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Heck that noise. Also more gish art, please.


So, Starjammer is okay. I wonder how compatible it will be with Starfinder.

I'm sure one of my friends will be happy he can now play an Elite (Female)



>tfw these are literally the only two pictures i know of for Fiendbound Marauders

Is that just big fists?

no its specifically the separate, floating, large gauntlets.

Oh, well then this is the closest one I've got that doesn't really seem to fit to me.

thats more of a Hekatonkheires Symbiat


I didn't name it

Yeah, Lucius ain't going to look like that until he gets a set of full plate.
Currently, he probably looks more like pic related, just with shorter, lighter hair and with a far less generic face.

Is tall winged bishonen in full plate named Lucius Nacht your fetish?

Isn't it for everyone?


That's pretty edgy

Oh, well they're missing out then.

Does Barbarian's rage normally count character levels or Barbarian levels?

So, I'd like to pitch that in the PoW Errata, they remove or totally retool ordained defender.

As it stands you switch your initiating stat to wisdom, which since it grants will and improves the all important perception, is vastly superior to intelligence.

They gain a discipline for nothing. They also gain a more relevant knowledge skill in exchange for one rarely used.

And then they get a blessing or inquisition, lets nor forget the ever popular conversion inquisition, letting them totally dump CHA and use wisdom instead.

All this for the cost of two feats on a class that is basically feature complete without any feats.

There's a reason basically every single warder app you ever see in the /pfg/ games is ordained.

Ways to fix it might be to change the wisdom focus to charisma and force them to give up a discipline for the new one they gain.

Barbarian levels.

But then PoW won't be better than PF core!

Thanks that makes a lot more sense. I'm going to have to audit this bullshit.

pfg what sort of roll do you have to make to tie a noose well so it doesn't snap under say, your own body weight

Use Rope.

>doesn't exist in Pathfinder any more
>no escape


Why would your tying ability make or break the rope's ability to hold weight without snapping? Do you mean rope making ability?

Where are the PLD greentexts, I missed them!

What country in Golarion produces the smuggest girls?

Probably the one with the murder throne.

>As it stands you switch your initiating stat to wisdom, which since it grants will and improves the all important perception, is vastly superior to intelligence.
You know what I don't like about wisdom? There are three gish prcs in pow1 and endless gestalt combinations, but only wis-based caster that doesn't suck is empyreal sorc. Others are healsluts and/or divinesluts or contemplative wilder. And it's a wilder.

Sigmund and Lysander split from the party, leaving Gloriana and Bonbon to be downed in one hit by a Manticore which then downed and dragged Cashmere away 4 rounds later as she burned through all her spells trying to buy time for the men to reach

Cashmere logs coming sometime

It was a tough enemy for sure but there was some pretty bad RNG there stacking against her

>Party exits troll rape cave in the dead of night after rescuing Bon-Bon and scaring a noble's kid off
>but the kid is now having asthma attacks because the miasma is poisonous to non-nightwalkers and the kid's mask isn't working
>also there's a horrible spike-throwing chimera in the woods
>Sigmund and Lysander carry the noble boy all the way to the mansion where the fire's cleaning off the miasma
>but the girls are about 700 feet back. Cashmere questions chasing the beast in the woods while they're all still battered from the troll fight
>Gloriana and Bon-Bon both say it's only proper to take down the beast
>suddenly, they get ambushed by the chimera
>gloriana gets spiked, but is still on her feet and gets buffed by the jester's jingle and Cashmere making her HUGE
>Sigmund and Lysander charges back, but they're miles off and can't move fast through dark, thick woods
>the beast is kiting them, but cashmere goes invisible and Gloriana manages to take a powerful set of swipes at it
>badly injured, the chimera perforates the paladin and she goes down. It then takes Bon-Bon, who hadn't healed much, down in another swipe
>Cashmere summons up a spooky skeleton because she's terrified even though invisible
>It tries to batter the chimera, gets smashed into bits.
>She summons a dog. It fails to even get noticed
>The beast aces perception rolls, pounces her, rips a chunk out of her leg
>She screams and runs, and the beast aces another roll and spikes her in the back and she's put out of the fight, though is still conscious

>Lysander and Sigmund are still running, but Sigmund has finally got into range and takes a shot that just nicks it as it grabs Cashmere in its mouth
>The dog also is barking like mad and biting at the thing
>lysander runs up yelling and the beast and watches it run off without it holding anything visible, feels rather chuffed about scaring it off and goes to help the fallen two before realising that Cashmere's gone missing.

