That showed him

That showed him.

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What? That the GM's a cunt that they shouldn't play with?

You just don't like good GMing.

And high concept storylines.


Please be an edit

How pathetic

Why does he have an angry expression and inhuman facial features? It's like the artist drew a stick figure goblin to point at while picking on his brother and saying "Heh, that's you."

I mean, is there a reason they invited the straw goblin to the game?

Why does she have the same expression in each panel? Was she just expecting anger goblin to say something mean while she was expositing?

Let's just go back a bit.







I played this campaign. . .twice.

This is why I avoid female DMs, just sayin'

stop already

And now you know the rest of the story.

BTW, this is how I see millennials.

You're trying to make fun of PVP

This betrays the fact you you, in fact, still read or remember PVP

No, John, you are the faggots.

The kid that just wants to have fun and doesn't understand rules, or the young dad who spergs out about everything and roped his group into having an atrocious GM just because he couldn't stand paying attention to worldbuilding and storyline?

Because both could be used as a stand-in for millennials, but I'm interested in which absurd stereotype you're mentally filtering an entire generation though.

Millenials are 35 years old this year

This is anti humor.

This is awful. Who thought it was a good idea?

Why would an Amazon care if a guy is gay or not? Doesn't affect whether he makes a good slave.

Probably both at the same time. Whiny brats when not in a position of authority and limp-wristed pansies when in one

They're probably gonna get sperm jacked

This might be the worst comic I've ever read. I already hate every single character intensely.

I just noticed that she never opens her mouth.

Like here, shouldn't her expression mirror the amazon's? Is she supposed to be mute or something, and the signing is just translated for ease of understanding?

Honestly pretty spot on.

What? That's Gen Y or something, dude. Millennials are the folks who were KIDS when the millennium happened, like 12 or younger. They're late twenties at most.

Source: Fucking Millennial. 26 years old and probably on the furthest end of the curve. Get ready, fartbags, the Teeners are coming.

......I've seen them.......god help us all

>when college feminists DM
I'll stick to my fat 45 year old dude with dice tattoos and who wears a chainmail coif
Even if he smells faintly of old Mac and cheese

I remember liking this comic. I remember liking the redhead chick. I refuse to go back and reread it all just to hate it.

You are objectively wrong.

I am 18 and a gen Z-er. Hopefully we will be less of complete failures in a decade than the current 20-30 year old utterly unaccomplished Millenial trash of today.

Do we get to see some tits or should I just back out while I'm ahead?

Not by posting on imageboards at this hour you won't

Bitching about

No, the oldest milennials are in their 30s now, it basically covers anyone born from around 1985-2000

We said the same thing, you poor fucks.....we said the same god damn thing.

Help us when we retire, we're not gonna be able to hear a fucking thing after years of earbuds and Ipods with horrible sound settings.


It used to be funny, in like 1999 when it was making Ultima Online and EverQuest jokes.

In a decade, most of the boomers will have died off, so you won't have an entire generation of parasitic and entitled geriatrics to blame your failings on like we do.

So you won't have any slack when it comes to being failures or not.


Gen Y are milliennials. Milliennials is just a nickname.

>>I am 18 and therefore should shut the fuck up

Your opinion doesn't matter for another 6 more years at least bud.

This. I'm like 23 and have horrible tinnitus. Kinda banking on getting robot ears at this point.

It really bothers me that her entire head is the exact same through each panel.

What are we going to call the generation after gen Z?

Does it just loop back around to A or do we switch over to the greek alphabet and suck up that we're going to be calling the next batch of babies the AlphaGen?

I go by when your teen years were, honestly, since that's what youth culture that seems to define generations these days goes by.

Teen in the 80s? Gen X and MTV!

Teen in the 90s? Gen Y and Beavis and Butthead/ Early-ass Southpark

Teen in the 00s? Fucking shitbag Millennial trash, get a job and stop asking for a handout and seriously get a job holy fuck social security needs it get a job for the love of fucking god pls also get off your phone.

Teen in the 10s? Listen to Uncle Millennial and his tale about "Facebook and the myth of privacy settings online".......cause it took Uncle a few times to realize that one......

I dunno man, pundits make those up on demand.

