You find a giant enchanted button

>You find a giant enchanted button

Do you sew it onto your cloak?

Depends on what character I'm playing. If I'm playing a sufficiently whimsical character then totally.

No I press it.

I see if I can equip it as a buckler.

As a Mystic, I make this same post on the Noosphere first and wait for a day.

I press it to see what happens obv

I cast Identify to see what it does first.

>Look through the holes
>A magic pin emerges from one of the holes
>One of my eyes is popped

YES. What happens?

>The giant button begins acting like a powerful button-magnet

Ahah, with this I can collect ALL THE BUTTONS! I shall form the greatest collection of buttons in all the land!

Sure. Hell, I'll design an aesthetic that focuses on oversized buttons, and this one will be the centrepiece. Maybe some sort of light ochre number with two longer tails enchanted to trail behind me in a whimsical fashion. Tassels, too. I can already see it coming together.

Huh, didn't know there were fashionomancers active on this leyline. Aren't there only like six of you left, since your apprentices keep ditching the formal study to get rich designing mundane clothing?

Probably after having it identified.gotta make sure that shit ain't cursed.

>Approach the bodice

This is how you become a supervillain, by the way. You're going to end up as BUTTONMAN, leader of the Buttonmen, with trick buttons and button-related crimes.

Seriously? The best name you can come up with is Buttonman?

Maybe if it matches my other buttons

Well, what's your idea smarty?

The Button Bandit.

Dammit. That IS better. Stolen for my M&M setting.

I demand a description of your M&M setting as payment for use of my nomenclature!

I run an M&M campaign myself and new ideas never hurt anyone

I made my setting to be something were heroes and superpowers are new, only starting some two or three years ago and as internally consistent as I can. Because my autism just doesn't gel with magic, gods and aliens having been around since forever and not changing history in all kinds of way.

Quick summary: The Hyborian age and Atlantis and all that ancient humanity stuff happened. But it happened in the fifth planet of our system, which is now an asteroid belt. Two offshoots of humanity survive one hiding in the mistyc dimensions and one flying to another galaxy and becoming the Ancients. To add insult to injury the Power that destroyed first humanity seals a several light years area around the system to bleed off the energy needed for magic, advanced sciences and higher forms of life leaving only enough so natural laws don't break down.

The ancients seeded and manipulated several planets to ensure more than half of all alien species are humanoids. One of the probes even stumbled in the third planet of their forgotten home system. This conicidence allows new humans (us) to subconsciously tap into the Akashic vaults. Mythology and magic, Camelot and Olympus all happened, just not here but to our cousins stranded in other dimensions. More recently the greats of fantasy are just puttting their spin on stories they gleam from them. Sci-fi similarly is based on things that happen to alien humanoids.

Recently the seal around our area of space is degrading allowing us to learn magic, gods to come visit, aliens to come and try to invade, geniuses to invent bullshit mad science and genetic muants to gain reality breaking powers.