You ever have a character leave the party because they refuse to work with the people in it?

You ever have a character leave the party because they refuse to work with the people in it?

Yes, it happened when our druid got fed up with the antics of our warlock.

It's about to happen in my Rise of the Runelords game because goddammit, the Swashbuckler, Rogue, Samurai, and Gunslinger are about to get us thrown into jail for trying assault a private sanitarium's doctor and owner, refused to leave the premises when ordered to, busted down a door, stole private records from said hospital, and were generally just fucking cunts to the place and to the owner. Doesn't help that the Swashbuckler's player wanted to accuse the doctor of being the ghast we're hunting just because the victim of a previous attack who was infected with ghoul fever was there under the doctor's supervision. Apparently, having an insane asylum a safe distance from the nearest town automatically gets you labelled as the killer in every tabletop game.

Anyways, my Inquisitor is getting tired of this chaotic bullshit that doesn't fit good (or at least a rational form of good) and he doesn't want to end up in jail, so he's telling the group's Arcanist, Samurai, and Oracle to join in on telling the cops what happened and putting the blame squarely on those four. That, and out of character, someone looked up information on the victim we came to interview (claiming he only wanted a picture of them), even though it's a clear violation of our rule of not looking shit up unless told to.

Nope. Because I talk to my players before the game, establish the premise, setting and tone, and tell them to make characters who can work together as a cohesive group.

If someone makes a character who wouldn't, I tell them to modify them to fit or to make a new character.

Had one guy in our group who really never got this, and we eventually dropped him from the group. He'd constantly make characters that won't go along with anything whatsoever - every character in every game was an abrasive lone wolf fucker, and the only time he would deign to have his character actually agree to go along with anything was so that he could be a cunt and try to sabotage it.

I made a thief in 2e who was very up front with the party about his past and tallents. The party played super secretive. One guy tried to conceal it every time he cast a spell, he would then blatantly lie about it when asked. "Did you just use magic to get that bear out of the pit?" "No, I coaxed the bear into climbing out on it's own" him and the other older player would just pass notes to the DM every time they did anything, even in front of the party, rather than announce their actions. One player was a kid, every time he tried to do anything he would start to say it then the other two would tell him it was a a bad idea and talk him down. The last player was another young guy who was very much like the first, but he was starting to do his own thing. In character, I trusted him. He was a reliable fellow. So after seeing the lies and misinformation, along with the actions that appeared to be working against the party because three out of 6 people in the party refused to explain or tell anyone other than each other anything (we hadn't earned the right to know what was going on, we hadn't been playing long enough) my character decided he didn't trust anyone in the party and explained to the one guy he did trust that he was gonna retire, "Can't trust these dungeon crawling people. Gonna retire, start a farm"

The character never did retire though. Because one player, one of the older ones, took this to mean I was trying to get himself and the other older player kicked from the group. Said it was bullshit and that I didn't get to determine who could play. Finally stated that he couldn't play with me before storming out. I told the group I wouldn't be coming back, as that player has been there for much longer than me and I had no right to play at his expense in a group that he had spent the last 30 years playing in.

Ya did samurai for both groups. Are there two samurai?

Fuck, sorry, it's a little hard to explain. The samurai sort of just followed the swashbuckler at first, but then once things getting too crazy, she essentially said 'no, what you're doing is something I can't support'. Basically, shit got too radical for her and she fell in with the inquisitor's opinion of being polite and not getting turned into social pariah.

I want to hear the court proceedings
>1 Count of trespassing
>1 account of property damage
>1 account of thieft
>and generally being a dick

You forgot multiple counts of assault thanks to the swashbuckler.

Yeah, but it wasn't because we were a group that was doomed from the get-go. I get... carried away by rollplaying, and my character (an atheist ex-mercenary) was deeply shaken by the events of the campaign. I mean, our party was a generic 'amoral but friendly bastards in the right place at the right time' sort of party, but when necromancy started going on and a character who's spent their entire life killing people realizes that there is in fact such a thing as souls and the afterlife, it's going to affect them. I ended up finding religion and joining the cult-y monastery that sent us on that adventure.

I rolled a new character based on an NPC we'd encountered in the past (basically got the DM to agree I could be him) and rejoined the party. Never revisited the monastery or found out what happened to my guy. Probably was too late for him to find redemption, but he at least made a go of it.