That's what bothers me whenever most artists draw exaggerated lips on females. It's like they lose all expressiveness because they don't want to do things that they'd willingly do with male faces, that are just straight lines.

Or maybe other artists do it better and they're just meh because they're shoving out comics every other day or something.

Glases guy is a cuck.

I don't know if I'm more appalled that this mediocre comic is still chugging along or that I can see Brent's eyes.

>does an owlbear crap in the woods?
I don't understand

why can the gay man go against the law and wear that little clothing he has?
what GM would start a sidequest by making the players fall into an ambush with no sort of gameplay scenario in said ambush?
>obi wan jadeobi
fuck it, I'm out

Being 18 means you were born before 2000, i.e. 1998-1999. You planning for college or already in it?

>mute DM

I'd play that game for the novelty, hell, I'd even put up with this third wave feminism wank for the novelty of a completely silent adult imagination party.

So if I'm 21, in college and on the way to get a master degree and maybe a PhD, have known ye-old internet and most 90's cartoon because I grew up in bumfuck nowhere in France, what does that make me ? I don't understand all this generation shit

I could have lived a long and fulfilling life without knowing this visua AIDS didn't exist.

Since when do they have a kid? I though he hallucinated her at some point?

Man, old PvP was so funny, back when it did vidya stuff.

You're talking city trash and middle class suburbanites.

Country people take a while to shift.

It reminds me of jabcomics a bit. Now I wish it was porn.

Shit, son, you get TV and internet like the rest of us. Get on it!

Holy shit we're all of us fucking doomed.

Heh, hope you live near an internet provider, cause out west the internet is shit.

Then again, how often does anyone visit Kansas or Wyoming. Hope they got good internet in Montana, beautiful place.

Anyhow, nah, I'm part of the upper middle class suburbs kid who has the great luck of being in the general fifty mile radius of my internet provider.

The fast as fuck internet is mostly for telecom meetings that occur around 2-3 times a day and downloading large files. Assuming my parents or I aren't driving to, at, and coming back from work/college of course.

>stop asking for a handout and seriously get a job holy fuck social security

this is good advice though

Well don't be the fucks that live in the wastelands, that's not society's fault. Anyway, even basic bitch broadband is enough to use youtube and social media, which is the main requirement for Youth Culture at the moment and for the past 10+ years.

Source: 5mbp/s internet. Fucking 1080x60fps videos are like going back to the old days of AOL.

It was certainly good advice before the boomers took all of those jobs and then irrevocably fucked the market with their selfish behavior

I did.

I do.

They won't stop saying it's not a good enough job,

It's the same fucking job they had at my age and I'm better at it than they were by their own admission. It's not even motivation to do better, they're just calling me a failure and then trying to take my hours.

>dial up internet

Fuck that shit. Might as well have a typewriter, before they got phased out rather quickly. Thank god I had to only deal with it as a kid.

Hey, maybe in the future, 80 mbps internet will look slow in comparison to what they might have.

That shit and shitty VHS tapes are the cultural PTSD of our generation. It tells me how much of an adult I am now that I can't even imagine what mild annoyance I deal with today with the hellspawn of kids at this time.


Holy shit, is this comic still going?
I stopped reading it when the kids aged up to teenagers.

Not because I objected or anything, it was just around that point that I realized I was only reading it out of habit.

Is the blue troll still in it?


It sucks.

Seems pretty accurate. I know if you filmed our sessions, a lot of the conversations were mixes of people who knew each other talking in flippant shorthand and making outrageous remarks to their friends, and trying to test the boundaries of humor/comfort/dropping spaghetti with the friends of friends or folks they are less familiar with. The DM may very well threaten level loss, rocks falling, etc. rather than just giving a little groan. Of course it's not permanent, this is the comedy side session.

I'm pretty sure if I was doing a side session I'd want to keep it light hearted and humorous, rules light. Makes sense she'd try and make it clear they'd need to solve this without their usual suite of tools and spells. Singling out one party member to not be screwed is a classic bit, and 'girls trust the gay guy' is funny no matter how PC you are. 7/10 average group bantz, will we how it develops

>Is one of these webcomics you think is ironically bad on purpose but it isn't

It's hard for humor to come across in a comic when the artist can't draw more than one expression on a character.

