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Tell me all about Amazons.

Specifically, how would you go about making an all-woman-warrior society that could be taken seriously?

Sword & Sorcery, Kink-Shame Mode: how would you make them blatant fetish bait, but still be taken seriously?

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Drow. Dark elf is an excuse for anything from world-building standpoint.

They are descendants of human warrior who slayed and tamed many terrible monsters. He was known for his strength and courage but had no sons, leaving it to his three daughters to continue his line. Amazons preserve traditions of their legendary ancestor and grandmothers. They are favored of the Earth Goddess and the Great Huntress and enjoy their blessings and protection.

It's a setting where different races have patron gods and goddesses. Elves were created by the god of the forest, dwarves were created by the god of crafting, etc.

Amazons are an all female race created by an Artemis-style goddess of hunting and virgin maidens. They are mostly human but tend to be taller and more muscular. They live in cloistered societies mostly separate from "The World of Man" and lean toward Fighter, Ranger, and Cleric-like classes.

Reproduction could be like some kind of mystical ceremony where the head priestess asks for their goddess to bless a mighty warrior with a daughter or something.

For the hard mode: They drink from a magic spring that causes them to become immensely strong, and lay eggs instead of giving birth to live babies. The slave underclass cares for the infants while the amazons go fight wars.

>The Men went out hunting one day and never came back
They prayed for help and a traveling wizard cast a spell of fecundity on their lands
It backfired and now all their children are born female, all their food plants are huge and every creature from miles around wants to attack them.
If an Amazon dies another identical tougher amazon will grow in the dirt to replace her.
Amazons can have children with anything
If an Amazon has a child the daughter will have all the desirable traits of the father
They've had to Git Gud at fighting and the Manly arts because none else will help them.and they don't want to dilute the bloodline down with shitty Goblin amazons.

Basically thisMusclegirl, Femdom and throw in taking the best males back home for breeding stock with some lesbian romance to top it off and you get the fetish answer

Have them be a cultural thing with a logical origin: generations ago, a great war decimated the masculine members of their race, forcing the women to take on traditionally "male" role. Even after the gender disparity caught up, "men's work" had become the traditional prerogative of the females - this works well with a slow-breeding race like elves or dwarves.

This could have been further bolstered by a cult that gained in prominence, basically blaming the menfolk for getting caught up in a war that killed them off. This could just have led to culture revisionism so men are no longer trusted to do warrior things, or have even led to things like subtly distributing alchemical poisons that alter the gender ratio, ensuring men can never hold dominance due to being outnumbered by women.
Alternatively, go with a savage race where the womenfolk are traditionally oppressed (orcs, ogres, gnolls, etc) but as violent as the males and have them get sick of the abuse; a literal gender rebellion later, and the females make their own culture to ensure they will never be slaves again. Generations later and they still persist because tradition is a powerful damn force.

is it only hymen breaking or is anything sexual a count against virginity?

>all-woman-warrior society
The only way this can be done is by making them reproduce asexually. If they are a sexually reproducing species, they cannot exist without men, no matter how many times women declare men "obsolete" in their narcissistic arrogance.

I guess the closest you can get is
>Women are naturally stronger than men
>2 women are born for every 1 man
>Half of those women are sterile
>Said sterile women form the warrior class

Simple. They're acually not humans, but a non-sexually dimorphic race that does consist of male and female, but there's no difference most humanoids would notice other than a very intimate examination of their genitalia. They birth 90% twins, so males and females alike are capable of breast feeding, and because their species lives in a very violent and tumultuous environ, both male and females need to be hardy and strong to protect themselves and their children from the various hazards.

This often leads to them thinking males and females of other races are actually distinct species, however. they also can tell the differences between other non-dimorphic species such as serpent-folk, lizardmen, and most aberrations.

>Alternatively, go with a savage race where the womenfolk are traditionally oppressed

I thought female Hyenas were in charge due to the whole size-difference and awkward urethra-birthing-penis issue?

Is that not true in gnolls??

They eat a special fruit that works like steroids and amps up aggression, but only has an effect on females.

Simple. Ditch the derpy ass idea that in an amazonian society, men are effeminate pansies; instead, men do manual labor etc. like normal.

