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Let's talk combat vs. noncombat resources. Do you think it's a good idea to do something like the vigilante where your combat stuff and noncombat stuff are on separate tracks, so you don't have to choose between them? Do you think Spheres of Might would be great with something like that?

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Kineticist actually came first with the whole "combat/noncombat" track division thing, but I agree with the sentiment. Combat/Non-combat resources SHOULD be on different tracks.

There was some user doing a "Techniques" thing for Path of War, which was non-combat stuff related to disciplines that you could pick up. I think it's a fantastic idea.

I feel like it should have been that way from the start. There should be a difference between things like Run and Power Attack. I hate how every time I make a character I have to ask myself whether I want to be useful or I want to take the cool character building feats that are usually worthless like "+2 to hit a specific color of dragon sometimes", all my builds are too feat starved to do both.

I do think it's a pretty good concept, but broader; social would only be one part of general noncombat problem-solving ability, which allows more variation in which noncombat problems each person can solve. If everyone's just equally good at social, no one is.

>+2 to hit a specific color of dragon sometimes

Weren't these what traits were supposed to be?

How do I play one of those cuties?

Possibly, but they have the same issue-there are some ridiculously strong ones it'd be silly not to take, and a lot of the more narratively interesting ones just suck ass.

Either Agathion-blooded Aasimar, some flavor of Tiefling, convincing your DM to let you play as a Faunt from the bestiary, or that one homebrew race an user made called the Wendiabe

Hihi, loves, is there any way to get dex to damage with ranged weapons? 3pp and 3.5 material are available!

Could I get a source on that? My google-foo is weak and I just get spammed with Alice in wonderland art if I try using the Hatter keyword.

Deadeye feat?

On top of that sometimes certain traits feel required to make a character work, like making knowledge arcana a class skill on a dragon hunter or getting the only 1pp +CL boost in the game on a theurge because being a theurge is suffering. Which depending on your point of view either forces you to take them and incorporate them into your character's story or forbids you from taking them because they don't fit, depending on your character.

Trench Fighter Fighter.
>Deadeye Sharpshooter (Combat)
>Your aim is true.
>Prerequisites: Point-Blank Shot.
>Benefit: Whenever you make a ranged attack with a weapon that does not add an ability bonus to the damage roll (such as a beam rifle or non-composite bow), you can add 1/2 the ability modifier that determined your attack roll as a bonus on the damage roll.

Who's the biggest blusher in HR?
Who's the biggest headpatter?

Fighter-Trench Fighter 3 or Gunslinger 5 for firearms.

Fighter-Crossbowman can kind of get dex to crossbow attacks. They have to be readied attacks, if I remember correctly. Gunslinger-Bolt Ace gains dex to damage with xbows at 5, plus bonus to crit mod.

You can kind of view Deadly Aim as adding dex to damage. +1 dex mod gives +1 hit, Deadly Aim converts hit to damage at a rate of 1 hit for 2 dam and scales with BAB.

That's all 1pp. I don't know about 3pp.

At first glance that felt kinda underwhelming, then I realized that even half my Dex mod is a pretty high boost...

Serigala is actually the biggest blusher so far.
There haven't been too many headpats yet, but I believe Sophia is in the lead.

>Well that's pretty coo-
>"non-composite bow"
>yet again bows come out on top

>there are three pfgs up right now

Thank you thank you!

How do I make Dark Elementalist work? Assuming Soul Feast/Soul Tormentor are allowed, what makes a good gestalt option for them?

I missed the part where you said 3.5 allowed. Crossbow Sniper, and Improved Crossbow Sniper. First adds 1/2 dex to damage, latter adds full, to crossbows obviously. Also extends the range for sneak attacks to 60/90 feet if you are into that.

Is Privateer worth it at all for a Desperado Warlord? I want to make a gun slinging initiator but giving up gambit maneuver recovery for...not a whole lot seems really bad.

How do you react upon realizing that you've bitten off much more than you can chew? That you don't really have a chance of finishing the fight you've started, or that the enemy is a great deal stronger than you thought.

Bravely run away?

Diplomacy. As long as you're not completely outclassed you are probably a threat to them and (usually) no one wants to die.

