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>General's Handbook pdf!DxRGmTZL!x_L0eobCjr4qrF7enhVlZ2DffTtRa3hdDrc5RctcAbE

>army builder

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im a beginner and looking to start skaven
what paints should i get?

How good are bastiladons? I am looking at there shooting attacks and they just don't seem like they inflict enough wounds. What kind of targets should they be aiming at? Should I keep them close to my stegadon so I can use steadfast majesty for those rerolls of 1?

What is the best big dino in seraphon?

I want a shooty army with strong heroes.

What are my options?

Sylvaneth if you mass Kournoths with bows.

Potentially kharadon overlords, though their lords are more about shooting and buffing their guys to better shooting than being strong in their own right.


Bastiladon doesnt do as much damage as a 300pt monster should do, its best feature is its defenses. Give it mystic shield and celestial rites and you have a 2+ unrendable rerollable save.

Bastiladon can do a lot more damage with the Ark of Sotek than the Solar Engine. Use a Stegadon to give the Bastiladon an extra D6" movement each turn and it can get across the table on turn 2. You don't need to get into melee, just within 8".

I wouldnt use the ark of sotek in games smaller than 2000pt though

Depends of the color scheme of your army. there is some good tutorial online ((text & video) which can offer you some ideas for the fur

Would I be better off with two stegadons both pushing each other forward to cross the board quickly?

Stegadon seems great against multiple small units, carnisaur seems good against monsters and the bastilladon just doesn't seem great. Instead of a bastiladon maybe I should take 5 razordons, each in different units so they take multiple turns to kill.


Carnosaur isnt worth its points

It seems great against monsters but it usually just runs too far ahead of your army, gets singled out and dies

Bastiladon is great, but its main purpose is to be a defensive wall

>seven penises

Whats the opinion of Ogre armies? Specifically the Gut-busters.

Anyone fought them or with them? What's a good build to work towards?

What do you mean defensive wall? To block line of sight or charges?

Maybe more


Freeguild with Sylvaneth mix, Tzeentch, mixed destruction, Skaven with Nurgle heroes.

Annoyingly, Tzeentch seems like it'd be perfect but I'm a complete shit painter, and there's no way I could do them justice.

Then pick them up and practice. It's the only way to git gud.

Anyone has the aether strike battalion unit list from the KO?

So, what do you guys want to see from the GHB2 announced tomorrow?

A fucking zealot faction of order too much Chaos (even CD) lately and im not so hyped by KO i need some human love

an intelligent comprehensive revaluation of the points for every unit in the game to create a level playing field for all armies, including the legacy armies.

also an additional rule of 1 as follows:

any roll to hit, wound, armor save, bravery check, run, or charge (and all the rest) can only benefit from 1 positive modifier and can only benefit from 1 negative modifier. in the event that more than one modifier would apply the controlling player chooses what 1 positive modifier applies and the opposing player chooses what 1 negative modifier applies.

Wait, GHB2 news?

What are these? Don't tell me they're official

>A fucking zealot faction of order too much Chaos


>Stormcast again

>too much Chaos

I'd like it not to be a total replacement to GHB1.

Like rules updates and everything are all well and good but I'd like to see completely new missions for example rather than reprinting the 6 we already have.

Gives me an excuse to keep GHB1 which I've only just bought.

Also I'd like to see a rule addressing understrength units being able to claim objectives. I played Blood and Glory the other day against lizards and it went to VPs. My opponent conceded but I technically lost even though all he had left on the board was 1 warden, 1 stegadon on 2 wounds, and 1 Saurus Guard.

That 1 Saurus being worth as much as the starting unit is retarded.

Personally I'd also like more in depth terrain rules.

They're Grot Scuttlings from the new warhammer quest. They're retarded.

There's nothing nuanced to really get about them just a bunch of solid units with little interaction and no requirement to go single faction, maneaters are great, ogors are one of the better undercosted battlelines. Ironblaster is a cheaper and stronger skull cannon. Leadblechers are weak. Butcher has one of better spells. Ironguts with bellowing tyrant and a banner are a doom ball, but kind of overrated overall.

So what's a decent 1000 pt list you could build for stormcast eternals that would give you a feel for everything the army has to offer?

Allegiance abilities+Artifacts for all the shit outdated battletomes so they are worth playing

And/or points increases for all the cunt WAAC units played by cunts

>They're retarded.
If its actually two goblins like a shitty halloween horse costume its 10/10.

