GM is a seventeen-year-old girl

>GM is a seventeen-year-old girl.
>The mythology of the setting is full of rape, bestiality and incest.

First signs that I should be worried?

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i think you mean EXCITED

>full of rape
go on

Only if she tries to fuck you. Never stick your dick in crazy.

First signs that you should stick around for her 18th birthday.

First signs that you should go to her parents and voice tour concerns about such.

Also, burn all her copies of ASoIaF

Sounds like she's familiar with how a lot of actual mythologies are and isn't an easily triggered bitch, seems good to go

I think you mean always stick your dick in crazy just don't give crazy a real name or phone number

>The mythology of the setting is full of rape, bestiality and incest.

Is the setting Real World Earth?

Never, ever, EVER, stick your dick in crazy. It's just not worth it mang.

>Hate to say it, but she is spot on for that kind of shit.
Greeks, norse, hindis, abrahamic, pagan of all different types. all have varying examples (glorification or not) of all of those topics simply because they are taboo.
seriously, look it up. dozens of examples.

there you go. dont worry about it, although do maybe play pretty infrequently til she hits 18. never know with bitches.
>not because she is clearly into previously stated though. after 18, wife that bitch.

Not true.

I strongly recommend that you try it once or twice and then get out while you are ahead.

It is an enlightening experience. The term really should be "never stick your dick in crazy without an exit plan".

>SEVERAL exit plans

You think you're the first to try and escape?

Is she cute, and what is the age of legality in your country?

nah nah
you can stick your dick in crazy
Just don't let crazy stick its dick in you

So? Did you honestly think that women can't be just as fucked in the head as men?

>GM is a [...] girl
You have my permission to start worrying


seconding this

Gotta be honest, sounds like most nerdy girls I knew in HS.
Just don't play a sexy anime boy, and let her know that set dressing is fine but you're not into weird ERP, and everything should be fine.
Also, if it's strictly mythology as others have said that's very common irl.

No, she's pretty much spot on

And honestly it's shit you WOULD expect from a girl GM. Speaking from experience here.

I would advise you to never stay alone in a room with her. You always want to have witnesses on your side if she starts to say that you raped/molested her while you were alone. (Also, since she is still technically underage you could be labeled a pedo)

Be very careful around minors, especially underage girls.

Female GMs are far more likely to do this than male ones.

It's perfectly normal, it's just that women GMs have a weird habit of suppressing all of their disgusting fetishes while in public or when with their SO, then unleashing them in full force on their players without warning.

She's normal.
Chicks get to be creepy as well.

Just make sure to make a Lawfull Good paladin at some point to slowly ease her in on less edgy stuff.

She's crazy. Don't fuck her and especially don't marry her when she comes of age. Trust me. Find a normal girl who thinks games are gay or some shit. You'll live a happy normal life and not have your dick cut off and stuffed down your throat.

Huh, never thought I'd get a use out of this one.

I can only agree with this

You really think that'll stop her finding out your real name and number?

just hide it behind a VPN, christ.

I think you misunderstand, user. How exactly do you stick your dick in crazy from behind a VPN? She'll have your real face to go on, for a start, and that's enough for crazy to find you.

NEVER stick your dick in crazy!

btw, do you have her contact info?

Always stick your dick in crazy.


Depending on where he is, age of consent might be lower.

California has the age of consent at 18, and it's not alone, but not every state is like that. It's just what makes the media, so it's whats portrayed.

Seriously, 18 is not the universal age of consent.

I'm in Ontario and until recently (enough that i got take advantage of it as a 25 year old) the age of consent was 14, now it's 16.


As someone with 63 crazies under his belt I can safely safe ALWAYS STICK IT IN THE CRAZY. chicks digs scars, crazies give you scars, it's a never ending cycles of pussy. Doubly so as you can use the horror stories of crazies to get you sympathy sex from non-crazies.

I just like crazy, but you do you there buddy.

And your smell. She'll probably find your phone while you're asleep.

