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>Thread question
Which Commander/General seems to sway your table the most as soon as it comes down?

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>Which Commander/General seems to sway your table the most as soon as it comes down?

My table always hates out Rashmi, Eternities Crafter whenever she comes down. They are too afraid of UG good stuff, even though my deck isn't a particularly cancerous version of it. I swear, you resolve Mind's Dilation while Rashmi is on the field once in a deck with only one tutor and everybody loses their minds.



Cyclonic Rift


Toshiro alter on the way.

Didn't see new thread

So, I had an idea for Yidris Domain as a nice middle ground between chaos goodstuff and warp world.

I'm going Yidris because white seems to be the weakest color for Domain, and Domain doesn't care about what you paid to cast it.
That being said, not having any Converge stuff is a bit bothersome.

Would it be worth it to put some of the better 5- Converge cards in?

And are there any ways to get full domain in a 4 color deck, other than Nylea's Presence and Prismatic Omen?

Signets, Keyrunes, or Cluestones?


I just bought this dude and I want to make the most Bolas themed EDH deck possible.

Planeswalker Bolas, Cruel Ultimatum, Slave of Bolas, Dark Intimations, Sarkhan the Mad and Tezzy, Agent of Bolas are in.

What else should I get?

is he ever going to get banned or can we expect to see leovold winning every commander game he's in until the end of time?

I've been mulling over making a more competitive deck for a while now, and have finally settled on Tasigur as my commander. The group meta isn't terribly cutthroat, but some of my other decks are a little bit lower in power level, mostly because I haven't really put any money into them.

So, any tips/criticism for this deck? Consider me as a budget conscious player, if that makes things slightly easier.

I've been running it on xmage for roughly a week, and have been doing pretty well with it, but suggestions are always welcome.

Throne of the God-Pharaoh

Vengeful Pharaoh

Talismans you plebs.

Oh, another question. Given access to green, is it best to use land ramp (Cultivate etc), mana rocks, or a mix of both? If a mix, how do you generally split it?

He's not getting banned. If the Leo player is winning 3+ v 1 in your meta then you need to stop sucking or politely tell the Leo player he's too powerful for your meta.

i'm the leo player in my competitive group though. all but the one budget brago player has an almost totally optimized competitive t1-t2 deck, and i generally only lose if someone has a really early counterspell for me. most of the rest of the group has all started running leovold in the 99 if they're in the colors.

Does anyone have a competitive EDH list for Teysa, Orzhov Scion? What are the best one mana creatures for her?
Ive seen Doomed Traveller, Gravecrawler, and Soul's Attendant played

>Which Commander/General seems to sway your table the most as soon as it comes down?

Avacyn, Angel of Hope.

she's not really gonna be able to compete with the real big boys as far as comp commander goes, but an optimized build for her would be a pile of tutors, darkest hour, and sac outlets to take advantage of that. oh and make sure there's a skullclamp somewhere in there too.


Well there's your problem.

At the league my LGS hosts Leovold, Animar, and Zur see a lot of hate also most UW control lists or any deck that runs tangle wire and sphere/thorn effects.

i mean if a commander is too strong for a real competitive group, that shit could wreak havoc on a less prepared playgroup, especially since most of the cards that form a lock with him are really cheap money-wise. if you've got leovold, you can build a pretty nasty deck on a relatively low budget.

I know shes not top tier but shes good and my metas not super cutthroat. My metas mostly tier two decks and if someone sits down with a well known top tier commander they generally get ganged up on

I just would really like a very good tuned competitive list. Im a filthy netdecker and very used to playing Modern/Legacy where you mostly just copy and tune a list, but 100 card singleton is hard for me.

i played her for a while, but she got kinda boring. not many 1-drops are super great for the deck, it's the 2-drop slot that ends up mattering the most. reassembling skeleton, bloodghast, nether traitor, stoneforge mystic (to get skullclamp), blood artist, etc

i'll draw up a sample decklist if you want it

Budget doesn't equal how competitive a group is and I'm sure some people do ban him. There is no Commander however that can win a 3v1 every (or even the majority) game if players are relatively equal in skill and deck power.