In this purely hypothetical culture, soldiers spend more time polishing boots, starching and iron uniforms, and arranging stacks of gear in a nice, pretty fashion than actually training to fight. Physical conditioning emphasizes keeping soldiers healthy and being able to run rather than hitting hard, and unarmed combat training prioritizes stuff not too strength dependent joint locks rather than simply shoving your fist through the enemy's face. At the same time, this purely hypothetical military has problems; for example, due to the soft heart of their civilian leadership, they have faced defeat repeatedly due to them being unwilling to resort to brutal tactics.

>Is that not true in gnolls?
It's a Veeky Forums meme that furries came up with. No basis in fantasy RPG's.
I don't mind gnolls being a matriarchal society and it would even be cool, but I'm afraid I would now never be able to divorce this idea from the sick fucks who came up with it on Veeky Forums.

I'm running a game set in ancient greec so if they ever have to appear I think I'll stay true to the myths (even if stronk women and snu snu are my fetish).Man hating powerful tribals, killing the sons and keeping the girl, reproduce when needed a ditch the husband after the children are born.

The Lakshu?

Green Haired Alien Amazoms from Spelljammer?

so girls and shemales, I can dig it

That does bring up a very important question: is shemale-on-female porn more or less gay than male-on-female porn?

God I miss that setting.

Too bad my players are FUCKING RETARDED and can't stand me having fun.

And at the same time, since other cultures think of them as just "the warrior women" when men still have important roles, Amazons may think of other cultures as unnecessarily violent--what kind of brutes would reduce an entire culture to their warriors, after all?

>Musclegirl, Femdom and throw in taking the best males back home for breeding stock with some lesbian romance to top it off and you get the fetish answer

Throw in feminine benis and nazi occultist mythology and take out the men being brought back and you have the /d/ answer
also my autistic fapfiction

its all about that matters to you more, the body itself or the parts attached to the body, is it more gay to like a shemale or a C-Boy to you?


I never see it talked about

Which is a real shame because Spelljammer is great

Amazons are easy to make you just need and "take seriously." You just need two ingredients:

1. Ancient magic/curse/plot device placed on them makes it so some arbitrarily large percent of of their offspring are female.

2. Add them to a dangerous location that forces them to be a society of hunters and warriors.

You can make it more or less fetishy by having or not having things like "Man hunts", Amazons as easily the strongest type of human in your setting, and super festishy feminization magic your should only ever have in ERPs.

Things I avoid but seem to be a staple of using Amazons is a cultural fascination with males. Examples include: Amazons outright viewing males as inferior or special things that need to be tenderly cared for.

blatant fetish bait:
Avoid almost anything that could be seen as fetish bait then reveal hermaphrodites.

nazi occultist mythology?

they are are a tribe that actually is not species exclusive who worship a nature goddess of fertility, hunting and Noble warfare (i.e. war with a purpose) a member is known by her flexible armor, ritual scars that are then inked, and a preference for ranged and reach weapons. People often seek them out as mercenaries, they work for favores, sometimes they request a recently married couple to join their tribe, they are usually never seen again.

The Goddess's blessing makes each new new couple turn into new tribe members, turning male and female alike into functioning hermaphrodites, this is done to ensure new blood and wisdom is always cycled into the tribe and they don't culturally stagnate even with respect to their traditions

you mean like

>Amazons outright viewing males as [...] special things that need to be tenderly cared for
>These Amazons will never be real
Sadness covers me like a blanket. Tuck me in, let me die.

If you want the society to be all women, but don't want to use a magical explanation for reproduction, one possibility is that they're from an immortal or long-lived race. So this same society of warrior women has been the same set of people since 4000 years ago, with the numbers slowly dwindling. They might have started out as a group the size of modern Iceland, but are now just a large tribe.

All of those survivors now have millennia of skill, strength, and savvy. They pick their fights carefully, and they never lose anymore.

DM had one where to keep his thumb on them, a villain basically killed all the men of a society. So it wasn't a natural thing, but it was a female society.

