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Duo apps. How do you duo app without being cancerous? How do you duo app without ignoring the other players once the game starts?

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please stop being alive
or at least stop making anime generals when we're on page 5

>another anime picture

So how does the Selective Tangibility feat for the Deathless Ghost actually work? It lets them interact with objects normally, but they have 0 carrying capacity because of no Strength, so what can they actually do with it?

They can kiss you and pat your head.

>Complaining about anime on a chinese drawing site.

But people aren't objects!

Ok guys, here is the detailed flow of events from the wizard's player (barbarian player here):

>I see scry sensor
>turn to party to tell them
>dragon teleports in and surprise round begins
>casts Wall of Force (did this the same round he teleported in, don't know how, rod of quicken maybe?)
>round 1 begins
>the wizard casts See Invisibility (beat the dragon in initiative)
>dragon breath weapons the party and stops flying
>catches everyone but the summoner with crush
>wizard and investigator die
>wizard did have a contingency but it goes used in the fight against the kobold sorcerer when it and he had a spell duel
>summoner's turn comes, grabs me because I'm on the edge of the dragon's crush and dimension doors away
>cavalier is stuck alone and eaten by dragon

So! Who all's excited for the weekend? Any big plans, game-related or otherwise?

Also, to elaborate on this, the relevant text.

>Ectoplasmic Form (Ex): A deathless ghost’s body is formed of partially-intangible ectoplasm with similar properties to smoke. A deathless ghost must focus strongly to interact with physical objects, and often finds that its form can be easily disrupted by even the most mundane of weapons. As the ghost grows in power, its body grows more and more intangible, until eventually the ghost can phase through objects and ignore the material world around it entirely.
>Starting at 1st level, all corporeal attacks and effects suffer a 10% miss chance per class level against the deathless ghost. In addition, the deathless ghost has an equal miss chance when it tries to use its own abilities and attacks against a corporeal target. This miss chance is halved against magical attacks and effects, such as magic weapons, spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities. Likewise, when the deathless ghost uses such an ability, its miss chance against others is halved. Otherwise, the deathless ghost applies this effect to its equipment and any attended items as well.
>Ghost touch weapons and force effects affect the deathless ghost normally.

And the feat:

>You can grasp objects and interact with the world as if you were a corporeal being.
>Prerequisites: Ectoplasmic form or incorporeal subtype.
>Benefits: You can interact with objects as if you were corporeal, allowing you to use normal weapons strike without miss chance against corporeal beings, affect objects normally, and otherwise act as if you were not incorporeal. This feat does not allow you to benefit from armor without the ghost touch special property.
>Normal: An incorporeal creature cannot interact with normal corporeal objects.

It's kind of badly written, really.

Says who?

I am hyped for my Shattered Star game even if I did scare my players a bit in the last two sessions.

Probably gonna kill some boar after an expertly engineered awkward lunch.

Technically, Red dragons are SUPER evil. It wouldn't have JUST eaten the cavalier. It would have tortured him for days or even weeks, in the most excruciating way imaginable. The Cavalier's only way to avoid such fate would be if he had slit his own throat as soon as you abandoned him.

Also, was the summoner female?

Yeah I dunno user, sounds like "Ask your DM territory"

Him teleporting in and casting Wall of Force are different rounds. Teleport is before combat, Wall of Force is the surprise round.

He doesn't need a rod of quicken.

A Macross game, fennec poster. Already three sessions in and I think I'm getting the hang of it!

Running a game is scary, but fun too!

Depends on what you're using them for.

>the wizard casts See Invisibility (beat the dragon in initiative)
>(beat the dragon in initiative)
>casts See Invis. instead of something that will save his party or at least himself
>not even fucking expeditious retreat
how fucking stupid do you have to be to assume that the dragon won't fucking slay your ass instantly
at least he had a good view of the thing killing him for his final moments

>Also, was the summoner female?
No he was a gnome, the cavalier was female however.

Sounds rough but if you guys didn't have prot/resist fire you fucked up pretty bad.

DM didn't exactly pull his punches, but using the wall of force was also sort of a mercy since he could've done something offensive, you guys have teleports if you need to escape after all.