Even B^Uckley managed to somewhat handle his horrible ailment, maybe there's hope still for this poor sod.

That's me.

Why is this comic mocking female dms?

Shit, VHS tapes and floppy disks. Watching cheap pornos and playing Doom, what not to love? Hell, I even still got some of my dad's old laserdiscs. How many people even remember those things existing? Shit do you even see CDs around anymore?

Crap, everything is gonna be on some big ol' mainframe or on a tiny ass flash drive that you can fit in you wallet in twenty-thirty years given the tech advancement rates.

Talking about hellspawn that is the "youth", man, you got love how they're reflective of the nut jobs of the old days. Of course unlike them, they're too pussy and will just cosplay it.

Seriously, good portion of them find socialism and communism to be great. Because history hasn't said otherwise or anything.

Songs like these will keep on reflecting on who these people are.

>I'm like 23 and have horrible tinnitus.
Eat less salt. Odds of you having music-induced tinnitus at this age are minimal, but a high-sodium diet will give you tinnitus as well.

My musical taste is punk and ska of the 90s, vidya games from 1997-2009, tabletop from 1985-95, and literature from 1920-70. I love you all equally.

I live in a city of 70.000 people. We have almost 17.000 unemployed.

But sure, I'll just jog on down to the job store and get myself a job.

glad to see that you still kept your positive attitude


No job is ever good enough for these cunt baby boomers. Unless I'm completely fucking miserable and regularly have thoughts of suicide, it's not a real job.

>get a job at a warehouse
It's fucking miserable, think about wrapping my car around a telephone poll to avoid going in. Every day think, "this is the day, I could do it right in front of that urgent care on my way to work"
>I hope this is your forever job, i hope you don't have to apply for work ever again!

>get job in call center
Great benifits, good pay, fulfilling work (asking for donations for charities), good people, I enjoy it, even get the chance to work from home.
>call centers have a high turn over rate, I don't think you can do it. You should never have left the warehouse job!

At this point I write off 99% of things baby boomers say. I firmly believe their "wealth of experience" is just an overwhelming need to see their children and generations behind them be as unhappy and unfulfilled as they are.

Gen Y are the Millennials dude. Gen Z is iGen and coves those born after 2000.

If you were born after Return of the Jedi but before X-men, you're a Millennial.

I don't mind people saying I've got a shit job, it's the
>"Here, let me basically apply you for 4 jobs you've got no experience in and that are in a completely different field and hold you responsible for not immediately following up on"
that piss me off.

I couldn't ASK for that kind of help getting a job starting out, but once I've got one I'm OK at and have a good routine doing you're gonna give me shit over this one?

Worst part is I know I'll do the same thing to younger folk, but I'm desperately holding onto hope I'll have enough youth left in me to joke about it when I do so they don't get too pissed. I'm so pre-emptively sorry.

If she were a he that would be magic realmy as fuck, but she has a pass because she's a woman I guess?

>I heard there were four jobs at McDonalds so none of you have an excuse to not be working harder and paying a mortgage

No joke I was visiting home the other day and mother and I were talking about the economic situation of our small town. I forgot how we got on the subject, but she said something like "if you father had to stop working then I'd go out and have myself a good job in less than a day." I remarked that she makes more than 30 thousand a year, working only part time, she wouldn't need to find a new job just downsize. She tried to tell me that you can't live on 30k a year... I told her that I don't know of anyone at all from my graduating class (who lives where we do) that makes more than 30k a year. It was the first time in a long time that I've seen her legitimately dumbstruck. They all pay 1-2k per month on rent for a slum tier apartment and work hard at a shitty job making minimum wage and get nowhere in life because that's the best there is right now in middle America.

I'm moving out of town next year to try and make in in the film production industry, I don't wanna get stuck here as a wage slave like everybody else. Spinning wheels in the dirt. If that fails then I'm turning to crime or something, I dunno. Stock fraud might be fun.

