ITT Weird New Monsters

Who cares about goblins and minotaurs, make your players fight a bicorniclops.

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What the fuck is that?

A bicorniclops dumbfuck

>unicorn variants
yes, we can


Hermit lab.

Naked Mole Dragon


>Who cares about goblins and minotaurs
Hey, Minitaurs are a proud and noble race!


It sure is weird. Do you think it would eat a bowl of eggs?



>Script Horror

If the final note of a person who committed suicide is left unread until the burial, it is possessed by his restless spirit and turns into a vicious undead creature known as Script Horror. The piece of paper on which the note was written grows several times in size and folds itself into a skeleton origami shape. It's sentient and rather talkative, but it can't communicate verbally; instead, it communicates by changing or rearranging the words written on it into coherent or cryptic sentences.

Script Horror attacks by ripping written words off of its body and throwing them like javelins at its enemies. If the hit connects, this word is immediately applied to the target. If it's an adjective, the target changes to fit this description; usually this results in a debuff of some sort, but if the adjective is something along the lines of "dead", then it's instantly killed. If it's a noun, then the target is polymorphed into the object that this noun refers to, be that an apple or pointlessness. If it' a verb, then the action that the word describes is applied to the target. It's kicked, it falls, or perhaps even dies.

Script Horror is less interested in humans than it is in newspapers, specifically the obituary section. Once it gains possession of one, it sucks the words of the obituary into itself, feeding on them. The person that the obituary in question referred to immediately rises up as an undead under the control of the Script Horror.

Does it need to eat ALL the eggs?

Why so concerned, Eggbert?

Adventurers GTFO





Oh, hey, someone posted the art of a monster I commissioned.

Made a whole bunch in past, but as it is I can't remember many.

For example, I had bunny/parrots that were both able to repeat phrases they heard, as well be great experts of running away either by foot or by flight.
Their large colorful feathered ears were actually their wings.

Pic related.

Who's the artist? What's the rate?

a Jerry

Commissioned on a Veeky Forums drawthread.
So, I can't really say I'm afraid.

Commissioning art is a fucking nightmare. Between terrible artists, artists who don't reply to me, artists who don't take commissions and artists who take commissions but don't actually draw anything, I feel like you got to be a WotC representative to successfully commission anything.

That is clearly not Smash Mouth, sir.


I once made a jungle-dwelling species of dragon that could camoflage and breathed invisible flame.

The invisible fire comes from pure alcohol that it stores in a series of special fermentation bladders that converts a certain fruit it eats into extremely flammable alcohol.

Its breath attack was limited to a couple shots, since it relied on dealing more damage over time then killing in one shot.

I was inspired to create this creature after I saw this video.

They are not as intelligent or powerful as many other kinds of dragons, but they can quite deadly. Their alcohol is also highly prized and almost worth the risk.

Once killed, their camouflage ability takes a little while to deactivate, since it isn't the brain but the skin that controls the cryptic ability.

Unlike other dragons that look more like great dinosaurs, serpents or feathered beasts, this creature looks more like caecilian, with transparent bones and organs, than any other kinds of reptile. While they do burrow somewhat for hiding their eggs, they don't live underground. I just thought it would be a cool look for them.


>bee people
>people made of bees
>swarm druids
>bee swarm druids
>forest fascist druids made of bees
>roll for initiative

>baby platypuses
>cute. appear helpless.
>make cute helpless noises
>cuddly, endearing. soft
>so cute! make saving throw
>virulently venemous. terrible sting
>paralyzing poison. painful
>platypuses reveal hidden fangs once victim is helpless
>savage meat eaters

>invades orifii in victim's body
>one verrrry long tongue-like organ. phosphorescent
>can animate skeletons from within (picture glowing tongue all through skeletal structure)
>consumes living tissue slowly
>controls victim's mind
>up to 20-30ft. long, glows
>victim spouts babble- forbidden knowledge from beyond material plane, but TRIES to act normal due to influence from dethtongue
>not a lot of hitpoints but quick
>solid steel holy buttplate recommended if fighting one
>roll for initiative

forgot pic

I dig this.

platypodes, greek word, plural is weird

The more you know

I have a feeling each of these are going to be cannon in my new setting, holy shit.
>colossal, super intelligent talking cats that horde gold and sell rare secrets
>evil druids which sell their souls to dryads for the ability to command forest creatures, but pay the price
>giant land whales with shells which are prized resources for anything armor related
>OP chose a cool as fuck design


Actually, most professional sources I've read on the subject say platypuses


correct term for babies of the species is actually "puggles", fyi


>makes a cute noise, wanting to be held
>wants to be held
>wants cuddles
>roll a Will Save

burger dogs. my god.


