Why do you play d20 games?

Legitimate question /tg.

Why not?

Because they're fun.

They're popular and wide-spread, the sorts of games I can enjoy can be played in them even if it isn't optimal and the system isn't so bad that using it hinders my enjoyment when gaming.

Because I enjoy many systems, some of which include d20 mechanics. After all, a system is merely a framework in which you and the other characters interact in. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the people you play with are far more of a factor than the system in terms of how much fun you have! I sincerely hope you weren't trying to start a "Stop liking what I don't like!" thread, OP.

I really wish I would have been able to give Legend a spin though, it looked really cool.

Because my players are a bunch of dumb, illiterate, lazy niggers that refuse to read a book.

God I hate my players so much.

You sound like a terrible DM.

But i don't.

Have you seen a d20? Rolled one?

What, you want me to go to the d6? To a fucking CUBE?


Because I've lost control of my life.

because i love playing games with dice shaped like complex platonic solids


Been trying to convince my group to try Legend too, but they feel it's too unfinished and even worse, it's not Pathfinder. I admit it has a few issues still (binary flight for one, or the lack of nonmagical warriors or pet/follower classes) but it had some neat options and the custom class builds just look like fun.

Because they can be fun? I am fairly fond of D&D 5e.

Savage Worlds is my favorite system though. Die stepping up to a d12 is the way to go. The d12 is an unbelievably sexy sexy die...

This would be a good reason.
I LIKE the die.

Because I am a lazy bastard and have trouble finding semi-decent premade campaigns for other systems.


Don't blame the d20 for the sins of D&D 3E. There's tons of games that use it and they have nothing in common except dice.
If you really hate linear distribution, you can just roll 2d20 and double every relevant number.

It's pretty hard to find non-D20 groups here, and D20 isn't as bad as Veeky Forums often claims it is. It's not a very good system, but it's the best available here.

That'd be one well fed mimic.

By d20 games, do you mean games that use the d20 System™® by Wizards of the Coast LLC, or just any system that has you roll a d20 for most action checks? Either way, 3d6 is objectively superior as the default dice roll because it makes average, probable outcomes actually happen most of the time, and extremely unlikely outcomes extremely rare, while also allowing unlikely outcomes to be kept away from players with lower modifiers without making them literally impossible. If the DC is such that at a certain level of ability or skills success is literally impossible, but with an additional +1 it is possible, you've just gone from something being mathematically incapable of happening to happening 5% of the time. With 3d6 you can have things be as unlikely as a 1/216 chance, which allows the simulation of something extremely unlikely for a given level of ability but still technically feasible. 3d6 with less extreme modifiers than needed for a d20 roll is simply the best way to simulate probability of action success in a tabletop game.

Because it's like gambling, it's totally random and not really in your favor but it makes things exciting and random and that tiny chance at a critical success pushes people for that "one more roll" mentality, just like gambling.

Also probably because the D20 and D&D has been cemented in culture as "This is what a TTRPG looks like" thing, it's so synonymous with TTRPGs that even normies know that a D20 is the symbol of TTRPGs.

>There are plebs that still use Platonic solid dice
Fucking casuals, Johnson solid dice are where it's at.
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