Is it okay to play a blatant fetish bait character, so long as you don't actually role play that in detail?

Is it okay to play a blatant fetish bait character, so long as you don't actually role play that in detail?

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>defining the character by traits you're not going to role-play
You're already doing it wrong, dipshit.

If you have to ask, you're doing it for fetish-bait reasons. Why even ask? Is it some attempt to convince yourself otherwise?

fpbp. If you don't want to express traits of a character in RP, don't include them.

If you're not planning on roleplaying the "fetishy" parts, why not just make a character who doesn't have them/isn't defined by them? If your character's double-D boobs or secret dragon cock are (supposedly) never going to come into play, why mention them at all?

TL;DR, you're here to fap and this is a bullshit attempt to convince us you're not, or to get us to ask about your retarded waifu character. In either case, fuck off, nobody cares.

How about having a wank before game sessions and keep your fucking hands above the table you creepy piece of shit.

>Is it okay to play a blatant fetish bait character
No, unless it's an ERP.

Having a fetish inspiration doesn't stop them being fun characters to RP.

>If you're not going to play a gun-wielding, watermelon-eating, fried-chicken-loving stereotype, why play a black man?
>If you're not going to play a vindictive, petty, insecure and manipulative stereotype, why play a woman?
>If you're not going to play an effeminate, comedic, fashion-obsessed stereotype, why play a gay man?

You can possess traits without being an awful caricature of those traits. If you're okay with a character being black just because or a character being female just because without those being defining traits, you should be okay with a character having the genitals of an elephant without them being a defining trait.

Oh boi, here come the Pathfinder General posters to defend this shit.

Look, unless you flatout state from the get-go that the game is THAT kind of game, most people just want to go on an adventure, explore some dungeons, and fight some monsters. They are NOT there to talk about how lewd your slutty elf loli is, they are NOT there to help you explore your fetish for tentacle rape or enslavement, they are NOT there so your character can try to get in the pants of their character.

If you define your character as a "blatant fetish character" like OP did, you need to bring a different character to the game. As multiple posters have pointed out, if you had any intention of NOT playing the character in a fetishy way, you wouldn't be asking whether it was OK or describing the character as fetishy.

TL;DR, you and OP are both faggots and need to a address you social dysfunctions if you ever want decent games.

I have no words for the level of flawed logic here.

I'd suggest MAID if only that you'd be appealing to at least someone's fetish randomly.

>You're not allowed to play a character without it being a horrible caricature of its composite traits!

And you're saying my logic is flawed?

You're not allowed to pretend you're not playing a blatant fetish character after stating in your opening post that you're deliberately playing a blatant fetish character. Whether it can be played well or not isn't the point, nobody came to the table for that shit, you autistic grognard.

Nobody comes to the table for retarded racist stereotypes either. They're just as unacceptable as your character shoving their genital size in everyone's faces. You're making a false comparison and you know it hopefully.

But no one's pretending it's not a blatant fetish character. It is a blatant fetish character. The blatant fetish part of the character just isn't a trait that's brought up in ordinary roleplay, that's all.

A gay character doesn't need to do gay things all of the time just because it's gay. A character can be gay without its gayness being relevant to loads of situations that it might get into. In a similar fashion, a character with tits like world-ending asteroids, a dick like the Torre Agbar and thighs like Christmas hams might not ever get into situations where those are relevant to how the character might behave.

Just ask yourself one question. "Why?" Why do you want to do this?

Then why did you describe it to us?
I mean I'd be a little wary if Kraig the fighter just came out and said "Hi, I'm plying Kraig the fighter and he's gay."
If it doesn't come out in gameplay then it probably wasn't worth mentioning in the first place.

user... The problem with your logic is the OP is looking for a way to play a BLATANT fetish-bait character, which in 90% of groups will not fly.

Like... Let me give an actual example I'm currently experiencing in a game as some (admittedly anecdotal) evidence; We've got a woman in our party whose art depicts her as exceptionally busty, and after a couple of beers and some casual conversation about our characters the player has admitted that she really is very chesty, and she does things to make sure the girls are properly nestled in her armor or well-supported when out. She's a very good character that isn't defined in any way by her bust.

