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Got the Wrong Memo Edition: Did you ever make a character that didn't fit the campaign at all? Did you stick with it or did you scrap the character and start over?

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Why would a character that doesn't fit get into a campaign

We were on page 6.


P A G E 6
A G E 6 P
G E 6 P A
E 6 P A G
6 P A G E

Anyone have stats on the Four Horsemen out of Bestiary 6? I might need them for next session on tuesday.

Males [12]
$ Romulus Nohrm (27 years): 6' 6", 210 lbs || 198 cm, 95.3 kg
$ Allanz Gremund (18 years): 5' 11", 152 lbs || 180 cm, 68.9 kg
$ Sinh (???): ???
$ † Lucius Nacht (18 years): 6' 3", 200 lbs || 190.5 cm, 90.7 kg
$ Dr. Linus Lux (???): ???
$ ‡ Fahd Lutfi (26 years): 4' 7", 97 lbs || 139.7 cm. 44 kg
$ ※ Raine: ...
$ "King" Angelo Sette (???): ???
$ Alkurith Rekanthor (38 years): 4' 8", 54 lbs || 144.2 cm, 24.5 kg
$ Serax (24 years): 6' 2", 168 lbs || 188 cm, 76.2 kg
$ Stefon Vargrave (23 years): 5' 11", 145 lbs || 180 cm, 65.8 kg
$ Edward Loum (29 years): 6' 1", 156 lbs || 185.4 cm, 70.8 kg

† Six foot three as a freshman and weighing in at a Veeky Forums 200 pounds? Is this Chad Thundercock's bigger cousin?
‡ The shortest girl is half a foot taller than him, and the shortest girl with an actual body is almost a full foot taller.
※ I dunno if you realized mate but your character sheet is an F-list...

Females [18]
$ Emilia Ivanov (20 years): 5' 6", 135 lbs || 167.6 cm, 61 kg
$ Yamelia (???): ???
$ Salacia Mithlaeth (RIP): 5' 8", 160 lbs || 172.3 cm, 72.6 kg
$ Chiundra (315 years): 5' 6", 145 lbs || 167.6 cm, 65.8 kg
$ † Ecaterina (29 days): 7' 3" / 5' 4", 0 lbs || 221.0 cm / 162.6 cm, 0 kg
$ Cijiska (22 years): 6' 8", 212 lbs || 203.2cm, 96.2 kg
$ Umbranae (???): 7' 6", 386 lbs || 229 cm, 175 kg
$ Ingrid Proteah (31 years): 5'9", 144 lbs || 175.3 cm, 65.3 kg
$ Kanna (∞): ???
$ ‡ Konja K. Snusel (17 years): ???
$ Olivia Favillina (23 years): 5' 5", 115 lbs || 165.1 cm, 52.2 kg
$ Helvetica (28 years): 5', 0 lbs || 152.4 cm, 0 kg
$ Kenna Gunnhildr (19 years): 5' 6", 130 lbs || 167.6 cm, 59.0 kg
$ Aeshma (23 years): 5' 11", 125 lbs || 177.8 cm , 56.7 kg
$ Calesedria (???): ???
$ Rhyisjir the Burned (Pending): Pending
$ ^ Crytha Tamegall (13 years): 8'4" 350lbs || 254 cm, 158 kg
$ ※ 4916 (???): ???

† She's the size of a petite hill giant, is this even Medium?
‡ probably damn fucking heavy
※ THICC!!!!1!one
^ Just a LITTLE bit above the breakpoint for large size.

I purposefully went "fuck this" after I realized our resident politics wonk was pulling the campaign too far into skeevy backroom deals. My monk wasn't that much fun, and he'd spent the third campaign roleplaying a gun-to-the-head interrogation with someone who was supposed to be an innocent bystander.

So I let my guy fade into the background, rerolled as a Barbarian/Bard and made it my goal to become king by my own hand. The campaign was a lot more fun when INTRIGUE and MORAL GREY AREAS could be avoided by rolling up with some horses and going "Get on, losers! We're going linnorm-slaying!"

