I'm here today to talk about PauperEDH. To all my fellow casualfags, who do you run...

I'm here today to talk about PauperEDH. To all my fellow casualfags, who do you run? This thread is for discussion of the format, and for posting decklists. I'm thinking about pic related, but not with 99 wastes. Currently I have Kulrath Knight, Nivix Guildmage, and Garruk's Packleader.

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What commanders are legal in Pauper?

Any uncommon creature I believe.

I dunno,haven't played it myself

Any Common or Uncommon creature, the main deck is 99 commons

And it doesn't have to be legendary

I run Tallowisp, Plague Dogs, and Spellheart Chimera

I just put this together for ya. These are my current 5. I tried to make each one feel unique somehow. Probably the only one that isint obvious what it does from looking at the commander is Diviner Spirit. Hes unblockable tribal. Stormfront is my favorite because it bounces itself plus whatever else, so you get etb recursion for days with your tokens. They're all pretty equally powerful, with Corrosive Mentor being slightly more strong than the rest.

Forgot the decklists


So what's a good starting point for pauper EDH? I'm looking at Aerie Mystics or Armament Corps

>Armament Corps
Neither of those are bad. I like the colors of armament corps, too, lots of options for removal. Sigil captain is another good one to start with.

I've been trying to convince my group to play this but to no avail. I just want to run Stormchaser Mage spellslinging Voltron ;__;

Plaxcaster Frogling and Possessed Skaab get out of hand pretty quickly.

I've had Dragonsoul Knight built myself. 5c Ramp/Control shell with itself as the main wincon.

There's a lot of potential decks in that format. A lot of untapped fun,

This sounds great. Any online platforms this is particularly played on?

Wouldn't pauper edh with a legendary/rare general be more fun?
Also how much fun is this format anyway? I also had the impression that edh was pretty durdly, doesn't this get even worse here?

Your format is clearly inferior to Kamigawa Block Pauper Tiny Leaders.

I could very well be wrong, but I imagine that if legends and rares were allowed the meta would be solved fairly quickly. Anything opressive is still going to be opressive even if supported by only commons. Plus the uncommon/common commander clause has way more options and leads to some weird decks.

Pauper can be durdly. In the games I have played with my friends we have decided to start with less life to make it easier to win without the game going on forever, but with limited removal boardstates do tend to get big and stay there. Thats fun a lot of the time though. Gives you time to think about different interactions you might not have considered before.

I think all of the guildmages make good pauper commanders, especially if you're making multiple decks to match up against each other. I run Vitu-Ghazi guildmage myself.

The flip guys seem pretty nice.

Some time ago I had an idea for a Lorescale Coatl pauper EDH deck- it was janky as shit, but I liked it. Sadly the LGS crowd wasn't interested in the format.
With how niche paper pauper is, I imagine paper pauper EDH is close to nonexistent- are there any mtgo/xmage/whatever communities?

Vizkopa Guildmage is neat. I'm thinking about building pic related now

An issue I've found in the brief instant pauper EDH was played at my LGS was that people include a lot of removal in their decks. I think this is because there are relatively few worthwhile non-creature cards at common, and people are more inclined to include removal because of it. Have others experienced the same?

We've found that lowering the starting life to 30 somewhat countered the problem, but removal remained extremely prevalent.

It is also my experience. Most games I played are pretty much Removal-fest. playing a non-ETB creature is almost not doable from my experience

I've found creatures that bring a token along (attended knight, sandsteppe outcast, something something bird saleswoman) to be life-savers.

Get this stupid shit out of here, the only format worth playing is pauper tiny leaders. Pauper commander is a fucking grind fest and a struggle in deck building with subpar cards in mono coloured decks.

Pauper tiny leaders lowers the damage count without having the degeneracy of combo decks while also removing core cards from the regular pauper meta

This is just a taste of what the format has to offer.

I have an Ana Battlemage deck that's based purely around recursion (to counter my opponents removal) that I played in paper for about 6 months. We ran into the issue that evasion is hard to get (way too many reach creatures to stop flyers) and that removal is basically better than the creatures. Also, there's almost no sweepers, which means games gummed up quickly, so a way to push through damage becomes necessary quickly.

The decreased deck sizes seem promising. If the thread is still up later I'll post my Coatl shitbrew .


Sedraxis Specter or bust.


Kulrath Knight is best boy.

>pauper tiny leaders
What are the rules? Your general is a low cmc creature and you only have commons and uncommons?

Has anyone here played with Squallmonger or Scandalmonger for their commander? I'm wondering how likely other players are to use their abilities.

Scandalmonger for reference.

General strategies::
Squallmonger: Lifegain and mandadorks. Pump any unused mana into squalling, hope opponents use it to finish off flyers or other players lower on health.

Scandalmonger: Run cards that are still effective in the grave (flashback, delve, embalm, madness, threshold, etc), or that gain a bonus for what's in my own or other players' graveyards.

Late, but here it is:

Lorescale Coatl

Scroll Thief
Neurok Invisimaster
Tandem Lookout
Glacial Wall
Thalid Shell-Dweller

Artful Dodge
Distortion Strike

Think Twice
Counsel of the Soratami

Vines of Vastwood
Ranger's Guile
Clout of the Dominus
Shielding Plax
Diplomatic Immunity
Mystic Veil
Robe od Mirrors
Veil of Secrecy

Mana Leak
Arcane Denial

Vapor Snag

Simic Guildgate
Thornwood Falls
5 Forest
10 Island

Like I said, Pauper TL is appealing- my full 99 was basically just more of the same, so I trimmed it a bit. Plus, less life = easier Coatl kills

Cut Veil of Secrecy for Aqueous Form

Consider running Serum Visions over a Divination, and also Clout of the Dominous isn't legal in that deck :/

I actually completely forgot that Serum Visions is a common. Will replace.

Regarding Clout, I was under the impression that you can include hybrid cards in commander/TL. But whatever, its not like its irreplaceable.

Color identity is all colors present in the oracle text except those in (parentheses)

So clout is both red and blue

What can interact with this once it gets a few counters on it?

I run Azorius Guildmage which is just U/W control. I also have Bloodbraid Elf and thats just elf ball value. I like the format, but I have no one to play with. The games can get pretty grindy quickly so I like to run the creatures from Zendikar that all have the pay 8 effects. Its a decent mana sink because I feel the board state gets stalled really quickly.

very little short of pestilence and plague rats.
It is why Ascended Lawmage and Invisible Stalker are top tier in the format.

Where are you getting info for this meta game?