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First for orks being top tier in 8th


also pls r8 my ork 1000p TAC list

3rd for Word Bearers being best legion

2nd for the Omnissiah


i failed. here it is.

Post yfw all the crappy assault armies become OP in 8th ed.

>mfw Black Templars are finally good.



Is it worth dropping a Heavy Support from my Sisters of Battle list to make it a proper Vestal Task Force detachment? If so, should I drop an Exorcist or a Retributor Squad in a Repressor? This is for a 2000 point army.

Really tho I have found that SAGs actually fucking rock at low point games, consider running a horde detachment (or whatever the one with 3HQs is called) and dropping your killa kans for mek gunz or maybe get some more trukk boyz for multi-threats.

(also I know it sounds like cancer but I really like a gorkanaut at low points)

New player here. How would you guys say this is for a beginner list at 500? Any major changes that should be made?

r8 please

Is there a copy of Raiders of Commorragh anywhere?

I don't see it in the megas, and I don't wanna pay the $50 or whatever they want just to get a good look at some paint schemes.

Guard anons, I have my first 1000pt game tomorrow, any advice?

Pic related is all the guys I built, I stayed up til 3 am but it was worth it!

SAGs? im only running Grukk, kans and grots cause I have the ork half of the Stormclaw box. I was hoping that 20 slogging boys and a slugga trukk for the boss to ride in would be decent.

Repost from the last thread. Don't want to use war convocation. Don't have any current admech experience, going to buy 2 starter boxes.. Should I put a knight in there instead of kastelans? Also what other changes are needed

40k Age of Sigmar Warscroll Compendiums


Welcome to 8th bitches


noice i just stayed up till 1 am to try and finish my dragoon(the vehicle part at least), im quite happy with it but i still need to add some variation in the armor of the rider so that its not all silver and i need to paint the pistol



>tfw reading about Asmodai
>he's literally the reason a lot of people hate/have suspicions about the Dark Angels
>he's only smiled twice
>has ordered the (failed) execution of every Scout from a certain world as he believed their genestock had to have been tainted because they didn't answer any of his questions fast enough
>ordered a year long vow of silence on the 7th company because he heard laughter and was in a bad mood (always)
>was locked in his chambers and only was allowed in the chapel after almost starting a war with another chapter and the Inquisition
>when asked if he had any regrets, replied "I should have killed the Inquisitor."
>the only compliment he has ever given was to Chaplain Cassius of the Ultramarines "He knows a lot about killing Aliens, which is no bad thing."
Absolutely BASED.

Why can't I take avenger gatling cannons on knights instead of vulcan mega bolters?

I'd trade the 3 shots and range on a warhound for rending.

You can't stop the rape train

Tau aren't communists, neither politically nor militarily.

>tfw I want to play an infantry guard but i fucking hate the cadian models

They're collectivist enough.

>shitty blog fanfiction
>official GW rules
Get fucked.

So were the NatSocs, the Chinese and the Hindus.

I got forty cadians and i am getting twenty more

Your anger betrays your concern young one.

I love the dark angels named characters. They're all such delightfully smug douchebags. I loved the ending of Pandorax when the command staff has a collective chuckle at the expense of some heretic who thinks they're going to take him alive.

It's the best fit box for the Tau.
Who else would fit?
Imperial Guard, maybe.

i have a bunch that i assembled before painting
then some that are like, semi painted
then some that are in semi painted sub assembly mode
i seriously hate painting the cadian model
why can't they be fun like skitarii

They sort of sell catachans and FW has kriegers and elysians, but it's rough in the guard for model variety from GW

Kroot are funny units. One game they manage to wipe out a las cannon squad pretty easily and die to a land raider(lol). Next game they go up against 5 scouts and get absolutely rekt and kill 1 guy from 2 rounds of shooting. What is up with these birds?

Still empty claims from a shitty blog. And no I won't give you clicks you spamming faggot.

30k Imperium was very close to socialism. Not it's even more, but religion is not only allowed but enforced which makes it it's own unique thing.

IG is definetly soviet-inspired though.

Do like I did
Buy Steel Legion

What the hell is this shit!?!
Please say this is a bad joke!

I think everyone but Asmodai hates Asmodai and are too scared of him to do anything about it, but Azrael is the only one willing to treat him like the Oldmanchild he is by giving him timeouts.

It's clickbait. The only source is the blog in the link.

Alright I'm done, but minus a few balancing issues it's a lot of fun, a different and in some ways better way to play 40k.
I honestly hope that 8th is somewhat similar, I think S/T needs to stay and armor values but otherwise AoS is great.

