, Triton's the only one I can think of that gets it.

The Darkvision doesn't feel like too much to add balancewise.

Also I find it a little weird Lizardfolk don't have Darkvision. I'm pretty sure they did in all the older editions.

Well it involved a lot of music and lighting work, and some creepy effects as the characters explored an abandoned space station. I just threw in whatever creepy details I could.

I'm sure if I'd played dread, though, the experience would have been much better. I am sure that book is so full of wisdom and totally-non-generic advice for running a horror RPG. In fact I bet you can tell a DM who has read it from a DM who hasn't in the space of 30 seconds of them running the horror campaign, that is how much of a difference it makes. And just for 30 shekels, it can be all yours!