ALWAYS stick your dick in crazy
>just don't share contact details

Depends.... a lot of real life mythology has all of this in heaps so if she is aiming for some sorta "realism" in the mythology I can get behind it. However if she is totally fetishising it and has religious cults to gods of rape or horse fucking parties... then yeah be worried

This fucking pic made me choke on water. Fuck you, but thanks for the kek.

Okay, so, either you just entered her magical realm, OR there is a slight chance she actually knows what mythology in real life is.

>Female GMs are far more likely to do this than male ones.
No they d-

Alright maybe a little, these days the SjWs a worried they'd step on the toes of the fragile gender all the time, ironically making them the problem, rather than the solution.

Most girls still dont care. It is super cringe how a salvaged TPK ending with the rape of the only female character in the party, is always met with massive "YOU MONSTER!" attacks from some fat white dude with a Santa beard, while the chick is just like "what's the problem again?"

If it fits in the fantasy setting (and I seriously doubt, you can give me a good reason why common bandits wouldn't rape a woman of their own species, whom they'll likely kill or sell into slavery afterwards) then go for it. If you are worried of triggering someone, ask them to send you a list of things that would make them uncomfortable, and email it to you. It might seem cheesy, but it is a lot More useful than you might think.

And if someone is triggered by you asking, then find some mature friends. I've dropped several people, who threw a fit because I ASKED if there was anything they wouldn't want to see in the world we were collaborating on. That is apparently "insensitive" for some hugbox seeking idiots.

Age of consent in Denmark is 15.

Although you still have to be careful, we have several long newspaper articles about late 20 people being with 15/16 year old teens.

Both genders, actually. The most recent one I can remember was a 29 year old woman fucking a 15 year old boy she had meet while he was on a school visit to her workplace.

"Legal" =/= accepted

>write what you know

True, but still nothing that can be legally done, so fuck social acceptance if you do it on DL.


>"Legal" =/= accepted
Problem is, it should be.
Also, if your boss fires you because you are in a totally legal relationship, that's sexual discrimination. And that the kind of legal fire that people with moeny and or reputations want to avoid.

>Problem is, it should be.

Nah, legal doesn't mean moral. Illegal doesn't mean immoral either. There probably should be a stronger correlation, but there isn't.

Accepted =! Moral :^)

Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD.

Basic morality. (also, our stigma surrounding sex with minors is ill conceived and bad for sexual health later in life, but he that makes me sound like a pedophile. Really, younger people should be exposed to healthy sex, and experience healthy sex so that they don't develop complex's later in life. Like religion)

>Like religion
very funny and original.
Also, uninformed

there are some countries where legal age of consent is after the first period, that shouldn't be accepted


Rest assured, most 14-16 year old teens have a healthy sex life... with people of their own age.

Your opinion versus other opinions, I'm afraid
Even though I agree with you

This. Go have fun OP.

>Basic morality
You mean the one inherited from Christianic religions :^) ?

true, I'm just tired of playing devils advocate all the time

Technically, yes. Actually, from a lot of reading of many religious texts and being a theist (not atheist, a Theist), seeing what religions have in common, and how we can advance past the superstitious stage.

then finding what the current geist says whats right. Basically, though morality is a moving target, we must make our version the best it's ever been. Hence, just because you, don't mean you should.

and i agree, and that should be the case. The issue i've come across is the complete lack of support for sexuality among teenagers, and the lack of acceptance across the board for them having sex.

I feed on your hate user.
>looks at the long list of sexual do's and don'ts that religion spews constently and from all angles
>laughs with a thousand mouths

>>looks at the long list of sexual do's and don'ts that religion spews constently and from all angles
Like don't desire the woman of another ? Try to eat less/no meat for limited periods of time ? Love your neighbor ?
Sure if you take ape religions like paganism and whatnot you end up with stupid things like sacrifices and shit

Sleeping with the woman of another isn't a bad thing, if it's consensual. (this has no useful application beyond power hoarding, if you don't trust your partner then you shouldn't be fucking them)

Neither is eating meat (based on breeding practices, scarcity was actually real back when that shit got wrote.)

