Best system for playing a game in pic related?

What system would you use to play a game set in the Guild Wars setting? Obviously GW1 era none of this 2 shit

Which continent is best?

Also post bitchin concept art if you want I guess

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If you can get cheap/free copies Guild Wars 1 actually makes a really badass coop RPG.

>Which continent is best?

Honestly, I'd probably do it the hard way and wrap homebrew fluff and mechanics around basic shit to try and capture the right feelings. I'm still playing GW1 regularly and it's already set up and written in a way that begs for tabletop.

Believe it or not, D&D 4e feels like it would fit best, for me. So much of GW is in the combo of abilities not just between your two professions but those of your party-- which was what 4e design really shone for.

Canthan Master Race.

Yep. DnD would fit best. It's also the reason why DnD sucks - it's a tabletop video game simulator.

>Also post bitchin concept art if you want I guess
Fuck, I have all the loading screens on my other device.

Anniversary is tomorrow so you can get a hound of Balthazar of you're so inclined.

SHIT dude those were so badass if you have a chance you should post em
No shit is it still active? And yeah, I loved the mechanics of GW1 but honestly I'm more pumped about the setting? Like obviously if there's something that replicates the mechanical feeling of the game in tabletop that's amazing, but if not anything that would vibe well with the general setting and atmosphere would work great.

Like, obviously when adapting a game there's a big question of like how true to the game mechanics do you stay, even when it wouldn't necessarily make sense "in real life," like how come someone can't be good at swords, spears, and daggers simultaneously (because then you'd need 2 secondary classes to get both Spear Mastery and Dagger Mastery) or like what is "energy" and why do Warriors recover it slower, or whatever.

Personally I care more about capturing the feel of the setting than the mechanics, though there are some things from the game I'd definitely homebrew in there (like the Elite capture mechanic which was amazing)

I don't have that computer with me unfortunately. They're all on the wiki afaik.

Fuck yeah it's still alive. Why wouldn't it be? It's the last of its kind.

The fluff of the setting extends far past what mechanics are there when you read quest and henchman dialogue, I feel you. One of the henchmen in HA describes herself from Vabbi as a master gardener who uses earth magic for more delicate agricultural tasks in addition to combative, and that's a whole can of fucking worms in just one attribute. The kind of dank memes a well-written mesmer could deliver is ridiculous. I'd just write fanfiction in general, but there's already too much on my plate.

The timeskip for 2 was such a cop-out.


Ilu bby

But yeah I basically heard that ever since they started letting you play with 8 heroes the game died as an MMO and basically became a single-player RPG for hardcore players to do with optimized hero builds (even back when I played like 2/3 players with Sabway or what have you was pretty dominant compared to filling out a full party with players)

Glad to see people are still playing it though. That game was incredible and it deserves so much more recognition than it ever got (at least as far as I know).

I like GW2 but it's not the same at all.

The fact they chose TYRIA as the sole setting was such a goddamn copout. Like for real, I get that Tyria is the 'base' iconic setting, but I think Cantha and Elona were both FAR more inventive as settings. I like me some Nords and Charr and shit, but they cut out the most interesting parts of the world and that was a huge bummer

oooh fuck you guys, now I gotta reinstall this
and fuck gw2, I got sick of it in three months

Remember to go to Embark Beach tomorrow to get your Hound of Balthazar if you don't have one already.

u wot m8
in gw1?

I haven't played it since year after gw2 came out (got a new pc and never got around to installing it given how tired I was with 2)

Yeah it's a ranger pet they give out during anniversary weekend every year.

I played a decent deal of GW2, mostly because of how desperate I was for a real successor and I'm a furfag who can enjoy playing the cat dress-up game. It was alright. Not worth what it came from, but alright.

Honestly, I really like the hero optimization thing and the things you can do in single player if you get the dough and the inspiration. Having half your team set up to buff your damage and then shredding through entire groups because of it always feels nice. There's always player parties forming at the Z-mission of the day, though, so it's not entirely barren.

D&D 4e maybe?

Not meme-ing, you have enough material to cover just about anything, and it has the most "MMO-like" combat in the sense that there are actual mechanics at play designed to make combat good.

Could try some less mainstream games like Strike!, 13th Age or Legend too.

This isn't Veeky Forums but I hated that they got rid of proper customizable skills for GW2.

Like, it was kinda neat that classes got to use a wide range of weapons, I liked that aspect of it, but I felt like customizing your bars was one of the coolest aspects of the first game, and I didn't buy their rationale that "everyone ends up with a specific optimized build anyways so might as well just get rid of the whole customization aspect," that completely understates the value of just being able to fuck around and tinker with weird builds.