You know it's the DM's who are rare, not players, right?

started out just wanting a pretext for uniforms and then taking influence from prison gangs (because rape), spiraled out of control to the point that I was mapping the neopagan nazi futa cult's mythology onto Blavatskyan pseudo-historical "cycles" along with copious amounts of Norse and near eastern mythology, and then writing this in a faux-translation form, as if it were a real historical document like the Iliad or Gilgamesh
naturally requiring shemale-versions of norse pagan gods and then their own mythology and creation-myth and so on and so forth

Basically Veeky Forums+/d/+/pol/+Veeky Forums

Elves don't have human biology, so perhaps Corellon Larethorn demanded the women make up the warrior class for some inane reason like making up for Lolth's betrayal?

That's fine, but you still need to make them a military power to be feared. Your representation makes them sound fairly ineffective, and if that was the case they would likely have been conquered by their neighbors already.

Perhaps, while there are certain tactics they consider brutal and beneath them, there are likewise other tactics that the amazons consider perfectly fine but others consider cheating? For example, the amazons utilize a paralytic poison on their weapons during war which can turn even a grazing wound into a swift defeat, even death if you are unlucky enough to get cut too much. The amazon consider this a mercy, as it allows them to take many of their enemies alive. But their neighbor don't see it that way, especially since there is no known antidote to render their forces immune prior to the battle.

Can you give a link?

I just make them their own species, like elves. For them, sexual dimorphism went the other way. Aside from their females being the larger and stronger sex, they are mostly similar to humans. Their people are stronger than us overall, so their 'weaker' men are basically on par with an average not especially strong human, but their women are significantly stronger than our men.

They are seen as isolationist, since they find our culture just as weird as we find theirs. The myth that their society is all or mostly women is a result of them considering the outside world dangerous, and only send those trained to defend themselves out into it on rare missions. Which usually means soldiers, which to them means women.


All female unit with winged mounts- the reason being that women tend to be smaller and weigh less than men, making them easier to carry, which is loads more important in the air than on land.
It's sort of a weak excuse, but peak women's physical stats in terms of Olympic world records tend to be about 90% of peak male stats, so the trade-off would be fair from a handwavy perspective.
Plus, one of the sex-based differences in athletic performance is hemoglobin in the blood, so women that specialize in high-air climates might slowly tighten that gap just a little more.
>Mountain-based society that trains birds for an air cavalry
>Over the long term women become the leaders of the warrior class
>Possibly a male homeguard, but mostly if not all women warriors

Shit, now I wana give it a shot:

>SFW-Serious Content
-Their Society/Civilization isn't actually all that "primitive", but instead based more on ancient greek culture and technology: Amazonian women creating large, functioning, aggressive military-societies capable of excellent bronze-working, academics, architecture, valuing strength, practicality, and beauty in all the things they make.

-Amazonian stereotype could be based more on the mercenaries, bandits, or other such women exiled from proper amazonian society and now must live on the outskirts of their territory. Exposing themselves to outside influences and the whole, "brutish warrior women". An Amazonian with one of her breasts cut off is actually the physically punishment/brand of a rapist, but exiles have been playing it off as "improving archery" for decades.

-They don't give birth to Men. Ever. That doesn't mean they think Men are "inferior"; they're just foreign.

>NSFW-Fetish Content
-They're all black, muscular, strong-jawed, Dmitrys-Hentai-Shemales; with nary a vagina amongst any of them. They sexually reproduce entirely through urethral insertion and give birth through their urethra.

-Their Society has a prominent social attachment to scarring; Scars are a sign of battle experience and subject of pride. In times of peace (or those who are affluent enough to avoid warfare) Amazonians compensate by giving themselves large visible piercings: Nipple, Genital, and Nose being the most popular.

-Amazonians aren't actually attracted to outside women and are usually more interested in dating men- purely on the basis that it is, "foreign/exotic".

I never uploaded it anywhere ;_;

The mythology part is only about 1/5 finished and the near-future rapegang part is one of those things where you can just keep writing new stories/scenarios if you want, kind of aimless, maybe 50 pages done.

Work got bogged down in the epic poems within the mythological text within the near-future narrative

>social attachment to scarring

One boob or two?