Unless you're up against something you can't reason with, then just remember that withdraw lets you double move out of threatened squares and running lets you go really, really far.

Alternatively, just be a caster and use a teleport spell.

Is running a viable option? Are the stakes riding on the fight way too high? If neither of these
>I see. As I am now, I stand no chance of defeating you. I concede defeat. If you're interested in a real fight, I'll challenge you again when I am stronger.

What's the toxin stuff that turns you incorporeal?

Anons, would you help a shoanti barbarian girl that is clingy and overprotective because she's lonely?

Ghost syrup.

something about this seems familiar


Running is rarely ever a viable option in the d20 system, with one exception: MASSIVELY OUTNUMBERED by weaker entities with a decent amount of distance still between you.

If it gets to the point where you would need to run away not because there's a thousand armored soldiers on the horizon and you're only level 4 (by 8-9 some parties are gonna start licking their lips at those odds) but because that's a fucking adult dragon and you're level 2, your odds of survival as a party are *SIGNIFICANTLY* higher if you try to bank on natural 1s and 20s to swing the fight your way (or just make death a lot faster and less painful if they swing the other way, but at least you're done with it and can move on to next campaign)

If you run in that last scenario, SCATTER. MOST of the party will die, but whoever's eaten last might actually get away before it happens. Of course now they're sole survivors with no longer a party and likely unable to continue on with the story proper, so the campaign's probably fucked anyways.

tldr; a 5% chance of automatically hitting is better odds of survival than the 0% chance of wasting your turns getting eaten by something faster and with better detection ratings than you have.

Are we talking "clingy and overprotective" in that she's got some issues but acts like an adult, or "clingy and overprotective" as in she's borderline or openly yandere?

As in, she's got some issues. Maybe SLIGHT yandere but it's for all her friends/the party, because she doesn't make friends easily and she doesn't want to lose them

Help her what, exactly? Learn to sing so she can share the music in her heart with the world?

Because I'd be down with that.

I'd help as long as I could get her word that she wouldn't do anything dangerous or abusive.

Serigala followed by Estelle. Hana likes to spill her spaghetti but no blushing. Sophia is too cool for that.

I think none yet but Sophia will be probably the first to deliver. She or Serigala.

Is it wrong to sign up for a lewdgame with the goal of getting married and raising a family?


Not at all. You just gotta say that you're going to be fruitful and multiply with your wife.

Happiness is for the weak and mediocre, who know nothing of the darkness that lives in this world.

Guys! I just figured it out. The dragon debate from this morning sounded so familiar because its the DM's version of "it's what my character would do!"

Oh, don't be such a big girl's blouse.

She's normally a very tough, no-nonsense girl with a violent temper but with her friends she's as sweet and doting as she can try to be

She's a barbarian user, not for singing

Sometimes people get happy endings!

Just not in RWBY.

So, I need some help, can somebody help name me some essential wondrous items to get thats under the cost of 1.9k?

It's not all bad. Look at all her new skeleton friends!

>Not for singing

Don't be silly, user! Just because she spends her day in a frothing rage slaughtering people doesn't mean she can't sing!

Game pitch:
>you're in an empire built of lands that were conquered and consolidated some 100 years prior
>the empire is now in a large scale rebellion, lasted the last 25 years (the leaders of those participating on both sides either directly involved or the children of those who did the conquering due to elongated lifespans)
>the empire is also fending off another nation to the north who is using the destabilization from the rebellion to make a bid at seizing territory
>you are members of a profiteering mercenary company, one of many who prosper in this empire at war
>one party member would be nominated to be the captain
>the four others are majors under him
>each command approximately 250 men
>there are 2 NPC majors as well
>the company is not large enough to fight a war, but powerful enough to turn the tide of battles
>the party were elevated to their current positions after the "Massacre at Broken Bridge" which killed and scattered 2/3 of the company and killed the previous leadership
>you need to rebuild, form new contracts, make your way in the war torn world, and most of all turn a profit

Non, this barbarian does not sing. She brutally slaughters the people that might harm her friends.

And she sleeps beside a different party member each night in order to make sure they're safe

Well, what if the party member in question is having trouble sleeping? She could sing to them then.

