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An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world where pants are optional.
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>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial: mengtzu.github.io/exalted/sakuya.html
. It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on Veeky Forums.

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Question of the thread: What totem and caste make for the best Lunar waifu?

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No Moon platypus totem. That's what my actual wife played in my last Exalted game.

Are Lunar Husbandos acceptable? Because one of my players had a Peacock totem Changing Moon husbando.

I love the portrait.

Perfectly acceptable! Also, peacock totem is pic related.

>No red panda waifu?
>Why even live?

speaking of lunars pastebin.com/9gdYQhtD shit?

it's like squirrel girl knocked up a kitsune

There was also Octopus waifu in that game. She was not intended for waifu purposes, but players, amiright?

Charm picking guide.


Essence 1 could use some reconfiguring of chapters on the side, but otherwise cool beans.

just riding along when SUDDENLY LUNAR!

"...did you kill my horse? I LIKED that horse"

"actually you never /had/ a horse"

gm decided to introduce a wafu 3/4 of the way through the campaign. she was a some kind of lizard totum and I bought that horse at chargen.

apparently her last mate(me in a previous game) chased her away, so this time she proved she was loyal. sadly, it was obvious the deranged probably cannibalistic stalker had to die.
"but...why? wasn't I a good horse? :("

It did. A Dawn who was also miffed to discover that Lunar War Charms were better as well. This was regular old 2e, as I recall. There was also an Eclipse martial artist who really, really tried really, really hard to be better but was thwarted by our ST banning SMAs after the player asked for Obsidian Shards.

There was the One True Build, but the brutal truth was the only things a Lunar actually needed to outperform Solars were soak stackers and claws in human form or hearth cat form and Black Claw.

This is one of those root causes of Holdorke's bitching about Lunars; they were very very good at the things the setting said they did very very well: fighting, leading troops, assassinating people, and spying.

Does this take the Backer Chars into account? I didn't see Nimble Reaving Wind in Melee.

No, I'll be adding them in shortly.

Okay cool. I was wondering about your opinion on Rising Sun Strike, you have it down as "Worse than an Excellency" but don't the Non-Charm successes and dice make it a bit worth it?

1 success and max 5 dice with a semi-strict prerequisite. Since you're already using a full excellency to trigger it you getting 1~ more i on a withering and already hitting on a descisive.

Good to know. I have it on my Clash based character to give him a bit more edge against opponents so maybe I put more stock into it than it's actually worth. The fact that Foe-Cleaving Focus lets you recoup the cost probably skews it a bit more.

Is it possible to somehow cure/redeem a dragon-blooded Akuma?

So I tried to commission Shyft to draw himself with a shit-eating grin taunting a distraught Holden, yelling "Hey Holden, what tales will they tell of YOUR deeds?"

He wasn't interested.

(Probably because neither of the subjects had boobs, but hey. Pic related)

It's really good I find in the following circumstances:

1) You REALLY want to win a clash when combined with Excellent Strike
2) Pay 10m for full excellency then use on Iron Whirlwind

Hard to say, might come down to preference. I can see northerners (strange word) prefer something that gives more warmth in cold nights for example. Also player preference. I for one would prefer some lunar with a huge heartsblood library and knacks to shape shift bodyparts.

I am a strong advocate of viewing all Lunars regardless of pre-exaltation gender as simply waifus for the matter of such discussions. A good lunar can adapt to every taste any of my incarnations might have.

Akuma are, by their very nature, irredeemable. Always.
Ever tried getting all that Vitriol out of a soul?

You could have asked him to draw holden with man boobs...
Oh well, another will come.

Have yu considered asking Jen?

>Question of the thread: What totem and caste make for the best Lunar waifu?

Full Moon for a snuggly terror machine that can snap both your opponents and your dick in half. Totem, probably some kind of canine, to ensure you have only the most loyal of waifus.

>Are Lunar Husbandos acceptable?

Given they're shapeshifters, they should be able to fulfill any role you need.

I wrote a script that rolled fifteen thousand rising sun slash-embedded rolls, here are the stats.

