Have you ever played a trap?

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Regardless of your opinion please try to remain on topic. I've been kicking around the idea of a young, feminine looking cleric(male) who is part of an all women order, sort of like a sect of vestal virgins. whether this is because she is attempting to hide her identity or because she intends to find some magical means of becoming an actual woman I haven't decided yet but I'm leaning towards the latter.

Have you ever tried playing a cross dresser? Any tips for roleplaying this character?
It may be a little bit of a fetish but the idea of a cleric whose faith is so devout that they would change their biological sex is interesting to me

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I've played one and ran for a couple. A lot of how you play them depends on their reasons for doing so, whether they're trying to conceal themselves, doing it as part of their identity or just enjoy how it looks.

It's also very important to keep the tone of the game in mind given how far you go with it and how you portray it.

As an example, in a Wuxia game I played a young man sought refuge as part of an all female Wulin sect, hiding amongst their number and training in their Kung-fu. He became so suffused with their style and mannerisms that even out of his disguise he acted quite feminine, but it also gave him a certain ability to be underestimated, and more socially cunning and manipulative than you'd expect. And, given a Wuxia game, he was still a full on ass kicker like everyone else involved.

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At the point that you're calling her "she", and the fact that she wants to become a woman, isn't she just a transsexual rather than a trap?

I played a princess who dressed up as a fully armored Paladin, helmet and all, and referred to herself as male to hide her identity/be more intimidating, but that's probably not the kind of thing most people think of when they think of "trap".

Hrmm. Perhaps the rogue angle would be more interesting. A male rogue that took cover as a cleric in an all female order to avoid the consequences of a crime. Perhaps there's even a rather competent investigator searching for him to bring him to justice.
This adds an element that the DM can work with as well as an interesting twist to the character and party dynamic.
And its a bit less of a social landmine.

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I actually played a reverse trap in a very short lived Exalted game, she dressed as a stereotypical old Chinese sage when in towns and when actual adventure/fighting was called for he told people he would send his apprentice in his place.

My last character was a warlock ex-con artist pretending to be a cleric. I also included that he was pretty girly-looking, with the intention that I could probably use that to my advantage to disguise myself if necessary. Then I got the disguise self spell and it became pointless anyway.

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I'll admit its kind of fun so long as it isn't sexualized but really it's just excessive unless you're pulling a ruse on the other players with the GM.

>Androgynous Warlock who wore a mask to conceal face. Had Alter Self at will and vocal mimicry to disguise self as anyone depending on the situation

I once played a female who dressed up as a male and acted as if she was a male, short hair and clothes and all.

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>It may be a little bit of a fetish

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