The cavalier might live then.

Just expect pic related to be her fate.

It's like the nerd in a slasher film stopping to pick up his glasses off the floor instead of just running.

Runnign my "Vigilanties in Chelix" game. they wer eindirectly responsible fopr someone burnign down the temple to Asmodeus in their city, and now must deal with the iposition of mrtial law throughout the city, while the rule of the city is having his City Guard detain, drive off, or assassinate the Hellknights in the city at the same time.

It promises to be terrifying.

How awkward are we talking? I'm sitting with my ex awkward, or my sister thinks I'm boning this boy and gave me a "congrats on finally getting laid" lunch awkward?

See invisibility is 10/mins a level and level 2, you'd think your wizard would've just prebuffed it, 130 mins, or 260 with a lesser rod of extend.

>was the summoner female
>no he was a gnome
Is gnome a gender?

Once again.

Casters = Gods
The imbeciles controlling the casters = only human.



I mean, if he was gonna drop a spell on it why not glitterdust and potentially blind it and show it off for the whole party..?

What could he have cast?

He can't target the dragon because he can't see him. He likely can't reach everyone with dimension door to grab them and fuck off.

I mean I guess he could just have run away and abandoned the party.

>~I~ know how to play the perfect wizard!
Sure you do. Bet you'd have fucked it up in a
different way instead and died in a different manner.

you mean the way the survivors in party did to the cavalier?

Probably thought there was no way the GM would drop a monster literally on top of them while invisible and spewing fire, so he thought he had a chance.

>30 ft move
>grab QT cavalier
>dimension door to private wizard abode
>sweet, sweet rescuer ERP

Because dragons have blindsense and don't care if you disable their eyes, user.

>MFW cavalier cultural enriched

GM's with their dicks hard to kill players don't hide it for 13 levels, they're throwing raging half orc barbarians at you at level 1.

Does anyone else find it funny that the GM just had to get that extra damage in with crush? Fucking killing 2 PCs by just landing on them is fucking hilarious. I've never actually see someone use crush, didn't even know it existed until now.

Maybe a little of both

Glitterdust does nothing to a dragon. You have to deafen and blind them or either their sight or blindsight is gonna work.

>anywhere near a gargantuan dragon
Uh, no, user, that's a good way to get grabbed and killed or awesome blowed into next week, or vital strike bitten to death..

Smart move for the dragon

To killed user, you're salty now, but isn't it better to know that your PCs exist in a world where they can die? Where consequences are real? Won't revenge be all the sweeter?

That's after 3/5s of the party are down, I don't think anyone could blame them for that. Better three dead than five. Even if I was the cavalier I wouldn't blame them, and I'm not the kind of person into dragon rape.

He probably wasn't at first but got sick of his players and decided "fuck it. They wanna one round all my carefully planned encounters. I'LL ONE ROUND THEM!"

I kinda want to read about Ameiko trying to get Onryou to talk about her new boyfriend now.

She's a perky, talkative tavern owner with an awkward mess of a sister, it seems like something she'd want all the juicy details of!

Is your DM a dick? Theories aside, you should know by now if you're 13 levels in

Living for revenge is one of the worst things you could ever tell the victim of a crime or tragedy.

I didn't get killed, I'm one of the two that survived.

We went back to see if the dragon left any bits behind to resurrect, but the entire place was burnt black/melted stone. The dragon apparently incinerated everything to prevent having bits for resurrection or scrying left around.

>TFW she pulls Seht aside instead of talking to Onryou first

Are there any roleplaying guides out there? I'm really into worldbuilding and character creation and things like that, but I'm complete ass at actually roleplaying. I just don't really know how to get better at it.

Good thing the PC's AREN'T REAL PEOPLE

I have a game, but I may not be able to attend because of family things. :^(

>she pulls Seht aside
>Seht is already taking his pants off before she even starts talking

then you may expect the cavalier to be alive, user.

And bait for a terrible, terrible trap. And the dragon to lie about it. Even if she is dead. Or alive.

Okay, I need more liquor..