What the OP is looking for is a way to play that same character, only her breasts are the most important thing about her. She shows them off, she fights with them, she might even talk about them three times in a session. She is boobs.

Now I figure there's a way to make that work - I mean, we've seen some wild concepts become memorable greentexts over the years, yeah? But most people aren't that good, and a character that would've been defined by her straight laced demeanor, noble bearing and vicious overprotective streak would just because a groan zone of nipple puns.

Then I guess I shouldn't play a black character if his race isn't somehow relevant to the game, nor should I play a woman if her femininity isn't relevant to the game.

When was the last time your character's whiteness was relevant to how you played the character? Or their hair? Unless your character's hair is relevant, they shouldn't have hair. In fact, unless your character's baldness is relevant, they shouldn't be bald either. Their hair or lack thereof should exist in a Schrodinger's state of non-existing irrelevancy, along with all of the other features that you don't make into defining traits of the character.


>I have no counter argument


The key is that "fetish bait" is only tolerable in as far as it is neccessary. If you have some vanilla fetishes, you can't exactly remove those (for example, I like powerful women. Does this mean that, to avoid my magical realm, I must create a world where queens do not exist?).

However, there is such a thing as going too far. Let's say your fetish is muscular women (good taste!). Describing your (DM)PC as being a female with defined musculature and powerful arms is appropriate: it is a 'useful' description that gives the impression that she is very strong (and she should have the stats to back it up). If you start describing the structure of her abs in detail, go on about how soft and smooth the skin that covers those rippling muscles are and talk about her delicious thighs, that's going too far. None of those descriptions serve any useful purpose.

>your character's double-D boobs
Those can be made 'useful/essential' information though. If you're playing a diplomancer, you could describe her as being a busty, attractive and flirtatious woman. Or you could even play it up for laughs, by describing her as a character with a very big heart and large, round, beautiful eyes, someone who is always there for her friends and can always offer a chest to cry out on. In fact, she's the breast friend you can imagine!

read the responses to this These guys make some valid points

>Or you could even play it up for laughs, by describing her as a character with a very big heart and large, round, beautiful eyes, someone who is always there for her friends and can always offer a chest to cry out on. In fact, she's the breast friend you can imagine!

Oh my god, this.

While we were goofing off in a voiced campaign, the topic of dicks somehow came up. Throwing a 3d4 around Roll20, we were shocked to discover my character - the scruffy womanizer - was packing a footlong schlong. Did the character suddenly become defined by his massive pecker? Hell no, but now we all giggle and snort about it whenever my character would flirt with a girl or get an eyeful of some scrumptious harlot plying her trade.

Honestly? It's creepy when you DON'T acknowledge it. The fact my character is hung like a horse would be an uncomfortable truth if we didn't fill our idle chatter with puns and amusing references to how "the barmaid had a bit of a wobble to her step when she left your room."

OWN those tits.

How can you have a counter-argument to a non-argument?


There's no counter-argument to the person being literally retarded, sorry.

Why bring it's a fetish character? Keep it to yourself.

As DM I wouldn't mind if someone played a busty elf, I would have a problem through if she started trying to screw with the other players. Go play a ERP if you want that.

It seems the argument was a counter to the assertion of , that a character's looks are somehow irrelevant?
Even then, they are wrong, what they meant was a character with an agenda. Being "fetish bait" is simply a meta descriptor that would not actually come up on rp, only between players.
Such a character's in setting description and personality would determine their rp.
I am wondering where all the bemoaning is coming from, as though reasonably intelligent people would not realize it?
Unless you don't play games, or say the pic and turned your brains off

>I would have a problem through if she started trying to screw with the other players
>so long as you don't actually role play that in detail?
So OP would be alright, according to you?

>If you define your character as a "blatant fetish character" like OP did, you need to bring a different character to the game.
No I don't.

Why is the hobby plagued with people THIS socially inept? Holy shit. I'm kind of a newfag, but goddamn, I didn't believe people actually thought like this until I saw it first-hand. Goddamn.


