How would you do Space Polynesian aliens...

How would you do Space Polynesian aliens? The chief problem is that you can't have primitives with spacefaring technology.

>i can't imagine primitives with spacefaring technology
>i can't imagine polynesian culture with technology

Sounds like you're shit at creativity and GMing. Go fellate a shotgun.

>soviets and cosmonauts but brown

>The chief problem is that you can't have primitives with spacefaring technology.
Why not? Maybe they stole spacefaring technology from somebody. Maybe someone sold it to them. Maybe they're not as primitive as you think.
Maybe that guy in the middle has a laser spear now, and maybe those guys on the ends holding the whatchamajiggers are replaced by anti-gravity platforms. Badda-bing badda-boom you've got techno-Polynesians.

The same way literally any culture on earth, none of which had spacefaring technology, get adapted into space races.
>how do I space medieval knights? Chief problem is knights didn't have spacefaring technology

Make John Carter but have all the "Aliens" dress up as Space Polynesians

Space nomads who live in giant ships with artificial tropical paradise biosphere inside. They're not primitives, they just look like this because they engineered their biosphere to provide for all their needs (and also have weird fashion).

Like... go look up the INCA games? You had space traveling Spanish Galleons sending off fighter craft at you and firing cannons while you're flying around in your little gold fighter craft.

>The chief problem is that you can't have primitives with spacefaring technology.

Stargate called, you're full of shit.

As , you just need to gift them technology (either via theft, inheritance from long dead aliens, or trade) or keep the primitive aesthetic but make everything advanced. The Jaffa staff weapon comes to mind as a good advanced yet primitive design: it's a staff that shoots plasma. It's an inefficient and inaccurate ranged plasma weapon, but for a bunch of primitives it's intuitive in melee and makes explosions at range so for them this makes perfect sense. Similarly, armor might be totally worthless for them because these ranged weapons are just that powerful, so they just go into battle with traditional dress (similar to the age of flintlocks: armor doesn't do shit against the weapons of the day, so just roll in style).

If you want more advanced primitives, check out Rise of Legend's not!Stargate faction (Quat'l or something like that, it's been a while): loads of advanced machines disguised as ancient statues and temples with infantry dressed in old Aztec garb. Like the Jaffa of Stargate these guys got their weapons from alien overlords and then rose up, overthrowing their "gods" and becoming their own faction despite having no real understanding of the technology. Thus they kept their Aztec aesthetic and understanding despite having plasma beams and death satellites.

Have to agree here, but I still feel really sorry for OP.

Clarke's 3rd law states, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

IOW, they're so advanced that their tech is nanobots/invisible. So they hang around shirtless in a polynesian utopia all day long.

Bonus: Several generations ago, they completely forgot they even had this technology, even though it continues to work and perform self-maintenance. The story writes itself from there. "Do we even bother convincing them their magic is just nanobots?"

replace island with space ship and your pretty golden.

Take a lead from the real world:
Despite not having the most advanced ships, their ability as navigators has allowed them to spread out and develope as a series of small empires sharing a common cultural background.

> Ork
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come on, teeg

It's been done.

They were given spaceships hundreds of years ago by a sufficiently advanced race of "gods".
They never had any clue about how spaceships work. To them, it's magic, but the ships are durable and self-sufficient. A few centuries later, you're left with a bunch of aliens who are unexplicably spread out on several worlds, and still use stick-and-stone technology.

Would they have guns?

Hawaiians fucking loved gun

Found/given/somehow acquired spaceships without having to learn how to make them
Space magic
They're just really culturally conservative
The vastness of space and encounters with aliens has caused some kind of cultural backlash and a resurgence of or fixation upon traditional culture that may have fallen by the wayside for a few hundred years of technological development (and today's resurgence may not even be accurate, but might be some romanticised or simply inaccurate version)
"Because I'm the DM and I said so"
Its just so in right now
Their empire is frequently visited by some kind of supremely powerful extra-dimensional being that they first encountered when they were primitive, and they put on airs and maintain elements of their ancient culture because the visitor likes it and their empire is effectively their extra-dimensional visitor's tourist resort.

>How would you do Space Polynesian aliens? The chief problem is that you can't have primitives with spacefaring technology.

They're EVERYWHERE, but most places they are are kinda shit for habitation and they got small-to mid-range, fast long-ranged crafts outta their asses. Shit turn rate though, just straigth acceleration. Their navigation is ace and they have way too much of space mapped out.

Weapons they got are on the small side, with their mining- and terraforming-stuff being a whole lot more powerful than their guns.

>Polynesian aliens
>forgotten technology
>magical powers
>this hasn't been brought up at all even though it did a bangup job at it

Why am I the first person to post this?

post-acopalypse setting/lost generation ship?

Semi-nomadic spacefarers that establish little colonies all around the cosmos, when one gets up and running a small contingent of the group goes out to form a new one.all mostly decentralized, they mainly focus on your specific colony

Almost all barbarian tribes were outcasts and descendents of outcast from civilised lands.

Basically the same as real life. A society that is to primitive to make anything pre-requisite for a space fairing civ, but every now and then they cobble together a ship that will spread them to another planet, where they will barely eke out a living.

>Colonize both Americas

user, pls.


The polynesians were literally a stone-age people who managed to develop anachronistic long-distance/deepwater sea travel while never actually advancing any other aspect of technology very much beyond the stone age.

I.E. being primitive but with space travel would be the exact sci-fi equivalent of that

The Polynesians might be considered primitive in many ways, but certainly not in their 'faring' capacity