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For all your questions on Dark Heresy (1st and 2nd Editions), Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, and Only War.
Not the wargame, not Chapter Master, not Space Hulk.

>Why did FFG lose the 40k RPG License?
Because they were bought by Asmodee that caused some sort of licensing conflict.

>Will GW make their own 40k RPGs now?
Probably not. But if they do it will likely be worse than we can possibly imagine.

>Where did the Mandragora Apocrypha go?
The namefag working on it has fucked off to finish it in peace after our autists yelled at him over the unfinished version they found.

Book Repositories (If you're planning to download any Rogue Trader materials, read the .txt file in the RT directory)

There is a new Homebrew Megafolder option in above MEGA directory containing several things.

40K RPG tools, a site that contains stats or references for almost all weapons, armor and NPCs/adversaries. Not updated past DH2 core.

40k RPG Combined Armory (v6.48.161023), containing every piece of gear in all five lines. Now includes all DH2e books.
>Now in Homebrew megafolder

Mars Needs Women! (v1.2.10) (Mechanicus Skitarii and Taghmata for Only War)
>Now in Homebrew megafolder

Fear and Loathing in the Eastern Fringe (V1.6.4) (Playable Xenos for Rogue Trader)
>Now in Homebrew megafolder

The Fringe is Yours! (v1.8.4) (More Xenos, Knights, and Horus Heresy gear for Rogue Trader)
>Now in Homebrew megafolder

Previous thread: What are your favorite alt ranks? Are there any you've homebrewed to represent stuff from tabletop, lore, or your particular subsectors' quirks?

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Imperator Vult


Have you ever had any sessions where things actually went according to plan?

>things actually went according to plan?
If "kill all sunsabitches, singlehandedly if need be" is a plan, then I have done so a fair bit.
There was also that time my group put together a technical in order to turn the tide of a rebel assault with no casualties on the loyalists side.
Man, it was 3 of us in the thing, and we were all sure we were gonna die.

>kill all sonsabitches
Ellis would make a great acolyte.

noob question
if I have rapid reload, does that mean I can aim with half action and then shoot for half action

More pics like OP?

You can do that anyway, but if your gun's empty, then you can only reload it as a free action if it normally reloads as a half action.
I can't think of any. Not one in four years of fairly regular play.

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One regular of 40k General happens to be a shameless slut. Wait, that doesn't really narrow it down - I mean a female one.
There's pics every once in a while.

I have RAWK LAWBSTAR's butt, but it's too lewd for Veeky Forums.

>post somewhere else

Also I got Moap's tummy. And possibly couple other pictures, but can't tell what was posted in a thread (and is therefore a free game) and what through the other channels (and is therefore a subject of non-disclosure).

I want to make sure assuming starter weapons how much action is it to shoot and to aim cause I current have 30ws

>I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith and I tried to make melta-bombs? Now I didn't know shit about explosives, but Keith figured "Promethium burns, don't it?" Heh, 3rd degree burns over 90% of his body. The doc had to call up a Magos Biologis from the next hive over 'cause they had never seen burns on top of existing burns.

Weapon Skill only matters in melee, you want Ballistic Skill.
There's an Actions In Combat chart that tells exactly what type of action shooting is. You may Half Aim as a Half Action and then make a Standard Attack as your other Half Action, and in fact that's pretty standard for marksman builds, since Accurate weapons gain an additional +10 for aiming, effectively doubling the bonus from halfaiming, and Basic-class Accurate weapons also gain up to two bonus damage dice for sufficient Degrees of Success when aimed. Automatic bursts of fire vary in action; the older three systems make them a Full Action but in Black Crusade, Only War, and DH2e they're Half but no longer grant bonuses to hit.
You leave B-52 out of this
I only wanted to start a new thread before the last one 404'd, and use an image of the DH1e book that hadn't already been posted
Why can't Veeky Forums restrain its libido

>I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith and I were on the top of a burnin' building, and we had to fight our way down like five floors of heretics and― Hey, wait a second...I guess that was you guys. Oh, shit, man, I can't wait to tell Keith about that one!

Had a ridiculous DH2 session last night.

The party is a sciencehobo (Rufus, me), a murderhobo (Torvald) and an astropath gunslinger (Blake). The previous session saw the party stealing their ship back from a rogue research organization in the Imperium. The ship was heavily damaged when the party used the guns to forcibly remove docking clams and make a quick warp entry. While in the Warp, a message directs the party to a hive world under siege by the Tau. After emerging from the warp, the ship was crash landed into the Tau front lines.