Cashmere's about to get CORED.

What about Shaman?
Vitalist is also pretty fun for a melee gestalt if you get a conductive weapon and channel Steal Health through it every turn.

Spellburst Savant is a maybe-option but there are some serious action clashes there.

Vult was rolling these publically. Literally got 19s and 20s

They should find a way to tame that chimera and keep it as a pet, because a high-rolling long-range shooter with pounce seems VERY useful.

I'm sure Cashmere could make it come over to her side!

>The gang finds Cashmere petting the Manticore, who's all curled up with it's head resting in her lap

I don't suppose any of you fine gentlemen could post the back-art of a harrow card? I need it for important plot reasons.

I think this is it

Oh, you know that would explain a lot. I was looking for something like pic related, but it seems what you posted is the back of the deck that they sell, which makes sense. How foolish of me. Thank you very much.

Not him but fun fact:
Knots weaken rope, without exception. Certain knots, hitches (knots that tie a rope to something else), bends (knots that tie two ropes to each other), whippings (knots made to tie up frayed ropes) are 'beginner' knots, not just because they're easy to tie, but also because they make a rope much, much weaker.
As an example, the simplest knot, the Overhand, weakens a string or rope by over 70% of its original strength. Try tying an overhand loop (it's the one that comes most naturally when trying to make a knot) in a cotton string and tugging the string in half - it will always, without exception, break at the knot unless it was already damaged elsewhere.
The noose people usually use to hang themselves is fittingly known as the hanged man's noose, or Jack Ketch's knot, and is an extremely strong way of creating a loop.
Signature very strong knots include the Allbright Special (bend), for angling, Sailmaker's whipping that can only be used on multi-corded ropes, the Simple Simon under (bend), and Bachmann's hitch (for caving and climbing).

How many points did you put into Use Rope, user?

All of them apparently

They can roll a 10 and make people who watch them 'use rope' become fanatics.

>you will never see the itty bitty kitty titties bully the itty bitty kitty
Why live

Are there randos applying to Overlewd?

Background skills ;)

>make anime OPs on page 6
>people are angry
>start making threads on page 7 to make them less angry
>people make non-anime OPs on page 6 or even 4 to escape the anime blight
We've chosen this fate.

5eg had the right idea, should just collectively ignore the anime op and post a real one. It worked for them.


Dueling threads are no better.

Because 5eg makes threads at page 9, 10, or sometimes even 11 and 12.

5eg is also full of boring normies that are somehow apalled by "weeaboos" on chinese cartoons imageboard. There is simply not enough people that care about your silly thread wars and anime OPs (especially when they ask relevant questions), deal with it.

5eg is actually a fun, vibrant place.

If only 5e was a vibrant, fun game.

When the fuck is Psionics and ToB equivalents going to finally drop for it so I can abandon this game forever.

I still don't get why they decided feats had to be optional and also replace ability score boosts when leveling. Like, shit nigga, you have a whole list of pretty okay reworked feats and you just go tell people not to use them? Your shits already bland, don't actively remove spices.

5e is pretty fucking bad and I don't think it's going to be fixed anytime soon. Much like Pathfinder

Some people can't handle spice, user. Wizards of the Coast is trying to make the most flavorless gruel possible so *anyone* can lap it up, like the people who think Dark Souls needs an "Easy" mode or walking simulators are the height of storytelling.

But hey, at least with 5E I don't have to put up with Paizo's crap.

>implying WotC is any better

>people who think Dark Souls needs an "Easy" mode or walking simulators are the height of storytelling.
But there's nothing wrong with either of those. Walking simulators can be really engaging story wise, and sometimes people do just want to enjoy the story of a game without all the hassle of gameplay.

>Dark Souls
>Needing an easy mode

But that's just "get a tower shield". Game is already easy.

Dark Souls has no story. If you remove what makes the gameplay engaging you pretty much don't have anything.

Okay, but the gist of the argument could still apply to other games.

Wizards of the Coast is every bit as SJW as Paizo, as anyone who follows Magic: the Gathering can tell you. Difference is, WotC is actually somewhat competent at mechanics and storytelling.

Does this make them even more dangerous than Paizo? Probably.

Dark Souls requires you to actually read the goddamn item descriptions if you want a story or an inkling of what the deepest lore is, fag.

