How does this make you feel Veeky Forums ?

How does this make you feel Veeky Forums ?

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Legion when?

Hope they don't stay exclusive to Fallout 4.

Aww fuck have been working on a own version for a while now

sounds good to me

Rock Hard.
Even if the rules suck, This is Not a Test is a fantastic ruleset that'll eat them up.

I came here to say this!

Fuck yeah!


I feel absolutely nothing, because I've seen too many good renders turn out complete dogshit, so until I get some solid resin, plastics or metals, this shit might as well not exist.

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They probably won't be too in scale with these heroic lumps. Which is good, I despise heroic for looking like crud with modern sculpting and painting techniques compared to what one can accomplish with a more realistic scale.

>not classic Fallout
Not interested.


>Fallout models
>Based on 4

the idea is good, but I wish they would've picked another design choice than F4.

4's designs aren't all bad, the problem is it's also the game that loans itself least to a war game.

now if they made NRC and Legion models, we'd have sufficient factions for a wargame.

Makes me hard

>16 replies
>12 posters
>Triggered as fuck by criticism

There's some serious shilling going on here.

This is a big problem for me. Classic designs have a different 50's Americana feel to them, which is very important to the game and narrative.!/Nuclear-sandlot/c/5965003/offset=0&sort=normal

We had those for some time, is he now legal or something?

Confused, abused and slightly amused

does it use GURPS?

>the game that loans itself least to a war game.
What? FO4 is 90% base building and 90% gun fetishism.

Guess we can't have those pretend threads anymore

If they cover the good parts of the Fallout Timeline then I'm all for it. If it's all Fallout 4 stuff why bother.

b8 or not, he's still got a point

indeed name 4 factions in Fallout 4 that lend themselves to a mini wargame.

Difficulty: You can not use the Brotherhood of Steel as they are in all past games.

Mega Difficulty: You can not use Super Mutants as they are in all past games as well.

What Unique factions does fallout 4 offer?

>Super Mutants?

Commonwealth (citizens, a militia, etc)
Institute (synths, some types of robot)
Raiders (various raider types, war beasts)
Supermutants (Muties and beasts)


Expansion 1!
Vault (XYZ).

Yeah, the typical boardgame plastic that a lot of manufacturers use are pretty low detail even when it's good. They never look nearly as good as the render.

Cool I guess. If I don't like it or want to play I just avoid it. Bam.

...wouldn't that just be a GURPS wargame?

>Fallout 2k is real now

Minute Men = Valid
Raiders = Not Valid, they exist in all previous games.
Robots = Possibly Valid, but they are in general not a cohesive faction in fallout 4. If we go by Fallout Tactic Lore, they indeed could be.
Super Mutants = Not Valid, as they exist in all previous games.
Enclave = The Enclave does not make any appreciable appearance in fallout 4

The Common Wealth is in no way unified enough to make a cohesive army.

The Institute does not fight that way at all, they only ever mounted one outright 'battle' in fallout 4, and that was against the Minute Men. To make this a valid wargame faction you would have to change the lore of fallout 4.

Raiders exist in all previous games, so this is not a valid choice to a unique fallout 4 wargame faction.

Super Mutants fall into the same line of reasoning as Raiders.

Ghouls are in no way unified to make a wargame army... Maybe a Skirmish based game like TNT.

Vaults in Fallout 4 are not militaristic.

Robots are not unified in fallout 4 as a faction.

Now some of the above choices could work if it were a skirmish based wargame like TNT, letting the player of certain factions recruit units like Robots, Mutants, and ghouls.

I'm assuming this is a skirmish size game, with like 6-12 models in a team. At those scales, Institute and Minutemen both work. As do some of the specific raider sub-bands in FO4 if we really care.

But seriously, how many 'new' groups are in any fallout game?

FO2 introduced NCR, Intelligent Deathclaws and Enclave.
FO3 introduced.. nothing?
NV Introduced Caesar's.

FO:Tactics introduced the Reavers, and the Calculator.

>pitching itself as a "warfare" game
>not a skirmish game

That being said I might pick up some models to paint if they're fairly priced

Gotta put that "war never changes" quote in the marketing, yo.

Just because it's called warfare doesn't mean it's not a skirmish game.

You know. Skirmishes are a part of wars too.

>Using disgusting T-60 armor to represent the Brotherhood of Steel

Mutants and Deathclaw look great though.

I would pay for Ordinator and general TES models. Just sayin.