Cue the start of this session.
>Rufus trapped in his compartment
>Torvald looks for him
>Blake passed out
>Rufus determines his compartment was ejected from the ship and is buried underneath it.
>Torvald and Blake find a way out of the ship
>Tau grav tanks close in
>Rufus manages to gain control of the ship systems
>Rufus uses the last macrocannon shots to take out several tau tanks
>IG swoops in and saves the day
>IG commander hails the ship, Rufus answers
>Sup, you like the landing?
>Commander is speechless
>Composes himself and asks for sitrep
>3 survivors, 1 MIA (the ship uses mostly servitors)
>Torvald and Blake hang out as the ship is converted to an FOB
>Torvald decides to start digging Rufus out
>Progress is slow
>Bets are placed as to what he is doing
>Medics think he has survivor's guilt over Rufus dying the crash
>Someone gives him a mortar shell
>Torvald uses it
>Huge commotion, but no real damage
>The digging guy is really good for morale
>Days pass with Rufus using the augur arrays to monitor Tau movements
>Passing the time with radio conversations and space-chess games with various IG members and Torvald
>A IG sergeant approaches Torvald
>Tells him where a "dud" griffin round is
>Torvald and Blake get it
>Torvald gets shaped charges from sappers

I was considering writing up a system hopping campaign going RT-DH-OW-DW do you think it would be possible to make that interesting/not tedious?

Continuing the philosophy shitposting from last thread because it amuses me.

>but my Amalathian roots don't make me a puritan, just a realist
That's a very nice lie you've convinced yourself with. Is that what you tell yourself when you crush reform that would improve the Imperium simply because it is change?

>you xenos-lovers from kissing the feet
Don't be lewd, we don't kiss xenos. That often.

>of the witchborn
The God-Emperor himself is a psyker, is he a witch? Or is that a truth of the Imperium you Amalathians conveniently forget when you push your tyrannical agenda?

>and believing their lies as they abuse your trust and abuse humanity.
Oh please, you make us sound as if we're as bad as the Xanthites or Oblationists. Remember; Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers. All of them true and terrifying to comperehend.

I believe it was Kryptmann himself who said that.

>but can't tell what was posted in a thread (and is therefore a free game) and what through the other channels (and is therefore a subject of non-disclosure).
Post all of it in the thread and I'll let you know.

I have a plan in place for a scenario where the PCs will not only be finding a few STCs but there will be a Word Bearer Apostle involved, the idea that all this is taking place running up to the hight of the 13th Black Crusade (because the game will segway from a DH game to a Deathwatch game).

What sort of super special item could I have the Apostle uncover that could be useful for the Black Crusade? Having him uncover another Black Stone Fortress seems dumb but I'm kind of leaning on some ancient ship of some sort.

Would you let the burning princess keep you as a love slave if you knew she'd never perils of the warp around you

eww no, liking girls is gay

At this point my sides are in the fucking Warp
>Torvald buries the shell
>Tries to warn a SGT to get people clear
>SGT not having it
>If you detonate that round, I will imprison you for the rest of your life
>Torvald waits out the night and decides to detonate the charges after the commander has had his coffee, but before he started his paperwork
>The madman does it
>Fuckhuge explosion rocks the ship and causes a small earthqhuake
>No one is sure whats going on. Tau scatter probably just as confused as the IG
>Sinkhole opens and pulls the command chimera in (with the commander still in)
>Chimera flips
>Torvald scurries down the the and knocks on the hatch to the to the compartment
>Rufus calls Torvald on comms
>wtf is going on
>I used a griffin shell and some demo charges to dig you out
>Why? I have enough rations to survive a month.
>I missed you
>Call disconnected
>Rufus calls Blake
>Blake was on top of the ship before the explosion
>Hanging by one arm from a turret
>Blake, how many people did Torvald kill?
>No bodies, everyone was clear
>Chimera upside down in the sink hole next to the hatch
>Rufus gets out of the compartment
>Ignores Torvald
>Checks chimera
>No commander
>Looks around
>He's on top of the sinkhole, head cradled in his hands
>Rufus runs up. Casualty reports?
>Emperor protects no serious injuries, but several cases of tinnitus
>Rufus gives the commander the intel he's been gathering
>He barks at three guardsmen to get a net to catch Blake's fall
>No command test, they just do it
>Runs to fix the ship's comms and patch them through to the commander since the explosion broke the long range vox equipment

And that is how a warrior with an entrenchment tool derailed a session that was supposed to be about fighting a Tau invasion. It was an amazing session.

Why are these threads always so slow on Fridays?

These threads are slow eternally.

I want to buy Hatreds, but I play my priest as a really chill guy.

