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Now that we've got a pastebin for the decks, maybe we can put example lists under the deck name for people looking for more info.

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It's similar to Shardless BUG, but with a combo finish using a Cavern Harpy Parasitic Strix loop. It also generates value with Strix and Shardless.

I'm thiking about moving on from UB reanimator. It's just been getting hosed nonstop in my meta because fuck d&t, and lands, and miracles, and bug midrange, why is that the only shit people play?

Anyway, I've got a bug mana base and a set of forces/brainstorms, what can I build into? And I don't mind buying one or two more duals to change to a different color combo

Cascade balance

Is that even a real deck? Does it beat any of the decks I've mentioned?

There's a handful of offbeat bug combo decks, Misthollow Food Chain and Aluren. I think there was a guy a while ago playing bug nic fit, that seems pretty sweet with Glen Elendra Archmage and such.

In the most strict sense of reality, yes it's a real deck

That's not very reassuring

>building UB 12post for the next Legacy tournament on Monday
>Know there is one guy who plays Charbelcher who consistently turn-ones

What do I put in my sideboard, Veeky Forums? Because I get the feeling four Force of WIll ain't gonna be enough. I also have one Mindbreak Trap and some Disrupts. Is there anything meatier/spicier I should be looking at to side in against this deck?

Sorry, I meant UG 12post.

Stifle can hit the Storm trigger of Empty and the Belcher Activation.

Oh, I didn't realize it could hit Empty the Warren's storm before it made all the copies, but that makes a ton of sense. I don't have any on hand but I'll keep it in mind to pick up.

Are there any decks that have featured this guy? Considering the cost and just how many shapeshifters and clone/copy cards there are between green and blue... not to mention fetch cards. Just think, Progenitor Mimic, Hypergenesis...

And toss some Spawnwrithes and True Name Nemesis in for good measure.

I guess it's kinda weak: it's pretty slow as you need this guy to be on the battlefield before anything happens, and then if someone removes it from the battlefield when you're trying to copy it you're kinda screwed.
Plus there is a lot of ways to specifically prevent you from playing it (surgical extraction, meddling mage, cabal therapy) that makes it quite hard to win for any deck relying on one specific card

Is landstill well positioned in the meta now? I've always wanted to play a control deck that isn't miracles.

Is it time to rev up those Harsh Mentors to fight the menace that is Sensei's Divining Top in Miracles?

As a miracles player I'm not even mad
It's good but not unbeatable

ban terminus

ban shitters who overextend

>I've always wanted to play a control deck that isn't miracles.
You could try this shitbrew I made.

you seem to be confused how this game works

Just play miracles. It's better than any other control deck

You seem to be a person who plays drops his hand into "tundra, pass"

just play the better death n taxes: tappedout.net/mtg-decks/bloodbears-2/

the point is this is exactly why that shit should be banned

Tezz is an option. You get to have Force and Chalice and can play prison, control of aggro depending on your opener. Some games I can t1 Trini/Chalice or assemble Crucible Wasteland, other times beat with Strixes or slam a t2 Tezz and start beating with 5/5's that turn.

I noticed Zombardment managed to nab a recent top 8 finish piloted by Michael Schwab, but I don't think we've ever discussed the deck. What are it's good matchups? What does it struggle with? Has anyone here played with it or against it? Does it mean anything about other Goblin Bombardment decks like Fruity Pebbles?


Merry christmas, a non miracles control deck from a mildyl drunken user. You will want to cut red its been shit so far.

PS, time for a puzzle.

You open with [Black source] and cabal therapy on the play. Game one, turn one. What do you name?
Red sleeves.
He picks up his hand, motioning to wait before you name something.
She kept a hand without looking.
>Very Hard
They mulled to 3 game one, scooped, sideboarded and now its game two.
>Dante must die
No sleeves, no playmat, eating cheetos with their bear hands.

I'm glad aggro shitters ain't free to vomit their crap free.

Tezz is so much fucking fun to play.

>Red Sleeves.
Burn is too easy and I wanna be contrarian, so I'm gonna put them on goblins and name Lackey.

>He picks up his hand, motioning to wait before you name something.
It's a Force deck with something important to protect, since they had you pause I would name Force, but I would put them on Sneak and Show or Omnitell.

