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itt: autism, waifus, no husbandos.

>autism, waifus, no husbandos


>no husbandos
If its anything like the last thread there won't be any CYOAs either.


Why can't we have all three?


I think I managed to mess up the order, because life is hard. It doesn't matter, we will all die eventually anyway.


There was this one meta CYOA that had you choose between making waifus male, making male companions romancable or turning yourself into a straight male.
I can't find it.


They nailed the body type, but I don't think this outfit is really appropiate for sexualizing a man. Seems more like a gag character than a sex object.

Amount of butthurt in thread would reach critical autism levels if a penis appear anywhere near the waifus.

It's literally in the last thread. Reminder that all meta CYOAs are shit regardless of their content, though.

Can you please not repeat this?

Good, if you're so autistic that you need meta options for a game of make believe you deserve to be unhappy

I actually think being that meta is pretty funny.

They're a funny joke, but some people take them seriously, and feel the need for them

There are exceptions such as Faerie.

>me: writing 5, programming 3
>comrade 1: programming 5
>comrade 2: art 5, sound 2

>turn based rpg

>story/gameplay 50/50
>features/length 50/50
>models/sprites 0/100
>music/sound quality 0/100
>hard/casual 70/30

>productivity food
>1500 dollars


>vs the world


I think anyone crusading against meta CYOAs is just as pathetic as anyone who depends on them for more cheap points or whatever.

Meanwhile the guy you responded to is actually doing it right. As you say, a game of make believe, but what does he do when nobody is putting the things he likes into said make believe? Meta CYOAs are a tool, neither good or bad on their own.

kickstarter mode

Me. G:5 M:5 P: 0 W:0
C1. G:5 M:5 P:1 W:0
C2 G:0 M:0 P:2 W:0
>Just enough programming to trick the dumbfucks into thinking there's a game. and the pretty art and music will trick them into giving me their NEETbux

Old School RPG
>Gotta milk that nostalgia. I'll tell them it's just like Ultima for the modern age

Story/Gameply: 100/0
>I don't need gameplay, my deconstruction of the ableism of heroic stories will surely when the critics
Features/Length: 85/15
>Gotta tell all my potential backers about all the amazing features we have
Models/Sprite: 0/100
Music/Sound: 100/0
>The bad sound quality just makes it sounds more nostalgic
Hard/Casual: 0/100
>Don't want anyone to think the game is too hard, they need to experience the amazing story we made

>NEETbux spending
50 real dollars*40

>Free Thing
>I hope all those great youtubers will start funny memes about my game

Trial: Trap Card
>This sounds really hard, i think maybe I'll just quit halfway through

>Specialty: Mobility -> 187.5%
>User Interface: Nerve Suit
>Hud: Sonar, Internal & External Sensors
>Communications: Wi-Fi
>Biology: Progenitor Nanites
>Utilities: Self-Repair, Tentacle
>Combat: Ion Cannon
>Defense: Flares, Distortion Field, Improved >Hull, Invisibility, Temperature Resistance 2
>Locomotion: Adhesion, Air Generator, Flight
Always-on second skin

Maybe it's because I'm tired but does getting Advanced cost total of 2 or 3 points?

>photoshop crashes while saving
>takes screenshot of the text
>apparently lost more text than expected and didn't get it all

doesn't ps have some kind of recovery system?

Not that I know of. I'm so pissed I thought I saved after writing test box 1 so I didn't screenshot that.

write text into a txt file first, then just copy it into photoshop

Then I have to cut or add words to fit the text box

>form over function
>in a fantasy thought experiment

I don't know what you tried to say.

ctrl+s is your friend

and download more RAM

I'm getting bored of all these waifu-makers and breeder-oriented CYOAs.

post some gay/husbando CYOAs please.

Necromancer update when?

I thought I did. I save every time I make any changes.
The one time I don't it crashes. Figures.

Make them.

waifu option where

2 points my friend

Careful what you wish for. It might be so good cyoagen turns into cyoagbtgen.

SDA how was Dramvel viewed? Did they get amnesty?


>using my CYOA to shitpost
I don't want this


waifu makers bad
waify pickers good


You made a gay CYOA and expected people not to shitpost with it?

You've got some nerve.
That's debatable, there are some really shitty authors who look like they haven't even graduated high school with the quality of their writing.

Good for you. Now make more.

Me: Writing 5, Music/Sound 1
Comrade 1: Graphics/Art 5, Music/Sound 5
Comrade 2: Programming 5, Graphics/Art 1, Writing 1

Subgenre: Turn-Based RPG (I'm feeling something SRPG-ish in the vein of Super Robot Wars)

Story/Gameplay: 40/60
>The story is solid enough, but the real draw is the game being fun and varied enough to support replayability at least 5 times before the average player gets bored.
Features/Length: 40/60
>Not painfully long, but long enough that one playthrough will be of a satisfying length... before you go onto New Game+. Some great features in there, but only a handful.
Models/Sprites: 10/90
>3D modelled backgrounds, but everything else is fucking AMAZING sprite work.
Music/Sound: 70/30
>The sound font is pretty rudimentary, but the music is good enough that fan covers and remixes will keep us relevant for decades.
Hard/Casual: 45/55
>It's not brutally difficult, but you're going to have to think a bit more than "not at all" if you want to 100% this game.

Better Program (Programming) - $75
Better Program (Music) - $75
Healthy Food - $50

Free Thing: Patriotic
>Welcome to Australia, bitch. No Kikongo.

