What elements do you use in your games, user?

What elements do you use in your games, user?

The element of anticip

1H - 92U


If I bring that up, it's gonna be a different kind of "acid".

The 8 trigrams , Chinese 5 elements or Greek 4 elements.

Fire, Lightning, Earth, Water, Metal, and what is basically life force manipulation (the source for healing in the setting) that I am still in desperate need of a name for.

Basically an altered take on the Chinese elements.

Three groups of three

Sky: Winds, Dust, Storm

Land: Earth, Metal, and Flame

Water: River, Ocean, and Frost

>River, Ocean
How are these any different?


Fire, lightning, cold, poison (As in Diablo 2)
+ positive & negative energy

Nice ideas but it still doesn't click quite right. Wood is too specific sounding, Pulse is too vague, but Breath is -almost- there.

Its unfortunate that "Life" is probably the most on the nose for it, but still doesn't manage that one-word punch that the other elements have.


Basically that list except with also Life, Death, Arcane and Occult.

Occult is a shady, mysterious and highly illegal practice that calls magic from.. somewhere else.

And arcane and death aren't?

Salinity, dimensions, depth, movement.
I guess mist might be a feasible alternative?

Here's my suggestion for a better chart.
Ice replace wood.
Wood replace acid.
Acid replace mist.

I'm hung up on wood though, (fucking Chinese). What can be the metaphysical opposite of spirit (obviously body) but in relation to earth?

River presides over meetings, renewal, and return. It feeds the earth, and we cannot live without it lest we become dust.

Ocean presides over isolation, distress, and disaster. It swallows up the earth and feeds the storm.

Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Wood, Ice and Arcane, which is formed from the other six (or more accurately other six are what you get when you split Arcane)


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Shadow, nothing but shadow, absolute shadow 'cause that world isn't real, man. It's all smoke and mirrors.

That element chart bugs me. Why is Magma not Fire+Earth? Why isn't Metal the ultimate expression of Earth - and how is Acid even vaguely related to Earth? Why isn't Lighting the ultimate expression of Wind?

This almost feels like someone was given a list of terms that had to be in the chart and then tried to make them fit, rather than trying to generate an elemental chart from scratch.

Wind Water Frie Earth Metal Light and Dark.

The only elements.

>Salinity, dimensions, depth, movement
I read this as a list of elements.

7/10, would read the pdf.

I use the standard ten that cover pretty much everything: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning, Ice, Wood/Plant, Metal, Light, Darkness

If someone wants to do "Time" or "Illusion" or whatever, I usually allow it.

hahaha I know what you mean

I use the following based purely on energy. No matter conjured.

>Heat (fire, heat vision, cold resistance)
>Sound (sonic booms, voice changing, sonic booms, earthquakes, ultrasound)
>Electricity (thunder, chemical alteration)
>Magnetism (metallurgy, telekinetic manipulation of metals and sometimes nonmetals, healing that doesn't replace actual medicine)
>Gravity/Force (telekinesis)
>Void (darkness, frost, magic nullification, chemical breakdown)

Wind utilizes Heat and/or void.
Light combines Electricity and Magnetism to perform illusions, illuminations, ultraviolet radio and other EM rays.

Darkness, Light, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Void.

Elemental Sources: Earth, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Thunder, Wind, Water

Magical Source: Arcane, Dark, Death, Force, Life, Light, Psychic

Weapon Source: Blunt, Bullet, Pierce, Slash

Undefined/Cross Source: Acid, Poison

If you're going taoism derivative with most of the rest of it already, why not call it Qi?


I use this chart.

Remember, the best way to immerse yourself into a fantasy world is to force your brain to see it.

Came here just to say this. Best element, hands down.

Generally the four classicals. If I want more theme to it, the expanded list of "elements" understood by alchemists including air, earth, fire, water, sulfur, salt, gold, and mercury...

I must admit I have some affection for the Planescape wheel as generated by the overlap of the four classical elements with each other and Positive and Negative energy. It's kind of batshit if you think about the secondary and tertiary mixtures as "elements" but as a basis for Magic Chemistry?

It's a lot like the OP chart but less shitty.
Water+Air=Ice (Because they're both 'cool' in classical terms? I'll admit, never got this one)
(Non canon you can then mix the four element/element hybrids with positive or negative to get REALLY goofy "elements" or at least elemental borders.)

>What elements do you use in your games, user?
there's 118 of them! do I have to name them all?

well screw that I'll list them in their broader categories:

you got Hydrogen

then there are Alkali Metals
then Alkali Earth Metals
then all the Transition Metals
then you get to the Ordinary Metals
then the Nonmetals
the Metalloids
the Halogens
the Noble Gases
and finally the Rare Earths.

Oh there is the archaic elements of fire,earth, water, and air. but outside of cataloging spells this chart has become nearly worthless.

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All of them, yet none of them. Magic is the act of channeling and manipulating the Shroud of Reality, forged from the Creator's madness. As such it is the belief of the user on how reality works that shapes the laws of the branch of magic

Lethal amounts of autism.


Phantom, eggs, seventeen and Tuesday

It's the most important element, because without it...

Only three: atoms, the void, and your special snowflake opinions. If you disagree, you're probably that dumbass Plato.

Hey, I'll have you know that I'm not Plato!
I'm Anaxamander, and we Apeiron now!

Same here. I hate to have so many but I also like to keep my bases covered.

Sometimes I don't let the players have access to all of them because it wouldn't thematically work. I'm also a fan of a having a spirit/spooky typing for damage that isn't necessarily elemental (think ki).

If anything, I'd think wind would fall under gravity/force, considering that Force is literally air attacks in some vidya

I do something like this already, but I've only invoked it once. When I was running a Mediterranean setting I wasn't going to let a player use ice abilities with the context that none of the local pantheons had ice as a domain.

>Ice is Water + Wind
Full retard system right there.

I see dumb stuff like this all the time, what surprises me more is that fire + earth isn't magma/lava

Well if we're assuming that one big guy = UUUU or 4U, then 92U would be either 23 Ed Hardys or one guy 23 times his size

I've considered that as well, the problem is I'm mostly dealing in a more western-flavored setting, and having one of the primary, regularly invoked elements be just a blatantly Chinese word. Not that I'm against using other languages words in this, it just kinda sticks out like a sore thumb against the rest.

Isn't this from D&D 3.5 mate ?

Earth,Fire,Air,Water Light/Positive, Dark/Negative
Then you get combination elements when you mix those together

So an "elemental spectrum" rahter than a wheel? That's cool I guess.

So there's Lethal Autism on one side of the axis, and presumably healing autism on the other?

Maybe another couple of axis, "aware" autism and "blinding" autism, with "strong" and "floppy" autism too?

>Four Edicts
Fate - Destruction - Life - Death
>Seven Elemental Laws
Light - Darkness - Earth - Air - Water - Fire - Lightning

only dust

because i never get to fucking play

>Because they're both 'cool' in classical terms? I'll admit, never got this one
Air is usually associated with "cold" in systems like that. I guess if the air is cold, the water will freeze too?

How stupid are you?

Water, Air, Earth, Fire, Life, Death, Matter, Knowledge, Energy, Void.



this pretty much covers most attacking spells since they have to fall under one of these.