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When someone with enough interest in husbando CYOAs makes one.


Uncensored version


Uncensored version


Uncensored version

Like you?


Just don't respond. Let him tire himself out.

are your children with the waifu also immortal if you chose that option?


Still waiting for the Zodiac guy to deliver it.


Nope, but if you take the tier 2 for immortality you can give immortality to up to 10 other people so you could do that.

But what if I have more than 10 kids?

user, if he isn't tired after all these years, i don't think it's gonna happen

Dont we get a new waifu waifu cyoa like every 3 days?

Thank Allah for filter option

If only.

Well, then some of them have to die I guess or you could possibly get the tier 2 power and choose some power which could prolong your childrens lives by a limited amount of years.

Wait can you use wish to make EVERYONE immortal?

4chanX? Freedollchan?

Super Heroine, The Future, Alchemical Blood
Hopefully my new half-vampire body will let me keep up with the Super Heroine as we protect the new world of 2117!

Yeah you could, but earth would then face huge problems with over population. I guess you could always bail on earth and go to another world with Adventure or get a pocket dimension.

>If only.

Bitch, these threads might as well be called "Waifu General". Waifu-shit is everywhere.


Normal Mode

Power Tier 2 (-7)
True Copy-Cat; able to flawlessly and safely copy the abilities/powers/skills of anyone or anything I encounter. (Copy the goddess)

Shallow as Fuck (-9)
Just describe my type to her

Twin Sister (-8)
Extremist - Atheist (-7)
Clingy (-6)
Favourite Toy Tier 2 - Tight Collar (-4)
Yandere (-3)
Milking - The sisters can milk each other, lets me decide whether I want to join in on a particular session or not (-2)
Favourite Hole - Oral (-1)
Blunt (0)

Iff Serial Killer has no downsides - like law enforcement, revenge etc. (+1)
Weapon Obsession Tier 99 (0)

Extra Extras
Iff above is true, then
Adventure Grimdark Fantasy (-3)

Cumaddict (-2)
Sensitive (-1)
Can't decide - Favourite Color Green maybe (0)


No immortality user?

You know, I'd like to think I've gotten rid of most/all of the spelling mistakes, but I know that's not even slightly true

Copy the goddess's powers and give myself + the 2 sisters limited immortality (basically unaging and revive them if they die but in a way that they don't remember, so they do not know that they won't die. Keeps the fear of death in them and keeps things fun. Also seems like less of a power abuse).

I'd jerk off Japanese Moot if he'd let me hide posts and responses on mobile


>Not picking up standard inmortality and pleasure tier 2 so you can do whatever the fuck you want forever without geting tired of it
Shit taste

>Not going on crusading adventures with the remnants of humanity as they struggle to stave off extinction in an increasingly hostile world with your super-humanly skilled waifus.

It's almost as if you don't want to create varied and interesting memories with your waifu.

This and that are not mutually exclusive user

>Copy goddess powers
>make myself and waifus immortal

Does Serial Killer have any hidden downsides like making an enemy of the state, or rival assassins trying to kill you or the like?

What defines a power as silly?
Is removing a concept e.g "remove cyclists fucking not driving when it's red" silly?

The power by itself isn't making you immortal or doing anything, it's the goddess's powers that are. It's semantics but honestly that whole choice is loosely worded and very open to interpretation.

It's subjective and ultimately comes down to choosing your own adventure which is the whole point.

Except some powers are illegal because.... reason.

>What defines a power as silly?

You're autistic, so I'm giving you the answer you can process - CYOA's text does.

>Steal the goddess that gave your power her powers so you are now the avatar of the despair sadness and loneliness of all the multiverse
Are you sure are you REALLY sure that is not kinda silly?

Don't steal it then copy it, or have some thing that compels her to help you with her powers.

Still sounds kinda silly though but whatever

Can I pick the power to simultaneously erase the past, present and future?


>Offered true and pure love, along with bonuses that may trivialise any difficulties the world may throw at you if used smartly
>Choose to erase existence instead
Ah, you are M O T H E R F U C K E R ?

I think any power that undercuts one of the other options probably counts as silly and it's a shame that anyone has to point that out to you.

You get that with every CYOA, but particularly with waifu CYOAs. And even more so with TokHaar's.

It's fun to think out of the box with a cyoa, but some autists play it out of spite and think they're proving a point by "breaking it"

I want to be;

A dragon
An alpha werewolf
A demon king of a comfy evil kingdom
A magical girl
A magical girl (male)
A student of a crazy anime school
A sexually agressive younger sister/brother of an older sibling
A succubus
An incubus
A dog in outer space

Don't mind this list. Just me immortalizing my impeccable taste.