FO3 had.. outcasts? Also House should be a faction.

I would have liked to see other possible factions than just 4's gallery of the BoS, Minutemen, Gunners, Super Mutants, Institute, and Raider shmucks.

Missing out on armies like the NCR, Legion, House, & Enclave is kinda lame. They had a lot of flavor as well as some tabletop mechanics that really write themselves. Maybe I'm a New Vegas fanboy, but the factions in that game, and the older games before it, just had so much more going for it.

Well at least Brother Vinny makes good Fallout figures, and This is Not a Test is a pretty great ruleset.

can you get the mini's separately, I've always wanted some deathclaw Kroxigor

He is referring more to the setting and lore than to the mechanics.

Talon mercs, Regulators (bland as they are), and arguably the Ayylmaos from Zeta could be counted as a few more contributions from 3.

I knew that terrain I started would come in handy

New Vegas was explicitly about warring factions trying to decide the fate of New Vegas, so it makes the most sense. Hopefully they don't limit themselves and take factions from all of the Fallout games thusfar.

>Wasteland Warfare
Any relation to Fallout: Warfare?
That was my introduction to miniature games.
I'd love a BoS Humvee model.

And the great battle of the Hoover Dam was like 20 on 30. With a B-29 flying by.

The Battle for the Water Purifier was like, PC, 5 BoS guys, Liberty Prime and 20 Enclave dudes.

Skirmish is the only size that makes sense.

Fallout 4 guns are perhaps the most retarded in the series.

They obviously didn't get the RPG-licence. Thank whatever gods that might listen for that.

MEME MAGIC! All those threads on Veeky Forums worked.

What's this got over existing games like This Is Not A Test?

The Fallout brand

an army of bethdrones hearing about it on social media, buying said models then saturating ebay with the models cause most of the drones dont have the patience to sit down, paint the minis then learn the rules and play a game

Not a good selling point post-Bethesda desu


>Skirmish never changes.

Good point. I'll wait for ebay to get flooded so i can pick up some NCR guys on the cheap

If only we could hope for as much.

Well, if it ends up selling more than TnT then I think it will be safe to say that it is a good selling point.

It's nothing.

Fallout was a mistake. It still seems unreal that Bethesda resurrected the dead series just so it could release more of its lazy open world games with amateur level animations and embarrassing writing in the setting.

Only the original Fallout was a great game, and there's now nearly 10 games in the series.

gotta contribute and be vocal. Make sure to spam any youtube and facebook stuff they have with "Loving the minis! Can we have NCR?" then they'll buckle and produce them. Just think!
>all those drones
>all those generic NCR troopers on ebay

you could make an entire battalion

Its fallout 4
NCR isn't in the commonwealth

>thinking they'll buy NCR Troopers

Oh. Well looks like we should do what this user said NCR guys would be sweet to have in mini form

starter and package sets with cool minis in them would help. Something like battle of hoover dam with say 4 Caesars legion and 4 NCR troopers might see a load of sales

We know nothing of it's ruleset yet. But we do see nice renders. If the actual minis come out well, may well use them for TnT

Beyond mad.
>90% gun fetishism.
are you retarded?
>4 guns
>modding is slapping highest numbers available at the time

Enclave are pretty well and fucked by this point in the timeline but they'll most likely do it just to have the evil guys in power armor to fight the BoS' """ good guys" "" in power armor.

>nuka machine mini
For what purpose?

Scenarios or tokens? Maybe there's a fatigue system where you have to keep hydrated

People been playing Fallout wargames for years, never needed an official miniatures range or system for it. And fuck it, there even was an official wargame that came with Fallout: Tactics.

Really though, I can't bring myself to care because it's based on Fallout 4 and I don't want anything to do with that game. Guess I'm just a salty old grognard.

Never, sadly. Bethesda was jealous and petty of Obsidian even DURING the NV production process. Following that, they went through great lengths to omit all but the most obscure references to NV in Fallout 4.

Nooka worl!

Please, tell me more about This is Not a Test.

didny borl?!

I fucking hate bethesda.
Imagine the hatred copypasta from IHNMAIMS and you're not even near the 1 millionth of what i feel towards bethesda, todd howard and pete hines.
If i had 3 wishes I'd use them to erase bethesda, and have todd along with hines crucified

Don't forget the Great Khans. Remnants of the Master's Army.

But seeing as this is based on 4, getting the cooler factions is probably not going to happen.