Be chill with the emperor's faithful, stoke the fires of hate against the emperor's enemies.

The problem for me is I don't mind mutants if they're just genetically fucked because they live in radiation, and I'm an Ardentite so I like psykers

Plenty of xenos to hate.

>Why can't Veeky Forums restrain its libido
Why would we?

No, because each of those things deal with different themes, you'd constantly have tone whiplash.

Not even sure what, user.
What was the guy even trying to DO?

>Why can't Veeky Forums restrain its libido
Because it's the board dedicated to the hobby with probably the highest percentage of frustrated permavirgins. Just a fact of the board.

user, every time polls are done on this board, the majority of people here are shown to be thin, either currently in or in between relationships, and a fair percentage are either enlisted in the military, in school or have degrees.
You are falling for the hype.
GMs! Would you make someone roll BS to catch something with a grapnel? What situations would you make someone roll, and what situations would you not bother?

He was trying to dig out his only friend in the grim dark universe. Mind you my character has so few organics left, one Emperor's Mercy bar lasts him a week. Normally his character alleviates boredom with shenanigans that my character tries to keep in check, but since I was trapped underground, he was left to his own devices.


I might be drunk but not THAT drunk.

Then get that drunk.


I am very curious as to what the context of that image is.

viral marketing for the then-incoming Tome of Excess

you've seen the shower promotional from Aliens: Covenant? Same idea. Dykes get exploited for this stuff all the time.

>I ever tell yall bout that time me and Keith fought some Orks on Ferros XI? Got Green skins barring down on the trench and shit was lookin reel bad till Keith figured out to set all the melta bombs in the Chimera off. Killed a Boss with it too. I don't think I ever saw a Commissar more conflicted about wantin to shoot somone in my life.

I'm finally getting back into the 40k RPG train after being out for a while.

Is playing a Logician a good starting point for a loyalist inquisitor?

A what?

Go OW until the party wipes, then have them wake up a fate point down (who doesn't burn those?) in DH, go until about 5000 xp in DH, then make the offer to have people reroll and take a more active role on the ship (npc DH characters for backup or hail mary two team plans), then go until 13k xp, from there, allow players to make marines and conquer a system.

Reward players who kept their characters from DH on with Ascension classes.

Read 'Radical's Handbook' and 'Disciples of the Dark Gods', you philistine.

The Dark Heresy 1e books.

>Radical's Handbook
Fucking dropped
The one reason I keep that book around is its rules for combiweapons

Boo hoo, who cares what you like/dislike?

I'm asking about fluff, not crunch.

>>Why did FFG lose the 40k RPG License?
>Because they were bought by Asmodee that caused some sort of licensing conflict.
I literally just found out about this (I'd just saved up enough to buy the rest of the rogue trader books, call me a sucker but I like supporting good rpgs and good rpg makers), and was confused as hell trying to find them all on drivethru rpg.

I got the details now, and feel no guilt pirating, but good god, what the hell would convince GW to fuck over their best out of house publisher like this?

>Wanting to play inquisitor from the very start
>1st ed

Please visit your local commissar so he might pass Imperial Justice upon ye.

I read that to mean he was looking to build into a loyalist inquisitor and was looking for the best path to it.

In 1st Ed you want to look into the interrogator advanced rank I think it's called, I forget which book it's in, but it's one of the very few that can be accessed from any of the classes. But basically, any class can eventually become an inquisitor, but becoming an inquisitor is pretty much an epilogue point in the game.

Dark Heresy isn't about being the inquisitor, it's about being the guys the inquisitor sends in when he doesn't want anybody to know the inquisition has taken an interest yet.

If you don't hate Xenos and Heretics then ye are no Priest.

>((Not)) Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean.

Heretic filth!

They're GW.


Are there lightning claws statted for human sized pcs?

Black Crusade

This guy reaches the Black Library.
What happens?

You stop gargling on ork nonexistant cock

Think somewhere in the region of Malcador's power, housed in a space marine's body.

Who cares about your question then.

>is playing a heretic a good starting point for a loyalist

anyone know where i can find deathwatch pdfs?

I'm planning on running a 1 shot based around a traditional space-hulk horror type Deathwatch game in the future, there any tips in characterizing genestealers, brood lords besides their physical traits and weird alien mannerisms (do they even fucking talk? I've been reading all I can on them but without a solid example its kind of hard).
Also searching for advice on providing fresh, interesting twists and challenges for a squad of terminators mowing their way through a tyranid infested space hulk (besides the obvious novelty of it all), I've got some horror themes lined up with remains of the crew, as well as other forces being sent in to investigate and getting annihilated, but I wouldn't mind something to tie it all together and set some major tension for the players.