Obviously boltgun metal, Balthzar gold, nuln wash, Iron-breaker for all armour

Reikland flesh-shade

Bugman / Cadian fleshtone for Moulder or Pestilens
Ratskin flesh / Bestigor hide for all other skaven clans

Red or blue robes are a safe option for generic skaven

Take out same name ability stacking and other waac faggot shit

Lord Celestant on foot - 100 - General, +1 Hit
Lord Castellant - 100 - +1 Save and other ability
Lord Relictor - 80 - Regular prayer + bonus prayer of either Bless Weapons or Lightning Chariot)
5 Retributors - 220 (1 Starsoul Mace at least) - damage dealers
5 Judicators - 160 (bows, not crossbows) - love from afar
5 Vanguard Hunters - 140 - scout, can take objectives
5 Liberators - 100 hold objective
3 Prosecutors - 100 or 80 (weapon depending), fast for objective grabbing. or sub out another 5 Liberators for another 100 points.

Total: 1000

Thanks for the great reply. I like the look of the huge ass drake and dracoth guard dudes. Are they playable? at higher points costs obviously.

>duncan and warhammer tv will be 10 minutes from my house tomorrow
>cant go meet them


Hello darkness my old friend

The stardrakes are way overcosted and kinda suck against non-horde armies.
Dracothian Guard are the best super-heavy cavalry in the game, Concussors and Fulminators being the best of them.

You can take dracoths in 1000.
2x fulminators
5x decimators
10x liberators
3x vanguard raptors or 6x prosecutors

Is SC! Greenskinz worth picking up if I have a mid-sized (1620) Ironjawz force?

Why not? Having more models is always a good thing, especially if it's in your GA. Feed the addiction.

What should the core of a seraphon army be? Do you build around your big monsters or do you start with your battle line stuff and add characters to buff them?

i'm gonna say no because

>crap old sculpts (the chariot is trash-tier)
>extremely outdated legacy shit
>never getting an update
>does nothing better than Ironjawz already do

Only cool thing is boarboyz as they would look great alongside Gor-gruntaz just buy them on their own

Can confirm, my friend has it. We have used it many times. Always terrible. On the bright side he just picked up nurgle daemons.

Fix the mother fucking Aetherstrike, Necropolis Knights and Sky Shoah

Fuck, why don't the Bonesplitterz have a SC? How long til we see that?

If you're after Greenskinz, you might want to have a look at Mantic Games Orc Army box set.

You get all the stuff you would get in the Start Collecting! box set, just more of it.

Only thing you don't get are the Orc Boss models.

Whereabouts are they gonna be, user? City wise, no interest in where you actually live kek

Longshot, but does anyone have a pdf of images of the instruction manual for the Deathshrieker rocket launcher?

Bought some chinacast and it's got a lot of little bits i'm not really sure of.

I'd like to add to this, more Path To Glory options as well, maybe even for the legacy armies though I doubt that ever happening.

>Take 40k Khaine pieces
>Mix with AoS Grimnir/Gotrek pieces
What happens?

Shooting at an enemy within 3" of another friendly unit results in a -1 to hit.

Base to base measuring is made official

If a hero is within 3" of a friendly unit, it may transfer any wounds or mortal wounds caused by missile attacks or spells to the friendly unit each on a roll of 4+.

Units summoned with reinforcement points cost half of their normal value but maximum of 500 points may be reserved for reinforcements.

>If a hero is within 3" of a friendly unit, it may transfer any wounds or mortal wounds caused by missile attacks or spells to the friendly unit each on a roll of 4+.
That is more or less never going to happen, since there are units/heroes who have abilities that enable them to do that and it is what makes them special.

>Units summoned with reinforcement points cost half of their normal value but maximum of 500 points may be reserved for reinforcements.
Also never going to happen. It is a couple of free units for literally no reason. Summoning is fine as is, really. At best they need to make summon spells exempt from the rule of 1.

> Base to base made official
Yes. Fucking this.
Or at least for matched play. The drooling tards who play open can do whatever the fuck, but let's cut a little bit of the retardation out of matched

Why would you take summoning spells in matched play? It seems for most summonable things, you'd be better off just starting with it on the table than hoping you manage to pass a casting roll on a model that might die.

Deep strikes and can summon something you know you definitely need rather than including something you might need in your list.

I've recently started basing my figures and it makes them look so much better I really like it.
If anything the one thing I'm not happy about is the crystal, but the skinks are CUTE so it's okay.

What do you store your minis in? I have two small armies for me and my boyfriend that we want to grow. We are keeping them in a box but we need something better and we don't want foam.

Make the crystal pink and make him tool like a venasuar

Scenery gets points costs t b h

I use egg cartons.

