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1st for Crimson Fists

anyone know where I can find the Yvraaine v Nurgle stories? I can't find them on the website

>tfw reading about Asmodai
>he's literally the reason a lot of people hate/have suspicions about the Dark Angels
>he's only smiled twice
>has ordered the (failed) execution of every Scout from a certain world as he believed their genestock had to have been tainted because no one would answer any of his questions fast enough
>ordered a year long vow of silence on the 7th company because he heard laughter and was in a bad mood
>was locked in his chambers and only was allowed in the chapel after almost starting a war with another chapter and the Inquisition
>when asked if he had any regrets, replied "I should have killed the Inquisitor."
>the only compliment he has ever given was to the Ultramarines Chaplain Cassius "He knows a lot about killing Aliens, which is no bad thing."
Absolutely based.

>Absolute Tool

>reposting this meme

post digga wives

Just bought them and listened to them. They are good.

News tomorrow?

Can you upload them onto a MEGA drive for the greedy pirating fucks here?

No, I respect Gav too much to allow people to pirate his work.

I can spoiler though.

>Be head Chaplain
>Don't wear black
>Don't wear skull helm
>Don't use Crozius Arcanum

Someone stop this mad man.

spoilers please
how rekt does morty get?

Finally got around to painting some of Mordians Veeky Forums after all the problems they've been giving me. Just gotta finish painting the rest then I'll base. Hopefully they don't look shit. But have any of you anons done any hobbying/playing lately?

Psychotic gay space vampires suck

Draigo appears and literally ass fucks him.

Didn't get any replies about this list last thread, anyone got any pointers for me? It'll be my first game since 6th edition.

>vampires suck

No, only the psychotic gay space ones suck.

god fucking damnit. 2 more questions if you'd be so kind as to indulge.

Is this the story of mortys heart getting carved, or is this a second assraping from Draigo?

What is the artifact the Yvraaine are after?

I was reacting to the pun, which I now see was unintentional.

Is it a dick move if my opponent brought this to a friendly 1000pts game, or am I just being salty?

Morty made no appearance. Only a daemonic guardian with his visage

Well that's certainly a very powerful list for a 1000 pt "friendly" game. I don't know where the line is between friendly and competitive, but I'd be willing to bet that that list is on the competitive side of said line.

2 dreadknights in a 1k point game is rough but I think my standard list could kill them
Maybe drop it to one and use the points for another squad or 2

>2 baby carriers
Your "friend" is a nigger

Its ok if he gets to bring 10+ Grav

Blood Angels haters pls go and stay go.

Your primarch got bitchslapped so hard his kids all have dady issues. Emo gay space vampires please black rage yourselves all at once and die.

This guy has serious unresolved homosexual issues he needs to work out with a therapist.

Comments on this? Me and a friend just started playing, he's playing khorne daemonkin, that's all I know.

Can I get some thoughts on this list? I was trying to mix in some fun Russes, but I'm not sure I have enough dudes.

>Playing Mordians

t. butthurt that your primarch who's faggotry is only surpassed by Fulgrim got shoah'd so hard his kids all have PTSD.

Not a bad 600 point CAD

You got a little bit of everything, and that heavy flamer's gonna do some real work against Khorne. Just play smart and protect that flamer.

>Jelly of the best most handsome primarch

cool man thanks :) we're planning on moving up to 1000pts now that we've painted the first 600, any tips on what to add?

against kdk you don't need to worry about moving around, because he'll be coming to you, but if you play against other armies you'll need either transports or drop pods at some point.

Space Wolf codex wolf-count: 492
Blood Angels codex blood-count: 505

That's Lorgar though. He's canonically the mirror image of the Emperor and the Primarch who most looked like him.

Unless you're saying that Sanguinias is more handsome than the Emperor?

>Unless you're saying that Sanguinias is more handsome than the Emperor?

Lorgar and the Word Bearers never enter into the discussion when the looks are talked about.
The Emperor doesn't even have a set face.

Lorgar's geneseed gives "Patrician and regal features" to those whom can accept it.

Also you're a filthy heretic

is the wolf lord doing anything in particular that couldn't be done with a second grey hunter squad?
(not a SW player so I genuinely don't know the answer, but as I rule I prefer to have more bodies over more wounds)

well, I'll be building a general force I guess. hopefully I'll find more people to play against in the future haha. Should I have dedicated transport for all my squads? Or just like a few mobile squads

>Lorgar's geneseed gives "Patrician and regal features" to those whom can accept it.

Right, so Ultramarine tier maybe, but not in the running for most pretty.

I never said pretty? That'd be BA for their angelic features.

I don't play SM so this is a question for someone else, but I would say that you need some kind of transportation for any squad that has a range less than or equal to 24"

>I never said pretty?

Stop. We're talking the best looking here.
And the Word Bearers are never even considered.

What's the hardest thing to learn in W40k? I've just started and so far the basic principles of the game seem really easy to understand

Despite promising myself I'd never do so I made a picture book list...
And i doing so realised all my lists until now had been paying for 10 CSM and a Champion, not 10 CSM with one upgraded to a champion.

Anyways, how's it look?

I was browsing ebay a found squat lascannon for like 20 canadian dollars while trying to find old OOP lascannon weapon teams for my valhallans.

Guy is the same as this guy, but unpainted. I want to know if its ok If I used this model for a lascannon heavy weapon team? If no is there a way i could make it legal?

I rarely play at tournaments but if its also tournement legal that'd be nice.

>What's the hardest thing to learn in W40k
How to find good opponents.

To me it's the determination of cover. I hate the 25% rule, too subjective

Morale is the worst, but even then it's not bad.

Leadership tests?

