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Give praise to our savior, Karn Liberated, for keeping control faggotry out of our glorious format edition


Are you planning on testing anything from the latest set in your deck?
Do you think the new druid deck has legs to stand on?

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Storm and Affinity

Nothing, really.

I want a deck that can beat face but also win with a combo. I had a lot of the pieces for Eldritch-Allosaurus combo but I realized its too janky (4 for 1s are not good, who wouldve thought). I was thinking about building Knightfall combo instead, looks fun.

>Are you planning on testing anything from the latest set in your deck?
Not really. Set looks fun to play in limited but nothing I want to test on Modern or EDH. Hopefully Hour of Devastation will give me something.

>Do you think the new druid deck has legs to stand on?
Pros have been hyping it a bunch as part of abzan company and it makes sense. It looks like its going to be a thing.

>Karn keeping control out

I'd say Ugin and Ulamog are the bugger threats but honestly all 3 give control/midrange the stiff hard cock.

Ugin's a better finisher than Karn, but he doesn't get value ASAP by blowing up lands, so I'd say he's less of a problem for most control decks.

On this week's installment of "It works, I swear!"

4x Chromatic Sphere
4x Chromatic Star
4x Ichor Wellspring
4x Krark-Clan Ironworks
4x Mind Stone
4x Mox Opal
4x Prophetic Prism
2x Psychogenic Probe
4x Terrarion

4x Caves of Koilos
4x Concealed Courtyard
4x Darksteel Citadel
2x Inventors' Fair
3x Plains
2x Swamp

2x Bitter Ordeal
2x Open the Vaults

3x Faith's Reward

honestly scared at the druid deck bec. that means less hate is available for coco (usually shut down by just GY hate)

thank god for tron though

also is anyone also running abzan midrange? feels like it's a tough time to be midrange right now but i'll try to soldier on. What are your builds like? Is confidant back in the deck for good?

Fair but midrange pretty much cant win once ugin is cast. Ugin WILL exile multiple cards when he hits the board and then tick up till he ults.

It is a rough time. Eldrazi Tron and Bant Eldrazi are seeing a lot of play and bully us out of the format, and Jund Death's Shadow is just better, even Grixis Shadow.

Also desu Dark Confidant is really bad right now. You side him out against all/most of the aggro decks in the format and against the popular slow decks right now you need a threat early; so Grim Flayer is the better choice.

awesome, is abzan shadow an acceptable choice right now?

It's playable for sure but the lack of access to tarfire to fuel delirium, Temur Battle Rage to close out games, and Ghor Clan to Trample past blockers makes it a little worse than Jund against most decks but the stronger in the mirror. I've been pondering a list, aurely playable especially at the fnm level

ugh i don't want to shell out for bauble's though, feels bad...

Yeah i know, i bought 2 for $30 each a while back and recently traded for the other two. It sucks but biting the bullet was worth it. I feel like once the banning anouncement happens monday if Death's Shadow doesnt see a ban they'll jump in price again, and i really dont expect a ban so.

In all fairness, midrange cant really deal with a Karn or a ugin well.

Jund>Grixis in regards to deathshadow, but still a good deck. Went 3-1 first time playing the deck without a proper sideboard.

Praise Karn may his deck never suffer another ban.
GB tron and affinity
>Are you planning on testing anything from the latest set in your deck?
Harsh mentor is gonna get a nice comfy spot in my SB
>Do you think the new druid deck has legs to stand on?
It's literally just another abzan coco deck it'll be fine but not back breaking

Yeah Jund is certainly the better build, been on the jund deck for about 2 weeks and ive played a lot of Grixis shadow and only lost 1 time. Build the deck 2 fridays ago, top 8'd fnm and then the next day i played at a GPT and won. Deck sweet and very powerful.

>Are you planning on testing anything from the latest set in your deck?
No, this set looks pretty much like garbage for me. I'm willing to be proven wrong though.

>start fnm at 7pm
>finish 4 rounds by 9:20pm
>2 hours and 20 minute wait for prerelease now

Now what do I do?

Play more Magic, get some food / coffee, take a nap, kill an enemy and absorb his essence. You know, whatever.

Watch anine

Thanks for the advice lads. I might some kithkins for modern now I am going to eat.

Honesty how long does it take to just not do a shitty crop? I mean really put at least a tiny amount of effort into your autistic pictures

So what is getting the ban?

Doubt anything is getting a ban yet. If something does get banned, it'll probably be Mishra's Bauble or Street Wraith [spoilers]sorry Living End[/spoiler]

>fucked up the spoiler tag

5 colour giftstron
Death's Shadow kicks my ass, it feels like I just have to topdeck my way out of that matchup.
>new set
5colour land and cycling lands might be worth testing but space is so tight that it will be a struggle.