The difference is that someone's hair, race, or sex is readily apparent from the first moment another character sees them while one's sexual preference is something that won't (or at least shouldn't) be apparent from the moment you interact with other players.

In short, it's the difference between "I'm a Fighter, he's built, has dark skin, and no hair" and "I'm a Fighter and he likes shoving dicks up his asshole."

The problem is that a character should be blatant fetish bait.

If I have a gore fetish, which I do, and I play as a cenobite I'm not going to make the cenobite fetish bait (or at least, mot anymore fetish bait then cenobites already are). It may tickle my fetish and it may be inspired by it, but the character should be taken for it's own merits and not how hard it gets your dick. Basically, don't be a creep.

No, so long as you're not open and in fornt of everyone's face with it every single second.

My next character is going to be a sexy minx of a half-elf, but they are going to be a wizard who ain't got no time for lewds.

Is it ever appropriate for a male to play a female character?
I have an idea for a Drow pirate and I think she'd be a woman since Drow society is matriarchal and she's in a position of leadership.
The last female character i played was an oath of chastity paladin. It felt a bit weird to me.

>Government finally lets elves into the military despite protests from both the civilian population and military corps.
>First elf bitch in your platoon literally has bright pink hair and a facial tattoo
>When they literally gouged an eye out of the last chick who came to basic with an unorthodox hair cut

This is such bullshit

I've done it and numerous people at my table have done it. It's affected the roleplaying only a few times and never for the worse.

>Is it ever appropriate for a male to play a female character?

Of course?

Would you play a female character differently from the male version of them?
what about playing a trap or crossdresser?

>Would you play a female character differently from the male version of them?

Absolutely, frankly I'd be insulting femininity if I didn't include it in a feminine character.

Like, consider Ripley from the Alien Franchise. In Alien she wasn't defined by her gender in any way, in fact the writers supposedly gave the characters a gender *after* they wrote the script, that's how undefined Ripley is as a woman.

But the Ripley everyone knows the best is Aliens Ripley. The one that goes Mom Mode protecting a little girl and fighting another Mother trying to avenge the death of her children. This is the best Ripley because she's not just a badass, but she's a badass that embraces her womanhood.

Play them different? Of course. Certain genders tend to enable different sorts of roleplaying options not only with the group but also from the villains and other NPCs.

As for the others, that all depends on how much you play it up. If they are very passable then it should be a surprise to the NPCs and party in general unless you reveal it to them, otherwise they are probably going to treat you like the gender you identify as

>You will never play or play with a boyish-faced, short-haired Paladin woman with massive tits.

So would you be able to offer any advice of role playing a Drow woman who was a former pirate captain? Former because she was marooned by her crew and imprisoned.
I've been saving for a prison break start to a campaign.

She's a former pirate so she needs to be cutthroat. Many people would probably view her gender as a detriment to her so she uses her cunning to make these people think just that right before springing some trap and taking them down. She has a vendetta on her former crew and will probably be willing to chase them to the ends of the world to gut them and tan their hides.

>Is it ever appropriate for a male to play a female character?
If there aren't any women at the table yes.
If there are women at the table, why are you even playing in the first place? You know it can't end well.

>So would you be able to offer any advice of role playing a Drow woman who was a former pirate captain? Former because she was marooned by her crew and imprisoned.

Drow are unique in that women are regarded as actors, rather than reactors - a role typically exclusive to men in Humanoid society. She should be assertive, confident and domineering (to a degree), the type of person that says a thing and expects it to be heard with all the authority her gender is engendered.

Also, being a pirate queen and a Drow would mean she's quite seductive, or at least very established in knowing what she wants and how to get it. Brush up on your wordplay and innuendo for this girl.

Is it making anyone else uncomfortable or causing them to enjoy the game less? It's bad.

Is it making the game more fun for everyone? It's good.

It's perfectly fine to play a blatantly sexual character. Anyone who says otherwise is a puritanical Veeky Forums drone who still thinks magical realm memes are funny.

When does it go overboard though?
I've been kicking around the idea of playing a seductress assassin type of character.

>When does it go overboard though?
When it's poorly written.
A well made character is a well made character, regardless of how overt it's sexuality is.