Trial: Trap Card
>I'm sure it'll be fine

Up to your interpretation, the only mention of it is in Ise's description.

For some builds I portray them as morally bad, others good. Either way, they've taken quite a beating from the war and pretty much aren't operational as a unit anymore, and its remnants are scattered everywhere.

The Blackhawks like to rank mercenary/military entities in terms of quality and effectiveness, though. Dramvel, regardless of their morality, are highly regarded.

Basic Beauty Package
Empowered Eyes
Strength Beyond
Thought Processing
Gender Swap
Devine the Secrets
The Fountain of Youth
Structural Enhancement
Truly Perfect Hair
Impenetrable Skin

Where's Part 2?

I agree than pick your generic monstergirl cyoas are as bad as pick your waifu's body shape cyoas. Poorly written but independently designed waifus are better than this garbage.


Give examples of poorly written waifus and of expertly written waifus.

Lust Primary
Pride Secondary
Greed Tertiary

Pride for Lust level 2 power
Lust for Pride level 2 power

Use Lust level 3 power (Pride) to get a bunch of billionaires a fetish for giving me cash, so that I can be immortal with my Greed powers

I'm also interested in seeing what an "expertly written" waifu is supposed to look like.

>Give examples of poorly written waifu
your waifu

Wait, it says Dragonne can pick two colors. Colors are listed under 'type' though. Does that mean color and type are synonymous? So I could have a bronze shenlong. Or can we only pick the ones explicitly labeled colors out of the types? Like Red and Blue? Also why is Emerald a Type but Bronze is a color?

This page bothers me. The rest of the CYOA is fine.

How will he ever recover?

I'm looking for depressing looking waifus. Not necessarily crying but just looking like someone who has given up on life and wants to die. Preferably with nice backgrounds.

Thank you for reading.

the most reasonable solution is to assume dragonne's two color trait only applies to color differentiated typing and not physiologically differentiated typing

I knew I should have expected nothing more than a shitpost from Veeky Forums

than browse better threads on Veeky Forums

Not all types, -just- colors. Why emerald and not bronze? Remnant D&D logic, most likely, since the 10 standard dragon types are Red, Green, Blue, White, Black as the evil ones, and Brass, Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold as the good.



>poorly written waifus

Dunno, I don't save poorly written waifu pickers. Maybe Beri's girls? They're all different shades of a "cute cuddly fairy" waifu and the author wastes a lot space on useless shit in his descriptions. Still multiple tiers above """"femdom"""" """"cyoa"""" or monstergirl survival where you have multiple pages of dry archetypes.

>expertly written
my waifu

>Picking the most recent OC to shitpost about
How obvious of you.

SDA, have you made a Dustkeeper squad like the other squads you've done? They are my favorite faction. I'm currently trying to hammer out a Dustkeeper build based around a carrier and frigates that explore system by system for things.

>Beri's girls? They're all different shades of a "cute cuddly fairy" waifu and the author wastes a lot space on useless shit in his descriptions

I'm glad I'm not the only who feels this way. All of his waifus feel dry as fuck and his attempt at cutesy dialogue falls flat on its face for me 9/10 times.

I don't get why anyone likes them.


Monstergirl survival allies wasn't about waifus
It was about survival partners who just happened to be waifus.

>all this talk of waifus
Enough submissive fairy shit. Post amazons.

Is there any survival/island survival cyoa that isn't super hard? As in you have a pretty large chance of surviving, like maybe 40% or 60%? Usually every cyoa of that type is just an absolute deathwish.


Didnt read it yet, was thinking about branching heart.



The difficulty is kinda the point of a survival island.

If you want I can make you one that is just for you. What kind of things do you want in yur weenie hut island survival?

Anyone else can feel free to chime in and post their own desires for a "less difficult" "more comfy" survival island.

>balloon tit bimbos

There's no accounting for shit taste, senpai. Most people enjoy your CYOAs. Some shitposters complaining aren't representative of anyone.

If it's any consolation, the only complaint from me is that you still use the same font.

But, let's be honest, nobody wants a compliment from SDA.

>40% chance of survival
>At most 60%
>"weenie hut"

Sorry beri you're a nice person but your CYOAs just aren't my cup of tea. Also this post is a bit pathetic.

Just ignore them. Some people just don't like waifu cyoas at all. Your cyoas are still my favorite around

The aesthetics on your fairy one were good (as well as your art choices), but 21 one choices when you only make 1 pick is a bit excessive.

I plan on doing something (currently a secret) to allow more.

Fuck u i didnt want to make him feel bad

Look, I don't give a shit if you make fun of SDA or talk about raping Angel. You can make fun of and ridicule anyone you want...

But don't you dare make fun of Beri ever again.

They never have examples.


Don't worry! People will always have different (read: shit) taste, but your CYOAs always have and continue to make /cyoag/ a much better place!

>But, let's be honest, nobody wants a compliment from SDA.

This isn't like you to be so down man, something happened on your test?

Listing examples would only result in autistic outbursts of contrarian retards

Pokemon Personified Plus+ when?

Maybe something similar to The Village CYOA? That was one of the comfiest CYOAs I've read, comfy for my soul - which is something alot of comfy CYOAs lack. Just my two cents.

Maybe someday.

Never played it. Please post.

>"Suicide is fun"

It was a joke.

Why... why is he wearing an adult diaper?

>tfw people keep redirecting to your own CYOA for ideas on how to make a comfy CYOA when you want ideas for a comfy CYOA

This is becoming seriously unproductive.

Here you go.