Is coco the most bullshit retarded fag rng card in the game? I mean really, the card literally just decides games on cast. Oh you spent turn 4 playing a single llanowar elf? Looks like you lose. Oh you hit the melira combo with it instead? Looks like you win. It's just such a gay ass fucking "lol so randumb XDDD" card and it take a lot of fun out of the game for me



>ban a format staple
ayy lmao

I'm not saying I have problems with the decks that play it, I'm saying that it's a gay card and when someone casts it, just throw all skill and play out the window cause they either just won or lost the game based on their top 6 cards

I think Traverse is the obvious choice. Traverse is really blatantly the card that broke the deck.

Yeah it's retarded design.
Also makes you cram your deck full of creatures so braindead little faggots get to play sideways: the tappening.
Granted if it were a sorcery I'd have no problems because at least you could play around it with boardwipes.

>sideways: the tappening

Ah yes, "play the way I want you to", the least braindead faggot of attitudes.

found one

Yes, you found someone who doesn't screech about other styles. Congrats.

He is right though you know.

>sideways: the tappening
>using coco for anything but combo
this is the competitive modern thread buddy, EDH is 2 blocks down

And frontier is somewhere by the garbage dump.

>implying all decks are created equally and deserve equal respect
wow that's pretty noble of you
does this mean I'm supposed to stop mocking people who play Lava Spike Tribal too?


I only cast artisanal barrel aged dry rubbed Kamigawa block cards, anyone who does otherwise is a triple faggot shitowl.

I only play cards from blocks with shitty CGI art, boring spells and Hasbro-mandated comic book protagonists.
What am I?

If kids turning creatures sideways is so bad, just beat it and move on with your life. Or maybe that one lucky win a child peeled off you is what's keeping you from finally making it on the modern pro tour?

>the modern pro tour

"This person thinks I'm silly for tearing up IRL at people playing the wrong cards, surely they must love standard!"

so i've been playing around with collected company in a landfall shell. It has been working pretty reliably, but I would be interested in getting your thoughts.

Creature (32)
4x Knight of the Reliquary
4x Lotus Cobra
4x Qasali Ambusher
4x Renegade Rallier
4x Sakura-Tribe Elder
4x Steppe Lynx
4x Tireless Tracker
4x Wild Nacatl
Land (21)
4x Evolving Wilds
1x Forest
2x Kessig Wolf Run
1x Mountain
1x Plains
4x Sacred Foundry
4x Temple Garden
4x Windswept Heath
Instant (8)
4x Collected Company
4x Dromoka's Command

Sideboard (15)
3x Kitchen Finks
3x Lightning Bolt
2x Melira, Sylvok Outcast
2x Path to Exile
1x forest
2x Scavenging Ooze
2x Spirit of the Labyrinth

The Wizards Defense Force is really working this early in the morning?

*blocks your path*

Wizards work nine-to five just like us muggles.

Yeah, I'm not looking forward to this. Thankfully, there is an answer that I already run in my SB.

I must be pretty bad at my job since I think wizards is fucking up a lot of shit. But keep on with that "anyone who disagrees is a shill" plan buddy.

So, what happens when the Burn player casts Boros Charm choosing indestructible? Im,not saying it'll happen every time or that it's even the correct play in that situation, I just want to know what you would do.

Sigh and hope for another answer like galvanic blast. At least using it that way means he isn't throwing it at my face.

Interesting. I play Burn and wasn't really sold in Harsh Mentor. But if I look at it like Eidolon, where it's a must answer card in certain matchups (Affinity and this new Druid combo/Abzan off the top of my head) I think I can get behind it.

It's just such a strange card where it looks good, then bad, then good, then bad again.

Well it depends on the board really. If steel overseer is my power card, I need to use my nexi to win, or spellskite is what's keeping me alive, then Mentor has got to go. If cranial plating, master of etherium, or a wide strategy with signal pest is what's going on, then not so much. Arcbound ravager depends on the life totals.

>Lava Spike tribal
Burn is the only deck left that keeps that cancerous piece of shit Tron in check. Its the hero we need not the one we deserve.

Lol i play both. Eat shit, dickbeards

Both are cancer, Burn is just significantly less cancerous as it as least beatable by a large amount of sideboard cards in every color and tight play. The sideboard cards against Tron do nothing, the only one even decent is Fulminator Mage and even then you need a way to recur him for multiple uses. It doesnt help that they keep banning all of Trons bad matchups like Infect and Twin.

it's a sideboard for burn. eidolon is going to rail people regardless but mentor can hit certain decks that are going to slip in before eidolon is resolved.