When the players unironically think FATAL is the next logical step for their ERP persona.

Seductress assassin is pretty tame compared to a lot that I've seen.

>When does it go overboard though?

When you start describing how puffy her nipples are or try to sprinkle innuendo into fucking everything.

I've been playing a female character for the last year now. The only negative thing anyone has said about it was the bard remarking once that I don't really "play her like a woman"... but then the counter to that is, how much femininity do you really expect from a nonhuman ex-pirate with 18 STR and CON and 7 CHA, who fights by covering her weapons with her own blood?

For comparison, the characters of the two female players in our party are an earth genasi and a half-orc. A dainty group we are not.

Depends on the game and the players, for example were playing a cheeky take on Rise of the Rune lords right now, and it's an openly sexy tone in many encounters. The shameless nature of it all is rather liberating but we still run normal games too

it's all about time and place

Thay does make me have fun imagining some manner of brutal warrior woman who likes braiding her friends hair and elegant dresses when she isn't on the job of crushing her enemies skulls

"When does it go overboard" is the same question as before. The answer is the same.

Are the other players uncomfortable? Stop it.

Are they enjoying it? Keep going.

Unless these people are into ERP, don't go describing puffy nipples. If they are, ask them what they're comfortable with in the game.

One time the party entered a tailor shop. After threatening the owner a bit (who, it turned out, was actually a fey who'd knocked out and replaced the real owner) she ended up with an enormous hat and an entirely too blinged out cape.

The earth genasi did end up in a violet dress, albeit one that can be folded up into a body suit. She hates it, so damn much.

That wasn't a request. Either make a different character or get out. Those are your options.


It's a bit like playing a Paladin in Corruption of Champions.

Respecting the socio-cultural background of the story and with a full awareness that its differences from norm and tradition of present day culture: Just fuck the kid already!

Source on this?

>Just fuck the kid already!
b-but the longer she waits with drawing it, the better the payoff will be, right?


Don't know anything about maid rpg. What does this mean?

Second for sauce.

I also need source on that for scientific reasons!

i wouldn't care

>She is boobs.
Make her roll a Paladin with a masochism character flaw.

I don't even want it for science, I just need to see how this plays out. This gives my curiosity a boner.

Nah. The longer she waits the less shota is in the /ss/.

This. They'll get around to fucking when he's old enough that it's considered perfectly normal across most cultures anyway.

>Nobody comes to the table for retarded racist stereotypes either.

I dont think anyone ever complained about me playing a greedy drunk dwarf or an arrogant elf prick.
Get out of your liberal arts college and into the real world, jesus christ.


In what?

You are a good poster. Thank you for your service to Veeky Forums.

You know what he meant, you fucking retard.

Only so long as you have at least one person in the group thats in on it and is the mirror foil to you to RP the shit out of it.

In other words a standard hentai protagonist with a non-romance-able npc

Depends on if your group is ok with it. Also if there character is nothing but fetish bait then you might need to rethink you idea. I would approach it by making and interesting character that also has my fetishes incorporated into it.

I want that poster

Last Unicorn was the shit

Isn't the whole point of a fetish something that's not traditionally "vanilla" sexualised, but is being sexualised?

Playing a character with big tits isn't fetish bait. Playing a character with tits so big she has to have one hand under her breasts to support them at all times is getting pretty close to fetish bait. It's also pretty hard to necessary "avoid" role playing that factor, because it would be like playing a one handed character, except it's mostly an inability to use both hands at once. If it's not relevant (can't use sword + shield, has difficulty climbing, character takes damage if they ever get handcuffed and can't support their breasts), then to a degree it's a bit pointless, if you're constantly having to remind people "my character can't hold the torch, or else she can't fight as well." then it risks bothering people, because it makes people feel like you placed more priority on your character's boobs than on anything else.

But breasts are traditionally sexual and we're just pushing them to the limit. So a more interesting thought process is probably Cross-dressing/tentacles/Elf ears. Cross-dressing is nothing new in fiction for the purpose of hiding one's identity, but we're exploring a "Blatant fetish bait" character, not just "a character who cross-dresses". So you somehow have to avoid playing a sex-crazed trap, while still being one. The simple answer there is innuendo, play the character that makes all the innuendo and dick jokes, and in downtime say you're seducing people, use seduction as your main method if interaction as opposed to conventional diplomacy.