21 dice, essence 1, excellent strike.
Average successes: 13.0632, RSS proc rate: 0.7536, Average 10s rolled: 2.4168, Average motes from FCF: 1.8213

28 dice, essence 1.
Average successes: 15.382, RSS proc rate: 0.8432, Average 10s rolled: 2.8472, Average motes from FCF: 2.4007

26 dice, essence 1, excellent strike.
Average successes: 15.8428, RSS proc rate: 0.871, Average 10s rolled: 2.9558, Average motes from FCF: 2.5745

26 dice, essence 5, excellent strike.
Average successes: 17.682, RSS proc rate: 0.862, Average 10s rolled: 3.364, Average motes from FCF: 2.8997

It is really, really good.

Also I tend to love Lunars because "ONE TRUE SOULMATE LOVE WAIFU" is a goddamn instant draw to me. I dunno why, I love the concept.

Totally ends up extremely fucked up though every time, because I'm the forever GM and one of my players is the same as me when it comes to these concepts, so I always ensure the resulting relationships are as horrible and twisted as they can possibly be.

Changing Moon because Changing Moon or Full Moon because cuddling and bapping a barbaric amazon that can tear apart yeddims with bare hands.


>a barbaric amazon that can tear apart yeddims with bare hands


They could also be best bros forever as you go on adventures together. They need not be waifus. You could try and do both but waifus and bros don't usually mix.

I usually go with Dragonblooded waifus for cool kids and Lunar dudebros to rock the shit out of Creation with. No homo.

That works too, but usually if theres a DB around it's purely for breeding purposes for me. Gotta get that loyal DB line of kids started somehow.

You know what I mean. I like you.

Thats because I'm the best at what I do.

>not fucking a Dragonblooded into the best orgasm of her life
>not developing charms that makes her retarded and Ahegao for hours after the fact

Lunars might try and fight you on that. Dragonblooded don't get the choice.

Good to know, thanks. I assume that the proc rate goes from 0 to 1, and that 0.7536 means 75.36%, yeah?

But the fighting is the best part.

Not the same cathartic revenge though.

>Translation Never

It's only cathartic revenge if it's a Realm DB, and most of those should be put to work in your death camps.

Still doesn't reach the level of bluesid waifu.

The stronger the mate, the better it is when you subdue them to show dominance and make them your waifu/husbandou.

See At that note keep the good stuff coming bro.

>traitorous vizier waifu's

I mean, sure, if you ever want to be punched in the dick with supernatural AIDS-Ebola-Herpes.

Thats all me though.

Bluesids are for mistressing not waifuing. Great lays but its best if you fuck them and forget you ever met them to do it again. Its hard to keep the romance going if you forget them every now and then. But booty calls are acceptable.

All DBs are descendents of the ones responsible. All the loyalist DBs were killed along with the Solars. Also Realm DBs are not for death camps. They are for forced reeducation. Immaculates just need t be killed or co-opted over time to be anti-Sidereal.

>Also Realm DBs are not for death camps. They are for forced reeducation. Immaculates just need t be killed or co-opted over time to be anti-Sidereal.

Nah, gotta go full Hitler on them. But then again I tend to be pretty big on "Lets see how you like it for a change" as a player.

At least set up breeding camps instead of death camps for the female Dragonblooded. Where you and selected male Dragonblooded outcast who helped you out keep them producing more children.


Bluesids are for mistressing not waifuing. Great lays but its best if you fuck them and forget you ever met them to do it again. Its hard to keep the romance going if you forget them every now and then. But booty calls are acceptable.

That really hammers home how much it must suck to be a Sidereal. You've got about 100 people, all co-workers, to spend your 5,000 year long life with. Unless you want to try your luck with someone outside fate.

Neither Lunars nor Sids are reliable.
Bluesids come with all the benefits supplied by having Venus as patron and sidereal martial arts. Sorry, I meant marital arts.
Lunars areliterally Wyld-tainted to the core. With all the benefits and problems that come with that.
If you want a reliable waifu, you should get a mortal, not an exalt or spirit.

Bond actually completely makes them reliable.

Reliably drawn to you, yes, but exalts are the worst kind of people. People with too much time and power.

then someone broke her ankles and they didn't set right

>not being absolute monsters
>not having post-Directional atrocity coitus, the best kind of sex

It's like you can't even enjoy the finer things in Exalted.