>ruining perfectly good tits

No, other humanoids can't tell the difference between male and females visually - they both look female unless you examine the insides. Scent reveals their gender just fine though.Their main sexual position is tribbing; not much else gets the deed done.

that's what the "real" amazons did according to Greek mythology, to make archery easier

Rip off Final Fantasy's Mithra:

divine magic made it so women are physically competitive with men, and much more numerous - maybe 80% of the population.

Then conceal the magical realm by changing the cosmetics and making them catfolk.

They are an offshoot of an all female religion devoted to the many aspects of a moon goddess. They particularly worship the Full Moon Aspect, The Mother, which is her warrior aspect.

They believe that they must achieve as much martial mastery so that when they die and their souls are called upon by the Mother to fight demons in the afterlife.

They are particularly known for their knowledge of alchemy and special medicines to make them physically powerful as well as their intense training.

So, Mi'qote.

there were no contemporary accounts of the one-boob thing; it's almost certainly an embellishment the Victorians tacked on later to make them seem weird and scary.

also chopping off a boob would not have been a realistically survivable operation given the medical knowledge of the day. no, cauterizing the boob-hole with a hot rock would not have helped. the amazons would have gone extinct almost instantly after coming up with that rule.

also having two boobs doesn't interfere with archery in any way unless you are holding the bow like a retard, which presumably a martial/hunter society would train their warriors not to do.

>how would you go about making an all-woman-warrior society that could be taken seriously?
Males act as diplomats, for they are just as tough.

Add a creation myth involving women, and have a blood line involved with the women.

Case in point, Spain. Sure there is a King and what not, but during a certain period of time, the last name that was used was the mother's.

Also, its just a game.

>how would you make them blatant fetish bait, but still be taken seriously?

Become Zonette, the littlest princess of the Amazons.

Bring one royal guard for every other fetishable asset to you, and a role of interest for the other PCs to connect with: a motherly figure for the character with the family issues, and for your momcest fantasy if there is; a pair for the barbaric warrior, just for thicc for you.

Whatever the case, do not shoehorn them, do not force them to the PCs or the players.


No sexual dimorphism, everyone presents as female, everyone is giant muscular women but some of them have dicks.

>how would you go about making an all-woman-warrior society that could be taken seriously?
You can't, because if you need to "convince someone to take it seriously", then they are already so disinclined to do so that attempting would be a waste of time.
All examples of skirting the spirit of the intent because they could not accept the premise even in a mild fantasy setting.

So what happens if one gets raped.

They're the servants/daughters/wives of the God of War. Those who take the oath are granted strength, endurance, and stature and learn the arts of war at one of his temples and/or monasteries.

S&SK-S: Regardless of which of the three they are counted as their main purpose is to find men greater than them and to bear their children so that all the world's strength is tied to the War God.

>an all-woman-warrior society
>taken seriously

lewl, you don't, it's inherently ridiculous and just magical realm.

One ancient society was hyper sexist.

Magic exists.

A bunch of women in that society learned magic, said "fuck this", locate-city-nuked their society and built a new one.

They then used magic to make all their female children grow stronger than the strongest men automatically, without training.

Chinese amazons with incredible weeaboo fightan magic powers and Technicolor hair.

>Boner, we had a deal

I had an amazon styled society as background for an Only War unit the party encountered.

Their planet had been invaded by a Nurgle chaos force. After several years of warfare, only a handful of the Nurgle marines were left. As their dying stroke, they unleashed a genebomb that killed every man, and it had the unforseen side effect of genetically damaged the women so they could only bear female children.

The planet was highly technological, and to prevent their culture from dying, they developed a way to splice two eggs into an embryo and implant it.

Thus they are an amazon society perpetuated by a form of cloning that combines two women's eggs.


>That's fine, but you still need to make them a military power to be feared. Your representation makes them sound fairly ineffective, and if that was the case they would likely have been conquered by their neighbors already.

I was satirically (but lovingly) describing the US military to attempt to half assedly prove a point: the US military is plenty effective and yet at every step of the level it takes pains to keep from having to make assumptions about how buff its dudemen are, and it has elements that are stereotypically girly as well (civilian leaders that are so soft hearted they sabotage their own side, and the fixation on dress up and prettifying uniforms). Much of this is just normal military stuff too, not unique to the US military.