But I am a darn, dirty, SJW.

>deepest lore
>implying trial and error gameplay and artificial difficulty is lore.

how do i not have terrible self-worth that only seems to increase upon being validated Veeky Forums?

>Trial and error gameplay

That is literally every videogame in existence

That's not a story. Those are vague nods and contextualization to actions. At the absolute best, dark souls has little vignettes of action but no story.

>WotC is actually somewhat competent at mechanics and storytelling
........maybe where MtG is concerned, because their iterations of D&D are FUCKED.

Even 4e was discovered to have such shitty mechanics that it made the game nigh unplayable once the 4urries got their heads out of their asses about how perfect the game was. they had to say "you need to fix two entire monster books or use this fixed monster book, and errata is a feature, not a bug". But by then it was already on it's way to the grave.

>errata is a feature, not a bug
Uhh.. isn't it like explicitly not a bug?

I'd argue otherwise.

Ideally, the plot and mechanics of a story based game should intersect. The gameplay should reinforce the plot, themes, and world building set forth by the game's story as much as the games story justifies the game-play.

Now with degeneracy.

Males [12]
$ Romulus Nohrm (27 years): 6' 10", 220 lbs || 208.3 cm, 99.8 kg # 12.7 in
$ Allanz Gremund (18 years): 5' 11", 152 lbs || 180 cm, 68.9 kg # 9.7 in
$ Sinh: No Details
$ Lucius Nacht (18 years): 6' 3", 200 lbs || 190.5 cm, 90.7 kg # 10 in
$ Dr. Linus Lux: No sheet
$ Fahd Lutfi (26 years): 4' 7", 97 lbs || 139.7 cm. 44 kg # 1.7 in HAHAHAHAHAHA
$ Raine (19 years): 5' 4", 133 lbs || 162.6 cm, 60.3 kg # 9.2 in ※
$ † "King" Angelo Sette: No Details
$ Alkurith Rekanthor (38 years): 4' 8", 54 lbs || 144.2 cm, 24.5 kg # 3.7 in ‡
$ Serax (24 years): 6' 2", 168 lbs || 188 cm, 76.2 kg # 8.9 in
$ Stefon Vargrave (23 years): 5' 11", 145 lbs || 180 cm, 65.8 kg # 2.7 in HAHAHAHAHAHA
$ Edward Loum (29 years): 6' 1", 156 lbs || 185.4 cm, 70.8 kg # 8.8 in

Females [20]*
$ Emilia Ivanov (20 years): 5' 6", 135 lbs || 167.6 cm, 61 kg
$ † Yamelia: No sheet
$ Salacia Mithlaeth (RIP): 5' 8", 160 lbs || 172.3 cm, 72.6 kg
$ Chiundra (315 years): 5' 6", 145 lbs || 167.6 cm, 65.8 kg
$ Ecaterina (29 days): 7' 3" / 5' 4", 0 lbs || 221.0 cm / 162.6 cm, 0 kg
$ Cijiska (22 years): 6' 8", 212 lbs || 203.2cm, 96.2 kg
$ Umbranae (19 years): 7' 6", 386 lbs || 229 cm, 175 kg
$ Ingrid Proteah (31 years): 5'9", 144 lbs || 175.3 cm, 65.3 kg
$ Kanna (∞): No sheet
$ Konja K. Snusel (17 years): ???
$ Olivia Favillina (23 years): 5' 5", 115 lbs || 165.1 cm, 52.2 kg
$ Helvetica (28 years): 5', 0 lbs || 152.4 cm, 0 kg
$ Kenna Gunnhildr (19 years): 5' 6", 130 lbs || 167.6 cm, 59.0 kg
$ Aeshma (23 years): 5' 11", 125 lbs || 177.8 cm , 56.7 kg
$ Calesedria: No sheet
$ Rhyisjir the Burned: No sheet
$ Crytha Tamegall (13 years): 8'4" 350lbs || 254 cm, 158 kg
$ 4916: No Details
$ † Velvet (∞?): 5'0", 120 lbs || 152.4 cm || 54.4 kg
$ Sayaka Ikusaba: No sheet

† Not included in any record list because not a real app.
‡ """Dragon""" Dick
※ It's the attack of the tiny fuccboi with a nine inch dick, run away~
* Female vices are retarded, didn't do them.