Crytha (254 cm)
Umbrane (229 cm)
Ecaterina (221 cm)
Cisjika (203 cm)
Romulus (198 cm)

Konja (~∞)
Umbrane (175 kg)
Crytha (158 kg)
Cijiska (96.2 kg)
Romulus (95.3 kg)

Helvetica (0)
Ecaterina (0)
Alkurith (24.5 kg)
Fahd (44 kg)
Olivia (52 kg)

Fahd (139.7 cm)
Alkurith (144.2 cm)
Helvetica (152.4 cm)
FalseMask!Ecaterina (162.6 cm)
Olivia (165.1 cm)

Kanna (∞)
Chiundra (315 years)
Alkurith (38 years)

Ecaterina (29 days)
Crytha (13 yrs)
Konja (17 years)

Highest Mass / Height Ratio‡:
Umbranae (76.42 ᵏᵍ/ₘ) ※
Crytha (62.20 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Romulus (48.13 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Lucius (47.61 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Cisjika (47.34 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)

Lowest Mass / Height Ratio‡:
Ecaterina (0)
Helvetica (0)
Alkurith (16.99 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Fahd (31.50 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Olivia (31.62 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)

Average Male Height, Weight [8 samples, 8 samples]
5' 9¼", 148 lbs || 175.8 cm, 67 kg

Average Female Height, Weight [12 samples, 12 samples]†
6' 2", 158 lbs || 187.7 cm, 71.2 kg

Median Male Height, Weight
6', 154 lbs || 182.7 cm, 69.9 kg

Median Female Height, Weight
5' 8½", 139.5 lbs || 173.8 cm, 63.3 kg

† Does not include Konja, who is probably 8' tall and weighs a few metric tons
‡ also known as Linear Mass Density γₘ for Engineering/Physicsfags

Lucius has fallen off both the Tall and Heavy lists.
4916 is probably going to bump off the last male from the Tall and Heavy lists since she's UGH THICKER
Ecaterina is the recordholder of most lists made, being on five different lists. She's first place on three lists.
Overlewd is full of motherfucking manlets.


>not a new IP
What did he mean by this?

Why is Beast V and VI not in trove anyway

I have. Fell for the god wizard meme when the party is a bunch of low op shitbuild murderhobos who only want to spend time in combat.

And the campaign suddenly turned into a mostly-aquatic one. So a good chunk of my pregame spell selection is fucked and we never go to towns to buy spells and getting loot is myth.

Some more Starfinder details popped up on the Paizo blog.

>When your characters first board their starship, each player chooses one of five roles for his or her character: captain, engineer, gunner, pilot, or science officer. Only one character each can be the captain and the pilot, but depending on the configuration of your vessel, you may want multiple engineers or gunners. Each role gives the character assuming it a number of actions she can perform during the battle. The captain can give encouraging speeches or make demands of the rest of the crew, granting valuable bonuses. A science officer can scan enemy ships and target specific systems on those vessels. An engineer can boost power to the engines or repair a malfunctioning weapon. A gunner fires the ship's weapons at the enemy, taking precise shots or unleashing a volley of lasers.

So what role is your character going to pick on their Starship?

>make a samurai for what looks like an idol game

I don't even know how someone could misread a setting prompt that badly.

Doesn't even have the new girl

Fucking worthless.

>he isn't a Samurai Idol

Git gud

1. 2000 characters.
2. It's not even an app.

Thats bigoted dude.

Might wanna check Romulus again.

>The world ended up considerably less harsh after 2hu did a quick tour of the world and nonlethally knocked out or mind controlled everyone problematic, depending on the situation.
Was 2hu in the right?

Higher quality:


Oh yes...giant blood.

Cube and the Wraith become Large after a while so you're still going to be stuck at #4

There's an entire anime about someone misreading the prompt. He was going to play a Kabuki Actor in a Japanese inspired sci-fi setting. When the shooting started, he actually pulled through

He's an Aasimar not a Giant.

Good. The bed will be large enough for my app to sleep on.

