First game

Just played my first game of this and I didn't really like it. It comes off as too passive aggressive for my taste. And i didn't have much fun trading wood for sheep, as everybody else did.

What am I missing?

The real fun is the trading part. Forming small alliances, announcing embargoes, abusing competitive advantages... basically fucking up others plans

The point of the game, apparently.
If you didn't play it as a competitive trading game, where you are perfectly willing to ally with guy B to stop guy C, so the guy A can back-stab over-extended guy B and thus you come on the top of it - you played it wrong.
This is one of the best non-zero sum games in existence. The entire point is about plotting.

Yeah, I love schmeing in Catan. it's one of my favorite games because of it.

Do you Catan?

Wow a blast from the past all those wooden bits
from what I remember it was a bit of a gang up or who gets really strong game

Indeed. If you dont hate your friends by the end of the night and vice versa, you're doing it wrong.

Not much. There are better Eurogames, but Euros as a whole are passive. If you don't like that, stick to war-gaming and trpg.

Nostalgia, mostly.

I do remember liking it as being a well designed game graphically as well as play wise just really uber Monopoly though nice wood

Not with strangers. One of many things tg has taught me

Its OK but not worth 80 kangaroo dollars

>i didn't have much fun trading wood for sheep, as everybody else did.

this never gets old :^)

Sounds like just about the amount of fun you can get out of this game. Not a big fan either. I think it's actually best when played without caring who's in range of winning and who's currently got the most VP's. There's just too much out of the player's control. 4 players can all roll 6's making one player have a huge advantage. On the contrary, the robber can be on one of your resources for 7 different turns and you're stuck rolling the dice and passing your turn.

Too bad.

Nothing, Catan is dated and honestly pretty shit


>passive aggressive
If you don't like that facet of gameplay, then you should either acquire that taste or just steer clear of more traditionally "Euro" games.

Euro games for the longest time had no direct conflict because the Germans (who pioneered the genre) were terrified to do anything with direct/military conflict in games post-WWII. As such, there's quite a bit of blocking and/or sabotaging other players in many real Eurogames instead of just out-and-out confrontation.

Honestly, I'm okay with Catan (though I play it rarely), but it relies on luck far too much, especially with the dice-rolling being as important as it is. Which is likely why it's grown popular with normies since it's kind of like the next tier above Monopoly in that regard.

Burgundy is imho a much better alternative since there's more you can do without relying on dice, though depending on what you do like about euros (or Catan if this is your first euro) I can get you a rec list if you'd like.

not op, but give us some heavy euros. i was looking at getting troyes. I want a game with depth, interaction, and one that isn't an exercise in silence.

There's a general you know

>I want a game with depth

Can you even get boardgames with depth?

For example.

No shit. Thanks for your useful reply.

>can't be played in silence
I've got a few recs for that (take them as you will):
>Colosseum has a lot of trading/bidding/buying and screwing other people over. It's a middleweight but is quite fun and engaging.
>Through the Ages is another one that definitely is heavy and has a good amount of player interaction
>Robinson Crusoe is a worker allocation game that's cooperative

If you don't care if it's a true euro or not:
>Avalon Hill's Dune, naturally
>Here I Stand or Virgin Queen are complex, long, and wheeling and dealing are key parts of the game
>Not sure if it counts as a euro but TI3 is worth a look.
>Age of Wonders 3 is decent