Warhammer 40k

>30 mins until Dawn of War 3 Open beta starts

Who is in? What will you be playing?

>What will you be playing?
Dark Crusade :^)

>eldar faggots
>backflipping terminators
Guess it's da WAAAGH for me

Guarantee it will be better than the beta and have more factions so same here user.


I've just signed up for the beta, I hope some friends will get into it too so we can shittalk it together or maybe, against all odds, have fun.

Has anyone gotten their key?


Samefag here, just got my key.

Ultimate Apocalypse mod.

>not Titanium Wars

Preload for gold version when?

You guys should really test it out. Was skeptical at the start but holy fuck the 3vs3 Multiplayer is fucking fun.

Just smacked the shit out of some ork with the Dreadnought production line.

My children i bring dire news. It seems they've changed Diomedes' VA


YOU SEEM TO BE ON Veeky Forums NOT /V/

Going to give it one last try but 95% sure I'll be canceling pre-order and going back to play DoW 1 & 2

>Dawn of War game
>The basis of a shitton of Veeky Forums memes
>not Veeky Forums related

You're not only a faggot, but a heretic as well.

>implying Warhammer 40k isn't Veeky Forums


I applied on the first day and still don't have a key. A pity for them, since a positive experience from the beta could've caused me and my friends to preorder it despite earlier caution

Fucking newfags, go lurk some moar

just download it on steam then. its currently available without keys at all

There's a 40k thread. We don't need two seperate threads about the video game in addition.

just click the banner on the steam store page or use this


WH40K thread Other thread about DoW3 Please stop being shit.

stop having autism you reddit spacing retard

Fair enough. I'll stop having autism, and you stop being shit. Deal?

thanks user.

Nothing. DoW2 was crap. I enjoyed DoW 1 a lot, it was one of my favorite games back in the day.

I uninstalled once I figured out that the beta is multiplayer only.

Where the fuck do you think you are? Are you just trying to get (You)s?

Played a match with the Spess Muhreens. I don't like the UI at all, everything was to small and I don't like the hero stuff. Gonna try the other 2 factions but it just doesn't look sound, or feel right to me.

The Orks look ridiculous. Fortunately, that was intentional, so they at least got 1 out of 3 right.

This is the Battlefront Debacle all over again.

Well that answers my question about whether the campaign looks any good...

Honestly, if I wanted to play a competitive RTS I'd go install Starcraft, I'm here for them story missions.

Everything I hear about single player sounds decidedly worse than 1 or 2.

Also you have to rotate through all three factions as you go, which really turns me off.

No Babylon 5 nigga?

It's in the second tier.

Space Marines. Fuck you xenos-loving filth.

Preach, Brother

Last fall I went through some trouble to find out the canon colors for a particular chapter, namely Salamanders. I didn't have a codex at hand and really wanted to know official colors for stuff like Assault Marine jump packs, Apothecaries and such. So when I finally got """decent""" scans of the 5th Ed. Codex I decided to compile a small resource for anyone who is interested in official Salamanders colors.


Starcraft 1

anyone else disappointed they added base building back into the game? feels like they're too busy trying to compete with sc2. both aesthetically and gameplay wise.

If any of you haven't tried Wraithblade spam yet, I recommend it. I haven't found anything that can beat it so far. Space Marines can get Lascannons to try and hold it off at least, but it's seriously almost an auto win vs Orkz.