April 24, 2017 Banned and Restricted Announcement

>What should happen:

>banned:Gideon, Ally of Zendikar; Felidar Guardian

>unbanned: Stoneforge Mystic; Bloodbraid Elf; Jace, the Mind Sculptor; Preordain; Punishing Fire

>banned: Brainstorm
>unbanned: Mind Twist; Goblin Recruiter; Earthcraft

>unban Bloodbraid Elf

>Restrict: Monastery Mentor, Arcbound Ravager

>Unrestrict: Balance, Flash, Channel, Demonic Consultation

Shake the meta up a little.

god, shje's so fucking brave and so fucking hot

>ban Gideon & cat in standard
Gideon they can't ban because gatewatch, corporate won't let them. Cat is a safeR ban but consumer confidence is shaky enough. Probably no changes.

>that modern bullshit
Jace and SFM can't be unbanned (not they don't want to, they aren't allowed to) and preordain unban makes Storm tier 0 again. DSJ doesn't need punishing fire or bbe to be any better.

Banning brainstorm does nothing to combat the only issue with the format. Ban mentor if you want to hit it.
Mind twist will never be unbanned because "turn 1 discard your hand" will be meta, earthcraft might be safe, recruiter is just pants on head retarded.

Shitty bait/10

Gettin real sick of idiots saying Jace should be unbanned. You don't even appreciate how fucking strong that card is.

You are an idiot if you think that Jace wouldn't be a good unban right now, Death's Shadow is op as fuck and needs some competition.

So it's either unban Jace/SFM etc. to make other fair decks stronger or ban Death's Shadow

>Confidence is shaken

Confidence is Standard is currently 0, so there's nowhere to go but up. Cat is going to get banned

>biggest wave of standard bans in like 10 years
>people want more bans
How did a format die so hard?

Mythic rarity

Shitty Battlecruiser design philosophy and Corporate Greed.

I do appreciate how strong he is, but I also appreciate that 4 mana is a big investment in modern.

It wouldn't break the format

In what context do you think Jace is strong? ALA-ZEN Standard? ZEN-SOM Standard? Legacy?

Jace wouldn't be strong in Modern. He doesn't have the tools blue has in Legacy but has an abundance of checks in Modern that did not exist in ZEN-SOM Standard.

Mind Sculptor is just a nice win condition in some WUR deck.

The only good reason to not unban him is the secondary market fallout shrieking from players. But if the secondary market wasn't a fucking problem Jace would be just fine.

I'd watch that shitshow, would be hilarious. Although I doubt anyone at Hasbro is tired of printing money enough to let anyone slip up that badly.

Well banning brainstorm would do other things too, eg chip of a little on the powerlevel of all blue decks that now have to move on to preordain instead. My guess would be more sore butts then metagame upsets, to be honest. Whether that would be consider an improvement or not I suppose is mostly opinion. I do not play legacy myself but I can say this, restricting it in vintage was not a mistake. They are very different formats though so salt to taste if you will.

>In what context do you think Jace is strong?

>Mind Sculptor
>win condition
know how I can tell you're retarded?

Standard? You realize he was never legal in Modern, right?


Cards like Bitterblossom, Ancestral Vision and Sword of the Meek were also banned in the beginning just because of Standard and Extended like Jace, are they ruining the format right now?

Haha, what a great impression of a stupid person user. To be fair though, if he'd serve as the actual wincon in any hypothetical modern deck very often, sure, I have no comment on that. But, for example, you can play him in PW Control as your only wincon beside tinker for blightsteel or snapcaster beats. Ergo in a very control heavy list it would certainly not be out of the question.

Mindtwist is fine in legacy, it's almost always going to be a worse Hymn except in weird decks like nicfit or some crappy B/X 12post deck. Earthcraft is also fine, gives decks like enchantress a good wincon outside of simply making themselves unkillable and waiting the draw their singleton emrakul or for the their opponent to get bored and concede. Goblin recruiter will never get unbanned due to how poorly it interacts with tournament rules, you would get slow play warnings/game loses for trying to use it. Brainstorm will never be banned in legacy, It's been legal for over 15 years. If they were going to ban it they would have done it ages ago.

I'd like to see Punishing Fire and Stoneforge come of the B&R list. I mean if deaths shadow decks making enormous creatures super fast for 1 mana is OK, whats wrong with Stoneforge pooping out a 4/4 vigilance, lifelinker on turn 3? Punishing fire seems like it would help enable some cool control decks, which modern sorely needs. Hell, if these unbans happen I might be tempted into playing modern regularly again instead of just legacy.

>people think 6/7 for 4 mana over 2 turns is busted
>when we have 10/10s for 1 mana and 7/8s for 2 mana

Flash Hulk is still ridiculously good.

Standard will get no bans because they "want to see how Amonkhet impacts the format", forgetting that Amonkhet is slow and has bugger all for removal. A few months later they will finally break down and ban Gideon AoZ and the cat.

Would it be in the contemporary meta? I doubt this user. Quiet likely tier but thats kind of the point. But by all means sketch me a list and I will have a look at it.

Like, reveillark, body double, mogg fanatic and viscera seer or would you run disciple?

Some standard blue stuff, fows and flusterstorms, maybe misstep? The good cantrips, sprinkle with dt and vamp and it's ilk, I guess leaning fairly heavily on these prehaps, plus moxens lotus the usual suspects. A piece of removal or two?

Side in some hand disruption, recall stuff like that, go for speed vs dredge.

I might sit down and try a few games with this actually.

God damn you're fucking stupid. How do you even fucking breath with that few braincells?

they're about to release another gideon so they could do it

Pact and defense grids are solid options too. Postboard we're quiet likely gonna have to deal with cages, priest, rip and stuff like that too in some meaningful way. Certainly UB at this point, so splash green for maybe md worldly and that'd give us decay and perhaps natures claim too. Red splash sounds dubious. White would give us balance, which is an ok sb card is some mu's, fragmentize, disenchant, and like perhaps a one-off plow could be useful.

Am I missing anything?