Love your neighbor (as you love yourself) is a good lesson and should be kept.

Yeah, pick and choose the stupid (and useless for today's) shit out.

you don't need religion to not act like an asshole, if you do, then you are one of the worst.

>Sleeping with the woman of another isn't a bad thing
Yeah and then the husband eventually finds out, is out for revenge, maybe gathers a few trusted followers, and then you end up with two body on the streets and maybe a family feud that will go on for centuries.
And as leader of a community/place you don't want that to happen

What IS the mythology of her setting?

If the husband can't trust the wife not to fuck around, he shouldn't have entered a monogamous relationship with he woman. If monogamy is the ONLY way you operate, you are a sad person and i don't wish converse anymore.

He's in the wrong for wanting to kill over it though..

He also doesn't posses the woman, hence, shitty rule for today's world.

religion is obsolete. so are a lot of things we hold on to.

Become the best player of her game and do a lot of cool stuff

Maybe she has a sister and she'll convince her sister to suck your dick with her while they fuck the family dog. You don't know man.

I think we'll agree to disagree then, fine.
>can't trust the wife not to fuck around
Trust nobody, not even yourself™. Also not all mariages are entered into because of feeling. Business is still a frequent motive of marrying
>He's in the wrong for wanting to kill over it though.
True, a legal solution like a punitive divorce would be a better solution

Sleeping with the wife is only a bad thiong if thy have agreed to be monogamous.
I have two GFs, one which I am married to, one of which has another BF.
Things are good. No one minds.
Why is this a bad thing?

If absolutely everyone in it says the OK willingly and not because they're wimps afraid to lose a girlfriend I think it should still be illegal but I would be the one defending you in court

>You mean the one inherited from Christianic religions :^) ?
Remeber how we beat our neighbor to death with stones for working on sunday?

Trust is the foundation for happiness user, throwing it out will only result in sadness and degradation of the soul. We live in an age where business isn't the only reason to do things, and marrying someone (not for love) and getting pissed they fucked someone else is a shitty thing to do.

I think being punitive isn this situation is fucking stupid, and marrage shouldn't be about money, when it is , it's a shitty marrage.

I too am polygamous.

Technically he says "Christianic", and JC was kinda against that shit, if I recall correctly. "Ye who is without sin" and all that.

But yeah, we don't need religions for morality. It's mostly built in, unless you have some sort of mental illness. You just need to expand it.

An adventure of biblical proportions.

Let the first one who has never sinned cast the first stone.
A good precept to keep regardless of ideology I believe

>Meet shy titty monster
>So cute she haves diabetes aura roll Fort for not be staggered.
>Offers us to be her players in a Pathfinder mini-campaign
>Agree to play thinking is going to be faeries, woods and knights.
>Roll 15 points build PCs.
>First session starts.
>Party is send to explore a ruined castle which occupants disappear 30 years ago.
>Vermins everywhere and some haunts.
>Find an evil looking mirror.
>Paladin and cleric try to destroy it as they find out is an object linked to Demon Lord worship.
>Mirror activates and sucks the party into an outer plane
>The PCs are now in a hellish landscape made of flesh.
>Mountains in the horizon are gigantic tits
>Rivers of cum and vaginal juices.
>The ground is flesh.
>The air is saturated with hormones and smells of sex.
>All the creaturss are oversexualized and basically want to murderfuck us.


17 is the legal age for my people.

>"Legal" =/= accepted
This is unable to be overstated. I have met plenty of people who were of legal age that, for a variety of reasons, should probably not have the sex.

>the party is literally dragged into a magical realm

Keep posting, you can't end it on that

>If the husband can't trust the wife not to fuck around, he shouldn't have entered a monogamous relationship with he woman.
>If the woman breaks her oaths, well your fault for not figuring out she would do that.

>If monogamy is the ONLY way you operate, you are a sad person and i don't wish converse anymore.
>If you aren't a contrarian like me who fuck all without minding consequences, you are a sad person

>religion is obsolete.
>yes, because otherwise I would have to think about my current liberal degenerate lifestyle

It does checks out. You are a sad person user.

