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I'll help get the ball rolling with simpler CYOA





Anyone else feel like it's inappropriate to have the glorious roman given "Mid-Tech Understanding." The fall of the roman empire happened way before the creation of things like the printing press and gun powder. Just pointing that out.



I know we just got two OC cyoas but it's not enough. The effect fades faster each time.

My name is user and I'm a cyoa addict

I just need one more OC and I'm sure I'll be good

Charlotte Schneider, 338, Militant, Commando Pupper, Female Romanceable, Male Romanceable

Charlotte is currently waiting on her equipment requisition to go through, not that that's likely to happen any time soon. Instead of wasting her time she's decided to perform maintenance on the weapons shes carrying. She was just finishing reassembling her rifle when she noticed you staring, causing her to look back at you quizzically.

+ Recruited from a timeline of war, out of the Third Reich during the height of its power, Charlotte was a highly skilled soldier and leader who won many commendations. She was recruited into the Travelers after an [REDACTED] resulting in the loss of her entire company, and has since served with distinction in the Militant ranks.
+ Over 300 years experience in all facets of war on the obscene Traveler level.
- She doesn't have anyone close to her, only colleagues and contacts. She really needs a friend.
-/+ Can be a little bit of an alpha bitch. Not to you though.
+/- If she becomes your companion you will not find another more loyal. If you are human/oid she will get a crush on you and start intimidating 'rivals' away from you. How that pans out depends on you.
+ Knits in her spare time and will make you some seriously comfy winter wear, that can also double as combat attire.
+ Touch the fluffy tail.

"N-stop touching my tail!"

Mystery box


How do you feel about sequential OC?
Just enough to string you along bit by bit, day by day, like an IV drip.

>Origin & Background
The Now Watcher
>Skills, Perks & Traits
Low Tech Understanding, Common Ethereal Manipulation, Natural Beauty, Noble Bearing, Natural Physique, Martial Training, Tactician, Woodsman, Sniper, Frontliner, Survivor, Traveler Adept, Hearty, Sneak, Critical, Violence Mutability, Nocturnal, Touched by Ice
>Initial Equipment Requisition
Travelers Leathers: Upgraded, Hunting Attire, Combat Attire
Yuta Brace: Upgraded, Seven Shot Colt Revolver, RPG-71, AD-83 Assault Rifle, Grenades: Frag, Weapon Blessing, Custom Melee Weapon: High Frequency Dagger
>General Items
Pegs, Basic Survival Kit, Basic Bag, ID Card, Magical Protection Vestments, Munitions Worktable, Internal Sustenance Module, Waste Disposal Module, Muscle Memory Modules, Omni Camping Equipment, Monomolecular Wire, Infiltration Equipment, Healing-Chip
>Little Things
Forever Alone x5, I don't need no Governa's dalla! x6, The Renegade
>Factions, Departments & Others
>The Covenants
The Shrine of Freyja
>Home District
Ospherous Reserve
Free Traveler: Legiclator Reotri
The Veteran

Sorry, I have cyoas I could be finishing, but I'm currently too busy making /d/ captions to work on them.

You'll have to rely on someone else for OC

It's probably not quite Rome as we know it. The ancient Indus one also has Mid-tech.

Speaking of, does anyone feel like some of the older origins like Indus are kind of underpowered? You only get two extra points and the one companion, compared to most giving you between three and five extra points and maybe even a companion on top of that.


Who else is hyped for the rerelease?

you mean Jumpchain?

I thought discussing that here was taboo.


Nah man not that pansy 'make it in your own bathtub' shit OC. The real deal.


I am, but all of the schmucks who grinded out 11.0 gear with 3.0 AEGIS and 100% museums are throwing fits about it on the forums.

It's hilarious.

Honestly I could see most of these gods fucking the world up pretty badly. Even the supposedly good ones. Some-people should try to keep the world functioning, figure I might as well be one of them.

Laoti and Taoli The God Twins

Both of these are designed to inhibit, and possibly imprison, out of control disciples.

Lazari Akashic Sage

I imagine this functioning as a sort of dispatch, enabling me to respond to threats quickly using the labyrinth.

Hopefully, in time, I could cobble something like a supernatural police force.