Ultimately, I feel like that's a large part of what turned me off GW2, that and the FUCKING GEAR GRIND JESUS, like the leveling was pretty decently paced, I honestly liked the old Factions "play for a week and hit 20" leveling but i didn't feel like it would take me forever to hit 80, but having to constantly swap out my gear felt like such a huge backwards step from GW1 where I got my endgame armor set and weapon within the first third of the game and everything past that was just aesthetics

It's aight. NOt gonna lie I'm not a huge 4e fan but I could definitely see how it would capture the feel of the GW combat, though personally I'm not a huge fan of TTRPGs as combat sims (I'd rather play a video game for hack n slash and use TTRPGs for their strengths, which are open-endedness and interactivity)

Still, good recommendation, I definitely think 4e and similar systems would be an excellent way to capture GW's combat system

>(I'd rather play a video game for hack n slash and use TTRPGs for their strengths, which are open-endedness and interactivity)

You can do those in combat, even in 4e (fuck, especially in 4e, it has by far the best support for improvised actions out of all the editions which isn't just "we didn't make any rules here so you can do what you want!").

Just saying.

gear treadmill was the fucking worst
>get to 80 in three weeks
>week four get cartographer badge
>weeks six get dungeon gear
>it's gogshit and I'm poor because I'm supposed to grind the actually good gear so I can use it until they depreciate it so I can grind new gear

and the story was utter dogshit too, after the plant jesus I just gave up on it

>after the plant jesus I just gave up on it

You get to kill that cunt and keep his sweet sword.

I'm not going back to that shit game anyway

gw1 tho I'm reinstalling


It's not even funny how much inspiration they took from it.

I want to play a game where the party is a charr warband before the searing.

But the Fire Legion's all gay and shit. I want one that's AU where the party are the only Charr that survived Saul getting memed by the Mursaat, and eventually lead to the legions switching gears and starting a war with the Isles of Janthir.

When the 3rd Mystic came out for 5e my first thought was running a GW campaign where everyone can choose two disciplines as their two professions.

Who is Plant Jesus?

Honestly was I the only one who was annoyed as fuck that they added the Sylvani or Sylvari or whatever just so they could have an "elf race"?

Like humans, Norn, Charr, I was ok with, though I question some of the choices they made about racial skills or elites or whatever, like how the Dervish Avatars from GW1 became human elites or something, which was honestly weird... elites in general felt lame as shit in GW2 compared to how flexible and interesting they were in 1, which was another thing that kind of annoyed me

I wasn't a huge Asura fan but seeing as they were introduced in 1 I could have stomached it, though I felt like they went a bit too far in making them be like a quirky high tech inventor race, it sort of started to strain disbelief at certain points for me

But then the plant people it was like, ok, why the hell are these guys here, when was this ever foreshadowed in GW1? Why did you need to artificially add a 5th race?

Also I'm honestly kinda bummed they went with GW2 instead of Guild Wars Utopia... the concept art looks like some rad shit

Is this the bitching about GW2 thread?


I will now express my frustration with ArenaNet via greentext:

>Release a manifesto--a MANIFESTO--prior to the release of your game indicating that one of your design goals is to end the "gear treadmill"
>Release blog posts showing a system of cosmetic and story-related rewards, wherein the game ships with the "max tier" of gear and no further tiers will be released. Character advancement will be handled through titles, pets, unique cosmetic gear models and dyes, etc.
>Closed beta: this is still the case. Not a peep about changing this.
>Open beta. This is still the case.
>Release: This is still the case. People have bought the game, some precisely *because* it billed itself as the "end of the gear grind". They have been given no reason to think otherwise. That's the state of the game.
>LESS THAN NINETY DAYS AFTER RELEASE: Announcement of new gear tiers with better stats and a hideous grind that must be crafted per piece

Guild Wars 2 was a literal, non-hyperbolic bait and switch. I might give them the benefit of the doubt and think "Oh yeah, maybe their design goals shifted, or they responded to feedback or whatever--MMOs are a long-lived kind of game", but ninety days? Fuck that, that's straight-up lying to your customers. There's no way that wasn't in the works prior to release, ANet just decided to to mention that particular fact until after all the pre-orders went through.