That whole thing is fucking garbage.

Also, apparently night lords get bikes as battleline and wyche cults can only take Venoms and no raiders and ONLY wyches.

Don't bother with melee+pistol on vanguard alphas. They will likely die before they strike against anyone that isn't just a common mook.

Which political/phylosophical doctrine fits each Chaos God the most?

Worse, the source is the facebook page of a podcast where they just asked if people would be ok with those changes.

I've never read any of the DA books, are there any essentials? Where should I start?

of course it is its an unofficial OC donut steel supplement to AOS

for being what it is and given the lack of playtesting it is actually a lot of fun to play...not every game should be WAAC. I prefer the casual fluffy games and this is a unique way to do that.

The movement values, hero phase and Armor save modifiers are a much better system, 40k is bloated and broken, half the fucking book is special rule bullshit that makes the game ridiculous and hard to pick as new player.

And guess what...GW doesn't give a shit about us, we've already spent our small fortunes, now they want new players and their small fortunes and 8th is going to be just that, a slimmed, if not dumbed, down 40k that any newbie can pick up in a day.


>t. author of said retarded 'fan supplement'

I don't get why it's so bad to cut some bloat on the game, and I say this as a guy who probably has one of the biggest Ork armies in the entire midwest if not the United States

It's mostly concern about they'll take it beyond just cutting bloat into outright dumbing down the game.

Not everyone wants to play a simpler game just because it's faster.

Not necessary political, but I've always seen Nurgle as an extreme perversion of Buddhism with a heaping dose of Santa Claus' personality.
Tzeentch I see as the embodiment of bureaucracy.

bumping once

That's fair.

Dropping that gives me 15 points. Should I take 5 more points off somewhere (maybe the infiltrator princep's refractor field) to give the vanguard alpha pater radium? Or if I drop 10 I could give him the autopurger thing from Cawl that hits at I10 instead of I1 for the toughness test.

also bumping

Maybe tomb blades would be better fast attack.

I am 100% fine with "dumbing the game down" if it stops the game from freezing to look at some obscure rule or at makes it so that a lot of lists are viable rather than one specific formation or whatever is needed. 40k NEEDS to be debloated, and grognards holding onto their wishes to retain a system that's take on ten years of half baked reanimation could use with a wake up call. fite me.

You might be better off giving the infiltrator the Omniscient Mask for fearless and hatred.

Not the author just a fan, 40k tournaments broke my spirit and this was something fun that made me like my 40k guys again

Like this guy --> said people are scared of the Age of 40k treatment. What they don't realize is that AoS took GW sales from ~5% with Fantasy to almost ~35%of their sales coming from AoS. Yes some of that has to account for updated models being sold and the few standalone games but in general it's agreed that switching to AoS was a profitable decision.
Whether oldfags want to admit it or not, GW is going to do what is best for GW's profits, not their fanbase.

Glad I'm not the only one who hates stopping a game for 20 fucking minutes to look up obscure bullshit...UGH!!!

Drop the destroyer and put in more scarabs.

If it's 500 points and you're new I'm guessing these are the models you own. It should be fine. Go have fun and try stuff out. It's hard to go seriously wrong in 500 points.
you don't need two hq's though

A lone attack bike seems like a good way to lose first blood unless you have some kind of plan I'm not seeing. Maybe save the points and get a combi weapon for the tac sergeant.

IMO the lascannon and TL plasma is kinda meh since you can only fire one at full bs if you move, but that's preference.

You can't really compare the increase in sales by converting WHFB to AoS though. 40k is still selling very well, fantasy was not and they could afford to make a huge change. You don't take a system that's selling well and replace it with one that might alienate the current users.

8th ed will probably be a mix between AoS and current 40k so the people that want AoS rules in 40k will probably be just as disappointed as the 40k people that don't want anything to change.

Those comments prove that GW fanboys will eat up whatever garbage GW will eventually throw out in place of even worse rules.

That could work. Can drop the vanguard alpha's refractor field instead of the infiltrator's in that case. I like that. Zealot means the first round they charge in they get 21 taser attacks that hit on a 3+ and reroll 1s. pretty brutal. The reroll means about 3 more hits on the charge.

Hell, we usually just roll off for who's right if there's some super hard to find rule debate then figure it out post game for later.

how is tzeentch the embodiment of bureaucracy? Surely bureaucracy would be more like nurgle, considering that a lot of stereotypes about bureaucracy show it being bloated and unable to get anything done. Maybe in the sense that it often doesn't make sense, like Tzeentch's plans to a lay person, but I feel like that's a bit of a stretch.