Personally I think it is a good idea. The Vigilante is a proof of concept that it works better than things like the rogue where all their talents are in one little pile. Rage Powers are awesome, but people also tend to pick offensive rage powers over more situational utility ones, and certainly feat starvation means it's hard to justify a neat feat that doesn't help your fighting style come online.

I can understand why they put it all together, because that's how it worked for Spheres of Power because Magic has ALWAYS had both utility and combat stuff mixed together. I personally liked some of the more skill-based spheres like Scout and Athletics the most anyway, as I was already able to kill things with swordplay, my main thing is there's fucking nothing else to do with a martial when you're not doing that.

Admittedly, I still do prefer what SoM is laying down over the base combat system in PF. The core combat system is a garbage fire, particularly if you've played others. Even just playing 5e for a bit completely ruined playing Pathfinder martials for me. The SoM versions at least look more fun to build even if you're focusing purely on combat.

If they're having trouble sleeping, they get hugged. No singing. Her singing voice is terrible. Very bad.

I wanna multiply with Bailey!

>The NPC rolls diplomacy to convince you your plan is terrible

All the more reason to practice, then.

Every character should have those resources.

One of my favorite things about the Gunslinger isn't actually the combat suite, which is mediocre, but how the class can just make a shitload of guns. With downtime and Profession (Teacher), you can turn your peasant rabble into a formation of militia musketeers.

Fine, then. But she's only doing it because someone wants her to sing a lullaby

Isn't DHB a really big supporter of non-combat and combat stuff being separated?

is it just me or are players area angry/offended when they find out after the fact that an NPC lied to them? I don't mean like in character mad I mean mad that it happening was even a possibility.

>you can turn your peasant rabble into a formation of militia musketeers.

Who all have to take levels in the shitty gunslinger class and have their guns explode!

Aside from Mounted Combat, what are essential feats for a mounted archer type character?

Don't be mean!

catgirls are for breeding user

>tfw several of the 'popular' or highly shilled Overlewd apps are into breeding

which ones

What about kitsune?

>tfw all female team of breeders have no PC-quality stock to breed with

>tfw not memes much
Feels good man


>They have to go forth and kidnap the finest stock
>They start holding classes for their underlings on how to spot, approach, and interact with good potential fathers
>We Gerudo now

Pyrrha filled out with motherhood!

What level would you put a spell that's Alter Self but touch range and permanent duration?


>this is literally what my character is about


It;s called polymorph any object user.

Risa was born to be an adventurer.

But PAO is much more powerful than Alter Self.

>Okay, Risa, I'm going to be honest with you.
>You've got no hope of passing this class.
>So we're going to transfer you to the kidnapping corps to let you get your credits that way.
>Make us proud, girl.

Which character is yours?

This revelation on breeding kinks is making me nervous there's other players in other games who are into that.

As far as I can tell, Crytha is literally a mom.

Cijiska's player said some stuff to that extent on Discord. Not going to post screencaps, though.

I imagine most of the succ aren't for breeding, but that's what you get when you're dealing with literal semen demons.

Why was this game so waifu dense? You couldn't enter a village without some white-haired ninja girl ogling you like some piece of prime beef.

Well, we know some of the GM's profiles are into that


>YFW you realize there is an entire culture of hybridized humanoids made of half-breed CR 20 alien races, including Annuki and Star Spawn of Cthulhu.

I conquered and enslaved that race, set them to "Domestic Servitude", and blew my influence budget for years on end relocating them to every planet in my empire with good master-race humans.

Yiff-slaves for everyone!

>never did livestock though
>vore aint my thing

I want to be a crazed geneticist who seeks to collect the genetic material of every new species we run across, to craft the Ultimate Being!

Get out Cellfag.


I did Delicious, Nerve-Stapled and Very Strong for a race of gene-modded supersoldiers during my last Bio playthrough.

They were Lizards, like the Grox, and were as effective on a plane as they were on a plate.

Don't forget to somehow inexplicably collect genetic material from other planets that you couldn't have actually visited in the first place.

But they both weigh a spell slot!

But for the ultimate life form, SEX = USELESS

But how much does a spell slot weigh?

Apparently, about as much as a basketball.

Should I also specialize in robotics, and build four Androids to protect and aid my research?

A kilogram of steel.