I don't have a problem with Ascended gear. Anet stated somewhere (and it was 4-5 years ago so I'm not going to search for it) that they realized there was a huge discrepancy between Exotic and Legendary gear (in regards to effort required to obtain), so they wanted to introduce an in-between. Also, once Fractals came out, people got their gear-gated content which actually works out pretty well all things considered. Not to mention their economy is a big deal, so ascended might've been necessary from that standpoint too.

Trahearne, who's fine as a character but who had an entirely disinterested VA.

The sylvari were introduced in EotN along with Asura, Norn, and non-evil Charr. I put them 3rd ahead of Asura and Charr (Charr are nifty, but I'd rather not have them as a playable race).

I'll just post this again

>The sylvari were introduced in EotN
Were they now? I don't recall that. GW2 lore has them appear like 20 years before the game starts, while flameseeker prophecies and related bs happened 200 year earlier. I think.

The story of the Pale Tree happens then, though they are indeed born 125(?) years later. Remember, it was Ventari (Prophecies) and Ronan (Proph/EotN) who wrote the tablet found the seed of the Pale Tree respectively.

Don't mind me, just posting best boy.

Man, the mursaat were so fucking broken in-universe.

They were mostly bullying peasants, just saying. Once they meet a real badass they go tits up fairly quickly.

With how much they bastardized a lot of the areas in Tyria and how much roleplayers bastardized the entire world, I'm glad they only included Tyria. I wouldn't want the writers or the fucking stupid players getting their grubby hands on Cantha and Elona.

GW2 was such a crime against the setting and the lore and everything.

>mfw you remember that the fucking hole in the human city was supposed to be chinatown

When are they going to make a spiritual successor to the first game already.

That's what you get when the most magically-advanced race on the planet at that point in time has their face-raping energy source countered by the act of rubbing ghost shit all over your armor.

Well, they should have thought of ghost shit before trying to steal my Orr scepter ok

I need a guild wars spurdo edit stat.

yeah, ok. How would that even look

>tfw you remember that time that the queen of the struggling race on the brink of extinction spent money turning the sinkhole into a combat arena filled with clockwork fembots that could shapeshift into other creatures
>the humans were still fighting a war against the centaurs and bandits at this very time, not to mention dragonspawn

GW2 was a fucking mess. The """"""""""Living"""""""""" """"""""""story"""""""""" was a joke.

Charr going
>Warbands ain't free. The citadel of iron gotta be litterd with the blood of Flame Legion. Rytlock Brimstone aka "Arby's" is not my revennt. he is human lover and probbaly written poorly as well :DD. FURY and Blood not ashes and IRON ok. remember foefire

No no let me tell you about my super special snowflake sylvari pirate who is the greatest threat the world has evar faced and also have a really sad backstory so you can't blame her for being a shithead

>elf-equivalent queen being wasteful and vain is shitty writing

Don't forget Bargain Bin, SJW Destiny's Edge

>not pictured: lesbian duo that had no reason to exist in the story other than LOL LESBIANS and hardboiled detective jokes

>Ascalon ain't free. The tree of Melandru gotta be litterd with the blood of Charr. Prince "headless" Rurik is not my king. He is Mursaat sympathizer and probbaly krytan as well :DD. DWAYNA and Doric not ABADDON and titans ok. remember the searing.

>probably Krytan
Should really be
>probably Istani

I didn't get far in the game, I picked it up cheap because some friends had it and hey I enjoyed the first game well enough. Plus I had some free gear from the shrine in GW1.

I don't think I ever got to level 15 because the Charr city was a fucking maze of loading zones with a layout that made no sense, this coming from someone that memorized most of the cities in SWG. And they castrated my Necromancer class. I fucking loved my Necromancer in GW1 but noooope fuck you you don't get an army of disposable and replaceable zombies. I was pretty butt mad by that point.

Yeah, the GW2 necro was pretty shit. I missed being an unstopable army of the dead.

Hey i made the thing

10/10 user

There's still a pair of good, big wikis with all kinds of GW builds. The variety is fascinating, but I guess I just don't care for MMOs.

That said. They have become part of the regular human forces in the last chapter. Clockwork fembots are ridiculously powerful. Even Mursaat's Jade constructs are regularly defeated by them except for the bigger ones.

>Queen Jennah is powerful enough to create palace-size impenetrable shields.
>Disintegrates people at will all while making jokes about it.
>Dissolves the senate and the ministry to purge the White Mantle like a true tyrannical autocrat.
>She's part of the good guys.

Holy fuck.

>Who is Plant Jesus?
Traherne. His VA was just bored as fuck and flat in all his scenes, and on top of that, if you didn't play Sylvari, this fucker just turns up mysteriously halfway through the story and steals all your thunder.