I'll agree that one should be able to have a romantic relationship with their coworkers if they wish but I also find such a pursuit unwise due to the many potential complications.

>If monogamy is the ONLY way you operate, you are a sad person and i don't wish converse anymore.
Hey what if it is what you want? There is nothing wrong with wanting to be with one person forever (even if it can sound kind of creepy)...

The problem is actually that the law usually doesn't care.

Still in Denmark, we had this retarded case like 10 years ago, where two minors, 12 and 14, 1,5 years between them, had a relationship. Once the guy (because of course it was the guy) hit 15, the parents called the cops on him, because he was technically with a minor.

The law should protect minors from adults, not other minors. Persecuting someone because he is 1,5 years older is actually retarded, but by law, he was labelled a paedophile.

I honestly can't think of a way to solve the issue, though. I mean, the laws has to be pretty clear, but outside of making it super complex, I don't see how you'd go about doing it. That's probably why they are sticking to a set age, even if it doesn't really make sense.

My first experience was when I was 12, with another 12 year old. That is technically illegal, despite not making any sense at all.

Aww you think that because you are religious you are moral?

I'm more moral than you, because i don't need the presence of a fucking skycloudfucker to not act like a shit to people, and i don't judge people for not having/having one if they don't need one (belive in it all you want, but if your fear of it is whats making you a good person you are scum to me).

I'm sorry that's the more degenerate behavior, the condemnation for those that act morally (and your assumption that my behavior makes me a heathen) but do not subscribe to your cool-aid.

That's the problem with religion, you force other to your view and make it about how we get to go to hell for acting like decent people but enjoying not being owned. You act like you have the high ground when religious people hide behind their shield of faith like it means something.

Religion is obsolete, and any telling you otherwise only wants to keep what power they stole.

Just don't force people to do the same, she wants it too FUCKING A go for, fuck eachother and only eachother, but don't judge people for fucking who they want, and be open about your expectations. If the person is waffling even a little, not your beans.

What's the context op? Is her setting based on Roman mythology?
If its something along the lines of centaurs and Minotaur are born from bestiality that seems fairly tame.
inserting your magical real is only a bad thing if it takes people out of the game world

She sounds adorable, if straight.

Enjoy the game, OP. She's gonna be fun as a GM.

Quite a few places (at least in the States) have what is informally referred to as Romeo and Juliet laws which allow for sexual activity to be legal so long as the people involved have a relatively small age gap (usually 3 years).

>I don't need religion to not act like a jerk
>while being a huge jerkass
Really makes me think.

>I'm more moral than you, because i don't need the presence of a fucking skycloudfucker to not act like a shit to people, and i don't judge people for not having/having one if they don't need one
Good thing I only judged you for being a terrible human being who went fedora at the end then.

>I'm sorry that's the more degenerate behavior, the condemnation for those that act morally (and your assumption that my behavior makes me a heathen) but do not subscribe to your cool-aid.
Actually you would be a horrible person regardless of what you believe. It's more like a footnote. But keep shilling for a consequence free life where people are at fault for expecting others to be truthful to their oaths.

Oh, it's you.

Yeah yeah, god is great, you're a horrible person for advocating the rights to control over your own body, and you're the exemplar of a tolerant and kind human being, all your bigotry and hatred of anyone who thinks and feels differently aside.

Go back to /religion/ and /pol/.
Inb4 "this is my first time posting here, really".

>We are all shocked by the graphic description.
>I am about to leave but pals tell me we should stay and see if she is trolling or is in fact asking for help.
>Feel compelled to stay since she was too kind and nice to be a troll
>She may be trying to communicate something heavy.
>We continue.
>Things become incredible sexual in a champions of corruption way.
>Somehow she pulls my favorite fetishes
>Like if she could read my mind
>I am sweating and slightly trembling.
>My pals are gettint turbo randy as she manages to touch alm their buttons
>I am too horny for freak out when I realize she knows their fetishes very well and can bring them to tabletop in a proper narrative way.
>Session ends in a cliff hanger with the party about to ger into an orgy for gain allies in this pornographic demiplane
>About to leave in a hurry to jerk off a big one.
>Jump as I feel a foot rubbing on my crotch
>Realize that my pal sitting at my right is in the same situation while the one sitting close to her is being gropped.
>The stare of Libido: Annihilator of Genitals

