I'm sure this has already been done to death, but I'll ask it anyway...

I'm sure this has already been done to death, but I'll ask it anyway. How would you go about capturing the 'feel' of this game in a ttrpg? Any particular systems you would recommend for it?

>Medium to high lethality
>Punishing enemies
>Hunger/exhaustion mechanics
>Sanity damage
>"Treadmill progression" i.e. adventuring gets you resources to continue adventuring
>Grimdark setting
>Setting occasionally blows up with a moment of serious heroism

Dark Heresy might actually be decent for this if you ran a lot of enemies that messed with Corruption/Sanity and a big party to absorb losses.

Some other stuff I thought of
>Every enemy is dangerous, there are no 'easy' fights because all fights drain resources
>Base management (although I'm not sure if that's really something that would heighten the experience)
>'Souls-like' storytelling, with story coming from context clues rather than any concrete information
>Big bad is not killable, but can be delayed

Base management in a tabletop game really depends on your party and the amount of bullshit surrounding the "payoff" of seeing your situation improve.

I did it in one game by abstracting all the bullshit into a resource called Supplies. Players would occasionally run across something near their base (like a freshwater spring or other resource) that would add Supplies, or be given Supplies as a quest reward. Supplies could be used to buy upgrades for their castle, like stables or repairing the crumbly walls.

For DD, the supplies that fix up the Hamlet (Ancestor's yard sale rubbish) have to be weighed against the supplies that fix up your troops (Gold), because you can only carry so much back per adventure.

The last thing I think exemplifies DD is the "cascade failure," where one stroke of bad luck can completely fuck a party. Now that's not really fun in the regular sense, but it's part of the experience. At its core, Darkest Dungeon is a game about managing shitty luck and increasingly troubled characters. If you can find a way to implement that sort of feel without it feeling cheap too, that could be really neat. Make sure your players have more than one character sheet, though.

Randomly assigning quirks and traits based on events could be an interesting mechanic, with the players being able to choose to 'lock' the trait or try and let it cycle out.

warhammer fantasy rpg 1/2nd ed

>mundane classes with low/magic with consequences and dark sources
>insanity and corruption
>deaths everywhere

My group and I play first edition Dungeons and Dragons. During adventures they routinely shit their pants. The game is just so lethal. They dive into dungeons and caves as in any fantasy RPG, but they can't accord to charge in without caution. Didn't check the hall for traps? You die. Walk into a group monsters unprepared? You die. Take a single bad hit from a monster? You are dead or nearly dead. On top of that, experience points come from the treasure you find. Killing monsters awards experience points, but the amount is nearly a non-factor when compared to the experience earned by finding treasure.

So, my answer: First edition Dungeons and Dragons. The rules are totally bonkers, but they are bonkers in the best way possible, if that makes sense.

If 1st ed. isn't your thing, then work on adapting any system to the atmosphere you are seeking. Make enemies a real threat. Putting more emphasis on the environment does a lot as well. If the dungeon is damp and dripping, have their wet clothes impede their movement. Make darkness affect vision and ranged abilities. Have the stench of the air affect their concentration. Make hunger and fatigue wear on them. If they go too long without rest, start taxing their die rolls. And even when they do rest, don't let them feel safe. Make rolls to see if a wandering monster finds their resting place. As long as the adventurers are out in the world, and not in some cozy tavern or a warm inn, they should feel the dangers of the world closing in on them from all directions.


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The Lamentations of the Flame Princess Adaption, ask in /osr/

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I'll be honest, I wasn't a fan of it when I read it through. I wanted to try and copy the atmosphere and style, not the whole game.

This. I've been running a Darkest Dungeon game for quite some time now. Less lethal, but the horror, atrocities, etc amp'd up to 11. Doubly so with no map, so they need to keep one themselves. Several times have they made mistakes in their map and gotten lost in the depths of the manor.

Then just find a game that you and your players like, and play voice clips from the game.

You should be fine, as long as you remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer


Although I haven't played it, Shadow of the Demon Lord seems to capture that atmosphere.

This. Or WFRP.



WFRP 2e or Zweihander, which is a WFRP 2e retroclone.