I only play custom rpgs, with homemade systems, spells, items, lore, etc. I don't like these corporate designed rpgs

I only play custom rpgs, with homemade systems, spells, items, lore, etc. I don't like these corporate designed rpgs.

Am I a bad person?

>corporate designed rpgs.

Well, bad person or not, you're immensely ignorant of the nature of the RPG market.

What does something like Engine Heart count as?

>started as homebrew on Veeky Forums
>now sold in stores

The usual?

Seriously. Most RPG's are made by independent creators or small studios. D&D and its offshoots in Pathfinder is basically the only 'corporate designed' RPG.

Me and my group are pretty much the same. We played mostly our home-made games, though we still enjoyed commercial games like Paranoia, CoC, Elric!, Cyberpunk 2020, L5R and Kult.

Tell us about the homebrew RPGs you play. They’re probably just D&D but you use a d12 or some stupid shit like that.

I used to be like that, then I discovered that RPG's can actually be not imbalanced to hell if they're, as you put it, corporate designed.

I still vastly prefer generic systems like FATE to pre-written lore that D&D comes with.

Most RPGs are written by part timers, as a passion project. Almost no publishers have their people on full time. D&D and Pathfinder are the exception.

I imagine you're a complete pain to play with, but I've never met you so i really can't judge.

A lot of "homebrew RPGs" are shit.

Shit math.
Shit content options.
Boring gameplay.

But if it's well designed, I don't care who makes it.

Just because they are D&D even with the d20 for the Epic crit system. Doesn't mean they actually are D&D, since its a home setting, with home abilities, and home classes made up on the spot by the GM.
So not D&D

>original RPG system, donut steel

You are the hipsteriest hipster to ever hip. I tip my fedoraest fedora your way in respect.

Link me to FATE, please.

I only play cageless fair-trade RPGs with grass-fed writers who are paid a living wage.

Come on, man, 4/20 was yesterday.

Pfft, please. I only play all natural homegrown systems I grow myself with resolution mechanics I invented. I only play this with characters I create from scratch and friends that live in my own head and alone in my apartment.

Players were a mistake.

While I agree that D&D is a shitty system, I don't think that it is right to write off every other system besides the one you make. If you are having fun then there is no issue.

>I don't like these corporate designed rpgs.

Sword Path Glory
Phoenix Command

Bad person, no. Bit of an idiot, yes.

As others have said, aside from D&D and Pathfinder and maybe Shadowrun, most big corporate RPG publishing companies are like 3 guys working out of a shed/office.

But professional game designers such as they are still do a much better job than the majority of homebrew systems I've seen. It's not impossible to make a good homebrew system, but it's harder than people think and most spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel and improving it by making it less round.

Are you having fun?

not him but the one homebrew system I played was nothing like D&D. D100 system, roll under your ability score to succeed, no classes, and instead of making you harder to hit, armor was like extra HP