Finally got around to ordering transports for my Iron Warriors. I mostly buy models based on how they look and how much fun I'd have painting them, but I play every so often with a Tau friend and getting everyone shot off the board before I can fire isn't very fun. Hopefully this helps.

He's a bit smaller. if you put him on a big base and build up some cover it might work.
Just try to match the silhouette.

Take your time building rhinos, I'd say a bag of industrial elastics are near mandatory if you want the hull to be flush.

Am I reading this correctly? No more Apothecary in the Space Marines 7th edition codex? How so?

>literal mary sue character assraping the designated cartoon villains like in every saturday morning

>he doesn't have fearless

The apothecary is a part of the command squad.

The power of Nurgle (Decay and Rebirth) are hard counter to the Death Magic of Ynnead. Ynnari lose their power before the might of Nurgle.

They are not mary sues, so.

A bit cheesy with the two Dreadknights but GK tend to suffer usually in lower point games, I think he was just trying to make up for it. Anyhow better than the time my friend brought two riptides, a stormsurge, and a ghostkeel to a 1850 point game.

Don't you mean Decay and eternal lingering on the edge?

Hardest counter to Death magic is immortality, souls trapped and suffering eternally denied afterlife and rebith.

Yet they still assraped them like the infallible Mary Sues they are. Their 'kryptonite' is only used to hype the fight and make it seem spooky and dangerous, but it always ends up being completely irrelevant.

Fucking Yu-Gi-Oh had a less predictable plot.

Alright anons, ONE change that would make



Hard mode: No Soulburst

Anyone ever run Looted Wagons?

no one help them

I see. Haven't played SM since 2002, I was surpised not to find him as an HQ unit.

Just need to do some stat changes, but GW thinks it's too much work.

>HQ can have one (1) weapon or equipment from any codex.
>A grunt per squad can have one (1) weapon from any others codex infantry.

How many traitor regiments usually accompany a Chaos warband?

What do you think?


>+3 inches to move on everything

Or just make them beasts.

freakin' sweet user

Good base, Metal still looks rather fake though.

That looks great, user. Good work.

>Yet in the Garden of Nurgle, stepping in the Realm of Chaos proper, she felt an emptiness like nothing before
>Here was no death. Though, the nature of the place they entered was founded on endings and the determination of hope.
>Chaos was eternal, and as much as it is self devouring and self defeating, it is also a font of endless power constantly regurgitating itself
>This cycle of life was writ real in the dismal garden where decay and birth went hand in hand.
>Fungus and maggot, bacteria and scavenger all thrived of the detritus of the previously living. And it was this circular force that robbed Ynnead of his power

Going by the text from the audiobook above. There is no death in the Garden. Only eternal decay and endless life. Chaos is awsome Immrite?



Forgot image

You fucked up.

>literally another card game

Thanks! didn't expect tha many coments in a moment lol
Yeah about that I still have to add shades and lights, the metal will need a lot of work in that regard

What warband? What mission? Where?

As is it's a "How long is a piece of string" question.

Why are the Space Marines considered worth the price at all? They're too few to fight straight up wars and any Imperial Navy ship with some Scions and a teleporter can pull off their "Intimidating decapitation strikes". You don't need power armour, a portable RPG and genemods to teleport into someone's office and shoot them, or just level the place from orbit, and you can get a LOT of Russes for the price of a Chapter.

>determination of hope.


GW please

Idk I was just thinking. As strong as they are they're still marines in the end, they will need human armies supporting them for anything bigger than a raid.

Immunity to strength based ID

>confusing nurgle with tzeench
They can't even get their own fluff right.

Only two issues I see:
The clip release button's grooves are very uneven.
The surface/paint on the ejection port is uneven.

Well answer is: It varies.

Some sens them ahead as diversion, some scorn weaklings, some summon daemons, some seed the targets with cults ahead of time and yes some bring them like levies.

I dunno if you've considered it, but try aluminium tape and wrapping the metallic parts in it. Then spray that with your preferred primer and buff it back with steel wool. Does an absolute beauty of a job in my opinion.

Good. I mean there's no way they could defeat the Imperial Guard on their own, they need an army to go toe to toe with them (or at least keep them busy) while they destroy key targets and murder the command structure.

>Hopes and Dreams:
With the new fiscal year, the date of the 8th edition of WH40k release and some sneakpeek of the firsts codex who are getting a new version
Some shitty irrelevant stuff about nothing interesting

Welp, I'm a fresh faced noob Ork player and I just fought a Tau player
for the first time
using Farsight Enclaves
with 4 Ripitides
at 1500 points

I knew I was going to get ass blasted going into it but Jesus I understand why everyone doesn't like Tau now.

(what's your "standard list"? Pic related is what I brought)

I'd have been more okay with the Dreadknights if they hadn't been kitted up to the eyeballs. Personal Teleporters mean he shunted them 30" across the board first turn and just started mowing shit down with the flamer and heavy psycannon. Terminators and Voldus arrived Turn 1 so I didn't even get any breathing room to put some hurt into the dreadknights. Voldus started vomiting powers and easily maintained a 4++ on everything for the entire game.

I managed to kill 4 Terminators with plasma fire, shaved another off the unit with Tank Shock. Dreadnought managed to bring one of the knights down to 1 Wound before it was hull pointed to death.
Voldus just straight-up murdered fucking everything with Cleansing flame, asshole never rolled less than a 9 for 2D6 hits.

About that
>The clip release button's grooves are very uneven.
Yeah I realised after gluing it in, there's no fix now sadly

>The surface/paint on the ejection port is uneven.
I'll fix that with more paint, the job isn't still nearly done

I did not consider that lol
I mean, un til now never heard of it, souns really interesting for a coming work I'll do

Thanks a lot for the feed back guys!