Elf ears is actually simple. You play a character who wears a hood/helmet to cover their ears. Those things are sensitive, so you don't want people touching them. The problem arises when someone does touch them, how do you respond?

I'm not sure how any of this qualifies as "blatant fetish bait", and not just "turned my fetish into a character trait" though.

As long as it comes across as a real character and not just your personal fap-bait for later, I don't have a problem with it.

You roll a 1d6 plus any bonus from the relevant attribute to succeed in a given task.

So looking at that sheet you've got a decent enough Meido whose hilarious failures in attempting anything physically strenous will feed the Mater their needed tears.

You have a stat that's not on their generator called Spirit that's based on your Will times ten. In this case you have 30 Spirit which is how much Stress can accumulate before you have a Stress Explosion.

There's also Favor which is your affection score times 2 which for Belinda is a 6.

Here's the cheat sheet with some more info.

She's only got so many fertile years.

>When you're minding your business and starts playing

>trying to embed a soundcloud

Dangit hiromoot. Just delete the [embed] so it goes wo-ost-30.

Well they tried to gouge the Elf chick's eye out too. They just couldn't get her to do it. Knife-ears is superior to knife-hands. Who knew?

>She's only got so many fertile years.

She's fucking 20 years old, if she waits until he's 16 she'll only be 24 - that's still a decade of pumping out kids.

The only reason everyone gives Amira crap is because they were raised in a culture where women married at 14 and started squirting out squealers by 16.

Why do people do this? If you are this repressed hire a hooker. There is no valid reason that fetish fuel should enter into an rpg unless its erp (which shouldn't even exist in the first place outside of private relationships).

Write a story, draw a picture, and keep it to yourself, do not make your group suffer for your so you can get off at the table.

This. It's even worse with actual romance. Join a dating site, the rest of us are here to do extraordinary shit like fight dragons and build kingdoms.


Clarification follow up

If you're DM you man not know your players fetishes and may in put something into your game that is someones fetish. Here's an example.

>Years ago, before monster girls were a wide spread thing.
>Before furry was a commonly known concept.
>I had a village of lionesque beast people in a game.
>Well it turned out to be one player's fetish.
>He didn't say anything and he roleplayed like normal.
>Months after the session ended he asked me how I knew it was his fetish.
>I didn't know and told him as much.

The point is that you aren't always going to be able to fore see every possible fetish and stymie it, but as a DM your own fetishes should not be making it into your games.

Claiming bad wrong fun is an excuse or you to subject your players to your fetish so you an get of at the table.

Not him but I found this after some digging

No, it's not OK derailed a game for your blatant weeaboo fap fantasy bullshit that no one else wants or cares about.

Speaking of which, how about you fuck off back to /jp/ since we know you don't even leave your basement?

>only five pages
I'll take it

I remember that the time I ran MAID, one of the PCs was a lolita catgirl mermaid. With no affection.

That was a fun time.

That was disappointing.


Spoiler'd for lewd.

>be lewd and on /d/
>get into tg fetish to fap only, no self-insert or psychology bullshit
>some Veeky Forums-related greentexts come up
>human barbarian adventurer acts like a dipshit while in a goblin tavern
>he gets MAGIC'd into a comely goblin wench, party abandons him
>slowly adjusts to new body and proportions
>deals with handsy bar patrons
>retrains herself into a rogue over time
>starts mental changes
>gets flustered by Gnome Wizard adventurer who keeps showing up
>turns out he's got an eye for her
>She starts returning feelings, hates herself for it
>eventually gives in to the lust
>sexy times
>Gnome brings her along adventuring
>eventually settle down with massive wealth
>raise a dozen or more gnome-goblin children together
>retire happily
>My character is the youngest daughter of the Gnome and the Goblin
>smart-ass Bard off to see the world
>I told my DM only that her folks were adventurers who fell in love
>No one at the table has figured it out

And that's how I got my current character.

How about NO ya fuckin weirdo