What drives GMs to do shit like this instead of just telling their player they don't want someone that can do XYZ in...

What drives GMs to do shit like this instead of just telling their player they don't want someone that can do XYZ in their campaign?

Seems as if the GM had a vendetta against the OP and would've confounded him regardless of what he made.

Because some GMs use their position to carry out petty power trips at their table.

They want a punch. Badly.

I think part of it is when one char becomes OP as fuck and starts messing up the DMs encounters. So unimaginative DMs tailor encounters around the OP pc. This always ends up with the campaign revolving around this one OP char and causes the DM to resent the pc.

I played a dragon disciple bard about a decade ago and pretty much the same thing happened with our DM at the time.

>Get a book full of prestige classes
>everyone in party is going to be a prestige
>I decide on bard dragon disciple
>Get insane attribute rolls
>ended up with 18 str, 16 Con, 18 Cha
>Dump lvl 4 and 8 points into str and grab some gauntlets of ogre strength
>dragon disciple gives wings, breath weapon, +2 Str, natural armor and increase to size
>Have something like 30 str by lvl nine
>groups getting pissy, DM has to contrive a way to neutralize my char for every big bad encounter
>See how this is going, trash the char and just make a rogue to appease everyone
>DM makes my bard the big bad guy
>people talk shit about bards being worthless and I just laugh.

Stupidity and childishness.

Yet another example of why rolling for stats is retarded

Then why not just not host for them?

If you're using a system where stats matter that much and you roll for them, that system is retarded.

Stop playing Pathfinder.

This specific case was only a problem because people were petty.

Watching to dominoes actually fall, instead of trying to micromanage them.

Is this just something exclusive to this hobby?

Being a dickhead without communication skills.

Why does this hobby attract so many people like that when communication is to vital to tabletop games?

Stigma, and being excessively antispcial, early adopters of everything are nerds, then it becomes casual;, then they flee to something else.

First it was fightan, then it was sciencin, then it was computers, then video games and table top.

seriously, more 'modern' groups don't have the horror stories (and the ones who have horror stories are the aforementioned antisocial dumabasses with no social skills)

At least from what I've seen.

It's good, actually, sorry you play with either bad systems or a bad GM.

As for OP, that really just seems like the GM having a grudge against the player, especially the "you caused this" part

No, but goddamn if it isn't common here

It's a combination of social retardation and people thinking that they're more clever than they actual are.

Rolling for stats can actually be a good thing if a) the system for character creation is meant to be fast or b) the system assumes that characters are going to die, ALOT!

Although for systems like 3.PF where neither the character creation is fast nor the system is assuming that characters going to die alot, it's fucking retarded because now you're stuck with your shit stats until the DM mercifully puts an end to your suffering.

Specifically to Veeky Forums?

No. Just something this hobby makes easier, so we see it more often.