>Have two degrees (in my country would be like your civil engineering and structural engeneering)
>Can't fucking find a job due crisis
>Now that the crisis is more or less gone can't fucking find a job because "no experience in my field"
>Lots of fucking old as fuck men in my line of work who refuse to leave their work
>Have to travel abroad to work
>Always temporary jobs and in different countries
Fuck my life and fuck people who say "find a job"

If he hadn't tried to justify the fucking joke, she probably would have let it slide.

Nah, She'd probably do it anyway. Looks like a cunt

I really do believe that a LOT of the baby boomer generation doesn't realize that the current despair gripping Millenials is because the Millenials realize how fucked the world is right now, and even if they want to do things to fix it, they can't, because the Baby Boomers in charge of things (both in government and business) want their guaranteed golden parachute for the last 10-20 years of their life of gross excess and give 0 fucks about those who get screwed over in the process.

Seriously, does anyone really need to live in a multi-million dollar mansion, or drive multi-million dollar luxury cars, or eat imported foods from around the world every day, cooked to 5-star restaurant perfection by private chefs?

I understand people wanting to enjoy things and relax after a stressful day of work, but there's a difference between, "oh, I'm gonna unwind with a couple bottles of beer, or a glass or two of wine," and, "I'm gonna unwind by buying a 10 million dollar boat and go sailing once on it before putting it in my private dock of other multi-million dollar boats."

I have to agree with the dude. She played herself on that one

Holy fuck, this.

I appreciate the help but I have a specific skill background. Security, customer service, and banking. Stop applying me for jobs that aren't even close to my background! No, automotive glass replacement is nothing like banking, and I have no understanding of how it works. No, I can't apply for that brain surgeon position because I "learn quickly". I didn't even ask for help nigga, I even spent 3 years not giving you my email to avoid this exact problem.

>But this job has great benefits!

But I don't want to be a prison guard at 5'6", 120lbs........

I've work 60+ hour since getting out of high school, and worked 40+ while in high school.

I attempted to go to university (i live in ontario canada BTW) when i was 20, and i'd have had to work 35 hour to afford rent and school, even with government assistance.

I got honors in highschool, i was aceing university, but had to drop out because i can afford it.

I've worked hard all my life, at 'good' jobs.

I am still poor. Like have to live paycheck to paycheck one these is going to be late for sure poor.

It's not about getting a job, it's about making all jobs equitable, and removing pride from work that requires training (oh, i SHOULD get paid more than the burger flipper...). Or at least raising the floor to minimal livability.

The real fix would be the elimination of 'jobs'. automate everything you can, give a basic livable income from the government, and pay the people who willing to work on the stuff that robots can't do more to do what they do.

Boomer hate this idea because they are legitimately retarded. Gen X is waffley about the idea because they got beaten into submission by the boomers. Millennials are going to set shit up for the ones that come after to have a golden age the likes of which the world hasn't seen.

If we don't go down in nuclear fire that is.

Still wanna say 'getting a good job' is good advice?

Lets talk about how the majority of jobs arn't 'good' and the jobs that are 'good' are given to people who don't deserve the income. Lets talk about the consent shaming for being a bartender, burger bouncer, coffee jockey Lets talk about consistently under paying the service industry in the name of economics. lets talk about the devaluing of jobs that were once livable (working as a burger boy made you tuition in a few months, now i need a second job in order to survive). Lets talk about soaring (even in canada) post secondary education costs, all attributive to greed btw. Rising housing costs? Greed. Let's talk about greed.

It's not about why you want user, it's about making sure you have a nice high paying job to be putting a ton of money into a broken social security system that we will never get to use, so they will still have those benifits when they are able to collect.
Your happiness, your wants and desires, they do not matter. As long as the baby boomers are taken care of, this is all that matters.

All hail the baby boomers, destroyers of the house and job markets. Fear and respect their demands, lest you anger them and cause them to destroy another market.

Oh, can we discuss how the cost of living goes up, causing minimum wage to go up a tiny bit, which causes the cost of living to rise?

Seriously, I wanna hear you rant user. Please give me a way I can hear more of your words.

To be fair, they're kinda trying to help us have the same fallbacks their parents forced them to pay for cause BANKING IS HARD....

Not gonna work cause their parents were able to create a show called "Eight Is Enough" but not fucking realize it......but the thought is there.

>give a basic livable income from the government

Fuck off parasite

You deserve nothing