Secret World is rereleasing? F2P?

Sorry, I have CYOAs I could be finishing, but I'm currently too busy translating /a/ mangas to work on them.

You'll have to rely on someone else for OC

In a word.

somebody please post the colorful cyoa

i don't get it, how many schools do you get?

I'll take what you got man

I need my cyoa fix

You get one for every point you have in Arcane Knowledge.

Didn't they say something about it never being F2P? Or maybe I'm thinking of another game.

Oops I missed the bottom part.
Detect Divinity

Obviously these all play into the stability and reach of my enforcement.

Okay man. Ya gotta keep it on the down low or we might scare him off.
Bless whoever convinced him to start putting up wips. Fuck that guy for reminding me of it and making it feel even longer.

CYOA has been delayed maybe a week or so. It's my first time making a PDF and it's a bit bigger and more complicated than my other two. Not real big or anything but more than my other ones.

Holy shit what are you making?

Uncensored version

It better be a good waifu cyoa like the last one you made and not that garbage like all the ones before that one

An oldie but a goodie.

Keeper of Secrets seems like a comfy option. I would like a CYOA of it someday. Maybe that'll be the first one I make.

Uncensored version

A cyoa.

You must have me confused with another author. I never made a waifu cyoa.

Uncensored version


Was going to ask specifics but considering all that you never answered it before i guess i will have to wait

Noticed a few times you use "barley" instead of "barely." The former is a grain, the latter means what I'm fairly certain you were trying to say.

Anyway, Build!

>Game Mode

2x Skill [-4] -- Computer Science, Hollywood-style Archery Bullshit
Beauty T2 [-6]
Obligatory Immortality T2 [-12]
Power T2 [-19] -- teleportation as described in novel Jumper

Shallow as Fuck! [-21] -- Pic related

Twin Sister T2 [-19]
Favorite Toy T2 [-17] -- locking collar
Piercings [-16]
Phone Sex [-15]
Petplay [-14] -- cow
Quiet [-13]
Milk Lover [-12]
Milking [-11]
Cum Addict [-10]
Fuck Me Please! [-9]
Blunt T2 [-7]
Body Swap [-6]
Unique Style [-5] -- some combination of cow print, overalls, and a Stetson.
Sex Marathon [-4]
Desserts [-3] -- milk
Super Tight [-2]
Clingy [-1]
Fertility T0 [0]

>no neutral options like "ignore" or "speak to casually"

But why?

This one never gets old!

>Spanking her
>Butt Rape

It's supposed to be a surprise!

Pls delete.

>You must have me confused with another author. I never made a waifu cyoa.

Yes you did, I remember it because that was when you threw a huge tantrum over no one paying attention to your last cyoa and you posted a waifu version of it instead.


It's pretty much designed to be a divisive wedge on a controversial figure on this board. I don't think it's really meant to be a good CYOA.

Has anyone ever made a FATAL CYOA?

>ywn be a cute girl who gets to marry Angelanon and do lewd things with her

Why even live?

Time to repost my inner degenerate

>Game mode

Pleasure tier 2-3
Comfort -2
Hearth and home tier 2-3
Power tier 2-7 Magical girl powers

Choosy Magical girl picture

Magical girl+1
Sex marathon+1
Fertility tier 0+1
Snug fit tier 2-2
Desserts (breast milk)+1
Always by your side+2
Let go!+1
Lets try that!+1
Super tight+1
Body swap+1
Eww bugs!+1
Blunt tier 2+2

I don't think it's supposed to be divisive at all

Yeah, it's just that it goes under the name "Sissy life"

Looking forward to it.

What CYOA are you looking forward to the most?

All of them

I'm still waiting on lewd Dune, though that's probably not going to happen.
Aside from that, either Endless Space or Zodiac Bride.

Speaking of-what IS the latest status of Fairy King and that cool weird one that's based on creepified children's nursery rhymes?

One that allows me to make Angelanon and SDA hold hands with each other and apologize for being mean to each other.

The options either consist of raping/assaulting her, or loving/marrying her. You can see anons like and
picking sides on this very thread.

This often develops to be a conversation on the author herself, and derails the thread.