He's a half-giant now. What the fuck am I even doing anymore?

I had a player who tried to do something similar and had his teeth kicked in by an insane homeless man with oracle levels.

Okay but are you serious? I can add it in if you're serious, it's not really hard. Probably going to rape your build sideways though.

>9 lbs, 10 inches


Why would you do that?

I'll manage.

Homeless man didn't want to be mind controlled and was CE. He was at the center of a religious movement embroiling the urban poor. He was an oracle created by the same force behind the religious movement and was getting tortured by the voices.

The player bit off more than they could chew.

Because mind rape is evil

Reminder to buy THCC stock from /pfg/'s greatest ally, and sell me all your (((worthless))) SMOL stock, it's of no use to you.

I will continue to invest in ANML and GNL and you can't stop me

How come there are never traps in /pfg/ games?
When has a trap ever made it?

They tend to trigger themselves

>he's not investing in PLNT

Haha fucking day trader

Because traps by themselves aren't anything special and anyone who makes them tends to make them nothing but the fetish.

>what is wrath of the raunchy
>what is hell's rebels
>what is legacy of blood and flame
>what is shardwalkers probably (I didn't pay attention)

>all of these faggot investing in anything
>still needing money

Fucking do it already, you've been saying you'll brew this ruleset for weeks. Just keep shit simple, make grapple less actions, etc etc. It's not hard to homebrew things user. Go through the combat maneuvers one by one, wonder why some of them aren't just barely-different uses of a broader one, remember that you can't just remove any of them or a house of cards in feats and class features tumbles down, drink, then write with less scope than you wanted, wonder why you bothered. Bam, homebrew process finished.

literally no to Shardwalkers

Should consider Umbra has 2 extra heads and necks, that is probably a lot of weight.

Is 4ARMS still stable?

Hey m8 I'm only doing straight stats

Honestly? It's an easy mistake to make.

Can't even go to the maid cafe without somebody slipping a samurai in.

>what is legacy of blood and flame

I want to FUCK Alto

Who are the serious apps? The ones who aren't attention-whoring or clearly jokes?

>DHB entered as a reverse trap

who knows or cares

just ride the wave

Yours and The Ones You Like

Discord cannot be trusted.

IIRC, Lucius, Allanz, Cijiska, Romulus, and Crytha

The ones that aren't Broodie or Argentum and there's one more who can't actually play.

I'm going to run a Vajra centered game and you are going to like it!

Will I get to fuck Alto?

>clearly jokes
The only clear jokes are Broodie's and Argentum's, who can't play. Succube and THICK are silly but they might work depending.

If you mean Serious Character serious?

>† Linus

>† Chiundra

† Maybe

In other words, most of them are pretty serious characters despite the memery or little jokes in their character, a few are silly but legit apps, and two or three are just "I can't play but I'm applying anyway".

Is that an Elite from Halo?

Is it bad if it makes the world a genuinely better place?

Broodie's isn't really even a joke anymore since he deleted Vivienne which was just a blatant fetishbait joke

>"Is mind controlling someone and taking away their free will evil"

Literally yes.

Do not get into an alignment argument again.

Most of them are serious, there's really no reason Sinh, Edward, Stefon, Emilia, Ghost Duo, Treant, etc. aren't serious apps.

He can't actually play though, which is why he's 100% not serious from any angle. It's not even an app.

>"Is killing someone evil"


What about brainwashing and indoctrination? I'm not taking away their free will.

Yeah, usually.

I mean, its a pretty full on 'app'. even if its not an app

If its anything but justified self defense or defense of another, literally yes.

Yes. Brainwashing someone is evil. Indoctrinating people is evil.

Making people into your slaves is evil.

Roll for it.

Yup, got it from /v/. I think I have some of the canon females if you want 'em.

Cults are still evil.

>Making people into your slaves is evil.
Was 2hu making people into slaves?

Rolled 7 (1d20)

>Brainwashing someone is evil. Indoctrinating people is evil
Explain why? I'm not taking away their free will.