The "serious" answer is that the stuff that would lead to warrior women being effective are just natural military innovations -- emphasis on reach weapons and crossbows plus good organization are all you need. So "how are they effective??" isn't a hard question at all.

To add to this, all you need is the CULTURAL question, why girls do the military thing. So my suggestion is quite simple -- if you want it to be a culture with fairly normal """"""""patriarchal"""""""" values, go right ahead. Its a culture in which men, as in ours, tend towards the most dangerous and dull toil, but its also a culture with little need for anything but that + military force. So the guys tend to take the mining, manual labor, etc., but there is no need for softer civilian tasks.

Meanwhile, the military is just really damn interesting for the women, for whatever reason. Perhaps its that its viewed as a highly social and romantic task, perhaps its the easiest or most comfortable job of those that remain, perhaps female warriors are highly fetishized. Perhaps women really fucking love to travel and playing with the cool animals they get as mounts and scouts. Maybe the benefits of joining the military are irresistible and highly necessary to women but dismissed by the vast majority of men.

If you can't get past the idea of men being protective of women, many RPG settings have enough subtle/urban monsters that all points are equidistant with regards to danger, or close to it. Mining could be viewed as legitimately more dangerous than the military in a D&Dish setting -- miners may have to contend with subterranean monstrosities 24/7 while all soldiers have to face 99% of the time are weak as hell level 1 plebs.

Remember that in a world filled with anthopophagi and hostile aliens and mutants, normal logic about risk and reward may be totally out of whack.

This thread has too many gay faglor/d/s and not enough good art to thrive

> Semi-tribal culture
> Males are the way they are in most cultures
> Females are mostly the same as they are in any culture, but it's a matrilineal/matrifocal society, since they're the record keepers
> Sometimes, as a result of war or accident, a woman loses someone close to her, or experiences shame or dishonor so great that death would be preferable
> Woman visits the female shamans of the tribe, who mark her with burial rites
> Takes sacred vows, including cultural taboos against wearing anything but fur, working the land, owning property, associating with the living, etc.
> Voluntarily gets possessed by a demon that lives in her uterus, giving supernatural strength and ferocity
> Also makes her barren, because the demon takes the place of any children she might have in the future
> Gets put into warrior-cults on the outskirts of tribal territory,
where her aggression and physical power won't be a threat to the rest of the tribe
> Other women in the warrior-cult end up being like a new family, because they're the only ones who understand what she's going through and could survive her wrath if she really cut loose
> Males bring them food and water, but otherwise treat them as fearful living saints
> Periodically take their aggression out in massive hunting parties, where they hunt prey or anything that might threaten their tribe

The civilized folk call them "Hamazakaran," which means "War-Makers" in their tongue. Others to the West call them "Amazons," a crude joke as to their sexlessness, for none of them can bear children.

But their tribe merely calls them the Kurgan, for that is where they dwell -- among the barrows. They are already dead.


Source, please? GIS is coming up empty.

Mi'qote are literally worse Mithra.

have the macho ones protect the cute loli wizard ones.

I will point out that Himmler's personal Rune expert, Karl Maria 'Weisthor' Wiligut, had a great many theories about the millennia of ancient Aryan history, including the eventual realization that it was actually a matriarchy.
The fact that he was quietly retired not long after this realization was probably a coincidence.

>there were no contemporary accounts of the one-boob thing
>Hippocrates describes them as: "They have no right breasts...for while they are yet babies their mothers make red-hot a bronze instrument constructed for this very purpose and apply it to the right breast and cauterize it, so that its growth is arrested, and all its strength and bulk are diverted to the right shoulder and right arm."
> Aer. 17&getid=2

Not strictly referring to Amazons but to Scythian women, which both modern and ancient writers associated with Amazons

Although there's no strong reason to believe it, plenty of infant "surgeries" (such as circumcision or Hunnic skull-binding) are found in history, pre-modern peoples were able to take advantage of physical growth and the way different procedures interacted with it.