Hatred means you reroll ALL misses in the first round of combat, not just 1s.

What primer/paint did yuo use on the driver for that shiny effect?

So around an extra 5 or 6 hits then, accounting for extra taser hits. That's really nice.

I had 40 points lying around and IF tactics give the HB more usage.

I was going to leave the razorback back with the devastators for fire support.

What do you think I could do with 40-80 points from the attack bike/razorback?

the 20 min was an exaggeration obviously, my point is unless you are a fanatic who plays multiple times a week (i.e. no fucking life) then it's really hard to keep up with all the rules and the new rules and the new units with new rules and then the new formation with new units and new rules.
It made me quit playing tournaments because people would get pissed when I asked questions or asked them to show me "that rule that says you get to reroll your rerolls and then reroll again" because fuck, some of this shit is fucking insanely complicated...don't get me started on Ynnari and their Soulburst bullshit...I just conceded after 3 hrs and only TWO FUCKING TURNS...it's just frustrating as a married man in his 30's with a job and two kids to keep up with his favorite hobby.

I'm looking to show off my fancy new dreadnoughts and razorbacks for my fists. Thoughts? I'm not psyched about suicide sternguard and a librarian hanging out in a razorback probably won't do much with no fire points and will give up slay the warlord every time if he's with the sternguard. What might work better for my command/elite?

Yea GW isn't retarded as far as I know

If you ditch the deathwind launcher (meh), razorback, and attack bike you've got another 130 to work with. I'd definitely give that tactical squad a transport of some kind though whether drop pod or rhino. 49 point grav cannon marine feels too valuable to foot slog.

Rate my Grand Convo list

GW has explicitly stated they're going to be moving more towards units having their own specific unique rules over the universal special ruels so you're kinda sol in that department.

Ha ha ha yeah fuck that.

Honestly, if I'd never been aware of the existence of ynnari and someone just started doing that in a game, I would have assumed they'd be fucking with me.

Split up the dragoons, or better yet run grand convo.

Break the vanguards down into 5 man units.

Don't split up the dragoons, they work best in squads of 2 or 3. AdMech doesn't get that many fast attack slots anyways.

Rate my Necrons

I disagree. Looking up a rule doesn't bother me too much if it makes the game more interesting or complex. I'd rather continue playing 7th edition against my Tau friend's riptides all day if it means I keep armor and armor facing differences on my tanks instead of wound pools for example. Don't need to dumb down the game to fix bullshit like imbalances or looking up a rule, to find you need to look up a rule, to look up a rule. I came to this from X-Wing and I don't want to go back. Simple and "streamlined" is not what I wanted with 40k.

Are Heavy Flamers worth taking in Dev squads, or even Tactical squads? I kinda liked the look of the Forgeworld ones but I can't see much use for them.

I fucking love them in sternguard pods

Are there any clear numbers on the popularity of the xenos factions?

I think this is how the list goes from what I've seen personally

1. Tau
2. Eldar (all of them lumped here except DE)
3. Orkz
4. Nids
5. Necrons
6. Dark Eldar

I don't think Devs or Tacticals can even take Heavy Flamers. Aren't they Sternguard only?

A full squad of them can be quite devastating though. They're absolute death to any sort of lighter infantry if you can get them close enough with a transport (easy with a drop pod or even a Rhino), and even other marines tend to cook under that many S 5 flamer hits.

I understand your plight, but why are you playing tournaments if you don't play the game or read up on things regularly? I read tons of shit about the game and play it about once a week, but I despise tournament play. It generally isn't a decent game or meant to be fun unless you are STEM major numbers man who meta games everything. The only goal is to win. Entire armies are dismissed. "Don't ever take x unit or so and so." is often thrown around. It is not something I would plan to go to unless I know the people involved.

Great list, user.

The Deathmarks are an interesting choice. I love them, but very rarely do they perform to an acceptable standard.

You playing blood angles, my dude? If so, yeah - load up on your tactical squads.

If not, no heavy flamers in tacticals for you. Iron clads are a solid way to bring them, though.

did I put too many points in the captain in this list?

dat shiny affect nOW.

Where's he going, with the devastators? If so, he might as well be cataphractii to get a better invuln if he's gonna already be slow and purposeful.

...is a relic blade actually cheaper on a terminator armored captain?

Shiny and chrome.

I didn't see an option for cataphractii chapter master, but that's what he is getting.

He's going to confer S&P to the devastators, or go with the centurions depending on army comp.

Yes it is 10 points for a termy captain.

>clear coating models in your bathroom because it's too humid outside
my lungs hurt