> Do the Necrons keep their ships in their tomb world with them, or do they store them else where in some sort of galactic parking lot?

Check the MEGA in the OP.

I wanted to run a scouts/neophytes or the a-something dudes before they become scouts DW game all the way to actual DW. Doable?

I remember one time when I played g-mod crappy 40k server with shit like VIP's playing as filthy xenos and having all the cool shit. Obviously homebrewed snowflake chapter on server and we were having a shootout with tau's, defending in ww2 style tenement house.

Suddenly someone shouted something from that Blood Angels space hulk audiobook and I responded back since I listened to it a few days back. Shit was glorious.

Your image reminded me of that.

In only war, should i have my characters survive more than one session? it feels unrealistic

>M-muh grinder

Veteran guardsmen are a thing in codex

He is a newfag born on memes, ignore

I just want to bump the thread while I try and remember what I was going to ask

Would hatreds ever stack? Like Chaos Space Marine and Psyker against a Thousand Sons sorceror

No. You can only Hate a target so much for +10 regardless of how many Hatreds are triggered by it, but Scourge of Heretics would stack with Hatred if you have both.

Doing an intro Rogue Trader session for a bunch of people with no 40k experience. Any tips for introducing people to the setting?

Have them watch Avatar (the Pocahontas in Space, not the Airbender thing). Ask them if they see what went wrong in the movie and if they would like to play out doing it right.

>Any tips for introducing people to the setting?

Have them read this.

Or possibly this.

Or this.

Or maybe this.

Ancient defense systems, pockets of warp energy/radioactivity/toxic waste/complete nothingness/etc., chaos marines looking for a score.

Only with a bunch of homebrewing.

I'm starting a Rogue Trader game soon-ish and I have a player who wants to play a Craftworld Eldar from this homebrew supplement: drive.google.com/file/d/0B2b-KRdbOmU5TGVITEdMOWtGZGc/view

I've never met the guy before so if there is a bunch of broken shit in it I'm not going to trust him not to abuse it. One thing I noticed is that the Eldar in it can manifest fettered powers without a focus roll while taking a hit to their effecting Psy Rating, but for a lot of the powers in it the Psy Rating doesn't even matter. Does anyone have experience with this supplement?

It's lodge blackman's stuff. He doesn't do anything revolutionary, has a tendency to use refluffed human classes as a base, and sometimes forces fanon down your throat. Overall it's a "safe" supplement, nothing that really stands out about it.

A bunch of homebrewing might be the best way to go about it, but you could get away with DH2e chargen with a limited selection (eg only the Chapter's recruiting world or worlds, no Background bonus, and maybe limited Roles) and gradually grant them the full suite of geneseed bonuses and talents as they gain XP.

I heard the Hammers of Dorn are in Deathwatch? Tell me, anons, is this true? Do they have special rules?

Rite of Battle

One book, I think Rites of Battle, adds rules for a lot of Successor Chapters as the same as their primogenitors with minor tweaks, like Mortifactors getting Blind Fighting and Meditate for free but taking a Fellowship penalty to interaction with fellow descendants of Guilliman. Some of those Chapters got more unique rules in later books, but I don't think the Hammers did, unless it was when Honour the Chapter expanded Successor Chapters. The Hammers of Dorn are likely minor variations of the Imperial Fists in that manner, crunchwise, but given their hunger to show up the Ultrasmurfs at everything ever and their insanely rigid adherence to the letter of the Codex they'd be a hell of a lot of fun to roleplay.
I'll pull up their crunch later and post it.

Thanks anons!

Yup, Rites of Battle successors.

It almost makes me think that the 40k fanbase is made up of males and dykes almost entirely ...

Explain the Imperial Fists then. Are that many bi folks into bara?

Hey, I said males, not straight.

Can a teleportarium be used to teleport boarders off of a ship? I'm inclined to say no, but I can't find a source either way.


It's insanely dangerous, and you need to chuck a teleport homer at the boarders, but you could easily whisk a whole chunk of them away and chuck 'em into deep space.

Only problem is (a) it'll chuck EVERYTHING in the area of effect (bullets, air, allies, sometimes deck plates) into space, (b) it takes about half an hour to recharge and (c) there's always a chance of warp incursions.

But sure, if you've got a teleport homer, go nuts.

Fluff-wise, that's how they typically recover terminator/deathwatch assault teams.

I don't know if the RPGs ever mention it, hell sometimes the wargame fluff forgets about it.

she looks like the dyke "inquisitor" from DA:I

Where's the best place to find a copy of Battlefleet Koronus?