If you play a Sylvari he's present from very early arcs and it's reinforced that he's important. If you play any other race, he just shows up after you've become a full member of one of the societies, and starts issuing orders to you. Up until that point, the story is about you, and how you choose to resolve things. After he shows up, the story is about Saladbog and how you choose to help him out.

>But then the plant people it was like, ok, why the hell are these guys here, when was this ever foreshadowed in GW1? Why did you need to artificially add a 5th race?

The Sylvari themselves are not there, but the Pale Tree and the founder of their entire Ethos are in the Gw Eye of the North. He gives you quest and all, and the ending cutscene clearly shows the Pale Tree growing. The Sylvari were planned long before Gw2.

Pretty much the same with Kormir in Nightfall tho

Yeah, introducing Traherne so late to everyone but the Sylvari characters was a huge mistake.

I played Charr and traherne was the Kormir bait and switch all over again, but for thirty levels instead of one cutscene

>Humans have better golems than the Asura now.

GW2 was planned before EotN

I was so into this with my Guardian Asura. I fucking loved the game right until the end. I started slowing down around the time they released that CRAB ISLAND place and everyone cept me started getting those precursor things, and of course Fractals.

I had all the dungeon gear, but when I heard of rumors about Fractal and Immortal (whatever that high tier shit was) gear I just didn't want to bother grinding anymore. To me, there already was an endgame. WvW and PvP. They also came with rewards that didn't involve higher stats. Fractals would have been a good idea if they followed suit in a similar way... but they didn't.

I hated the guardian class. It was like Monk sloppy seconds. Completely agree about grinding though.

The writers are so out of touch with reality and are so bad at "show, don't tell" that they managed to make that one Minister they had as an earlier antagonist seem totally justified.

Especially when you consider the implication that Jenna brainwashed Logan to get him to abandon Destiny's Edge.

I guess it was the way I played it.

Greatsword and Staff. People screeched hard when they expected a turtle and got a DPS. It was a fun build and great at countering threats that were intended to counter guardians. Couldn't do much vs thieves and their perma-invisibility twink build.

I just wanted to smite motherfuckers. Is that too much to ask?

Blame them for giving into the demand. People didn't like how everyone could fit every role. Too difficult.

The sad truth.

I'm literally only playing GW2 for the sylvari and GW1 nostalgia and I'm growing to hate it. Do any other mmos have planty races like them?


Almost all of the races and classes can work straight out of the 4e rules without any homebrewing needed.

Minion Master Necromancer is the biggest exception, and there are no real mechanics for enchantments/hexes and interrupts (though there are buffs and debuffs).

My 4e campaign might be going to Elona/the Crystal Desert soon.

I played it (and still do) as a Dervish/Paragon and it feels fine. Especially with longbow proficiency from Dragonhunter.

>making the main race from the previous game irrelevant with the excuse of 'they're like elves!' is good writing

>What could have been.

Then again, districts are pretty irrellevant. I don't remember ever visiting the Elonian ones and I'm certain there's nota single quest taking place in the Ascalonian one.

You're wrong at least once, probably twice.

Weird that nobody posted these yet.

These are GW draft cards. They where used in competitions. You would create random packs of these cards, draft them in pools of 8 and then make a build with the skills you and your teammates got. Ressurection signet was free, I think.

You can find them here;

I think Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd would fit better. It has system where all actions take a certain number of turns to recharge, some faster then others. The combat feels more brutal.

EotN was supposed to be a transitional expac to GW2

>I don't have a problem with Ascended gear. Anet stated somewhere (and it was 4-5 years ago so I'm not going to search for it) that they realized there was a huge discrepancy between Exotic and Legendary gear (in regards to effort required to obtain), so they wanted to introduce an in-between. Also, once Fractals came out, people got their gear-gated content which actually works out pretty well all things considered. Not to mention their economy is a big deal, so ascended might've been necessary from that standpoint too.

Man I'm glad you agree with the changes but that doesn't make me any less pissed that that isn't the game they sold me.


>The """"""""""Living"""""""""" """"""""""story"""""""""" was a joke.

I don't give a fuck about the issues everyone else had with the game. The living storyline bullshit is like 90% of the reason why I dropped the game. Focus on improving and adding to the game in a consistent matter you fucks, not on having a whole bunch of fucking temporary content updates that serve no purpose but to push your unbelievably shitty storyline. Nobody plays MMOs for the fucking story to begin with, let alone when you keep pushing your fucking Mary Sue super important OCs as the true star of the story rather than the players.