I'm planning on making a fantasy wild west campaign. Any tips?

I'm planning on making a fantasy wild west campaign. Any tips?

Yes, I know deadlands exists, it just really isn't what I'm looking for.

Pic Semi-Related.

What level of fantasy are you taking the campaign setting?

Shadowrun levels.

Not too much fantasy, but magic is still pretty common.

Have the magic and setting focused around Priests and Shadow Priests/Necromancers and remove Wizards entirely, also make the town chapel a main focus of the town

Any interest in east meets west? Reason I ask is you could have an easier time integrating melee orientated classes to the narrative.

Also what are your thoughts on Native Indian tribes?

Mix magic with guns. Magical guns. Again: magical guns. Make the two intertwine seamlessly and it'll seem natural, and won't look like Rawhide with wizards stapled on.

Not OP but I always thought the idea of enchanted bullets like that in Supernatural would be a cool thing to add to a mix like that.

>east meets west

I don't think I've ever heard of that

>thoughts on Native Indian tribes

I really want to incorporate them, but I'm not sure how.

Is magical guns and normal guns okay?

enchanted throwing cards gambit style

Nigga yes.

East meets west is where something like a Samurai comes across from Japan to make life in the western world and proceeds to fuck shit up because of his past.

Tribes could be a good way to incorporate shamanic magic or necromancy, some low tier melee fighters and bowmen of varying degrees.

I think the idea of having non-compulsary magic weapons is a good idea personally though I'm not the other user.

Nigga I've thought about this fantasy western setting for a lot longer than I'm willing to admit, lmao.

Okay, east meets west does actually sound really cool.

I personally don't really like the "all guns are magic" thing, so I'm most likely going to have some guns that are magic, and some that are not.

Replace blacksmiths with gunsmiths who can craft new guns or upgrades for them

High tier guns can be like the old style crank machine guns from western movies

have a good level of focus on trains and transport by trains so you can stage fights on roofs, robberies and other crazy shit along them.

You can the different kinds of magic users as a means of enchanting the weapons with different enchantment effects relating to their following

Have native magic.

I always enjoy native magic that involves rituals and shit.

You could have the spirit of the buffalo to stampede and wreck shit.
The spirit of the bear to maul cunts into oblivion.
The spirit of the rattlesnake to put venom in their veins.
et cetera

Plus magic guns and stuff like others have suggested.

Native American trapper character class.

Have you ever read Powder Mage? It's setting is slightly different (flintlock instead of revolvers/whatnot)but it's basic magic systems are pretty cool, definitely unique and shouldn't be too hard to adjust.

The titular Powder Mages are essentially gun-fu casters who use black powder to fuel their magic - doing shit like being able to guide bullets/shot over extremely long distances, penetrating armor and can burn powder to overcharge their own bodies (becoming faster, stronger, harder, etc). You might need to reflavor the powder, but the concept works pretty well with most firearm-using magical settings I feel.

The setting also has Knacked, who are normal humans with a minor-moderate unique talent. For example one character doesn't need to sleep, having a perfect memory, being able to detect lies, etc. Probably not strictly relevant to the West but it's an idea I've always liked, and it makes for a fun bit of flavor.

Not OP, but on a similar note; would it be in bad taste to shamelessly rip off the Dark Tower setting? I really like the feel of it, but I want to change much of the actual lore.

Depends on if your players

A) haven't read it


B) have read it, but will let you get away with it.