A dog in outer space? sounds boring

Your taste is but a baby compared to mine.

Open to interpretation.

>T1 Power Telekinesis
No mention on how fine a control you have. Achieve T1 immortality by manipulating yourself at the cellular/genetic level.

It's called thinking outside the box.

It is called breaking the game with your autismos

You really don't even need powers to get immortality. Just buy the 2nd level of skill, set it at something like nanotechnology or biotechnology or something and straight up SCIENCE your way out of the problem.

The case is very small, a tiny silver ball that makes you a hero the moment you step inside.
The world is watching you.

>The Future
>All your knowledge becomes obsolete
worst option

Sure, you can do that. But how can you SCIENCE your way to omnipotence?

>le autismos Stop creating your own adventure in a way I don't like.
Yeah, nah, fuck off you hypocrite.

2nd Tier Skill: Technological Singularity

Make an AI?
Make a VR where you're omnipotent?

Strong AI as a skill would probably also work

Not that user, but quite a few people here think they're very clever for coming up with unintended ways to play these things.

Sometimes, it is. Piss Bomber was pretty clever. But taking such an open ended option and making yourself a god isn't clever or thinking outside the box at all.

I don't see how that makes you omnipotent
>Make a VR where you're omnipotent
In this case, you're not omnipotent outside the virtual reality.

>Open to interpretation
>Clearly telekinesis gives me so fine controlling allows me to manipulate myself at a genetic level right at the start not only that it also gives me the knowledge to don't fuck up so i don't turn in to a mess

So that would cover T1 immortality, T2 entertainment, T2 adventure if true immersive VR and possibly T2 money?

They make you omnipotent the same way being a Downstreamer makes you omnipotent - sufficiently advanced understanding of the universe. AI specifically does this because once you have a theory of mind that is predictive, i.e. you can design a working brain, you can apply that theory to the limit of your understanding, make the best brain you can and then let the brain you created, which is very likely much smarter than you, refine the theory and apply it again. And on and on, with each cycle taking less time than the last because each brain is smarter than the one before. If you're being paranoid about it, you're upgrading yourself after every iteration.

Eventually you become hyperintelligent in a way that humans right now simply are not capable of understanding. We assume it's easier for a creature like that to make sense of the universe, and thus control it better.

If you can build something equivalent to a Mind from Iain Bank's Culture novels, it probably covers everything.

You're right.
Taking the T2 Skill and bringing about the technological singularity is way better and cheaper.

i would say you would still need to get the resources to make it happen but then you would just take infinite money

Not necessarily, research grants would probably come thick and fast after you demonstrate your supernatural AI programming skills.

Then some faggot steals all your work and kills you

>cyoa offers adventure, friends and wonder
>still ugly and autistic

Fixing looks and sanity should be free in every cyoa.

We already had this pity party yesterday. ffs dude you're even using the exact same image.

Beauty options are common in CYOAS pay the points fixing your mind usually comes bundled in inmortality or in regeneration and intelligence boosts pay the points

Give your waifu the weapon skill perk. Maybe also yandere. Boom, supernaturally badass bodyguard.

Is it really a party if no one shows up?

If you could erase one cyoa out of all possible timelines, which would it be?

I feel there should be an option here to ask the goddess what her quirks are, pick them and then pick her appearance. She's obviously thirsty, and there has to be some extra bonus for boning a god.

I'm just gonna say that 10 bucks is 10 bucks.

Reminder that Beri recently made a thing.

I'm gonna try to have something else done this weekend.

>no Obari As Fuck setting for the anime glasses
pleb-tier cyoa

Will it include catgirls (male)?

>mfw more neat stuff

Lewd fairy who can make things grow is what I need.

A less horny me would probably go for Balie, since alchemy is cool

If you want to bone the goddess just take nightmares


You don't need anything, user. There's worse things in life than having a microdick. A big heart is more important.

No, this one is less companiony.

I hope you'll like it!

So I heard there was a new hell invasion? could someone post it so I can make a neato build?

It was posted at the end of previous thread, I think.

What is it about?

>Want to choose sui for the cute but also want to choose hydri for the endless marble-dungeoncrawling to get sweet marble-loot but also want to chose cocoa for the chocolate magic but also want to choose chryos for ZA WARUDO!
>Can only choose one
It has been a day or so and i can't decide yet...

It's a surprise! It ties into some of my other CYOAs, I'll tell you that much.

Don't forget Windi who can upgade any game to a VR world experience.

apparently that was out of date

Cocoa a best. I'll take her and become the chocolate girl.

Er, meant for