I'd file it under "plausible", certainly plausible enough to inspire a fictional setting

Hippocrates listed other fantastic bullshit he heard but never witnessed himself like feathers falling from the skies in Scythia

>Specifically, how would you go about making an all-woman-warrior society that could be taken seriously?
Players tend to take opportunity to waifu strong amazonian beauties very seriously, user


>Specifically, how would you go about making an all-woman-warrior society that could be taken seriously?
Have them wear the genitalia of their victims as trophies
>Sword & Sorcery, Kink-Shame Mode: how would you make them blatant fetish bait, but still be taken seriously?
Have them wear the genitalia of their enemies as trophies, while wearing bikinis

PLease give sauce

An entire nation of The Boss.

>Exceptionally trained and focused
>Still feminine
>Able to fight a war still pregnant
>Able to win a war while still pregnant
>Gives birth on the battlefield

Nobody could take a nation of Mary Sues seriously

>Game has giant robots, lightning russians and Angry astronaughts that turn into living fireballs.
>A competant woman soldier is a Mary Sue.

In Iron Kingdoms, back in the day when it was a third edition setting, had a race called the Satyxis which since their kingdom was within the influence of Blitterghast their males were born into malformed mutant monsters which they had to kill on the spot.
Satyxis society became that of riders since they can't grow nor keep cattle in their lands thanks to the dragons brutal Chernobyl aura is in said raids they also try to find a suitable mate.
A "Satyxis kiss" is basically a head butt which rends the target male unconscious. Satyxis are incredible beautiful and muscular women which only abnormal deformity is growing thick ram-like horns.

Exactly, I mean yeah that setting absolutely batshit insane and unrealistic things, but you know there this line you are crossing where thing just turn way too unrealistic.

I honestly preferred the 3e version of them to the more modern depictions. They were a bit more multifaceted. Evil but not quite as one dimensional as they are now. They wouldn't just kidnap and drag men back to rape island.

Though that might be due to it being an RPG book rather than a TT faction guide.

Reverse the 'traditional' sex roles in terms of physical stats. I had an idea in a space setting where a race of psychic lizards had more physically durable and tough females because females guarded the eggs and faster, more agile, and more lean males because males would scavenge for food. As a harsh desert planet, what the males usually scavenged was plants like cactus and bugs, which require more speed than power to catch.

Their mental development, rather than spawning from direct social development and high energy brains like humans, was kicked off by otherworldy supermaterials that gave them psychic powers and the ability to communicate at incredible distances in a hive mind-like fashion. So their native language is based on psychic communication, a fact that meant first contact was really messed up for the crew. Despite being immensely powerful in a psychic sense, even their much larger females are very short (4 ft tall) compared to humans.

After they awakened to psychic powers, their society became much more structured and rigid. Females formed a Circle, meaning they all guarded several clutches of eggs together, while males formed hunting packs to take down larger prey. Females generally specialize in damage-dealing and defensive powers, seeking to kill their enemies while losing as few eggs as possible.

Males generally use augmentation and inhibition psychic powers, bolstering their own speed or endurance or denying a target movement for a short time for the sake of catching and killing prey. Since males augmented their own strength with psionics and focused on efficiency, they never tended to grow much larger. Females, on the other hand, spent most of their time protecting eggs from predators and had a tendency to solve fights that couldn't be resolved by communicating through hand-to-hand combat.

Nope. Gnolls have always had the bog-standard evil humanoid fluff, so they've been patriarchal since 2e. They're even patriarchal in Pathfinder, despite worshipping Lamashtu.

Gnolls being matriarchal or in any ways culturally akin to spotted hyenas is entirely something that exists on Veeky Forums, it's never been supported in any edition of D&D proper.

Which is a shame because it'd actually give them a unique flavor compared to orcs, certainly better than what 5e did.

>but I'm afraid I would now never be able to divorce this idea from the sick fucks who came up with it on Veeky Forums.
Why not embrace the fetish fuckery as a nice flavor to doggo mob monsters.

>including the eventual realization that it was actually a matriarchy.
No, wonder they fell.