True Story
>playing Kingmaker with experienced gamers
>characters make camp for the night
>random encounter: "Aurumvorax"
>eight-legged golden badger
>paladin camping without his armor on
>archer first one attacked
>wizard low on spells
>archer gets grappled by eight-legged monstrosity
>proceed to get our shit kicked-in by a fucking badger
>years have passed, and we can't remember the plot of the campaign, but we remember that aurumvorax

Potentially Interesting:
Years ago, Dungeon magazine had a "comical" sort of adventure involving a wizard's keep that was full of all sorts of weird, humorous traps and encounters -- some of which were nevertheless deadly.

One that stuck in my memory was a kind of C-3PO and R2-D2 duo of a mimic and a doppleganger. The two of them were friends, and they weren't necessarily evil, just interested in messing with the party, so they'd follow the party around the keep, imitating anyone and anything just to mess with the PC's minds.


In our campaign we were told to beware of a creature called "Chimera minoris", a magical being that combines several other creature in a single unholy body. Usually harmless, but beware of their poison.

Then we saw the platypi.



Cardiovaskulkers are vicious vampires created when a person who died from any form of heart disease isn't given a proper burial. Outwardly they look like normal, healthy humans who appear to live quiet lives and don't do anything suspicious during the day. But, once the night falls, the vampire's circulatory system leaves his motionless body through the mouth, still retaining its humanoid shape, and goes hunting for fresh blood to fill its veins.

While this creature, composed of unprotected blood vessels, may appear defenceless, its appearance is deceiving. Cardiovaskulkers possess extremely powerful haemokinesis - in other words, the ability to manipulate blood over distance. Using this ability, they can create weapons or armour for themselves from solidified blood, control any creature within which blood flows as a marionette or cause deadly internal haemorrhage.

The only reliable way to kill a cardiovaskulker is by ambushing it and striking at its heart. If its host body is discovered and destroyed, the cardiovaskulker can find itself a new one by crawling into a sleeping human's body, burning its circulatory system with its acidic blood and replacing it. It automatically consumes the memories of the person it took over, making it impossible to detect.

Dire Platypus. The size and temperament of a saltwater crocodile and the duckbill is swapped for the sharp beak of a bird of prey.


Catbus. If the party can tame it they have good transportation.

No mate, it's fucking distasteful to put that in a murderhobo game

We have long used buses and their variants and killed them for their parts.

Angler Elephant


Man, this wiki is right fucked up. Why is everything in past tense? Are the editors schizophrenic?

We're not speaking greek.


As a Canadian, this is my new nightmare!
Thank you!

>Veeky Forums in a nutshell.

This one had a real huge "horn" 8^)

It's by Shiraha Mato, not sure about that title, One Horned Bitch Destroyer ... but you should be able to find it just with the author name.



>The Eyesore

The Eyesore is a demented abomination that stalks it's prey silently, ever watching. Victims of the Eyesore feel an odd chill throughout their body, the first signs of infection. As the infection spreads, the victim becomes increasingly paranoid and frightened, their mind playing tricks on them as reality starts to seep away. The victims mental faculties begin to break down overtime, as the mental pressure exerted by the Eyesore begins to weigh in on them. Once signs of infection have begun to surface, it becomes completely impossible to free the unlucky individual from their torment. Weapons, be they enchanted or blessed shatter upon contact, potions have no effect whatsoever, spells fizzle away at a distance before even reaching them, or if the caster is close enough to them stop working at all, the same goes for all other magic. Protective wards shatter like glass and burn away once cast, defensive shielding lasts for about a minute or so before fading away. Not even the power of the Divine has any true effect. Victims might feel at comfort for a few seconds, before the agony of their existence being overwritten returns a thousandfold. not even death is an end to this torment, as victims will find themselves fully resuscitated within 24 hours, from which they awaken in apparent fright or distress, describing"something" assailing them whilst they were dead. During the final stages of the infection, the victims body will be completely still for at least 10 hours, before they begin flailing and wailing, and screaming in dead tongues, begging fr it to stop. All this happens for about 2 minutes before the body completely stills, and the skin starts to whiten and crust over within a few seconds. Should the body not be destroyed with holy flame during this short moment of vulnerability the victims body will transform into another vessel of the Eyesore's dark will, a new part of the Eyesore gestalt collective, that will continue the cycle.

*Nicolas Cage screaming*


Monitor pigeons for all your strange science/modern fantasy games.



I enjoy doing a similar thing but with the nervous system.

I prefer to use classic mosters and just change them up a bit

God, this is about right. I've spent several hundred dollars in art for a game I'm working on that either didn't come through, or came through subpar and never got fixed.

I loathe artists with a passion that would make the lowest demons in the nine hells blush.