Crytha (254 cm)
Umbrane (229 cm)
Ecaterina (221 cm)
Romulus (208 cm)
Cisjika (203 cm)

Konja (~∞)
Umbrane (175 kg)
Crytha (158 kg)
Cijiska (96.2 kg)
Romulus (95.3 kg)

Helvetica (0)
Ecaterina (0)
Alkurith (24.5 kg)
Fahd (44 kg)
Olivia (52 kg)

Fahd (139.7 cm)
Alkurith (144.2 cm)
Helvetica (152.4 cm)
False!Ecaterina (162.6 cm)
Raine (162.6 cm)

Kanna (∞)
Chiundra (315 years)
Alkurith (38 years)

Ecaterina (29 days)
Crytha (13 years)
Konja (17 years)

Highest Mass / Height Ratio‡:
Umbranae (76.42 ᵏᵍ/ₘ) ※
Crytha (62.20 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Romulus (48.13 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Lucius (47.61 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Cisjika (47.34 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)

Lowest Mass / Height Ratio‡:
Ecaterina (0)
Helvetica (0)
Alkurith (16.99 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Fahd (31.50 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Olivia (31.62 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)

Average Male Height, Weight [8 samples, 8 samples]
5' 9¼", 148 lbs || 175.8 cm, 67 kg

Average Female Height, Weight [12 samples, 12 samples]†
6' 2", 158 lbs || 187.7 cm, 71.2 kg

Median Male Height, Weight
6', 154 lbs || 182.7 cm, 69.9 kg

Median Female Height, Weight
5' 8½", 139.5 lbs || 173.8 cm, 63.3 kg

Biggest Dick
Romulus (12.7 in)

Smollest Dick
Fahd (1.7 in)

† Does not include Konja, who is probably 8' tall and weighs a few metric tons
‡ also known as Linear Mass Density γₘ for Engineering/Physicsfags

Rolumlus had a growth spurt.
Olivia is no longer the 5th smollest, instead the 5th smollest is now a qt LG paladin (male).
Ecaterina is the recordholder of most lists made, being on five different lists. She's first place on three lists.

So it never happens is what you're saying.

You really just need to broaden your perspective on how other people be and how they probably perceive themselves.

I used to be an awkward wreck that could hardly talk to someone else until I realized that everyone around me was just as awkward and boring as I was.

>12.7 inches
>9.7 inces
>10 inches
W-what does it mean?


takes too much effort lmao
Also blingmaker is over.

>9lbs, 11 inches

Plenty of games have done it.
Nier, Drakengard, Undertale, The World Ends with You, Lisa the Painful, and Jounrey all from the top of my head.

Dark Souls, while lacking in story does set out to create a dark, lonely, and tense atmosphere. The hard game-play reflects this Same goes for Darkest Dungeon.

And to bring this back to Veeky Forums and Pathfinder, why do you think horror doesn't work in Pathfinder? It's all story right? That's because the mechanics of Pathfinder don't reinforce horror.

I'm playing for the first time and im having to powergame out of my ass in order to even stay relevant, its disgusting. Is this the system's fault, my GM's? Is the magus just ass?

As much as I loved Nier:Automata, I feel a lot of the game play didn't enhance the story. It was (mostly) fun, to be sure, but a lot of it wasn't necessary.

>he chose the Magus
I'm so sorry user.

I was referring more to the first Nier, I haven't played Automata nor do I know much about it since I'm trying to avoid spoilers.

I mean, Dark Souls has about as much story as the player is willing to see. If they don't want it to have a story, it's not going to. If they autistically comb every item description and every loose pile of bricks they can find then it'll have more story than the entirety of the 300 hours of some modern JRPGs.

>first time playing

oh my god user I'm so sorry. What's your build, and what can you use?

Well, I really really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it!

You know what enhanced my enjoyment


Magus is very specialized and needs to be pretty optimized or you have to actually have a really good grasp on what to use how and where to cope with it.

You know I've always wondered
Why the fuck did they choose to name a gish and a class VERY subpar at using magic at all the 'Magus', after the origin of the word "Magic" and "Magician", the Magi of Zoroastrian Persia? What were they thinking? Magus should be some sort of prestige that's like a Mystic Theurge but better or something.

Define power gaming.

Maxing strength

>If they autistically comb every item description and every loose pile of bricks they can find then it'll have more story than the entirety of the 300 hours of some modern JRPGs.
Story and lore aren't quite the same thing.

Toobie is pure sex