Because fetish fuckery is for losers who will be virgins for life

artist is DoomSatan666 (or similar nickname/alter-ego) you can find him on Hentai-foundry or rule34 (paheal).

>how would you go about making an all-woman-warrior society that could be taken seriously?

They would need a pretty solid and influencial Ex Machina (magic, deities, ayyliens, science-gone-wrong, etc.) or an external, outside factor to make an all-women society or a society where women run things and act as primary combatants viable, considering how fucking worthless ''matriarchies'' (both current day and historical) are at anything.

I'm thinking of a lovecraftian level, Bloodborneish all-the-women-consume-blood-of-space-gods-granting-them-superhuman-strenght-and-shit-but-they-also-have-to-feed-all-their-male-offspring-as-offerings-to-said-space-gods kinda society.

The horror element makes it a bit grim and thus tones down the comedy factor of an amazon society, which I suppose would make it a bit easier to ''be taken seriously''.

In that society/region/race, there is whole lotta more women than men. I dunno, perhaps 5 to 1.

Men aren't NECESSARILY confined to the cities but it's pretty clear who is more valuable to reproduction, or at least to a stable society: the society per se isn't really that different from "normal" ones, there is still jeaulousy, familial values etc. which don't make that easy to have men as simply dicks with legs that fertilize women like it was a factory.

Granted, in any case a woman with a man is an accomplished woman; even in that case tough a sort of harem (in which the control is on the women, of course, and quite possibly there is a matriarch of sort and "lesser" spouses).

Lel, women are nothing more than overgrown children. You shouldn't ever take them seriously, even in your special fantasy dreamland.

They're the major magic-using faction of their setting. -4 str becomes irrelevant when a witch can liquefy an enemy's skeleton with their mind while out of sword range.

>nothing more than overgrown children

Sexy children

Isn't that exactly what people say about men instead of women?





In muh setting Amazons have men and are a very egalitarian society. The exceptions being military and political office, both exclusive to women due to beliefs that male aggression leads to instability unsuited for those roles. Even then they can still find a place in those areas, as part of independent mercenary companies, advisers, or logistics positions. They shouldn't be underestimated, as both their men and women are on average stronger than other humans. Their patron goddess is Atalanta, a minor deity of combat, deal-making, and wheat. In order to support her followers Atalanta struck bargains with a number of other gods so that she could grant a number of boons outside of her domain. Because of this Amazonian smiths hold the secret to forging a type of mystic bronze from which they make their arms and armor. Furthermore, their warriors are taught a type of beguiling magic that clouds the minds of their foes. The greatest gift she grants is that when a worthy Amazon woman is killed in battle her soul is reincarnated, and a newborn girl appears in a woven basket floating down one of the three major rivers in their homeland. These factors, combined with heavy use of poisons and hit-and-run tactics that reduce casualties on their side, make them a serious threat in warfare. Atalanta's deal-making aspect is also represented be the Amazon's heavy diplomatic activities. Their nation has many formidable allies, including the Catfolk, the Gorgons, the Southern Dwarves, and the Breezebuilders. The are notably hostile with the Tarmangani as a whole, but individuals of the two nations can be civil and may develop a friendly rivalry if politics are never brought up.

>Have them wear the genitalia of their victims as trophies
Yeah, because that hasn't been done over and over and over and fucking over. That trope is devoid of creativity and I fucking hate the implication that powerful warrior women must necessarily be misandric cunts.

My Amazons would love men, they'd love the male body, they'd be full of lust for men, and they'd fight to protect them and maybe even compete over them. Did Conan go around cutting women's tits off or impaling them through the cunt? No. He saved them and fucked them. Amazons should operate the same way. Misandric shit like sexual mutilation shouldn't even enter their minds, and they'd treat women who tried to do that shit the same way men treat other men who try to rape, mutilate, or harm women. To an Amazon, a man is a beautiful thing, a treasure, a prize, and a bedwarmer. Something to be enjoyed, not destroyed.

Breath of the Wild's Gerudo have some of that, their isolation has mad them bad at talking to the "voh" so they actually have schools for this now, it's kind of adorable

Niels Jorge Peterson or something?

I know it's Niels something. Good shit.