If you could id be very thankful
So i can copy and tune it. Only cards I wont be able to afford are Imperial Seal and Moat.

I meant why are you getting into this format if you wanna netdeck and treat it like Vintage singleton?

I just find that fun. I already have the majority of the power cards like Yawgmoths Will and Mana Crypt.

this guy's list and primer are alright.

i recommend using it as a baseline, replacing lands that come in tapped with better fetches and duals. also definitely find replacements for cards like skirsdag high priest that don't directly go toward your plan of "go infinite".

it's actually really helpful for newer EDH players to netdeck their first deck. gotta learn the format before you can innovate and try new stuff, eh?

I can get the latter though it isn't my cup of tea but the format being singleton is designed so your deck is as unique as a signature. Why would you want to forego that? For the hope to save time deckbuilding that some asshole writing a primer is bullshitting to make his deckdick sound huge? It's eliminating a large part of the format experience of building uniquely to your meta.

naw man, starting out by netdecking something you like is like buying the precon that you like. you're gonna change up the list and make it your own over time.

what has your experience with Heartless Hidetsugu been like

hilarious when he gets infect

Buying a precon isn't netdecking, come on now.

Netdecking, traditionally in other formats is taking 90% of a deck list and copying wholesale with the expectation it will run as tuned as possible and not to change those cards. Maybe that's not what you meant by it but that's what it means to me, especially in the context of a Modern/Legacy player.

the purpose of buying a precon is getting a deck that's generally functional but needs tuning to fit a playgroup. pulling an EDH list from the internet is sort of the same thing, it comes with the implication that you need to modify it to fit your group.

kind of frustrating. my friend plays with with double damage effects without self protection so she keeps killing the entire game when she feels like it.

>Thread question
Which Commander/General seems to sway your table the most as soon as it comes down?

Mine. Rakdos, Lord of Riots, or Oona as well. Honestly most of my group is playing modified Precons while I've built several decks. Whenever my commander comes down that's usually a sign that general table hate is going to be directed to towards me, to the point that Blue players save counter spells for me, while Red players save removal for artifacts and such. Makes it hard to function.

>owe friend pizza money
>wants cards instead
>convince him to turn his mostly-vanilla Saskia precon into a pretty gnarly Infect deck
>mfw seeing the fucking thing in action

Those little 1 and 2 power creatures are fucking nasty.

I've created a monster.

>Doomed Traveler
It's alright. I ended up cutting it though, but I might end up trying it again alongside the new Doomed Dissenter.
Yuck, I don't run nearly enough zombies to try to force any kind of tribal aspect outside of the occasional spirits-matter card.
>Soul Sisters
They're not really worth a spot in the 99. Their incidental lifegain just makes people attack you to appear fair to the table.

Just looked through my deck, and Viscera Seer is the only 1drop creature I run.

I had similar feelings as you on all the cards and feel like ill only run Traveller. I like Gravecrawler only because he goes infinite with the new Wayward Servant from AKH and Phyrexian Altar.

eh, i don't know if that's justification enough. if you wanna make it a zombie tribal deck, go for it.

>Wayward Servant
I could see some BW zombie tribal decks crop up thanks to Amonkhet. I'd probably wait until Hour of Devastation in case they come out with an actual BW zombie commander to run. Teysa seems just okay.
I just looked through my deck again, and all I have that would go with that are Grave Titan, Nim Deathmantle and Mirror Entity...

Yeah probably too weak desu. In that case Gravecrawler is being cut.

My favorite commander is Depala, so yeah I'd imagine she do got the booty. She's so stacked.

