I think the tau are compensating for something

I think the tau are compensating for something

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I think the Stormsurge should have more range, like a Basilisk or a Deathstrike. Also, I would like to refluff them as anti-orbital platforms.

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear?

Probably their lack of spotlight or general importance in the universe they're in.

They're basically the annoying little brother that demands attention from everyone since he was born last and feels like a useless leftover.

Plus, he's too into shitty anime. Not even the good stuff, we're talking annoying Bakugan and Yugioh Zexal.

Hey! Bakugan was...Okay...ish.
Zexal is pretty lame cookie-cutter shit, but hey, at least it isn't 5D.

It is strange how such a large weapon is actually relatively short ranged.

ZeXal has a bad start but goes out on a high note; 5D's does the opposite.
Bakugan is like someone wanted to make a card game, found some marbles and watched transformers all at the same time.

They use giant robots to try and pick up human and kroot chicks because their women are all fish-faced uggos.

Only the ethereals are fish faced

>t. Imperial Propagandist

At the other end of my lasgun.

It's even worse when you know that these are classified as starship class weaponry.

Imperial Titans, if I recall.

Also the Ethereals told the engineer that designed those giant robots to stop designing giant robots and do something that actually fits within the Tau war doctrines, but the engineer told them "nope, giant robots". Cue the Riptide.

Then they told him they needed a new stealthsuit. He said "here's a stealthsuit. It's also a giant robot". Cue the Ghostkeel.

Then they told him they needed a counter to Titans that isn't the Manta. He said "what better to destroy giant robots than a giant robot!". Cue the Supremacy and the Stormsurge.

The Ethereals then gave up and just let the dude do his thing.

It's essentially the Sharknado of TCG stuff.

Transformer Beyblade: the Trading Card Game sounds awesome, but in terms of execution, there's very little that's interesting about it.

Then the anime is just... bland, forgettable. Every spiky brown-haired protagonist ever has to stop the bad guys, and picks up a girl, a midget, a comedy relief and a Solemn Rival along the way.

The video games were more interesting... you got to go through one of those marble chute mazes you had as a kid playing as the marble in order to pick up powerups before landing on a card and actually battling.

Plebs choose Tau
Patricians choose Eldar

Prove me wrong!
you cant

Yes, they are compensating for their lack of knight titans and titan legions. That's literally what the Riptide and Stormsurge are for: to combat enemy Imperial titans and to fill the lack of Tau walker titans.

Surely they wouldn't build an army of giant war robots just to do something penis related.

Guilliman wants an Eldar, that tells me enough.

I actually really like that idea as a serious piece of canon.

The reason that the Tau are so reliant on battle suits instead of more practical designs is because the earth caste (with some collaboration from the fire caste) keep on pumping out these designs against the wishes of the ethereal caste. Whenever the ethereal caste tells them to engineer a new tank that is more practical, they'll do it. But the result is uninspired and not particularly effective. Whenever they're allowed to go hog wild they produce these mechs. It's almost like they're subconsciously rebelling against the greater good. Giving into their baser instincts to make (and pilot) rad shit even at the expense of the Tau

and kings choose slaanesh and co.?

Eldar are almost as tall as Space Marines, so what platform shoes are that officer wearing to tower over her like that?

>knife ear scum

I thought they only opposed the big suits like riptides? XV 8 series meant to be the cap of suit size?

Canon changed. They went up to 10, which is like 12 in Tau numbers.

>I think the X are compensating for something
40K in a nutshell.

Patricians go abhuman

>le fishface tau are better XD
Fuck off

You're all wrong, Admech girls are better then filthy xenos.

I'm suddenly reminded of some of the Cain books. He did bang the mechanicus girl right?

And an Inquisitor girl.
Hero of the Imperium, indeed.

Eldar shouldn't post on Veeky Forums, it makes them ungraceful

Would a blueberry pie with a Tau girl inside of it taste like blueberry, fish, or chicken?

why chicken?

Everything taste like chicken

I can never tell which is what.

For they are bigger Riptide named Stormsurges.

Screw you, 5D's was the best iteration of yugioh other than the original.

Yes. That Eldar are the Blandest most boring of Entry Level Waifus out there. Of course little boy blue would like them, look at his Space Marines, yet another bunch of Space Greco-Romans who are jack of all trades and specialize in nothing.

Does he point a bolter to her head in that image?

>Stick Figures
>Super-Chinky Faces
>The most humble of them have the Personality of a stuck up Queen Bee
>Have a Soulstone wedged so far up their ass that it's stabbing their brain and blocking off the chemicals that allow them to loosen up and have fun
>Not even that much better looking than Human women.
[spoilers]>No Hooves[/spoiler]

Absolutely awful, I'll stick with a qt3.14 Tau waifu thank you.

Tau players have tiny dicks

If you want to fuck a woman with hooves just fuck your mom, she's a cow.

What kind of new tank could the tau get?
I would say auxiliaries but eh.

Literally take the legs off that armless retardation in the OP and you'd have a good tank.

I'm not convinced.

Think of it like a devilfish/hammerhead
The main gun goes where hammerhead main gun goes, cluster missiles integrated into engines, twinlinked weapon where burst cannon would go on, sms and d missiles would go where drones go
Ta da

To fight monsters, we created monsters of our own.


Those monsters being Imperial Titans. Wait till they get Emperor class level.


Patricians go Felinids sir
Yes I'm aware that hot felinids are probably headcanon, but hot Tau definitely are.

