How do we fix Bullywugs?

How do we fix Bullywugs?

We don't. They're perfect and beyond reproach. Furthermore, I will fight anyone who disagrees.

user they are literally swamp goblins. I love frog people too, that's why we need to fix their fuck awful lore.

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Bullywugs are paragons of excellence, everything simply sucks around them

what's the difference between a bullywug and a pollywog?

So what do you like about them?

Goblins are just dry Bullywugs.

I like that they are frogs that lives in swamps that kill people

Play up awkward sweating and swallowing, make them neurotic as fuck

You call them Frogloks and make half of them necromancers.

You mean like Giant Frogs?

yeah, like this

No because giant frogs aren't humanoid

>You look over at the hooded figure in the corner of the tavern and realize that it's not a human but actually three bullywugs standing on each other's shoulders! Roll for initiative!

What does the frog bit actually add though? Dnd is already inundated with beast races that are all essentially reskinned Goblins

>What does the frog bit actually add though?
Makes them slimy?

Well, for starters, they're frogs.

I dunno what to tell you.

The Slaadi will fix all their problems


Give them really big hats

I made mine be a tribal scavenger society that lives in the swamp with relatively peaceful coexistance with the other races, however its led to a community where jewellery and wealth are hidden to stop yourself from being robbed blind by them. Also gave them a hierarchy with elite bullywugs, and a king bullywug. My players enjoyed them so much they refused to attack them and instead i allowed the ranger to use speak with animals to communicate with them, allowing diplomacy. Ended up being a staple faction in my campaign

Make them ninjas who love eating pizza and being radical.

This, obviously

Not really. Bullywugs are a race filled with delusions of grandeur and seek to build societies that, so long as you treat them as the kings they believe themselves to be, will likely leave you alone.

Goblins are chaotic little shits that live to raid and do suicidally dumb things.


With a rat person mentor and a sexy lady bard in a supple yellow figure hugging leather suit who works as a town crier.

Make them chivalrous Knights.

I always was fond of the idea of a garbage society that thought it was most number one. I actually like bullywugs as is, but I wish they were more of a threat. Like I get that they are supposed to be silly and fun but is there anything wrong with them seeming like frogs in mud-soaked noble robes but then being semi-competent adversaries/allies?

A good character trait in one person does not always make a good trait in an entire race. That's the lesson we learned from Kender.

That said, chivalrous frogs would be quite interesting.

Eh. I dunno. On on hand, it's silly.
On the other hand, I feel that swamps in DND have a sever lack of good and civilized guys.

Unless you count 4th idea of halflings as freshwater gipsies which wasn't that bad but not many will agree with me.

+5 jump checks?
+2 when resisting grapple?
Innate access to 1d4 sonic attacks?

Their legs are tasty when deep fried

Froggy went a-courtin' and he did ride, a-hm.

Their lore is actually pretty interesting when put into practice. I had a good scenario in my campaign built around their obsession with becoming royalty and the extremely fragile ego/Napoleon complexes of their kings.

dont forget tongue grapple attacks with reach for big fellas

>I wish they were more of a threat.
>Is there anything wrong with them seeming like frogs in mud-soaked noble robes but then being semi-competent adversaries/allies?
This is the only thing approaching something to fix about Bullywugs.
Anid ideas on how we accomplish this without impairing their innate "Bullywugness"?

Personally, I'm a huge fan of the silly, goofy little guys that have a secret that lets them kickass.
Like the Nox from Stargate, or friggin Yoda.

What about poison? Or making their hops even greater? Or like a long ranged grab-n-reel with the tongue?

>goofy little guys that have a kickass secret
this. for sure.
they're like little zen masters with some kind of badass abilities. take this and jump with it. i think theres even something in zen literature about how zen frogs are so that could be sorta awesome

What if they are natural monks? Like the got the karate moves down just naturally, but they still are the silly frogs who play royal. Until its Go Time of course

This is a cool idea. I might try and design some encounter based on a company of these dudes. Could be great for an ambush, or a seemingly abandoned temple or ruin setting where the frogs are revealed at an (in)oportune time. I like the natural style too.

By the way, what are bullywogs relationships with froghemoths? Are they even aware of them... are they worshipful, or hating or what?

They wuz kangs n'shit

Just make elite bullywugs using stolen weapons, and slightly larger so they can use their tongue as a weapon. Or give them giant frog cavalry

I'm just here to post this picture.

Well, now I have that tune stuck in my head. Thanks asshole. At least it's a fun tune.

Those are just frogmen! No turtle shell, no bullywug.

If anyone is familiar with Hellboy or BPRD their frog men could be of some inspiration?

I always saw them as the used for power. Froghemoths are aliens anyway, so maybe fear? You got the biggest and froggiest frog, might as well serve it (or tell everyone else to serve it as you become its great and powerful adviser, lord webbyfoot the wise and handsome)


Grungs do Bullywugs better. Bullywugs are better served as swamp goblins or chameleon-men.

Give them a giant alien friend who can force squishy wizards to make a high DC strength save or be eaten alive from 50 feet away.

The swirl on their chest goes the opposite direction

Of all the races one might encounter, one should take the most care around the bullywug. The plain truth of the matter is that within each bullywug beats the heart of petty tyrant, each the lord and master of a kingdom that only exists in their head yet one they still believe to afford them the respect and fealty as were it real. Much is said about the fragile Dwarven honor or the byzantine etiquette of the Elves, but neither the most pointless of blood vendetta nor scandalous faux pas can compare to a delusion of grandeur shared and supported by community and culture. Wariness should be the watchword should one encounter a bullywug, lest violence erupt over a slight against an unspoken and imagined trait, but flattery, humility (feigned or otherwise), and a few coin can carry one far with them. And should one happen to encounter those rarefied few bullywugs who seem unburdened by their society's qualities, fear them. For there is nothing more dangerous than a bullywug who has shed his idleness and seeks to turn his delusions into reality.

I actually ran a little one shot where a Bullywug queen had declared herself queen of the swamp. The players were "human ambassadors" to her kingdom and had to navigate the politics of a bullywug court with the other ambassadors (Kobolds, lizardfolk, and a lone Yuan Ti). Someone tried to poison the queen and then it became a who dunnit murder mystery with a lot more croaking.

Had my players hunting a Hag and her followers down in a swamp. They came across a bunch of dead Bullywugs, and about a half a day later found the survivors. The surviving Bullywugs agreed to help the party out by pointing them in the right direction of the encampment used by her henchmen.

It was great when the party raided the camp, killed about half the henchmen off, then had the Bullywugs show up. Few things were better than after waiting for their turn to come up, having one roll and critting the Fighter NPC support and putting him into death saving throws, and having them yell some war cries to the table's surprise and anger. The Wizard and Warlock burned all of them in the next round, but I got a kick out of it.

They're from Australia then?


>Someone tried to poison the queen and then it became a who dunnit murder mystery with a lot more croaking.

Oh dear, how many members of the court croaked?

Lots. Eventually the players were put in jail as the culprits so they had to clear their names. Naturally, they did this with violence

Sounds like a ribbiting tale.

The entire court was hopping mad by the end. But, in the end, they said it was toadaly worth it.

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