Yep, my spellsword paladin kobold, and not for the reason you'd think. There was something the other characters refused to do, so he abruptly wished them well and thanked them for the times, then just up and flew away into the sunset on his giant sparrow.

Literally me ever time I try to play with my group and after a few sessions I just throw the towel because edgelord mcpowergamer, troll von antagonisoa and randumb forcedcomedington all seem to go out of their way to make a session as unenjoyable as possible for me simply by making charactery revolving around the tropes that give them their nicknames.

I'm playing a soldier from a proud faction (In a well established, popular fictional setting) who was asked by his commander's commander to undertake a special mission. The special mission turned out to be little more than dungeon crawling for a trinket for what is essentially a group of bandits.

These mercenary/bandit/treasure hunters are supposedly giving my faction weapons they do not typically have access to, and so I have been sold into their service as an exchange, to be indelicate.

The other players' characters are murderhobos and have no other convictions or loyalties, so they have no problem with this. My character does. I had talked to the DM about how my character has no vested interest in the happenings of this campaign. He said it would get better, and my player and his faction would have something at stake later on. I did bring my characters discipline and loyalty to his attention before the beginning of the campaign.

So far, the DMs remedy to this is to have a different group of rogue merchants come and kill the original group, and then proceed to act exactly the same, essentially making us their macguffin fetchers. My character, whose sole purpose and want in life is to fight for his people, continues to be robbed of any opportunity. I told him if this continues I will reroll a new murderhobo character so I will fit in, but honestly the only thing thats keeping me from dropping the campaign entirely is the fact that it would fall apart without me.

Being the only character that drives the plot or even really role plays, I wish I could get a campaign that fit my character better.

long story short, my character was used as a plothook for an arc. (my tiefling saving another tiefling grill from hell, pretty much) when we just had gotten out, just fucking barely alive, with one character actually dying, so did the rest of the party blame him for everything, and it was very, very frustrating couple of sessions

so i talked with my dm and said that it would not only make a lot more sense for my character to simply run away with his new grill and settle down, but also out of game so had i really had enough bickering.

and thus, my demonic tiefling bard rode into the sunset with his love to open a tavern in a distant land (because, due to the actions of the rest of the party, my character was wanted for murder of the other party member)

I'm think of rolling a new character.
currently using a half orc fighter in a party that are entirely homebrew.
not only am I the weakest in every single aspect but I'm useless in the aspects I focused on, being strength and charisma. no one listens to me because our DM's setting doesn't have a single town some what hostle to me upon entering (not drawing swords but chucking what ever is at hand at me and telling me to get out of shops) so my 16 charisma purple dragon knight folk hero is useless because I picked orc.

to follow up with my strengh being useless one of our party members is a telekenetic dude or some shit, he can move people with his mind using will instead of strenght.

and to top it all off it's the big meme in the party to pretty much do the exact oppersite of what I suggest and if a major NPC starts to take a liking to me they rejoice in dropping all my fuck ups or the shit I done when my character had a bit less humanity to him.

I've had the character for a while and everyone says they enjoy him but honestly I can't take being my character vs my party and the world anymore. I just wanted to play a happy go lucky witty, optimistic yuppie orc but I ended up like a jew in nazi germany.

I'm worried that if I just retire the character that the party will just treat my new character like shit hoping I'll maintain the funny give and take that my last character had when I want to avoid insentivising them singling me out to basicly be treated like shit.

I'm not even taking it personally it's just annoying when I'm trying to make contacts with the few people that will allow me to talk before they throw a squash at me only to have 3 people traveling with me talking shit amout my character to them.

making a new, non orc character will at least mean I can communicate with NPC's and making a new character means I can make my own bullshit homebrew too but sometimes I wonder if play my character is the only thing making my DM's shoddy DMing barable.

are you me?

My elf mage in shadowrun did just that. The powergamer ended up taking out one of our bosses main runners while committing an orc hate crime/ massacre. Our boss was an orc...

After the events I, being the face, approached our now ex boss to parley and make amends. This involved me skipping the next run to host a wake/ funeral for the runner. My team on the other hand proceeded to Fuck up, cause a police chase, and crash the mobile home into a not 7 11. Which wasn't so bad till the two cruise missiles in back went off.