But I'm not taking away their free will. Free will is just personality, and personality is a combination of experiences, memories, and basic nature. Changing someone's personality through indoctrination / education is no different from changing their personality by teaching them Aristotle and Sophocles.

Effectively yes.

Don't fuck with other people's heads, its fucking evil.

>If its anything but justified self defense or defense of another, literally yes.
Is it evil to kill a hero trying to stop a CE murderer if that CE person is your father?

Because you're doing it to them against their will, you absolute mongrel.

I know the "standard play" benchmarks, but what're the overkill benchmarks for high end bullshit?

I know autistic TWF Slayer can do about 200 on a full round at 11, but I think I've heard autistic Archery Paladins do about that much around 8 or something?

Wist has said it's very unlikely he'll be able to play so the cube is probably not something I would bet on

Not high enough, but you do find this other blue haired individual

>against their will
Says who? Indoctrination doesn't need to be against their will, neither does brainwashing. Depending on who you ask all the Church / various educational systems do are brainwashing / indoctrination.

Questionably, arguably acts of extreme emotion beyond ones own control may not be evil, but actively choosing to defend someone that is CE, fully knowing that they are a murder, makes you an accessory to the murder of others, and would be evil.

Yes, because daddy is still a murderer.

Beating the living piss out of that hero and incapacitating him, maybe.

>PoW benchmark damage
>Steel Flurry Strike + Powerful Build + Primal Warrior Stance + Reflected Blade Style

The general benchmarks ideally should have to do with "Rounds to down an equal CR monster" or "Probability to down an equal CR monster in one round"

I am ok with this

>primal warrior stance
>on non-zenith builds
>on a steel flurry build
Nigga you retarded? Elemental Flux Stance is way better.

I went to elementary, middle, and high school against my will and going there shaped my personality forever. We had to submit to authority and pledge allegiance to our country every day or suffer immediate and sometimes long lasting punishment, as well as reduced grades in some cases.

Was that evil?

But actively choosing to allow someone to kill your father would also be evil especially if he never actually harmed you or your family, or if he's just an LE autocrat.
Basically, the alignment system is fucking stupid.

You're right. Slavery was absolutely right and moral.

How could I think otherwise.

Free will is just a social construct XD

More like the concept of good/evil itself is inherently flawed.

>third campaign
Fuck, meant third session roleplaying brutal interrogations.
Even that edgy motherfucker would have the tact to not waste three CAMPAIGNS being grim.

Nice strawman; Free Will is an abstract concept, and cannot exist by itself in a vacuum since it reflects your personality, which is shaped by your experience.
>Slavery was absolutely right
Define "right".
>and moral
Morality is defined. If someone is pressed into hard labor for the rest of his life due to outstanding debt, corruption, and murder, I'm not sure that's Evil.

Primal warrior stance ekes out an extra +1d6 given powerful build. Its "extra damage" is not actually extra damage and is multiplied on a critical hit, and it does not have to contend with energy resistance.

You are correct that elemental flux stance is too strong, however. In one game I currently play in, at one point, *all four* PCs had elemental flux stance as their default stance, before one of the PCs was rebuilt otherwise.

But it's absolutely true. People go to church of their own free will, they learn Church Doctrine (aka literal by definition indoctrination), and then they act upon the doctrines they learned.

You type really well one handed.

I'm afraid hypno fetish is an thing, though.

Fantastic, we're full on post-modernism college students now

Good and evil aren't real things, Right and Wrong are subjective.

Fucking love it. Seriously. Slow clap.

Do you have an argument or are you just going to jump to something unrelated, say we said something we didn't, and call it a day?

which is literally different from brainwashing and forcing someone to be indoctrinated

Do you? Because you're literally jumping to unrelated shit

Schooling is not forcing someone into indoctrination and brainwashing, you absolutely edgy child.

Is Landsknecht worthwhile 2hu? I can't help but feel as though if you're going to one hand a big weapon with something like stupendous strength you may as well TWF with iron tortoise style and get the extra 1 million attacks