Is Neheb the only fun commander we got this set? Can Temmet do WU aura/equip voltron? Or would Bruna still be the only commander for that role still?

you can make samut into like a bad saskia deck with some weird untap stuff if you want

Opinions on this? I feel like I need more card draw but not sure what to cut


Samut, huh? I'd want to capitilize on the untap more than her just being hardcore strong. It's just more interesting that way. I suppose Samut could untap mana dorks, but only one a turn. I just can't think of anything to make her fun other than just your standard Naya fair you'd see in Mayael or something. She looks like a dope character, but she just doesn't jingle my weiner at all.

Bet you she Narset's into a walker next set, beating Ajani to the punch of being our first Naya Walker.

mother of runes, kiki-jiki, captain sisay, uhh... hard to think of more stuff for her

Now hold on, you've got me interested again. Perhaps one could take a lot of inspiration from old Derevi decks? The colors are similar, there's gotta be some overlap.

Last time I saw someone wearing armor with arms hugging them...

Guy in my group runs teysa as shadowborn apostle/cleric tribal, using stuff like thrumming stone to overwhelm the board and finish with mirror entity.

What if one dumped some of this shit into Samut?:

Paradox Engine
Yisan, Wandering Bard
Thousand-Year Elixer

her plus somberwald sage can turn W into 6 mana of any color for creatures, which is neat.

Boring but people wanted a minotaur and they got one. He makes a mediocre tribal deck. I wonder how long it will take for us to stop asking WotC for stuff, since everything they give us is crap.

Makes some kind of voltron deck? Not exciting, though he gets to sorta cheat on commander tax with the free-roll Embalm. Shame the token doesn't count as your commander though.

Boring but efficient dude. Doesn't make anything that the other Naya commanders don't make better.

>The Gods
Literally none of them do anything interesting for commander. Maybe Rhonas makes a cheap mono-green beats deck? Maybe the white one makes a budget Heliod deck? Nothing to look at here.

Here's something interesting, -1/-1 tribal is actually neat. She makes one deck and they'll all look the same, but at least it is interesting and isn't done better by anyone.

Hazoret Madness Burn is real dude, you listen here.

Cut some of the jank artifacts for better cards. In particular run Mana Crypt for fast ramp so you can get Kaervek out early to stop combos.
Best card draw in those colors is Phyrexian Arena, Necropotence, Dark Confidant, and Wheel of Fortune. Probably want to run Demonic Tutor and Diabolic Intent as well as Vampiric Tutor and if you can afford it an Imperial Seal

>Hazoret Madness Burn
>Burn in EDH
Unless it is somehow combo-burn where you make a million mana and use Comet Storm to kill the table, I'm not seeing it. To top it off, Hazoret just isn't a good card and dies very quickly and efficiently in EDH. Not seeing it man.

>if you can afford it
A lot of the other things you suggested were nuts expensive anyways! Isn't mana crypt itself $50 or so?

Also in Garruks wake is very high mana cost and the manabase could use some work like fetchlands and at least three of the four Red/Black duals like Blood Crypt, Smoldering Marsh, and the new one from Amonkhet.

In standard maybe. Being Heckbent in EDH is awful.

Well see, I play 1v1 exclusively in my group. My life is better than yours, as I have way more strategy options and commander choices because I'm not stretching my deck between 4 other geeks who take 20 fucking minutes to take their damn turn.

Please don't say heck my man, it makes me nervous.

Mana Crypts about $60, Confidants $50, and Wheel is $50

The cheapest Mana Crypt mids for $60 USD. The original mids for around $100.

The rest of prices out like so:
>Arena ~$3
>Necropotence ~$7
>Dark Confidant ~$42
>Wheel of Fortune ~$45
>Demonic Tutor ~$20
>Diabolic Intent ~$16
>Vampiric Tutor ~$28
>Imperial Seal ~$180

All of these are mid prices and assuming cheapest printings.

t. guy who works in a card shop

i've tried to make malfegor work so many times but... it's always just so bad... don't make madness decks in edh. psa.

Sheesh. I don't like to spend that much per card. I too out at about $20, and only if it's a card I know I'll really need and switch between decks a lot.