>She kept a hand without looking.
It's probably Dredge, not sure what to Therapy from them though.

>They mulled to 3 game one, scooped, sideboarded and now its game two.
Leylines, they couldn't find a Sanctum or Serum Powder and didn't want to give away their deck.

>No sleeves, no playmat, eating cheetos with their bear hands.
This blatant disregard can only come from Belcher or Oops. Since Oops has Balustrade Spy and Undercity and I don't know which they have in hand I think the safe bet is Belcher.
>Bear hands

>red sleeves
Force of will
>picks up hand
Force of will
>no look
Gitaxian probe
>mull and board
Glimpse of nature
>bear hands
Aether vial. It's bear tribal.

Wait does this work?

Are there decks that aren't belcher running elvish spirit guide?

BG Depths does.

I've never been a fan of mariat but i might give her a go.

Bum p

>Is landstill well positioned in the meta now? I've always wanted to play a control deck that isn't miracles.

Every aggro deck in Legacy is a control deck, too. Delvers, Berserk Poison, Eldrazi, D&T, etc.

Ban Counterbalance. Alternatively, ban nothing and print good cards that stop Miracles.

Miracles is good against decks that overextend. Miracles is good against decks that don't. Miracles is bad against bad decks (including ones I play). Your argument is invalid.

—Force of Will. Sleeve-color indicates nothing, and I play combo.
—Force of Will. Why would you pick anything else? Maybe Deathrite Shaman, but...
—Gitaxian Probe. Manaless Dredge.
—Either Glimpse of Nature or Opalescence. All Spells wouldn't mull to three.
—Island. Because at this point, we might as well be patronizing.

Miracles has a real bad game against death and taxes, and basically an auto loss to eldrazi and mud.
The only decks it's actually good against are combo decks like elves and storm. Everything else is 50/50 with good pilots on both sides.

>all this salt wanting to ban counterbalance
>Not banning the card that put miracles over the top, monastery mentor

It's also really bad against 12post.

I know it's not legacy, but it's still eternal, convince me to put a top into my Jund Australian highlander Nic Fit Pod deck.

>Check top 3 cards
>Make frivilous pod sac to shuffle them away
>See top three again
Top is just a good card. Its great if you have a wealth of shuffle effects as it turns those shuffles into ponders.

I know how you feel, although I keep putting up decent results with reanimator, it feels like I have to work a lot harder for my wins.

I finished building Maverick to switch things up a bit. It felt inefficient that I didn't get to use most of the stuff from my Reanimator list, but it ended up cheaper than finishing most decks with more overlap (blue duals are still expensive, same goes for cards that are good with said duals).

Still feels weird playing without Brainstorm (or Force for that matter), but I'm having tons of fun with it.

Livin' life in the slow lane.

Bout time I found one of your posts. 10/10 effort, loses to rb reanimator

Can you please post the list? My shitty eyes are seeing between 60-62 cards, and I want to be sure.

hope they ban your shit on monday faggot

Miracles dominated for years before the mentor

That's mud, friend

My shit? I play dredge.

that's funny because that makes you also an aggro shitter

Landstill is in a good place right now but you'll be a few percentage points behind Miracles because you have fewer matchups that are free wins.

The really tough choice is between Jeskai and BUG; both have good reasons and have put up tournament results from time to time. I'm currently rolling BUG but there are times I'd really like to be able to side in Pyroblast

> Cards you can't get in old frame
Fair enough
> 5DN Crucible
Well, the judge promo is expensive. I'll let it slide
> Modern Factories

Aggro? I see.

We are probably viewing this game completely differently.

how is dredge not an aggro/combo deck?
not to mention terminus is hollow burialing your creatures, not just filling your yard


pretty sure nearly 200 dollarydoos is excusable.

You can get 4th edition ones. The white borders can be overlooked for that sweet Foglio goodness

The foglio art makes no sense though, why did Mishra build his factory in a fuckin giant tree?

