Lets talk character archetypes Veeky Forums Not necessarily your favorite, but the one you get the most compliments on...

Lets talk character archetypes Veeky Forums Not necessarily your favorite, but the one you get the most compliments on, or acknowledgement for. Or even if you've noticed its the kind of character you play in long running games the most often?

Wont let me post for some reason. enjoy a shitty copy past.

>He's got a terrible secret

Players are naturally suspicious as fuck about fellow players acting at all weird, USE THAT.

I tend to be the more experienced played among my group so I like to play the Jack-of-all-Trades strategic leader. Due to me being more familier with the rules, I feel like I would kinda outshine other people if I played classes that fill a similar role to what they do, so I prefer to not really have a specific role and just be the idea guy.

thats not a bad idea. doing that right now with the wife. DM said I could grab a template so I toyed with the idea of making a were tiger vivisectionist for shits and giggles. Course the wife is playing a halfling shadow rogue and it would probably overshadow her so I made a cavalier to support.

I've noticed that with technical, support based characters, I really shine. The strikers do their jobs better, and the squishy characters have another layer of meat in front of them.

Knowledge seeker.

I often start with little to no magical knowledge and then try to reverse engineer the shit I find. It leads to funny shit like joining Anarcho-Feminst cult with a male charecter to learn to dance and stealing doors from dungeons.

The Yes Man soldier. Not the leader, not a simpleton, just a soldier who follows orders. Basically think Hawkeye from FMA. I pick a character in the party, build my character around being their bodyguard.

Best game this ever happened was when I was a Neutral good (bordering Lawful with my oatb) ex guard captain and was sworn to see the other player (a bastard Prince who was Chaotic neutral) crowned king. By the end of the campaign he was slipping more and more to neutral evil, not caring who he hurt on his way to rulership. By the end, I had seen him put on the throne, after the inauguration he took me outside onto the balcony privately. We RP'd him talking about how I was the only one he could trust, and now he was king he'd grant me whatever my heart desired. I asked if I could be allowed to act in accord to my beliefs for a moment. He agreed. I grabbed him and flung us both from the balcony.

Buddy of mine has a huge boner for being the biggest fattest support he can be. I mean, little to no offense, he just makes everyone else fucking AWESOME.

He's fun to play with :P

It colours his roleplaying too. He just wants everyone to be as awesome as possible.


Thats fucking awesome.

Wish a drawfag could whip up a small comic for it. First panel, beginning of the journey, the oath, middle of the journey, looking grizzled and haggard, bastard looks even more evil, end of the journey, this conversation and the leap off.

I tend to find myself in the paladin role. Not so much the paladin class, just the morally just character who will often put himself in danger for others. The DM seems to enjoy it since they also usually end up being an outsider of some sort who I play straight to some minor laughs at the table.

do you enjoy being party moral compass?

I fucking love playing mages on support duty. I buff the party, debuff the enemy and go the utility route, I usually work together with the party's thief to prepare our encounters ahead of time.

Man I would pay money for a simple comic like that. It was easily one of my favourite moments in my roleplaying career. The stunned silence lasted so long I thought my skype call dropped.

I typically play the chivalric goody-two-shoes who's sincere, light-hearted, and fairly naive about the world. They'll either be frontline bruisers or backline nukers with utility spells.

I also wind up being the party dad a lot. I'm still not sure how that happens, but it's happened like three times now. Even on characters not suited for it.

I have developed an interest in fool characters. Y'know, the ones that are constantly joking about and don't seem to be taking anything seriously, but don't actually disturb things too much.

Villains. I love them to pieces and always have, so my characters that that blur or stomp on moral lines get interesting. I don't always get to exercise this, but other players in my group get floored by antagonists that I develop.

My good characters are okay, but they don't measure up. I just like how rulebreaking and malicious characters can change things in interesting ways.

Never done NE or CE from the player side of the table, but I would be interested in trying should a good opportunity come up in a party with no good cleric or paladin.

I always try to be the force multiplier when it comes to the party. Cleric is my favorite, with everyone else fighting over the rouge. When there is a bruiser in the group I play 50% healslut 30% buff 10% damage and 10% fluff. So if my cleric is a traveler, he'll have summon water spells or some navigating spells.

I'm a DM so not an archetype but I always compliments when doing my revenant or liche voices. Also my corrupt/obviously evil noble gets good reactions.

My group seems to most enjoy it when I play characters who are in their 30-50's who are generally nice guys who happen to be just terribly unlucky and who solve most of their problems through sheer force of will and ridiculous plans.

No matter what I fluff my character as, even if they have 'evil' written on the sheet somewhere, I always end up being the party mom who keeps all the kids from arguing. Especially that one time in BattleTech/MechWarrior when I was playing as Sloth.