I have animated nervous systems in my setting. They're a highly intelligent (though still soulless) undead created by the setting's god of death that possesses a soul-like sheath that traps magic for use in movement, protection, and spellcasting. At close range with a living target, they are able to directly interface with the nervous system of victims, which can be used to sap memory, send messages to the target's nervous system in order to cause immense pain or force them to make actions, or transfer information. Since they are magically animated, their power waxes and wanes with the amount of ambient magic and can be "starved" to the point where they remain inanimate so long as no new magic enters their sheath. From one corpse, a powerful necromancer may produce one of these, a skeleton, and a flesh-based undead. It was actually that image that you posted that got me thinking about it a while back.

The alt form is legit terrifying.

and as I returned, I had one vision..

so she's a unicorn...because she has a penis?

fucking dumb. I was hopiing for better

One of the best centaur doujins I've seen is the one where the bottom half of the centaur is a parasite that consumes a person from the waist down and then merges the two parts into one organism through tentacles.

Here's a thread from a while ago that might help

As an artist, commissions are fucking pain.
>Guys that don't know what the fuck they want, but that this first sketch is not it
>Guys that knows to the finest fucking smallest details what they want, and that this fourth sketch still need polishing before being drawn
>Guys that have a fuzzy idea of what they want, and that liked the first sketch, but as soon as you start working they don't want that anymore, better do this other thing

Charging the same fee for everyone is retarded
Charging variable fees for everyone promotes no fast-commissions

Charge upfront and you WILL have to make more work than the money motivates you to.
Charge after the work is done, and the guy will think it's too much and simply not take it.

I just stick with one or two regulars after years of probing.


The one guy I found that I really enjoyed working with would shoot ideas back and forth with me for a bit and come up with 2 or 3 rough sketches my way and I'd choose one and any details I thought didn't work quite right for the idea I had and then he'd do the final pieces (attached is one of those). Unfortunate that he was super busy (artist for didney and adult swim). I ended up suggesting that I buy a block of time/pictures, and never heard back from him. I did pay him for another commission before he went silent, but it's been about 6 months since I heard anything from him and I feel like it would be awkward to reach out to him now.

You have a link to your work? I might be interested if you have decent rates and I don't think I'm a pain in the ass to work with.

My art goes something in this regard, probably won't fit your style also semi-related to thread lol

Bare in mind, I was heated for the moment, those were worst case scenarios and most guys fall in the ok category, but it does happen.

Anything colored? You're likely right, I'm looking for a more comic-bookish style.

Sorry, took it from my facebook as I'm not in my house and I don't have much there, but I'm far from your pic.

Still, my point stands, getting and doing commissions is equally easy or hard on the commissioner and the artist to arrive a satisfying conclusion

Yeah I've read that one. Definitely in the top 3 best Centaur doujins I've ever read.

What about a cat magically possessing a tank?

… as a mount on a journey to strip all the elves of the land nude.

We once fought reverse centauricorns. They had the head of a unicorn and the legs of a human, but no arms or torso. Despite humans being omnivores and unicorns being herbivores, reverse centauricorns were strictly carnivores. Despite having no digestive system, nor any internal organs for that matter, they had an insatiable hunger yet endless stamina. Despite having overexerted malnourished humans legs, they could run and leap twice as far as a unicorn. Despite having the brain of a horse, they ran a crime ring that we were assigned to investigate. They were relentless, killing and consuming a PC each round. We would have had a TPK to them had the party not locked them in a warehouse with me and set me on fire.

Fan no Hitori did it.

The fucker is weird.

When Front 242 sang "Here: Every dog is a burger" I didn't understand what they really meant.

Did you start using animated nervous systems after a thread a few weeks ago about Christian mythos based ideas where the apple in the Garden of Eden contained a worm-like parasite that bonds to the nervous system and which upon being eaten caused Eve to give birth to man as we know it meaning we are the parasite?

Ahhhh that son of a bitch. Loved using him in AD&D.
>party playing as dwarves
>clear out a goblin settlement and camp in the now destroyed settlement
>Person on watch hears a noise
>Bam, sneak attack from the eight legged dwarf mucher.
>next day, the party is short one member.
Now when ever we play a game, no matter what it is, there's always two people on watch when the part sleeps.

I remember that! It was my idea.

Also technically, the Worm didn't bond to the central nervous system, it consumed and replaced it. Everyone has a worm. The hormonal changes caused by pregnancy cause a women's Worm to start asexually dumping eggs into the bloodstream where they'll reach and infest the fetus.

Yeah that one was pretty hot, a pity about the girl the heroines killed

Despite all that, it sounds like a shit monster. Despite.


>tfw all I want to fight is a reoccurring group of specialist/special forces soldiers that went renegade after we butchered half their squad

There's a chapter of the Sci-fi anthology manga Stardust Memories (Non-H, nothing to do with Gundam) that has almost the same plotline.