>The dragon apparently incinerated everything to prevent having bits for resurrection or scrying left around.
>dragon does something smart
How horrifying.


practice practice practice

A quest to wish them back should be something you guys can do at 13 if you really want to

I think we've concluded that this is a VERY smartly played dragon.

They should behave like real people, user.

People with extraordinary circumstances thrust upon them sure, but with realism all the same.

How fucking humiliating is it for the dragon to not even attack you, but literally just crush you to death?

Depends. Voice RP, Real-Time Text RP, and PbP are completely different and require different skills.

>Never seen a GM using crush when fighting a dragon.

Cerealsy? Then your GMs have the attention span of a goldfish or a very shitty reading comprehension. Any veteran GM would start a fight with crush:
1-The dragon is old enough to use that SA.
2-The party is mid-upper level
3-The first target of the crush would be spellcasters if possible.
4-If the party haves followers they would be the secondary objective in case spellcasters aren't "in range"

>dragon does something smart
That's what this whole argument boils down to. These players wouldn't shed a tear for any enemy they killed while taking every advantage available to them.

Start PMing roll20 players you like. Just say you want to practice RPing. We're all eager to help hone new talent. So find one with an app you like and send them a PM.

Alternatively, come join the Discord and say hi. I'd be happy to lend some one-on-one hands on RP training.

How many good stories of adventurers are sessions of therapy over traumatic events?

How many involve revenge on a horrible villain?

I personally know which I'd rather play, "realism be damned."

Is there a more classic tabletop salt story than a party assuming that dragons operate by video game standards and then getting totally shit on?
It seems like this happens every other dragon encounter.

I still remember the first time I heard about this, a guy's whole party was burned to death by a dragon just circling them and blasting firebreath on them. They ran into a village for cover, and the dragon just burned the whole village down to get them, never coming down to the ground for Gonads the Barbarian to cleave it's skull in twain.

I dunno, being sumo-ed by a dragon is a pretty manly way to die.

Call up or PM one of your friends and ask them to sit down with you and help you practice talking in character.

>Ameiko doesn't stop him
>She looks at it, and makes some amusing comment about seeing why Onryou's so happy with him

I just feel so goddamn awkward doing it. Every character I play just ends up being me since that's all I know how to do.

Voice is specifically what I'm struggling with. I'm fine with text RP and PbP.

I don't know, tearing apart a murderer that killed my best friends sounds pretty good to me. Actually I can't imagine anything I would want to do more in that situation.

The problem here is that the murderer weighs several tons, is invisible, flies, breathes fire, is extremely intelligent, beyond the reach of the law, controls a tribe of minions, has immeasurable wealth and a horde of magical items most likely (with some recent additions that are probably pretty useful, thanks wizard), and is probably prepared for retaliation.

I would immediately level into or retrain in to a "Seriously Fuck Dragons" class/archetype and know it would never be enough.


lol fuck i dunno


Mine burst out of hiding from his lavabath and then hurled one of the PCs into the lava on the surprise round.

the original campaaign title was "Defeat the Dragon", but the players renamed it, "Get Eaten by a Dragon."

Okay, so if you had to choose RIGHT THE FUCK NOW, what five people would you pick for Overlewd?
I've actually given it a little thought, and on the assumption that the GM decides to be a shit and take an all-girl party, he could do pretty well with

Some of the best campaigns I've ever been in had a character getting over his rage or anguish through talking it out with friends, and discovering that while revenge felt good, it doesn't fill the hole in their soul quite like coming to terms with the tragedy.

It's a pretty classic DnD thing, warms my heart.

Hi Spoony. Are you going to ever upload content again, or are you just gonna ride the Patreon train 'till it runs out of rail?

Hey dude, I'm pretty comfortable with voice.

Want to throw a Skype or Discord my way so we could do some 1v1 roleplay?

My five would be

My character
Your character
RNG the rest, it doesn't matter... So long as we're together.

Hey! Hell's Rebels should have happened yesterday, anyone know what happened?

I don't really see the issue with an all female PC party, do people really just want couples? This is /pfg/ I'm sure half of them have dicks anyway.