>have Mine and Power Plant on the field and an Expedition Map
>look at the visible fear in my opponents eyes as he plays his Tarmogoyf and passes
>scream loudly "Crack Map!"
>search up Tower
>untap draw slam Tower
>another screech "Tron is online!"
>tap all my lands hastily and add up the mana, its 7 perfect
>slam Karn
>mull around with my dice for a couple minutes deciding whether to + or - him
>finally exile my opponents land and say "its mine now"
>my next turn I play another Tron land and slam Ugin
>he scoops
>"good games man, Trons just such an intricate control deck, I really had a hard time choosing which land to play"

So I want to build something RG since I already play Esper. Is T&N or Ponza better right now?

Do you want to splash ?
If yes, I recomand B to play our lord and savior DSJ

They both blow, but ponza has better match ups

Hey guys I really like control decks like Tron but I don't like red or green because I lost to burn one time and I don't like vegetables. How's UW Tron right now?

A miserable little pile of signets.

Im really jonsed on this card. Is there any possible shenanigans that can go with it? I know chronomantic escape is something cheeky you could do.

>chonomantic escape + paradox haze
Way too slow with too little of an effect to be worthwhile.

I mean, you can do a search for Modern cards with upkeep triggers and see, but nothing is ringing any bells.

>LGS on my way home from work
>Didn't have time today for FNM
>Journey into Nyx discounted, pick 2 boosters
>Open foil Keranos
>mfw seeing its price

I know I should trade him for fetchlands or something, but I'm probably going to keep it, it looks amazing. Shame it's too expensive for UR Delver

what would you like to see in Hour of Devastation that would theoretically improve the Modern meta?

Build Titanshift

Pic related for total jank

Better non-basic land destruction.

Better basic land destruction

LD is badwrongfune and shall not be supported.
Except maybe as a Creature.
- Modern Mantra

Even ghost quarter type effects would be fine.

I mean, if you get more than 2 copies of haze out (im thinking about addi g 4 copy enchantment) then chronomantic escape turns into a lock of they can't counter it.

Chronomantic escape is a sorcery. How are you using it to be more than a fog? Are you hoping to chain them together, in which case you need to draw multiple copies?

3 upkeeps, you remove every time counter each turn

It's stupid, but if it gets online it should work

Oh wait, I see now. I missed the part where it suspends itself again.

Still, this is a multiple card combo that doesn't win you the game.

It locks them out of attacking so how are they gonna win?

Lmao typical nu magic fag

Non-creature combo or mill.

The real question is: how are you going to win, given that you've spent multiple spots to set up this combo?

I dont see the problem here. Unless you are playing against burn or say a chandra ult?

I was thinking either with a darksteel reactor or maybe milling them with sphinx tutalage?

Or Ad Nauseam or Storm or Valakut or Lantern or anything that can disrupt the lock (Tron etc.).

thoughts? suggestions? I'm least sure about my win con right now desu.

Ban the Urza lands

Better fight to the death to make sure Blood Moon doesn't resolve.

Not sure how I feel about Lingering Souls in main.

Not him but I think it's pretty good. Lingering souls is busted against a lot of decks.

That's why it's in the side already.

23 lands feels a little low. I'd -1 Secure and -1 TT for 2 lands (1 being tar pit).

I would argue it's good enough to have a spot in the main. It's a clock, it's a fog, it can blank discard, it just keeps on giving.

It doesn't actually fit our game plan though. It isn't a finisher. It doesn't draw cards or counter spells. It's sorcery speed and not a sweeper.

Needs more Pia's Revolution

Twin/Tron as a whole match (instead of just looking at g1) was 50/50, educate yourself.

It's a meta card that helps you stabilize against decks that want to rape your hand and hit you with 1 mana 8/8s and 2 mana 6/7s

Having a counter on turn three isn't really an issue for me. If I don't have a counter but I do have Esper charm and the mana for it I can tap before BM resolves and use the mana in the pool to charm it.

If it resolves I'm probably fucked though

I can see where you're coming from. It does work though and splitting the cost among turns doesn't hurt that badly in draw go.

>want to rape your hand
Unless it's non-targeted like Lili, they can and will pick something else. If there's nothing else for them to pick, you've already lost.
>hit you with 1 mana 8/8s and 2 mana 6/7s
Which is why we run fatal push and path to exile, removing the thread rather than chumping it.