Cannot recall much, only flashes as she most likely ruffied us with the homemade snacks and drinks she did offered us.
What creeps me out is that after that she never showed up in our lfs and when we tried to check on her department the super ask us several times if we got the address right since no one lived in there since 2008 because the rent in that one became too high for be rented by single person and it was too small for fit more than two persons. We even bribed the guy so we could check personally and find out that is was barren of furniture and looked dusty as if nobody lived there in months.

>ironically making them the problem, rather than the solution
As a libtard, this sums up my feelings about SJWs perfectly. Sage for offtopic.

>All religions are bad and evil mmkay
But this is wrong you shitter.
Religion as a whole has the ability to provide important moral lessons as well as lead people astray.
Its important to realize that many stories still offer value while ignoring others. I'd say Christianity is better than most due to it mostly changing with the times and adapting to modern western values. The vast majority of Christians you'll meet in the US couldn't give less of a shit if you are gay or whatever.
The reformation is also a giant get-out-of-jail-free card for picking and choosing which stories to believe

You got dragged into a ghost hentai, user.

>Oh, it's you.
>there is only one religion poster in the entirety of Veeky Forums
Are you retarded?

>Yeah yeah, god is great
>didn't even argue about god

>you're a horrible person for advocating the rights to control over your own body
>you're a horrible person for advocating against responsibility and mutual consideration

>and you're the exemplar of a tolerant and kind human being, all your bigotry and hatred of anyone who thinks and feels differently aside.
>and you're the exemplar of a tolerant and kind human being, by pointing the flaws in my current lifestyle

>Go back to /religion/ and /pol/.
>Because please I don't want to be called on it

You aren't that luck user.

>anons get played by a Slaaneshi cultist

>assuming that it's all people
>assuming it's any one religion
>not realizing that it's referring to ONE POSTER
Read more carefully. It's specifically THAT poster that's a particularly crass example of how much of a dickheaded bigot someone can be.

Yep, she's adorable.

And friendly too. That's nice.

I doubt that. Most likely she told the super to mislead us thought the weirder thing is that after the incident my pals told me that their genitalia burned in church as if when you got an infection but when they checked out with the docs nothing was there that could cause such simptoms.
I blame that reaction to guilt, likely it was psicosomatic.

You also have to account for the fact that a female GM is less likely to be called out for it and people would be inclined to tolerate more shit from a female GM than a male GM due to the nature of this hobby.

Additionally, male GMs (at least those that aren't that-GM) bend over backwards to not come off as creepy or triggering someone if a female is in the group, even if in reality it wouldn't be a problem, Male GMs fear that any misstep involving sexual or uncomfortable situation will bring a shitstorm their way from both their female and male players, and potentially label them as a creep and as an undateable pariah. Female GMs don't have that problem since there's much less shit coming their way if they do misstep and most people would just ignore it, and tons of people would be willing to jump to her defense.

This is the nature of a hobby where males outnumber females.

You're a deranged person claiming moral highground for arguing in favour of betrayal and cuckholding and somehow think that only hateful bigots are against breaking up couples.
You should really think over your values.
Disclaimer: First post itt, anti-religious


but I'd give it a chance until it blatantly starts to veer into weird/creepy, magical realm territory

Well said.

It is the "black guys are allowed to say nigger" syndrome. If a girl introduced rape, people are often like "uhh fine I guess", but when a guy does it, some will go full SJW, especially if a girl is present.

Once had a friend who kept putting rape into her games, who later told me she had hoped onee of the guys would have "gotten the hint" and "raped" her.

She should have considered dropping about 200 pounds before trying that.

As someone who sticked his dick in crazy and now is happily married with her, I can tell you that it takes a crazy person to love another crazy person, and it's even better when said love is mutual.