Gun Runners have a small merc army


Westside had that little militia if I recall

The Marked Men (Legion and NCR renegades from lonesome road)

The White Legs (Honest Hearts Tribals)

Powder Gangers


Dr. Mobius's killer robot army (Old World Blues)

New Canaanites

Think Tank

Ill throw in the Kings just for kicks

Fallout New Vegas also had like 4 Raider gangs


Literally fuck Bethesda for not doing New Vegas factions

New Vegas also had Enclave Remnants floating around and Lonesome Road had alot of Tribes added in it too.

Also Vann graffs and Crimson Caravan

I had no idea they added this much factions in NV

It makes 4 look pitiful

Well alot of the stuff I said were not really huge factions but they were still factions.

Can't wait untill they make it into a Total War style vidya.

Hell we can consider NCR rangers another faction themselves

Bethesda on fucking suicide watch

>Actually, I have no idea what the hell we are trying to achieve.

Is Fallout 4 really that bad? I've never played it.

a step down from 3
far worse than New Vegas

It is. Basically, the Institute created sentient synths to be their slaves and literally get mad that their thinking, feeling machine slaves are pissed about being made slaves of and ran away. The Institute also kidnaps people, kills them and then replaces them with a synth that has their exact appearance and memories for no stated reason. They also made new super mutants and set them loose for no reason. This isn't a meme either - not once is a reason stated for any of the fucktarded things the Institute does in the game.

The Institute makes the Think Tank look like good scientists

They're trying to bring about a new era of synths while also oppressing synths. They also made their own brand of super mutants for laughs, a brand of mutants with an even lower possibility of coming out with a clear head after the transformation. They wiped out a community for a snazzy laser gun. They bombed a commonwealth get-together between the leaders of every town to try to unify everyone peacefully and they replace people just to see if they can do it without people noticing, which they often do notice so the institute tries again.

Ok, a rundown of all factions of note that could actually fight a pitched battle, by game (excluding tactics and that abortion that was Fallout: BOS)

Brotherhood of Steel, Desert Rangers, Great Khans, The Unity (the Master's army,) The Followers of the Apocalypse,

Fallout 2:
NCR, Enclave

Fallout 3:
Brotherhood Outcasts

Fallout NV:
NCR (including unified ranger factions,) The Kings, House (and the Securitron Army,) Caeser's Legion

Fallout 4:

That's enough to create a decent wargame. Plus, throw in the raiders and model them after the way Orks are in Warhammer and 40k, and you're good.

The thing is, in the concept of a war game, it wouldn't work. Gun Runners had a small security contingent (was actually larger in Fallout 1.) The Westside Militia was 6 or 7 guys with varmint rifles. The Powder Gangers were literally created to be the throwaway faction used in the tutorial (If you go the good karma/hero route, you'll encounter a Powder Ganger named Boxcars who calls you the "Powder Ganger's grim fucking reaper." And you, at most if you're doing a straight playthorugh, will be a level 3 or 4.)

TL:DR, most NV factions are factions just for tracking purposes. The real factions are NCR, House, Legion, and BoS.

Still the smaller factions were cool too



Im gonna trash your shit game on Veeky Forums, shills. You'll have your work cut out doing damage control, and even then I'll still manage to put some people off. :))))))

Yes. Couple of reasons.
1: Consoles. They had to nerf a lot of what was going to go into it, and yet somehow your Mr. Handy knows how to pronounce Arseface. Could have used that space for, you know, other shit.
2: Shit tier mission design. Seriously, how many times is X, Y, or Z going to get kidnapped from the middle of your fortified compound?
3: No good versus evil. Unlike all the previous Fallout games, you're pretty much forced into the good karma track if you want to finish the game.

The three greats (Fallout, Fallout2, Fallout New Vegas) were all done by the same guys (working for Black Isle first, then Obsidian.) 3 and 4 were straight Bethesda, and while 3 was ok (the best Oblivion mod ever made, lol) 4 was crap.

Eh, they were ok. The key is, this is in reference to a tabletop war game. Could the Crimson Caravan come up with enough troops to take on the NCR? Or say, the Van Graffs take on the Legion? Or hell, all 3 of the tribes (the Omertas, the Chairmen and the White Gloves) combined take on anyone of note?

Don't you have anything better to do with your life like meeting girls and having sex?

The population of the wasteland is small, and firearms and explosives are common. It wouldn't look like huge tightly-packed formations of guys, but more like small-scale rattenkrieg.