That's especially flattering considering I didn't even apply

With voice RP, it's tough to get into character if you can't put on a voice. I suggest sticking to roughly humanoid races, and specifically of the same sex as you. Makes it much easier to get rolling. For example, I had a lot of trouble RPing as a female elf oracle, but no difficulty as a male half-orc barbarian. It's fine if your character ends up being "you but a bit different' as well, that's a good starting point. Good RP comes mainly from your own life experiences, after all. Channeling that one really angry taxi driver you met 4 years ago helps play a barbarian quite a bit.


Spoony's still alive?


The rest are irrelevant, this is the party I want.

So I am playing in a setting where spell casters are extremely uncommon, for reference I have met throughout the adventure a total of 3 other spellcasters. As a witch I've already caused a stir because I took Web as a relatively flashy spell. However I have finally hit level 5 and have access to 3rd level spells and I want to up the flashiness, the problem is the witch spell list isn't the flashiest.

Some spells I am considering are:
>Lightning Bolt
Most likely because a 120ft bolt of lightning is a lot more impressive than even fireball.
>Ash Storm
Big summonable storm of ash is really in your face.
>Sleet Storm
same as ash storm

Any other ideas?

Could any of you help me out? My HD died, and I lost a bunch of character sheets. I'm getting ready for a game in 2 hours, but I don't have a character sheet for a returning NPC paladin. Do y'all think you could throw together a level 4 paladin sheet for me really quick? It'd be a big help.

The only really important details are that she used a Greatsword, and had some version of heavy armor, although I don't remember which one.

pic related isn't her, but it's close enough.

Here's a better question: What kind of character do you want to see apply to Overlewd that hasn't appeared yet?

Spoony did a video on that that was pretty good I think.

I always found it strange that dragons in skyrim fly down to you and try to bite you when they have seemingly no limit on their ability to shit magical napalm and the ES universe lacks auto-targeting for spells and ranged attacks like DnD.

Neverwinter just lacked the technology to make flying enemies a thing though. Then again that dragon early on in the underdark expansion is pretty likely to immediately buttfuck your party anyway despite being stuck in an underground dungeon. That fear aura.

Oh dear, this is hard.

The first thing I would do is go out and talk with random strangers. Hold normal conversations for as long as possible to teach yourself to not be intimidated by it.

Accents and stuff can come later, and are generally optional.

>Playing Iron Gods.
>Fighting an outer dragon
>Everyon is cocky that the party haves a fuckton of protections against energy attacks.
>Dragon uses a vacuum breath like effect.
>Wizard and Barbarian survive because both players have a fetish for Darth Vaderesque hi-tech breathers.

Do it oyurself, its not exactly hard to make a sheet

Point buy? NPC wealth (Heroic Y/N) or PC wealth? Any feat tax rules/homerules? Background skills? Any particular skills the paladin was good at?
I'll assume human.

The thing is, most male PCs are put out by their players just to get their fantasy-dicks wet. They're going to get doubly butthurt over not getting chosen. That, and /pfg/ is going to pitch a bitch-fit over the GM "clearly" just building his own little harem.

As always, it's easiest to just blame RotJR for this--it started a trend of "gotta have a 1:1 ratio of boys to girls so we can pair them off," if only by accident. And now we're in an age where the more popular RotJR party is basically being pushed to decide all their character interactions based on popular demand. Either they break down and just decide to fuck for our entertainment, or they don't, and they get people shitting on them. There's no winning anymore.

Because it implies that the GM never had any intention of picking male apps, meaning every single person who submitted a male app wasted all that time because they were never in the running to begin with, due to submitting a male app.

Let me put it like this.

Let say you're in a college class.

The teacher gives you a quiz to fill out. It has lots of questions and things you have to write a mini essay for. You spend a lot of time and effort doing your very best on this quiz.

Now you and the rest of the class turns in the quiz, and the teacher throws your away without even looking at it.

Then he says only people with blonde hair passed, everyone else failed and gets an F in his class.

>The thing is, most male PCs are put out by their players just to get their fantasy-dicks wet.

I still want a breakdown, by character, of which female PCs each male is supposedly tailor-made to fuck.