After that phone call all I did was hang up, break my phone, go inside and ask, "would you happen to need a face or mage? I have need of work."

got really close to it once. Was panic-texting the DM mid-session like "MAKE IT START RAINING SO WE CAN'T FOLLOW THE TRACKS OR SOMETHING" because my character's goals and values were pointing 500% towards following the tracks of her tribe's refugees and trying to make things right, but the tracks were going in a different direction than the party's goals. At that point we were like level 3 too so she was really only in the party because there was nothing better to be doing. If it happened now there'd be a moral dilemma and stuff because we're level 7 and have been through a lot but at that point... nope. She does frequently fight with one of the party members but we keep it in check enough (as players) that it doesn't get in the way of the adventure in general. She's still an angsty lil preteen shit though.

Have you tried earnestly explaining to them that their constant bullshittery is wearing down your desire to play? It really sounds like they think you don't mind being the parties comedic punching bag. You need to have a sit down and explain the problems to both them and your DM, if they aren't all assholes you might be able to salvage the situation.

Pretty damn close.

I miss DMing and inflicting my flaws upon other. Especially that I've now realized the group I joined's former forever DM isn't as good at it as I remember.

Yeah. My sick gangster leader combat monster. This was my first EP game ever.

> Come into game, drunk, memories a mess, gang scattered and found themselves recruited for black ops
> Neat, lets see how this pans out
> Meet up with party, discover they respond to a handler named Jasper they refuse to give me info on
> Investigation happens
> Turns out my gang went to shit when I mysteriously disappeared
> Find people to murder
> Party uses my gang remnants as cannon fodder
> In the combat where my gang is used as cannon fodder discover an old trusted gang member that had betrayed them when I went AWOL
> I keelhaul him from the back of a van filled with coke, get a mental trauma from extreme violence
> Driver then flips the van, everyone goes everywhere and I fail so hard I land in a pile of coke and get an addiction
> Unstable, going nuclear at this point
> Another investigation, everyone else is briefed by Jasper while I'm left in the dark
> Loiter outside a corp building and tell a giant walking crab to fuck off
> Fuck crabs
> Break into top secret lab contained within corp building with party
> What the fuck psychics exist?
> Why are we breaking out the unstable loony psychics?
> Ooh, neat, giant robot. What's a TITAN warbot?
> Warbot activates, I get PTSD back to apocalypse where I got murderfucked by a warbot
> Fight ensues, we dispatch it and blow the building
> In getaway, super unstable at this point
> A ball of nerves, I ask what the fuck we were doing there
> Group leader says 'I don't know Jasper.' as a joke
> Go loony, takes a willpower roll to not explode everyone in the van
> Leave van, running away and screaming 'I don't wanna be a baller'

And that's how my first character ever voluntarily left the party.

a couple years ago i was playing with a party, pretty normal party too. Cleric, rogue, fighter, bard, and ranger.

ranger got really pissy when he didnt get one of the 3 minor magical items, when it was rogue, bard, and fighter who did all the work to get them.

late campaign rogue and ranger finally clash after some metagame bullshit from the ranger and tries to push the rogue to his death(he was also carrying one of the magical artifacts we needed to win later and he knew that) and failed.

so they get into a duel that lasted 8 rounds, rogue was slippery and managed to stay out of melee range since thats what ranger was known for. eventually the rogue won out.

ranger(player) starts yelling at rogue(player) and gm about how this is bullshit. he argues a bit longer and leaves the group, no one bothered adding him back.

he also did some side chatting with me and fighter apparently to try and win us over to his side of things in the mid game.

>being a snitch

It sounds like you've fallen into martial hell.

>Party composed of cleric (me), bard, and fighter
>Investigating haunted mansion
>Come across room filled with researchy stuff, but it's a mess and needs to be sorted out
>Bard wants to sort and gather that stuff, but fighter wants to go fightan
>After some argument, they split up, and I choose to help the bard
>Fighter comes back after a few minutes, nearly dead, and demands healing
>Say no, thinking that'll get him to stay put
>It doesn't
>Fighter steals all our potions and threatens to drink them and waste all the money we spent on them unless we go fightan
>Ask the bard if he'll relent for the sake of saving money
>Say fuck this and leave the other two

I mean, we had a cleric leave because our paladin became an asshole and wouldn't repent his sins.

>not being Honorable and telling the local lord of what those criminals did.

It's like you want to lose honour, you wretch.

Yes and no.
Once had a guy play an old hobo witch type character.
Didn't interact with anyone, just with her dog.
Guy left two sessions in because ''I can't see a way for my character to develop with these conditions''
So I guess that kind of applies.