1v1 commander has so many other issues though. I've played Duel Commander for years but don't really enjoy it like I enjoy hanging with my friends and jamming multiplayer games. Glad it works for you though, user.

>Imperial Seal

Yeah Seals about the only prohibitively expensive thing and for me Mana Crypt as i refuse to have the eye blight anus mana symbols on my card that come with the EMA edition.

Judge foil is mid $179. You can get one cheaper if you try and are willing to compromise on condition. English P3K is much more expensive though, obviously.

I'm sorry it didn't do it for you. But in the land I come from, Hazoret could work quite fine, I only need to burn 20. Occasionally we play at 30, but even then, I can totally do it, no sweat.

To each their own I suppose. Still Phyrexian Arena and Necropotence are very affordable and the absolute best card draw in EDH.

>I'm not stretching my deck between 4 other geeks who take 20 fucking minutes to take their damn turn.
Holy fuck this is my kitchen table. If they're not getting up to make something in the kitchen/take a shit, they're fucking around on their phone and not looking at their cards until their turn. AND THEN they think about every single card they play for a solid couple minutes, even in the first few turns. And then they complain about games taking too long. I never feel bad about comboing off against those cunts.

Honestly id go for the judge promo for price reasons and because its black border and newer so the cards generally in better condition

Oh well for sure, but who in this thread honestly doesn't own a Phyrexian arena? Like, 3 of them each, all of us I'm sure. Wizards just stuffs them in every damn thing, and we all need them and buy them.

Not paying for vampiric tutor/imperial seal since those are hot garbage in my meta. I plan on getting an arena for it and Ill check my lgs for a necropotence.

Yeah the landbase isn't optimized yet but I'm working on it, what would suggest to replace garruk's wake with? Damnation?

Jesus fucking Christ. Quit that shit dude, I'd refuse.

Dual commander feels like playing toribash.

Tutors should never really be bad in a meta, they are the best cards in your deck as they are any card you need.
Replace that with Damnation yes and then also run Decree of Pain if you need another boardwipe. Archfiend of Ifnir is an interesting card that helps keep the board in check too of you have enough cards to build around him with

there's probably a phenax player or something in his meta and using those tutors is an easy way to get your thing dumped to the yard

Not really edh at all but can I just say a lot of these masterpieces are really lame. Looking at blue. I would be feeling a strange way to pull a masterpiece, but it's Spell Pierce. Wack. Not feeling Daze, or Muffle or even Divert.

Not necessarily phenax but there are numerous wheels in my meta as well as heavy counterspells. I'll spring the cash for damnation since its not too much especially after the reprint. I don't want cycle to be a main focus so I don't ifnir being that good. Any other creatures I'm missing that would be good?

you can vamp tutor at the end of the turn of the person who goes before you and draw the card as your draw on your turn.

it's pretty good.

I would need the deck much more optimized to warrant running it, money isn't the issue its more that I don't really have any truly devastating things to grab

eh, then just grab sol ring or mana vault. or whatever you need for any situation. tutors aren't just for combos or wincons.

Even in duel commander you can't justify Bontu at all. She's just fucking awful.

Bontu's a she?

Yes actually. But the point is, she doesn't even actually draw to make up for that tempo loss. She personifies herself well, she eats up all your shit selfishly and gives nothing back.

Duel Commander or 1v1 EDH?

In b4 >1v1

>losing 2 life to grab a mana rock

I'm sorry I just can't see it

it's 2 life... out of 40... and you of all people should know how powerful a turn 4 kaervek can be. boardclear like a motherfucker.

anyone have any recommendations for a mono red "normies get out" deck with cards like Ben-Ben and Pic related?

>Which Commander/General seems to sway your table the most as soon as it comes down?

Narset, Enlightened Master and Rhys the Redeemed always draw hate before the game even starts.

>powerful turn 4 kaervek
>counterspell, path/sword, etc.
>take constant dmg from crypt and keep getting all other ramp destroyed to make casting kaervek again impossible

So much value, my play group is too retarded to anything but the above