To conscript the Keebler elves. Don't you know the lore?

i've actually got a set of 4th ed ones, but the main reason i'm using the other ones is the Black Border.

judging from mtgtop8 there was only one memestill list in the past 2 months? or am i looking at the metagame breakdown wrong

Yeah, it seems to be slightly less popular right now, maybe because of Leovold. Also that list you linked is retarded; 6th place in a 22-person tournament is attainable by just about any deck.

mtggoldfish.com/archetype/legacy-wur-34844#online is more representative of the kind of deck that can succeed right now, although personally I would drop the faeries for more countermagic and a Jace or two.

One of the nice things about the deck is that it fares very well against Miracles if you can keep Mentor off the battlefield.

Just take a sharpie to that bitch

> not releasing your inner weeb

>Foglio goodness
Foglio is garbage

Who do you hate more, kaja foglio or phil foglio?

Not him, and I'm not a huge Foglio fan but i like Kaja's better.
Coffin Queen
Primal Clay

> mfw I bought the full ATQ set for like $80

If you're ok with foreign languages, you can have NM german factories for 2 bucks apiece

How would the format be different if gush was unbanned?

How are No Force of Will or Daze or free spells to pitch to Annex to put 1-mana answer online: The Deck tough matchups? Nigga just animate a Griselbrand draw 14 animate Archetype.

Disregard, didn't read you're playing strictly inferior UB.

Vs Miracles dropping any more than 1 beatstick at a time is overextending, yet no one can beat their lategame, don't you see a problem here?

>and basically an auto loss to eldrazi and mud
>what is fow your chalice, plow your tks, terminus and entreat for bazillion
Nigga, just stop pretending.

Miracles would be tier -1 instead of 0.

Repeat after me:
"Fuck me, gush is broken"

You sound like you've never played the format.

What a profound retort.

>plow tks
>Play TKS, ETB trigger. Huh, I see swords, brainstorm, counterbalance, and some lands. Oh no, big bad miracles! Counterbalance is broken, take counterbalance!

Here's your (You), faggot

but you didn't link how will he get his (You) you liar

Would gush really be that good? Decks that play daze would also want to play gush. It'll put them too far behind on tempo to be picking up all those lands. Plus with fastbond still banned you wouldn't be able to combo.

Made a ayy lmao deck that only beats miracle and won a small local tourney where 2/3 of the players were miracles. Luckily only matched up with them.

Decks like delver would welcome gust dick hard ready for action.

cya after the terminus ban

If anything I'd like to see a DRS ban.


A friend of mine pulled Invocation Force of Will at the pre-release today. Should he sell it now, or will it increase in value?

Sell it if he can, it's so fucking ugly.

I think if you ban drs you also need to ban terminus. One or the other just feels like the untouched archetype will be too powerful.


Generic BUG Deck #2138 player detected


Are you on still on U/B? I've been on U/B and I'm considering trying monoblack/BR.

Eldrazi and MUD are ok against Miracles until the postboard matchup. Then, they do much, much worse. And Miracles isn't only good against combo. It's good against aggro-control, too.

I would be fine with that. I don't particularly think Miracles needs a ban but you're right that the untouched one would be too strong. It's practically criminal what DRS does for being a BG hybrid 1 drop with 2 toughness.

No need for rudeness.

Fuck me raw, look at these old Standard decks:


All these decks look amazingly fun, and powerful. Pros-Bloom in particular seems like a fun combo, it's too bad I don't see it working in Legacy. What the fuck happened to Magic?

>miracles is good against combo

I hate this meme. Ant is probably even, its very skill-dependent and favors the player with more experience in the matchup as well as sideboard configurations. I would say sneak and show is favored against miracles, as is reanimator. I haven't played the matchup that much but I feel aluren is favored as well. Miracles kills way too slowly to actually have great combo matchups because the combo player can just sit back and sculpt the perfect hand. It is of course good against creature-based combo like elves though because terminus is busted

wizards started catering to the players that buy the most packs: casuals/little timmy who shows up to fnm with his mono-green deck that plays a craw wurm on turn 6. Unfortunately he lost every game because the aggro and combo decks killed him too fast, control countered his shitty threats then killed him over the course of 15 turns, and midrange locked him out with tradewind riders or whatever the dominant goodstuff card was at the time.

But Timmy you can play that craw wurm on turn THREE with Godzilla doesn't that sound rad as hell?