Also Exalted needs to start ripping off Monster Hunter more. Wheres my giant electricity shooting monster SSJ apes? So I can make Lunars who have that as their warform.




I thought Uka was a guy?

Nah, the irony was that it had to be Shyft drawing himself, given his mythic opposition to Holden.

Isn't Uka dead?

My Abyssal player has a housecat Changing Moon lunar waifu. The Abyssal was a loyalist, but not a particularly enthusiastic one, and the two of them decided if the both of them fucked off to do their own thing instead of fighting they'd technically both be doing their jobs putting an enemy agent out of commission.





Your pic reminds me, anyone got that write-up of Sun Wukong as a demon?

What Essence is a summoned Elemental in 3e?

My srs business Zenith ended up with a Changing Moon Clouded Leopard waifu with a penchant for *FUN*

It worked out better than expected, she kept my character grounded and likable

He'd probably be a Lunar, honestly.

Please don't post my waifu. Thank you.

lol, then you should be all FOR the usurpation 9_9

reliably being stalked by a some crazy bitch with far too much time and power to make her crazier, and who's powers encourage her to rip people's literal hearts out for a taste


a specific writeup was wukung demon


Up to Ess3, it says so in the spell. Can't summon the Kukla.

>Best bros forever
Vito and Wilhem are a good example of this.


Shit, I'm blind.

Do we have anything from 2e to help me figure out what this elemental can do?

The Roll of Glorious Divinity 1 has an entire chapter for Elementals Courts and cultures, and another on stats and mechanics.

>Ever tried getting all that Vitriol out of a soul?
How WOULD you go about getting all that Vitriol out of a soul?

Is it even possible? Thrice Damned Gorol's successors may have never fallen back into Malfean worship, but they all became demonologists and were closely monitored.

What is the dumbest thing someone has tried to introduce into a game?
I'm going to join a new game in the North and someone is trying to add an entire God-Blooded Battle Nun group to the game.

>God-Blooded Battle Nun group

This sounds amazing.

I concur. That sounds stone cold awesome. I don't know what is complaining about.

>What is the dumbest thing someone has tried to introduce into a game?

Exigents, Getimen, and Liminals.

The first was entirely unneeded, they could've powered up an existing "thing" (spirits, Godblooded, added more demons, whatever the fuck) and made it useful rather than add "lol even more Exalts". Liminals break an old long standing rule (after death you're dead, and no Exalting the dead). All 3 are going to slow down the production of the actual important Exalts.

Oh, and they all read like someones shitty homebrew fanfic Exalts.

Are there ways to summon higher essence elementals?

And if I read the spell right, does the elemental dissolve after it completes its task, or can you give it something open-ended like 'stay in this forge and assist me with my projects forever' sort of command?

>hating on Exigents
Shit taste detected.

Well they want to play one of these God-Blooded nuns who exalted as a solar.
This seems to be a common theme with this player, they like to start off with some sort of divine parent, no matter how small.

Like in the last game in the South he was descended from the directional Goddess of the Lost; a massive 7 headed vulture. His character was one of her few human children, and he interacted heavily with the gods dedicated to stealing, greed and the lost we ran across.
He had a special position in the party because of this.

Or their last character was demon-born. Had two loving dads, one a mortal the other a silver flame. The Silver Flame dad taught them dancing and magic.

Might as well slit your own throat and save the time.

>God-Blooded Battle Nun
Isn't that just literally the brides of ahlat?

I... still don't see the problem.

They're terrifying martial artists dedicated to a Goddess of Peace.
They make no sense!!

Not exactly. The Brides are mortals with good training.

You mean like actual Buddhist monks in the real world? Who follow a religion devoted to pacifism and yet developed most of the world's most deadly fighting arts?

And? God-Blooded nuns sound cool. If the player is an idiot it does not mean the concept was bad. Try and get him to play a god-blooded of a prostitute goddess so they are all giant sluts in his order.

How many of them are there? What's your Circles composition like?

Right but Buddhists can't get a visit from Buddha and be told that what they are doing offends him.
These battle nuns can.

He has completely misinterpreted the western Goddess of Peace.