Really Useful Box of appropriate size, sticky back flexible steel, Green Stuff & super glue rare earth magnets (6mm x 2mm) into underside of bases.

Can someone give me a quick run down of a near or competitive deathrattle list without the use of cavalry or monstrous creatures?
Also, what's this mean?

They are being reboxed. Nothing to worry about.

Surely to provide more of a value to the consumer?

>Surely to provide more of a value to the consumer?
Just a bog standard rebox, no model increase or price change. But hey, now you don't need to buy round bases.


they have two kits and a bunch of heroes

what would their SC look like?

>Shooting at an enemy within 3" of another friendly unit results in a -1 to hit.

>If a hero is within 3" of a friendly unit, it may transfer any wounds or mortal wounds caused by missile attacks or spells to the friendly unit each on a roll of 4+.

>Units summoned with reinforcement points cost half of their normal value but maximum of 500 points may be reserved for reinforcements.

so you want to play a competitive slow infantry list?

not possible

Okay, second question about summoning (because every other forum I've seen it asked on has been autistic about it), do you need to take one of the units you intend to summon on the table to have access to the warscroll that allows you to summon more of them?

Like, if I wanted to summon x unit, would I need to have a unit of x already on the table in order to know the summoning spell?


your wizard knows every spell in every warscroll that applies to them even if you dont field that unit

you can start the game with only a wizard and summon whatever youre able


Where would I go from slow infantry, black knights and a vamp lord on terrorgheist?


Awesome, thanks. Some people at my flgs were arguing that you did need the "seed unit" and their argument seemed compelling raw but weird rai

vampire lord on zombie dragon is more popular

if you want the best deathrattle army youll play tomb kings

Really? Zombie dragon
Please elaborate. This is all so different from when I played in Fantasy

Necropolis Knights are the best skeleton/deathrattle unit in the game and tomb kings have the best buffs for deathrattle units
Settra gives +1 hit and +1 wound and doubles movement and makes them fly
Royal Warsphinx gives +1 wound
Tomb King gives +1 hit
Liche Priest lets you generate attacks on hit rolls of 6+ (with +2 hit thats a 4+ on dice)
necrotect lets you reroll wound1 and +3" movement (also doubled with settras ability)
Tomb Herald ressurects a model every turn

Tomb Kings are the best at playing deathrattle and theyre one of the best armies in the game because of that

How would I go about fielding a TK army without being a complete That Guy especially without having a firm grasp as to how or why these units are being fielded in the first place? If I'm not using NK would I be best with vanilla skelemen


Enuff Defftalk!


So I heard Tomb Kangs & Brets are really strong. Is that why they squatted them?

Groin Kikka, here. LET'S GET TA KRUMPIN'!

You know is not happening, user

Big announcement tomorrow.

It's gonna be Skaven Murderclouds, Grot Scuttlers, and Cthulhu Privateers announcement with a new boxed game based exclusively around aerial combat

So would a vamp lord on zombie dragon, 2 units of blood knights and a coven throne be considered competitive?

Make the zombie dragon a vampire lord on abyssal horror and you're at exactly 1000pts. The vampire on abyssal horror has a spell that doubles a death units movement, this means your coven throne can move 28"

And I wouldn't be losing out with no zombie dragon or are they similar?

1220 points? What would you fill in the other 280/780?

In answer to your question, yeah, it'd work. They're all fast, tanky and hit moderately hard but just don't let your opponent focus on one unit at a time.

Abyssal is nowhere near Zombie Dragon levels of destructive, but it's appropriately costed and as the user above mentioned, that double-move spell is ace and can win you the game.

Samecast Eternal
Samecast Eternal
2x Samecast Eternal
5x Samecast Eternal
10x Samecast Eternal
3x Samecast Eternal or 6x Samecast Eternals

So are you just making your coven throne AoS' version of the Molik Missile from Warmahordes, sling shotting it into the enemies lord?

Can I take a moment to point out how happy this Orc is?

Not him but I use the Abyssal to slingshot a Zombie Dragon. Bit more of an "Oh fuck" moment than some bitches on some ghosts.

Forgive me for being so new but do you get the zombie dragon from Flesh-Eaters Courts?

No, I use the Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon, mainly for the allegiance, which just makes me able to take Blood Knights as the compulsory battleline units.

If you're just going to take zombies/skeletons/ghouls as your compulsory battleline then I'd lean towards the Abhorrent Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon. It has more reliable healing, a better shooting attack, slightly better melee, a much better spell and all for -40 points. All you're really missing out on is a +1 save shield and a top-tier command trait.

Happy Greenskins give me life

Shall I go and buy a box of dudes and colours to get into the hobby?