Reposting from /d/
>Normal Mode
No Bull shit I want a waifu
>Entertainment x2-6
>Shallow as fuck
Kinda of a masculine, thin face with baggy eyes ,like that of a 90's skater girl, yet still stunningly beautiful with perfect skin and no need for make up. She has a thing for ponytails and wears a lot of different styles of it with her brunette hair with natural blonde hair lights. Thick AF, Tits the size of girl 2 and an ass bigger than girl 6 with a lean stomach in comparison. She usually wears a casual, coffee house look.
>Dirty Mouth-17
>Twin sister x2-15
>Let's try that-13
>Favorite toy x2 (collar and leash)-10
>Cum plugged x2-8
>snug fit-7
>desserts (Breast milk)-6
>Always by your side-3
>Cum addict-0
>Sensitive- Another 1 point
>Blunt another point- 2 now
>Unique style- 3 now.
Coffee house is weird right?
>Add 1 to money
>Take tier 2 of immortality
Have a whole bunch of kids with my girls. Keep all my kids Immortal until they consider themselves old enough to die. always bless the unborn and children.
anyways guys rate my waifus.

About 80 percent, yeah.

It only ever ends up as a conversation about the author when someone gets triggered about it existing and makes a post about it.

For the most part, anons who love Angel and anons that hate Angel have already hashed out every possible argument and will generally just post their builds while ignoring each other.

I just made my Messed up waifu build which lets me live out a pretty good fantasy but I personally still prefer yandere cyoa as my favorite waifu builder.

>But why?
I had only made a set number of option boxes and had already committed to doing a three panel long choice under the "nice" side.

Also, Angel had just used her tripcode when I started on it and I wanted her to see it before she went to bed.


The summon a demon one

I'm pretty sure it was just some guy making fun of the whole thing, the CYOA wasn't meant to be divisive because it was only meant to make sane people laugh

NEET dragon

That doesn't count. It wasn't even a real cyoa. It was graffiti.

It would be easier if everyone just loved me.

>That doesn't count. It wasn't even a real cyoa. It was graffiti.

Might as well been a real cyoa, it was the only good one you ever made.

post it then.

Just finished getting the images, it should be done either tomorrow or the day after. I'm glad somebody remembered.

Outdated I believe

As sad as I am that Highlander felt the need to overhaul Traveller, I'm really excited to see what 2.0 brings. I've already lost hours to the original

There's also this one.

Dragons are shit.

We've lost certain technologies for long periods of time, you know. Roman concrete was basically lost for almost 1,000 years while we lost the science behind the Antikythera mechanism even longer.

THE shit


Wizards > Dragons

Oh fuck not this again.


Only young wizards.

>post it then.

I'm not at my computer now so I can't

We need more wizardry cyoas

Can never have enough of those

Bitch please

Thanks I saved the 10.1 version. While I like the design of 11.2, it's missing some of my favorite options, so I'll skip for now.

Necromancer is the only correct choice to make here, for obvious reasons.

ALL the cute ones. I'm not a girl, so that means she gets her perfect Waifu.



>Desserts - Milk
>Bothered by the Barley/Barely thing
Jesus Christ man, are you me?

NEET Dragon and You're Evil

Normal Mode

>Luck II (-7)
>Home & Hearth II (-3)

Appearance: Choosy (Weapon Obsession)

>Vampiress I (+1)
>High Libido II (+2)
>Orgasm Denial I (+1)
>Weapon Obsession II (-1)
>Let Go! I (+1)
>Serial Killer I (+1)
>Scarred I (+1)
>Somnophilia I (+1)
>Sensitive I (+1)
>Clingy I (+1)
>I Say Stop I (+1)

She's an energetic, self-proclaimed "ally of justice" who wanders out at night once or twice a month to brutalize wrong-doers (even if they only did something petty like littering). But at home, she's sweet (if a little haughty about it) and VERY physically intimate. She wants to be in physical contact almost all the time, the "closer" the better. I may have to invest in a gag at some point though...

>get in the beta
>fuck yes fuck yes fuck y
>no blade
>combat is still floaty
>no weapon synergy
>new tutorial sucks dick

Why is being a Secret World fan suffering