Now put a set of hover pods or whatever the blue bastards use to move shit under it and it'd be a tank.

Not big enough! We need a titan big enough to BE the battlefield.

If felinids were fugly furshit, they'd be classified as beastmen. Hot felinids are quite probable.

This. I'll never understand why people waifus the Eldar so much, there's just so much more bad than there is good about them.


My body is ready.

>Stick Figures
>Super-Chinky Faces
>The most humble of them have the Personality of a stuck up Queen Bee
>Have an ethereal wedged so far up their face vagina that it's stabbing their brain and blocking off the chemicals that allow them to loosen up and have fun
>Not even better looking than Human women.
aliens in 40k are pretty awful

The Stormsurge has always reminded me of the Soviet KV-2 Heavy Tank armed with the 152mm bunker-buster cannon with its brutal design, firepower, and intimidating shape. The only difference is that the Stormsurge actually works.

Give them Dyson Spheres already.

So Earth Caste engineers are actually hardcore Imperiaboos.

Originally, Broadsides is their biggest mecha, and mass battles isn't something that Tau always in until Damocles, Waaagh and the soon-to-be Hive Fleet incursion draw close.

Here, i'll show you how its done

>at least it isn't 5D.
Fuck outa here

Children's Card Games on fucking motorcycles was rad

Standing on the backs of guardsmen as he always does.


>make stormsurges EVEN better
kys desu

it is real

>the second snake goes into her pussy

And Emperor purges them all

No, it's her penis.

>grow up hanging outside GW stores and marvelling at all the minis
>grow up and get decent job
>decide nows the time to finally start my hobby collection ile i dreamed as a kid
>pick tau
>read this thread

Stop with this propaganda!
Stop describing her like a trap!

It's obviously artillery. It should have far longer ranges. It not like it matters in most tables. There are no many situation where this thing can blow you up from the other side of the table from the get go.

Slaanesh is both and neither, though most often refered to as a he.

To humans it's a "he", to Eldar it's a "she". Really it's probably a trap no matter what.

Arc-V, last I checked, was looking pretty swell.



It's not like the people play these games or who work at these companies have any real contact with women, they'd never notice the difference.

Why not? They arent so bad. And besides, no one is good in 40k

Humans-Catholic space nazis
Eldar-regular space nazis
Dark eldar-sodomite space nazis
Tau-landfish space commies
Tyranids-hivemind subhumans
Orcs-standard subhumans

Be a real man. Choose anything that piques your interest.

Except daemons. Fuck that noise.

Surely all Tau are beautiful.

Not if you compare them to Mechanicus

Given literally every human model with a face is uglier than 80% of people in reality, I feel that I can't trust the xenos heads either.

Commissar Cain said that he cannot tell the difference between female and male Tau. The guy had extensive shoulder rubbing with the Tau diplomatic missions.

Why are the small folks there scared? Even the Custards stances make them look they are startled.

Is she a Squat?

>tfw Tau girls
Ethereals are disgusting desu.

>Except daemons. Fuck that noise.
only for experiments, thas rite?

That actually is canon for the FW Riptide variants. Both were designed by the same Earth Caste engineer on a sept embroiled in a long conflict against Tyranids. They were designed to counter large Tyranid bio-constructs, a jobt they performed admirably. The only problem is that the funds to create them were supposed to be allocated to new heavier stealth suit design, a fact the Etherals were not veyr happy about. Still, the new suits performed very well so they're approved for combat trials. The Ethereals still want to have a word with the engineer, though, but he keeps postponing the "honour" to design more robots.

The same guy also designing Ghostkeel is fanon, but considering it is a new stealthsuit and also a giant robot, it seems a pretty reasonable assumption.

>moving city with guns the size of a city block stares at you

>...by the emperor...

Although this is probably a celebration of some kind, I don't think anyone could get used to one of those machines. Walking death, a titan that most civilizations can't even fathom the work required to build/maintain such a device.

A-Are those strippers in that thing in display windows?

Litterally all of GW plastic faces are ugly as fuck. I don't see what this proves.

The piloting it is a student driver.

the titan is threatening the council of terra to allow the creation of the adeptus mechanicus.

Tau are CUTE

How short are their torsos jesus christ

Why do you think being a Titan Pilot is such a big deal? Sure, you get to shoot the biggest guns in existence, but that's just icing on the cake. The real treat is private strip clubs the pilots have in their titans that they don't have to pay for.


>stick figures
Actually that's only the Air Caste

>super chinky faces
Have you see the size of their eyes? If anything Tau would have Animu faces

>The most humble of them have the Personality of a stuck up Queen Bee
Actually Tau are much more humble and down to earth than the "my life is worth a thousand of yours" Eldar.

>Have an ethereal wedged so far up their face vagina that it's stabbing their brain and blocking off the chemicals that allow them to loosen up and have fun
Ok fair enough, I'll give you that one.

>Not even better looking than Human women.
Personally I think that Blue is a very attractive color. Besides at least they aren't just slightly taller human women with pointy ears.

Face it, even if you don't like the Tau you have to admit that they're still better than the Eldar.

Dorn was there, yes? Why didn't he wretle the titan down?

>Face it, even if you don't like the Tau you have to admit that they're still better than the Eldar.
(not that user)
they're not and I prefer eldar (I like elves)
But Tau does have original design that is still appealing for humans, so yeah, ill give them that


If you think that's a turn-off, I have news for you...