How do you play a vibrant, flirtatious, flamboyant character when you're nothing like that yourself...

How do you play a vibrant, flirtatious, flamboyant character when you're nothing like that yourself? I'm signing up to play one, and I'm usually pretty good at getting in my character's heads and playing the -character-
(at least, I think so), but I'm worried I just don't have the guts, the cojones, or equivalent to put myself out there for this specifically.

Tell me it's gonna be alright, teeg.

roll charisma

>How do you play a vibrant, flirtatious, flamboyant character when you're nothing like that yourself?
As cringy as possible

I know that's an age-old argument or something, but really, I don't think I'd find that satisfying and it wouldn't convey the character I'm hoping to convey. So even if it worked mechanically, it's a wash.

See, that's what I'm afraid of.

Think about whether something would make you uncomfortable. If the answer is 'no,' think of something else and ask yourself the same question again. If the answer is 'yes,' bite the bullet and go through with it.

If you're not driving, go into the game a little tipsy. Don't get wasted, just take whatever intoxicant you like in order to lower your inhibitions a bit.

>I'm usually pretty good at getting in my character's heads and playing the -character-

Try to avoid this.

Flirtatious and flamboyant characters in-game are fun to have.

Their players acting flirtatious and flamboyant is painful and uncomfortable.

no dude, let me explain.

How do you get good with people? Say stupid shit, until you catch on. YOU DON'T LEARN IF YOU DON'T PLAY.

Think of a video game you play all the time, that you're really good at. Were you good when you started? hell no. You sucked dick!

That's how talking to people works. You have too do it 1000 times, die on the same fucking ledge until you wanna gut-punch a tiger, and ragequit for 15 days. THen, suddenly, you're amazing at it.

Many so called "autistic" people are very high functioning spectrum. Sure, you've got something going on, but who the fuck cares? What your actual problem is, is you got no balls. You weren't brave enough to practice talking to people your whole life, so you're still bad.

Here's how to get practice, from easiest to hardest:

Go out in public with your friends, somewhere you have to behave yourself a little. Talk about shit that won't get you arrested.

Roleplay an outgoing character. DO as much retarded shit as possiible! Have fun with it, don't worry about cringe. Laugh at yourself: You're LEARNING! (dnd is actually a great environment for learning social skills. It allows you to do things as someone else that you'd be scared to do as yourself)

Go out and talk to strangers, just on the bus or bars or wherever. Say hi, try to start a conversation (which is easier if you let them do most of the talking) and see how it goes. Don't spend more than 5 minutes bugging the same person, if you think you're super bad at this. Most people won't call the cops on you for babbling at the if you leave quickly.

Talk to girls! Find girls you think are attractive, and talk to them. (or whatever your gender/orientation bullshit requires. POint is, try to get laid!) Flirt, be subtle, be sassy, crack jokes. Ask them to dinner, back to your place, etc. Don't force them to do anything, and don't get to torn up if they literally run away from you. Its real easy guys, you just need practice.

Cheers. Lol!

Imagine everyone you meet is an old, good friend.

A friend you've fucked harder than anyone could ever imagine.......good to see you again, old chum.

This. I also reccommend hanging out with people who have good social skills to learn from their example, and fucking smexy bitches in real life because it makes you more relaxed and confident in general.

Do this OP, pick up some fine looking bitches at club. Don't settle for average but go for the absolute 10/10 expensive looking ones.


With regards to prostitutes, if you absolutely must to lose you virginity, you can hire a prostitute, but don't rely on 'em.

I know guys who bang prostitutes all the time, and they simply don't know how to flirt. I'm not saying stay away from gold diggers, but only go for a girl who PRETENDS she isn't in it for the money. Because then she'll require you to say the right things.

All prostitutes want is you not to murder them, pay up, and have no stds. They'll have you shower beforehand if you're super filthy, but they absoutely do not care if you're a creepy motherfuckin autistic douchebag. ITs their job, they can handle it.

You know, I always get confused when people say that they hate self-insertions.
I'm new in the hobby, but you simply can't act in a different way you normally do. It's virtually impossible, unless you have a gift for it.
Can any experienced players clear this up for me? We always attach a piece of our behaviours/thoughts/ideology/moral codes to our characters. At least in my opinion.

people don't hate self insertion

People hate self insertion + a desire to steal the scene by being the coolest, most powerful momma jomma.

Just don't be obnoxious

I took it from the best job interview advice I was ever given. The fucking thing is hit or miss depending on tastes and appearance, but is great when it works.

Main thing is to not give a shit but still be absolutely sure you've succeeded. It's tough without succeeding a few times but I'm a good actor so fuck it, I do great at it.

Oh, okay. Nonetheless, I would hate the desire to steal the scene regardless of self-insertion.

Have you ever noticed that one of the players at the table has to go through dozens of different characters a session, many of them not even human?

If the GM can roleplay a giant louse that eats metal or a giant lizard, ancient beyond the mortal conception of time, you can pretend to be a different human for two hours

Come up with something that your character wants to accomplish. Come up with a reason they want to acxomplish that. Extrapolate from there. Not rocket science, not magic, it just takes the bare minimum amount of creativity.

Stop being little bitch forcing the rest of the party to carry the story. Try contributing something you lazy fuck


>Say stupid shit, until you catch on.
This is retarded advice, and you are likewise retarded. If you want to learn social skills, shut the fuck up and observe other people. Going out and being a cringe machine will just make other people either avoid you, or act so awkward you get nothing useful out of them.

People generally don't correct other people's social behaviour if they don't like it, because the drive to avoid conflict is extremely powerful in normies. Trial and error is basically worthless, because you won't be getting any feedback.

You'll get feedback when they leave. lol!


Going from someone who played a flamboyant, flirtatious half-elf bard who went around dicking nobles' wives when I'm a generally a super reserved person myself, here's some of my tips.

First off, this Talk to everyone like they're a good friend of yours. Be flattering and give complements. Complement anything, from the way they look/dress, to their specific talents, to their tastes. In general, try to be the first person to greet them, and greet them warmly.

>Ah, Lady Miounne! As lovely as ever, I see! I heard you and Lord Leontius had the manor renovated. I must say, the satin drapes are a nice touch. Oh? Lord Leontius is out of town for the week? Well now, how fortunate for me then! I was hoping I would have the opportunity to get to know you better. How about we sit down for some tea then?

If you don't particularly like someone, use backhanded compliments rather than straight up insulting them.
>Lord Leontius! You're looking well for someone your age. Your face looks no more wrinkled than the last time we spoke!

Always try to talk your way out of adverse situations, either with your charisma or guile. Or just making light of said situations whenever they arise.
>Now now, Lord Leontius! Sure, your Lady may prefer my scepter to yours, but surely this situation needn't be solved with an axe! Why no, sire, I don't believe a flintlock would help the situation much more either!

It's more than likely going to be cheesy and corny, but it will also be fun, trust me.

Yes, you have to act. That's obvious. But I'd say that when you have to either make choices or represent certain events or thoughts, you'll do it under your own point of view. Period.
I hope you can understand what I'm talking about.


Seriously, just look at charismatic characters you like, think about what they do that makes themselves charismatic, and then try to emulate that in your character.

This can generally be applied to anything in TTRPGs you're not sure how to do.

>Main thing is to not give a shit but still be absolutely sure you've succeeded.
This is my go to at my job every day. Smile. Say: this is gonna work, everything will be just fine. Die a little inside because you have no idea what you are doing. Revive because it actually worked. Come up with something else if it failed.